Donald Trump Jr. triggered members of the media when this news about his new book broke


Donald Trump Jr. is becoming one of the fake news media’s favorite targets outside of the President himself.

Trump Jr.’s new book entitled, Triggered, is a scathing indictment of the Left’s cancel culture, Hollywood, and political correctness.

But it was members of the fake news media that found themselves triggered when this news broke about Donald Trump Jr.’s new book.

Hollywood and the media have gone berserk since the release of Triggered.

His book calls out Hollywood celebrities and members for once being friends with the Trump family, but completely betraying them once he became President.

So now the Hollywood elite and their pals in the media are all trying to throw Donald Trump Jr. under the bus.

Fox News reports:

Donald Trump Jr.’s book “Triggered” topped The New York Times Best Seller List, while the author’s brain trust is dismissing the notion that “bulk orders” have played a key role.

“Triggered” sits atop the “Hardcover Nonfiction” category of the prestigious list, but a tiny dagger image indicates that “some retailers report receiving bulk orders” and critics of the president’s oldest son have used it to downplay his success. New York Times reporter Nick Confessore even tweeted an image of the dagger image and wrote, “One can never say for sure who — there’s a lot of strategic bulk-buying in publishing, especially political books — but *someone* (or someones) is doing bulk purchases of the new #1 NYT bestseller ‘Triggered.’”

A source close to Trump Jr. told Fox News that the asterisk-like disclaimer is irrelevant and “Triggered” would be first on the Times’ list regardless of books that were purchased by the Republican National Committee for its donors.

This just goes to show you that the media is willing to lie and do whatever it takes to try and destroy the Trump family’s reputation.

But Donald Trump Jr. has demonstrated he’s not afraid of a fight.

He even went on The View, a show well known for being hosted by hostile Leftists, to discuss his new book.

When the hosts attacked Trump Jr. he immediately fired back and knew exactly what to say in the heat of the moment.

What do you think?

Is the media and Hollywood being unfair to Donald Trump Jr.?

Leave a comment below.


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  2. Trump was once a liberal Democrat. Is it “Hollywood liberals” betraying Trump after he became president, or is it Trump turning conservative and alienating his friends?

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  7. The media and Hollywood will always be unfair to ANYONE in Trump family, because they are supported by the radical, insane Democrats! Who have been hell bent and determined to destroy Trump and his reputation. Totally showing disrespect and distain for him as our sitting President. They have continually attacked President Trump at every turn, with their unfounded witch hunts. Now subjecting him to these bogus impeachment hearings. Even President Trump’s little grandson was not immune and was attacked by Mark Hamill for his Halloween costume ! How low and childish can these supposed adults get?? How totally sickening, and pathetic have the Leftists become…..They truly are Satan’s party..

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    Photographs of the gravestone are circulating on the Internet.

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  13. Dim dems are so far removed from being loyal Americans that you would have to be a sicko to remain a dem.

    Trump is a Patriot. That is far above being a despicable dem traitor.

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  34. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree; like father like son.Trump Jr. is a big boy and can handle anything the decadent left can throw at him.


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