Donald Trump Jr. spoke one truth about transgender athletes nobody wants to admit


Radical Leftists are trying to normalize transgenders in American culture.

But questions about transgender performers in sports are on the rise.

And Donald Trump Jr. just spoke one truth about transgender athletes that too many people refuse to admit.

There are biological differences between men and women.

Not long ago, that was understood by everyone and taught as such in biology, anatomy, and health classes at every single educational level.

But the radical Left is trying to sow chaos and shake the underpinning of America’s culture by forcing Americans to accept transgenders as “normal.”

And the Left’s new push to normalize what is little more than mental illness, is having serious ramifications in various parts of society.

The area of sports has become a heated point of contention, and Donald Trump Jr. dropped a tremendous truth bomb on the radical Left.

He shared on Twitter that allowing transgender females to compete in women’s sports will destroy their sports and that he ‘couldn’t care less how you identify.

The Daily Caller reports:

Allowing biologically male athletes who identify as transgender to compete in female athletics “will destroy women’s sports,” Donald Trump Jr. said Monday.

The president’s oldest son was reacting to a Daily Caller News Foundation story on a biologically male cyclist winning a women’s world championship Saturday.

The cyclist, Rachel McKinnon, won gold for the sprint event in the women’s 35-39 age category at the 2019 Masters Track Cycling World Championships in Manchester, England. McKinnon, representing Canada, set a women’s world record in the qualifying event.

McKinnon won the same women’s world championship in 2018.

Donald Trump Jr. is obviously right.

Trans activists try to argue there aren’t any biological advantages for a trans woman, but that is preposterous.

On average, men are taller and have greater lung capacity, narrower hips, and denser bones.

These differences are much more pronounced at the higher ends of athletic competition.

The worst player in the NBA could instantly become far and away the best player in the WNBA.

McKinnon isn’t the only example.

Two biological males finished first and second in a Connecticut high school girls’ track competition, which meant that two girls were unable to compete.

That has repercussions on not only championships, but also recognition for athletic scholarships.

Ironically, a certain sect of Leftists, gender-critical feminists, have been some of the harshest critics of the transgender movement.

They call it “female erasure” when a man can simply claim he’s a woman and take over women’s sporting events, shelters, and other areas.

You can’t embrace Leftist values without chaos, and perhaps these feminists are learning that lesson too late.

Should biological males be allowed to compete in women’s sports?

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  2. No room for ‘real’ women to ever attain first place or any place, for that matter, when allowing ‘fake woMen’ to compete in women’s sports. Sad.

  3. Exactly real woman get there spots stolen from the fake male/woman trannies. Isn’t this cheating or illegal or wrong or worse? All for political purposes so what happens when some male/woman trannies steal the spots of woman Olympic hopefuls and destroy their dreams?This isn’t right unless the deep state devils have been doing this for a lot longer then we know? Maybe some elite woman pro athletes are not really biologically woman and that’s disgraceful to all the real woman competing fairly. I know that just because you won a gold medal as a man and then sold your soul to Satan for political reasons doesn’t make it right. We all will stand before the judgement seat of Christ maybe for some a lot sooner then we think? The devil is a liar a seducer murderer deceiver he makes evil look ???? good and good look ???? evil. Beware little children 1John run fast from them they are nutso.

  4. Sometimes these stories are so frustrating to read and even comment about. It’s just plain wrong and stupid!!!
    NO, biological males should NOT be allowed to compete in ANY women’s sports! PERIOD! To me ,this is on the same level of someone using steroids in competitions and can be disqualified for it. It’s having an unfair advantage. But of course this is a reasonable, sound , logical conclusion. But somewhere along the line, this whole world has gone crazy and EVERYTHING that the transgender/alphabet people want, they get!! In my opinion , this is an empty victory for those deviants that compete and win. Until reason, normalcy and fairness is once again applied to the rules and regulations to female sports events, just stop them.. And boycott them!!!
    Let the trannies form their own teams and compete against each other for pity sake!! But once again this is the normal solution to a ridiculious situation…..

  5. LEGAL STATEMENT:: ^^^ HEARSAY ^^^ is not ALLOWED in any court of LAW, PERIOD!!! BUTT I have notice that when it come to the HOMO’S ^^^^ IIIUSIONARY BIOLOGICAL TERMINOLOGY ^^^^^ IS !!!????
    Hey atty’s QUESTION:: ^^^^TWAT IS THE DIFFERENCE PERIOD ????????

  6. I remember the days when there were no serious women’s sports. It took many years and sacrifices for women’s sports to get to the level they have. They can now get scholarships and recognition. BUT—-the leftist loonies are ruining it for them! So much for their pro-woman” agenda. The lefties LIE again!!

  7. These “athletes” are no more than school yard bullies that pick on the weakest kid they can find because they would not stand a chance with someone their equal. They don’t have the nerve to take on another man so take on the women. To do that, they have to identify themselves as “women”. I’m waiting to hear about a transgender “woman” getting gang raped. Wonder if, afterwards, “she” would want to remain a “woman”.

    This “transgender” stuff is pure BS, IMHO.

  8. I agree. I have said several times. Boys against boys, girls against girls and trans against trans!!This is very unfair to real girls who can no longer compete for scholarships!! Please put an end to this nonsense!

  9. Transgenders are a special case as they are no longer gender qualified once they they decide to change their sexual identity. That should not be the fault of those true to their born gender. Transgenders should give up their rights to compete in just any gender determined sports event. They must compete in their born gender but they can still wear their tutu!

  10. We need to have a radical progressive leftist president that is transgender. Then maybe the democrats will be happy and stop with these stupid investigations all the time.

  11. Their are certain sports I watch when I have some down time. football, baseball and some basketball. I love to watch all track & field, especially the women, Why? They are athlete’s competing and showing their individual capabilities in power, strangth, indurance and stamina. We question ourselves, why do they work so hard, train so hard and sacrifice so much just to excel and to be the best they can be. It is for many reasons but the one reason that stands out the most is to better themselves and to obtain scholarships to go to colledge and better their lives. But now they are being cheated out of their goals by allowing transgenders to compete in their fields of expertise. The Liberals are knowing and willingly allowing men who call themselves transgender to take away the opportunities for women to advance themselves and to have a better life.

  12. Please Donald Trump Junior keep activating against this horrible crime against young women and women trying to succeed in their own sport there is no way a transgender should be able to be allowed to compete and bring young women or women of any age from achieving in their sport especially taking away college scholarships thank you for your support

  13. It is totally ridiculous and insane for 1/3 of 1% of Americans to destroy the established rights of 165 million American females. Stop this insanity!!

  14. Gender is physical
    Sexual Preference is mental
    Physical and mental are not the same thing.
    One has to do with the body
    One has to do with the mind
    Is this too complicated for some people or do they just want to cause trouble?

  15. You got that right ! We need to share these thoughts across social media – the bias media & liberal left will not! And right now the bias media & liberal left have the voice – the silent majority needs to be strong voice & silenced no more by bias media ! Help up Lord!
    Amen! Like the quote from John 1: about liars will try to say truth is wrong & liars are right !

  16. They should start a transgender competition. Soon woman sports will end because they cannot compete against a male, even if they think they are transgender what does transgender really mean? They can never be a female. They will never menstrate or have a baby.

  17. Since transgenders have carved out their own category of persons namely “transgender” then when it comes to sports transgenders should only be allowed to compete with other transgenders! This would solve the problem!

  18. If you are born a male, then your body is MALE. If you are born a female, then your body is FEMALE. You can have all the cosmetic surgery that you can afford, but that will not change your body, which was specified by your chromosomes!!!
    How about this for a new NCAA rule, in order to compete in WOMEN’S sports, the competitor must have a real vagina.

  19. God created us either male or female and for a purpose. Genesis 1:27. The purpose is to reproduce, verse 28,”be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth,… can two males or two females alone accomplish this?God created Adam , a male and said, ” it is not good that the man should be alone:I will make him a help meet for him” Gen 2:18. Gen. 2: 21-25 God made a woman and a WIFE for Adam.They did what GOD created them for. We, you and I are here as proof of that fact. For those who choose not to accept this fact, GOD’s word simply calls them a “Fool”. Romans 1:22. GOD IS STILL IN CHARGE

  20. Science and medicine have identified over 6,800 differences between men and women. Against that we have whackos who say just give a guy a testosterone blocker and he is a woman. That is crazy and denies science. Then you have some people who want to take advantage and destroy women’s sports. That’s despicable!

  21. Women can put a stop to this by refusing to participate when one of these faggots tries to compete. The first requirement should be for these sexual misfits to prove they have been trans for 3 years and they have had surgery to remove their dicks…They can’t compete against themselves and this will end. Allowing some moron to steal the trophies and the money is outrageous and will end female programs by default…not very American…

  22. He is 100% RIGHT. Leave women and women’s sports alone. If you were born with a johnson, then you are a MAN.

  23. Transgenderism is a war on Women. Shame on anyone who believes this insidious curse is anything else. Why is the left manufacturing excuses for this mental health issue. There are two genders & a medical condition call ‘intersex’. What the Left & the Progressive Liberals are doing is showing their uncompassionate side of their agenda of insanity. Truthfully, they don’t have a compassionate side.

  24. Unless the sports organizers get some sense, the only answer is for women to refuse to compete against males. If the women refuse to compete, the phony males can’t win anything. Why would women compete for 2nd, or 3rd, or 4th, depending on the number of males against which they would have to compete?

  25. Women competing with biological males who want to be women will approve of this destruction of women’s sport! How they can tolerate this travesty in the name of tolerance is beyond us and maybe they don’t deserve to compete or win ?

  26. venus and serena Williams have cheated in tennis for years. it’s obvious they are transgender, yet everyone praises them. Truth is they are cheaters.

  27. This is soooo wrong on too many levels! One HAS to be ignorant and/or insane to consider a male as a female. Forcing the general population to accept this insanity is just as insane as the person claiming to be the OTHER gender!

  28. These are just men that are to lazy to put in the effort to be competitive in men’s sports. They know they don’t have to work as hard to win. They should be barred from all competition for life now that they are known cheaters.

  29. Not long ago, a male, Rachel McKinnon, who identifies as female though born a male, won first place in the UCI Masters Track Cycling World Championship race. That was bad enough. This male had the audacity to defend his win with an indignant attitude that he “deserved’ the win. A picture of this female impersonator accompanied the article. He is 6’4” and weighs almost twice as much as the female who finished in second place.

    Not only this is kind of competition a farce, transgenders who take advantage of this type of breach of
    logic have no remorse nor feel any guilt about this obvious inequity. It is sickening to see female sports
    being destroyed by such a ridiculous tolerance that defies biological reality.

  30. Sex, male and female, is physical. Gender is mental also. Self identifiable as someone different than what you were born.
    I understand your mistake since we’ve been indoctrinated in this “gender” word instead of “sex”.

  31. Yes, have men self identifying as women competing in women events is absolutely wrong. But there are too few of us who chose to speak up and against this attack on women sports. We need people’s help to voice their opinion. One way is to sign the petition started in behalf of three CT girls who took action against two boys identifying as girls winning in their state.

  32. They don’t need a transgender sports. If they are women, let them compete with women. They are not women, they are males, so let them compete with males. Whoops!!!!!! excuse me, I’m not being politically correct.

  33. To have men, who identify as women, is the result of the confusion that exist in this world regardless of whither they compete in women’s sports or not. I commend Trump Jr. for his tenacity to say there is a difference in men and women, but not only in sports, in all walks of life. They are not born homosexuals, they become that way. I met a former homosexual, who is now a married man(to a woman) and they have children. He is a good Christian man, he is a pastor and he helps other men who have gotten caught up in homosexuality to overcome it. Anyone who says anything about it is labeled a homophobe, well I guess I am one, according to the politically correct, but, I’m not politically correct either.

  34. I make this comment with no malice toward any. I feel sorry for any man who doesn’t appreciate the difference/distinction between man and woman.

  35. I disagree. It is not mental as you describe (self identification). How does someone know when they feel like the gender they were not born with? It’s people with mental conditions that cannot get counseling because liberals block conversion therapy that can help a confused individual figure themselves out before permanently destroying their bodies and minds.

  36. I am a Republican , I think that the left needs to spend their time working with our President to better our country that was founded in God we Trust . The Good Book if people took the time to read would know that it is a SIN! to for Man to lay with Man and Women to lay with Women not to mention total body change . Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong ! What is wrong with people if you allowed men to play womens sports without truly being a Women( how you came into this world out of your Mothers womb) is what I call CHEATING .Not fare . Maybe there should be sports for those that choose to be Trans,then they could compete with better odds for all . I love our PRESIDENT , I am PROUD to say that my daughter Sarah Beth Rhoads will be serving our Country in the Amy ! Keeping America safe USA !USA !God Bless America

  37. Anyone with half a brain would know this Just shows how far our educational system has gone off track

    VOTE RED …If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

  39. Hell no !!! As a father and grandfather of female athletes who earned athletic scholarships in their sport this is idiotic !!!. Only flunky male athletes who can not make the cut otherwise would resort to such underhanded tactic.

  40. If you got a plug you’re a male. if you got a socket you’re a female. Simple enough.

  41. Militant LGBT people who support transgender athletes also try to ban conversion therapy for minors and if they had their druthers, they’d ban it for everyone! If conversion therapy is banned for those under 18, then anyone under 18 should not be allowed to change their genders either and biological males should NEVER be allowed to compete in girls sports!

  42. It’s so obvious that it’s ridiculous. The left is so anti-Christ, it will support anything that goes against Christian values even if it makes no sense at all.

  43. This is so not right. Men or transwoMen should not be allowed to participate in any women’s sport. NOT RIGHT, NOT FAIR. They are such cowards and are taking the place of legitimate women who deserve to win races, scholarships, etc. These trans are taking all this away from our women’s sports.

  44. I believe the only solution is to hold “Male”, “Female” and “Transgender” sporting events. That would level all playing fields.

  45. Where you compete physically should have nothing to do with your mental sexual orientation. A ludicrous situation.


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