Donald Trump Jr. dropped the hammer on Hollywood Leftists to save a top star’s career


There is no group more intolerant than the Leftists in Hollywood.

Anybody who strays away from their far-Left views becomes an enemy.

But Donald Trump Jr. just dropped the hammer on Hollywood Leftists to save a top star’s career.

Extra host Mario Lopez made waves of controversy in recent days after he said that parents shouldn’t allow young children to choose their own gender.

The comments came while Lopez was speaking with Candace Owens on PragerU, and it quickly went viral in recent days.

Despite the comments being reasonable, the radical Left immediately began calling on him to be fired.

And that’s when Donald Trump Jr. stepped in, questioning how anything he said is wrong, and that there is no reason for the “Outrage Mob” to destroy him.

Breitbart reports:

Donald Trump Jr. has come to the defense Mario Lopez after the Extra host found himself the target of social media outrage and calls for him to be fired after he said parents shouldn’t allow their young children to choose their own gender.

The president’s eldest son said on Twitter Wednesday that Lopez had done nothing wrong, adding that the TV personality was making a reasonable point about three-year-old children and gender identity.

“I literally can’t see anything wrong with what Mario Lopez said here that would cause the Outrage Mob to destroy him,” Trump, Jr. wrote. “He was as reasonable and accepting as anyone could be but because he may have doubts about letting a 3 Year Old make a permanent decision he’s killed?”

Lopez made his comments during a June interview with Candace Owens on PragerU. Since the interview went viral, he has become the target of heated attacks from other TV personalities and media figures. Some Twitter users have also called on Lopez to be fired as a host of Extra.

Having the President’s son on your side is a big boost.

And Donald Trump, Jr. is entirely right.

Many adults, especially in highly liberal circles like Hollywood, are encouraging their young children to choose their gender, hoping they can have “trendy” transgender children.

Do you think Mario Lopez said anything wrong?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. The suicide rate among “transgender” who have completed the ‘change” is something like 80%. Why confuse a child. If he turns 18 and wants change after counseling, then it is his business, and financial burden. A three year old is genetically what GOD programed him to be.
    Mr. Lopez is an extremely masculine male, and more than likely his son will be the same. We are loosing masculine males all too fast. No one, parent or not, should influence a child to be other than what he/she actually is: Boy or Girl . It is called genetics.
    Enjoy your men folks, I enjoy my men folks, we are loosing REAL men too fast.

  3. I agree and stand with Mr.Lopez. How come when the Leftists go on their rants promoting a deviant lifestyle, or killing innocent babies, or having a child decide their gender, that’s just fine. But when someone with morals and common sense speaks up , they start screaming fire him!!

  4. God they don’t know when to quit! How in God’s green Earth can anyone think that a tiny child should chose their Gender ? Not only was Mr. Lopez spot on! But anybody that thinks a child should chose their Gender should never be allowed to even have children! Kudos to Mr Lopez for stating the obvious and shame on any one who disagrees with what he said!!!

  5. Why are they worried about a 3 year old anyways?According to left that babies lived 3 yrs to long. Aren’t they all about aborting babies, even after birth? They still pee in bed and you think they can say mom or dad I want a sex change. Why’s that little Joey? Because Sammie has something I think I like so I want what she’s got. Yeah, great parenting. Glad to see someone in Hollywierdo land still has some sense of real life. Way to go Mario.

  6. I don’t think anyone should choose their gender especially children. In fact any parent who dresses their child as the opposite sex out in public should be investigated for abuse. It’s one thing to play dress up at home, but anyone at any age who goes in public dressed in drag deserves to be laughed at. I just saw a guy today in the store dressed in women’s clothes scruffy beard and all. He looked ridiculous. They all do. It’s actually sad because they’re not well. That shouldn’t be treated as normal. I wish things could go back to how they were when I was growing up in the 1990s. Everything was so much better then. People were more normal.

  7. What is wrong with stupid Hollywood, the more things they can come up with to make them hip and popular they will do for ratings they are idiots, if you do fire Mario I’m pretty sure you won’t like the outcome, Hollywood has become democratic trash, and sheep followers America is getting pretty sick of most of them

  8. Kudo’s to Mario Lopez! Don’t let those POS’s get to you because your statements were morally correct! Thank god, you are not raising your children als Hollywood! Stay strong, we have your back!

  9. Sure!!! I also think three year old children should be allowed to decide if they want to be serial killers.

  10. Because perverting children is their way of gaining more numbers. If they commit suicide later as Coni points out, not their problem. Transgenders can be what they want, just don’t try to convert anyone, and please stay out of our libraries when you dress like freaks. And out of our women’s sports where you pretend to be trans because you cannot compete as a male.

  11. I hate to think about this, but what do you think this stupidity would do to a child’s mind…….if you support such a horrific decision, YOU WILL HAVE TO LIVE WITH IT.

  12. I’m a gay man, and a three, four, five I didn’t know I was different until a few year’s older. But even then no child should be ask what gender they are. This stuff from the life has gotten so out of hand, even I would not stay in a gay bar where a 10 year old boys dressing up and drag and dance for money that mother should be prosecuted and the child taken away. Talk about brain f****** the kid.

  13. A 3 year old boy who wants to be a girl either likes frilly clothes more, or enjoys playing house, dolls,
    etc. They are not much deeper than that unless encouraged by clueless parents. If it persists into
    puberty, discussion should involve a psychiatrist, and the child must be apprised of the fact of having
    hormone treatments and surgery eventually. Maybe he just needs to have his parents slip in a few
    “ATTA BOYs” and say he is handsome when in boy clothes, has boy dolls to play with that aren’t
    ugly comic book heroes, and plays the daddy when plays house. A good role model father is important,or a surrogate safe male who can teach him the neat things of a real boy childhood. Most important is the child is loved for who he is, and knows that sometimes the big people in his life
    know what is best for him.

  14. How about a little common sense? If a child decides it is a horse, are you going to have a saddle built to fit and ride around on it to make it happy? Suppose they decide they are a carrot? Are you going to dig a hole and bury them so they can grow roots and a green lacy top? Today they are a girl, tomorrow a teapot, the next a puppy, then they are a chicken…..what, you going to cook her for dinner? Use your head, be the adult in the room. That is your job after all. Being the adult and teaching your child what life is.

  15. OMG!!!! Really???
    We are actually taking the time to defend Mr Lopez???
    Of course his response was right, period, furthermore, it’s HIS opinion and should be nonetheless respected.
    At three, a child can barely understand its own body parts nevertheless if he/she wants to change them!!!
    It’s all about parents and big SHAME on them!!!! Get a life!!!
    What’s up with this world?????

  16. I don’t think children at any age should be introduced to this gender
    issue. Let children be themselves,
    and live without the homosexuals
    Interfering with a normal life of a child. Also it’s really sick that a adult
    homosexual is pushing this mentally
    Deranged recruiter tactics.

    Say no to the homosexual
    Praise god instead, and shut them up!

  17. When I was a child I wanted to be a boy but, when I grew I was thrilled to be a girl. So what we want as a child can change. When my son was born, I wouldn’t have changed my gender for all the money or fame in the world.

  18. Ok, Hollywood in all your Woke Wisdom- if we are going to let children as young as 3 years old decide to change their gender- then go and give them irreversible life and body altering drugs and medical procedures – Why Not Let them Make Other Potentially Dangerous Life-Altering Choices?

    How about a 6 yr old who Wants to own a Gun!
    Or a 10 yr old who Wants to Drive a Car?
    Or a 9 yr old who wants the Latest Trendies Body Augmentation- Big Butts for All!
    Maybe a 5 yr old who Belives he/she is a Dog and Wants a Tail implant? Do we tell his/her teachers this is his chosen identity and to Please refer to the child as Fido or FeeFee as this is their new Identity of Choice?

    How about an 8 yr old Kid who identifies as the Black Panther, Superman, Spiderman, or Wonder Woman? Should we allow them to dress up in costumes daily and insist on being called by their new superhero moniker?

    Are we raising a Generation of Self-Deluded fools encouraged by their left-wing nut job parents to never be satisfied or happy with your Natural Identity – No, You Must be something “Special” or you are simply not interesting enough and probably not worth the hundreds of thousands of dollars your woke Hollywood parents will need to spend to get you into University!

    Children go through phases, it is a Fact. My daughter thought she was Pocahontas for six months when she was five and insisted on wearing the costume and singing colors of the wind all around the house. (no she was not Elizabeth Warren) We were tolerant of her phase, but in time (like psychiatrists will tell you about 80% of those kids with gender dysphoria, will) she outgrew it an moved on to being Anastasia! My 4 yr old nephew wanted to be a Horse and for weeks went around pretending he was- his parents did not discourage his imagination but they also did not give him a saddle and a feedbag when he went off to pre-school.

    These parents (like Angelina and Brad) encourage their kids, give them clothes and haircuts, insist on their chosen pronoun to be used – LONG before the child even knows the difference between boys and girls, (in Angis case I believe it is so she can have ONE Of Each- whenever she speaks of her children it is in terms of – she is this way, that one is like this, each with a specific “woke” specialty.)

    These parents should be examined for Munchausen By Proxy! Before they permanently damage their children who will eventually hate them when at 18 (when 80% of them grow out of it) they turn around and realize their bodies are permanently altered and they are now Infurtal due to their ever so politically correct compassionate woke parents!

    Why not let them wait until they are 18 and can legally choose for themselves?
    Why not get them psychological counseling (as you would if they said they were -gasp- a conservative) instead of encouraging what is most likely a bid to be special in a society that tells them being straight or comfortable in your own skin is Boring!

    Then if they are still insistent on it- it will be their choice and You, mom and dad, will not be held responsible should they decide later – NOPE I really am what my genes say I am.

  19. It’s very simple isn’t it. Born with a uterus you;re female, born without one you’re male. There are two exceptions I can think of, you could be a hermaphrodite, or you were born with some deformity.

  20. He was absolutely correct to say that. A child doesn’t even START to reach maturity until their teens. Supposedly they reach it sometime between 18 and 21. Even that is debatable with a lot of people. Just leave your gender alone. If you are a boy or girl with those tendencies, hang out with the same gender and learn how to live as you are. The gender you are born with is the gender you should die with.

  21. Three year olds cannot make rarional decisions, nor can many adults. This is another example of how “if you do not bow down to the LGBTQ gods”, you will be torn apart by the very people who preach inclusiveness, tolerance, diversity, and so forth.

  22. We are born the gender God assigns to us. We are either male or female and it is very obvious which it is. These parents are abusing their children and if they interfere in what they naturally are, maybe they should have their children taken away. When I was a child I was a tomboy and played with boys. But I was NEVER confused as to which gender I was. satan controls the libs, as they have thrown God out.

  23. So many weak minded people in hollywood. They come from confused world’s themselves I guess.? How about letting children be children..? How about we just keep letting God decide on genderism.?

  24. Queerfornia hasn’t noticed it’s primarily “men” who claim to be female. Why? Checking out next victim, legally, of rape, molestation, pedophilia, & women’s sports because to lazy & weal to play in men’s. Can legally be showering with nude women, in rape protection etc

  25. Kids go through so many changes as they grow up. It’s rare that a three-year-old who tells his parents he wants to be a fireman actually becomes one. Girls commonly go through a tom-boy phase, then decide they prefer romantic attention from the boys they used to beat up. So, why would any responsible parent allow a child that young and impressionable to make a an intimate life decision that will orient and effect them for the remaining decades of their life? Children need to feel safe to communicate their thoughts and feelings and to be acknowledged without being made wrong. Just doing that can go a long way toward helping him or her through the trials and confusions of childhood.

  26. I, myself made this vomm not a few days ago. I don’t think a child should be allowed to decide his gender, he can’t even tell a girl from a boy. It’s sick parents who make this decision for them. That mother who dressed her 10year old as a girl is disgusting. I think it could be classed as child cruelty. I’m with you Mario.

  27. I think we need new actors in Hollywood. Seems like mainly the has beens are making the totally moronic statements. Trying to regain some notoriety.

  28. allowing a CHILD that doesn’t know anything about life (yet) and parents want to allow them to DECIDE whether they want to be a BOY or GIRL…..Now really, LIBERALS, don’t you think you are pushing this matter a little toooooo far????

  29. I am very conservative. However, my daughter started to become a liberal, slowly, so it did not show much. She let her two boys wear Mohawks at about age seven or eight. I never said a word. After a little while, they outgrew the style and went back to looking normal. No big deal for any of us.
    The leftists in Hollywood, most of them with good educations, I think, don’t use their heads, and jump all over someone, even when something is reasonable. My daughter and I were reasonable, and it all turned out just fine. Mario Lopez was reasonable, but, the enemies of reason are too crazy to deal with.
    I used to watch Saved By The Bell because it was funny.
    Good for Mario Lopez. More power to him.

  30. I have a 3 year old grandson and about the only thing they should chose is which toy they want to play with, to allow them to chose they’re own gender is total crap.

  31. The only thing he did “wrong” was to back-pedal when the mob went after him. Otherwise, he was right on the head of the nail. Wonder if these idiots would try to get their child surgically altered when their 3yo said they were an elephant or a bird or something else. Imagination runs wild during that time (which is awesome – I had some crazy good times pretending with my kids). They have no conception of tomorrow never mind next year or decade. Any parent who starts a kid “transgendering” at that time of their childhood is only asking for a suicidal kid down the road.

  32. most of the ignorant fools in hollywierd really do not remember just what they are , either from DOPE EXCESSES, MOLESTATION FROM THE DIRECTORS,PRODUCERS,OTHER FRUITCAKES. they should NEVER BE ALLOWED TO BREED . kids are way too precious to be allowed to be in the presence of these idiots.

  33. What’s up with this world is sin sick God haters that despise his order, his dominion and rule, his authority and his judgements. It is what it is and those who wish to change the order of things are left to their own destruction.

  34. I agree with Mario Lopez. Their was nothing wrong with what he said. Trump Jr done the right thing too. He stood up for him.

  35. The unholywood alphabet crowd will never stop recruiting someone into their sad state of life. They call themselves “gay” but in the long run they are “sad.” Three things as a reminder. No matter what, the DNA doesn’t change. I asked a guy how his operation went–he said it was nip and tuck! Drum roll please! When a man has a sex change they refer to it as a transgender operation. When a woman has a sex change operation it is called an adadictomy.

  36. The gender of ANYONE is shown by what a person was born with (DNA tests, anyone?) and is NOT altered by how they feel, sex change operation, etc. . . .

  37. With all the problems coming out of Hollywood, there is a simple solution. If people would realize they are actors not experts they can very easily be controlled. Stop going to their films, stop watching the tv programs with them spewing their crap. They are entitled to their opinions but so is everyone else.

  38. I detect an inconsistency from the far left and the LGBTQ Mafia! They are against conversion therapy and have gotten it banned for anyone under age 18! If someone is too young to be forced into conversion therapy, then they are too young to change genders! There needs to be a rule for no gender reassignment before age 18! This way, biological males can’t compete as girls in high school athletics!

  39. Parents that try to choose their child’s gender is making a big mistake let the child fantasize all he or she wants too, after they get older most children accept the fact they were born either a boy or girl, but if a parent try’s to interfere before they really are old enough to decide they can do more than good

  40. Carving up a child at the age of three as a lifestyle choice is criminal. With no other consideration, this is child abuse of the first order. When a person gains their majority, they gain the right to determine the way they choose to live. As absurd as that choice may be, it is still their choice. But at the age of three, no person (or that person’s parents) can rationally make a determination of future sexuality. Mario Lopez is absolutely correct, and those attacking him are being absurd. The attackers are mindlessly following a dogma that is being applied outside its rational (or irrational) boundaries.

  41. Don picked a great cause to back and millions of good moral Americans are with him 100 percent.
    We are tired of you left wingers not only destroying these children’s morality, just because you don’t have any morals you don’t need to destroy children’s lives before they get a chance to live a few years and make their own decision of what they want to be and do!
    Get a life! Try bringing God into your life and planning a future, HELL isn’t a joke someone thought up and everyone laughs about! There isn’t anything about HELL that’s funny at all, It is God’s choice of punishment for the unbeliever, you can choose Heaven or Hell. keep up your wicked ways and you will go to Hell! You won’t like it!

  42. And maybe they should decide that they can…smoke, buy alcohol, get married….3 year olds, 10 year old, 15 year olds……. Not mature enough to even think about doing such a permanent thing…. Growing up I knew a young girl, who wanted to be a boy…. She got over it and married, became a mother and a grandmother…… This should not even be an issue….
    So sad……. Mario Lopez said something that is truly correct. Donald, Jr., the same.
    Parents encouraging this are child abusers…….

  43. Most of the fools in Hollywood dumped all ties to decent morals and values when they sold their souls to the devil for fame and fortune. They are totally sick and perverse. Next thing will be Democrats wanting 3 year olds to vote in elections, after all if you are smart enough to fully understand the implications of a gender change at the age of 3 then surely voting in elections should be easy. Well done Don jr. Maybe you or Ivanka can follow Dad into the WH in 2024 and KAG.

  44. The left is sooo far to the left they think they’re right. Mario stayed his opinion and everyone has a right to speak their opinion!


  45. Follywood freaks are nothing but naive children pushing their childish agenda and parents who push this BS need to be charged with child abuse and should see bars in front of them for a while.

  46. Liberals will continue to push for more and more radical agendas. It won’t be long until they recognize MABLA as a legitimate organization where people will be shamed and hated if they don’t encourage their little boys to have a sexual relationship with a grown man. Many would say that’s not possible but 5 years ago if I said that children would be encouraged to choose their gender, most would say that is impossible. Just because someone screams at you and calls you names, does not make them right. They are just loud idiots.

  47. James, thank you for being honest and open about your sexuality. I agree with you wholeheartly. I am not against the LGBTQ community, nor Hollyweirdos but come on a 3 yr old deciding for themselves about gender??? I think Mr. Lopez was spot on! Have a good day!

  48. How on earth would a child even know anything about different genders?? It’s their ignorant parents looking for something else that they can do to ruin their children’s lives!!! Their parents should be investigated for at the very least, child abuse!!! Anyways that’s what I think.

  49. Mr. Lopez is right. It’s misguided to allow a child to have a dangerous, life- threatening procedure!

  50. Thank you, I have NEVER heard a doctor say to a parent “Congratulations you have a “Baby Transgender”

  51. Three year old cannot make a decision like that. That is absurd. Trsngenger is not a fad. These stars are idiots.

  52. Esau was daddy’s boy. He liked to hunt and take care of the flocks. Jacob was a mama’s boy who stayed indoors and helped his mom. Jacob had a manly male for a dad, but wasn’t dad’s favorite. Still Jacob manged to have four wives and at least 13 children. While a good male role model goes a long way to helping a boy grow into a man, it doesn’t always work that way. My husband left when my boys were 15, 12, and 9, and had minimal input in their lives after that, but they are all healthy masculine husbands and fathers, and they were lacking any effective surrogate dads. My boys, I’m sad to say, didn’t learn how to hunt, fish, work on cars, do carpentry, etc. until they were adults, but they’re pretty good at those things. So there are other factors at work besides having a strong family or male role model that cause some boys to become homosexual.

  53. Gee why don’t a 3 year old choose who their parents are? Or choose to live in a house??? This could go on forever!

  54. I agree with Mario Lopez. Some people can’t stand for the truth. Sorry for them. There are not a third sex out there, period.

  55. Or the brainwashed kid who discovers they get lots of attention when they play this idiot game! Talk about screwing your kid up for LIFE! There needs to be screening before idiots are allowed around impressionable kids!

  56. Exactly! WHY are idiots allowed to warp and twist tiny tots who should NOT be pressed to make such a life decision with NO basis?!

  57. Right on, Mario! It’s so nice to hear someone SANE! Childhood is confusing enough without enforcing more confusion on our kids.

  58. ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬!

  59. Mario could’ve played it safe, but he stood up for the values that he was raised with. A 3 year old barley knows what vegetable he likes, than to give him a gender choice. OMG!
    Shoot, look at Angelina Jolie’s daughter. She’s been letting her dress like a boy for a few years now. Probably, one of the reasons Brad divorced her.
    She’s so far Left, she’ll probably let the child go through a sex change surgery and that’s what the whole left of this country is SICK!
    Please, there has to be some Leftists out there with a modicum of logic and intelligence. At least, I hope so, or we’re all doomed.

  60. Mario said nothing wrong. The problem is that it makes to much common sense and the Hollyweird crowd does not know common sense. As for Don, Jr., please go home and work out your own personal problems before you try to help others. You are jet-sitting around the world with some bimbo while your wife is home raising YOUR children. I know you are paying through the nose in alimony but money does not help when a child is up all night.

  61. Good for Don Junior for standing up for what’s right, Mario Lopez did nothing wrong. Sad day in America that you can’t even have an honest opinion without being attacked by the idiots on the left the celebrity freaks that don’t live in the real world. They make millions of dollars and don’t deal with every day problems like the rest of us, they need a reality check.

  62. Even the courts know a child cannot decide things for themselves until the “age of reason” or 14 years old. They don’t understand right from wrong at 3 years old. Heck they don’t even understand the language yet. That’s why they go to school. Let them learn first. Let them understand. THEN. let them decide.

  63. From the comment above you might think I believe it is a choice anyone could make. I don’t. I believe God made male and female. I believe children should be brought to church to learn about God. I believe in right from wrong. I believe if you bring a child up to play with toys, they will play with dolls AND trucks, with tea party’s AND football. That doesn’t mean they are thinking of being another sex, just that they are having fun. If parents force their children to change their sex, that is a form of sexual abuse.

  64. ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these lying deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬!

  65. One day a FAKE news reporter attempted to catch President Trump in trouble. He asked a very stupid question. “Mr. President, How many different sexes are there?” The President wanted to put that idiot in his place, but controlled himself and wisely responded. “In my opinion there are only two sexes, male and female. But if you ask those poor fools running against me there are three, male, female and Democrat!”


  67. If the suicide rate is up on freakgenders.encourage em .free rope an lots of trees.let me get my popcorn.

  68. So if a person has their own opinion which was totally logical..he should be fired? Seriously? He Mario never forced his opinion down anyone’s throat..he simple stated what he believed. There is a 1st Amendment here in the US and he is certainly entitled to his. I truly believe he was correct and that is my opinion and I am not asking anyone to agree with me. But I also don’t have to agree with them!

  69. Regardless of what Hollywood says for certain God is on the side of whether we are male or female. He created us even before we were in our mother’s womb. I would rather die on the side of God than to be popular with a bunch of radicals like Hollywood who are self centered bunch of doubleminded liars. I would like to see then change God’s mind on judgment day.

  70. He is absolutely right. Its the new birkin bag, look at all the attention it gets the parents. Good or bad, it makes them relevent.
    Quit shoving this crap on kids. Let them be who they are. Why would anyone promote this lifestyle to a little kid. They are what they were born….if they arent, they will figure it out when they are old enough to process it.

  71. In reality, that should be considered child abuse and should result in appropriate criminal charges and loss of custody of any children.
    Anyone that could conceive of allowing a 3, 5, 7 or even 10 and 12-year old children to do such a ridiculous thing as “choosing their gender” is out of their mind and suffering from a sort of liberal derangement syndrome.

  72. Gender is not something you can choose as DNA is immutable. No amount of hormone injecting and mutilating surgery can change one’s actual sex. These actions only create an illusion in the warped mind.

  73. How about letting children be children. Why are certain adults so disgustingly fascinated with children’s sexual identity when the majority of the children do not even think about it. If a child wants to play ball, be a cheerleader, homecoming queen/king. Then just support the child do not make it about sexual identity!!


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