Donald Trump came under attack in a grotesque way from this former Hollywood starlet


Hollywood has long been known for its far-left bias and elitist behavior.

And its only gotten worse as the country began returning to its conservative roots.

Now both Donald Trump and his supporters are under attack from this washed-up former Hollywood starlet in a grotesque way.

While it may seem as though Hollywood has always been a liberal bastion, it hasn’t. Most people today don’t realize that at one point conservatives ruled the movie-making industry.

Hollywood was once home to some giants, both in the movies, and in conservative politics.

The list of actors and actresses who were outspoken conservatives is long and impressive.

Hollywood giants like John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Jimmy Stewart, Charlton Heston, Doris Day, Ginger Rogers, James Cagney, William Holden, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Clark Gable, Shirley Temple, and Robert Mitchum once ruled Hollywood.

And of course, President Ronald Reagan got his start in Tinseltown.

But with the 1960s and 70s came a new breed of vapid, easily swayed actors who joined forces with the already leftist writers and directors to create the liberal Hollywood that exists today.

And with the decline of the studio system, the leftists began drowning out and blackballing conservative actors who no longer had the protection and support of the big studios.

While there are still some conservatives in Hollywood, most of them choose to remain quiet and hidden so they aren’t targeted and have their careers torpedoed by the intolerant Left.

It now seems the most prominent and certainly outspoken actors are to the Left of Bernie Sanders.

And the vitriol and hatred they spew is becoming more famous than the movies they make.

Now, actress Debra Messing, trying to get her name and face back in the public, has shared a deceptive and highly edited video that claims President Donald Trump called the coronavirus a “hoax.”

She then went on to ask if the “soon-to-be-dead” supporters of the president realize that he needs to be removed from office.

Messing tweeted out the following earlier this week:

“LIAR-IN-CHIEF. #Maga have been unmoved by the 16500 lies 45 has made since elected. Now that innumerable people (including MAGA) will die, because of his lies and inaction, I wonder if MAGA will recognize that 45 must be voted out?”

Messing’s Tweet included the edited video being promoted by a radical leftist group called Fellow Americans.

Former star Messing is promoting the now completely debunked lie that President Trump called the coronavirus a “hoax.” The president used the word “hoax” at a campaign rally to describe the Democrats’ attempts to politicize the coronavirus.

Even songwriter Richard Marx, a vocal Trump critic, noted that “this narrative that he called the actual virus a hoax is patently false.”

But actual facts have never stopped Messing and her fellow liberal Hollywood radicals.

In February, Messing claimed that President Trump “puts Americans in mortal danger.” She based this on a two-year-old Washington Post article about proposed budget cuts to the CDC that never happened.

The once famous star of “Will and Grace” seems to be doing her best to continue the leftist narrative that “Orange man bad” while trying to restart her failed career.

Of course the lies, hatred, and intolerance are nothing new in today’s Hollywood.

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  2. The majority of hollywood is nuts. They live make believe lives most of the time. They become the characters in the roles the act in. Get caught in the nonsense and can’t keep their minds in reality. LULUS

  3. Hollywood actors are victims of the same communist indoctrination and brainwashing our young people are subjected to in colleges. It’s been going on for 50 years. After WWII a lot of the communists / Marixist / social ists / fascists migrated over to America and got into our higher education system.

  4. Debbie you need to retire, or at the least learn the facts before you speak of what you know nothing about. your are a has been and should of saved your $$ for your retirement.

    I just love these people with little knowledge about anything outside their walls. maybe you should run for Nancy’s place or even better Martha Waters.
    they have about as much common sense as the Hollywood elite.

  5. If Hollywood was engaged in films, not politics, and Hollywood actors would try to reach the level of great Hollywood stars – John Wayne, Doris Day, Bing Crosby and others, then there would not be a breed of empty stupid actors trying to occupya place – between bad actors and very bad politicians, and Hollywood films would not – between bad and very bad. Everyone must do their job.

  6. Most of Hollywood deals in fantasy. They have no concept of truth or reality. Very sad and dangerous creatures

  7. I suspect these left-wingers will only change their tune if (1) they get the corona virus or (2) enough people get a life and quit watching their movies or shows (and by doing so, save their money), or (3) God will send us a revival of Biblical Christianity. Most people don’t know God’s gift to Mankind through Moses – the 10 Commandments. Note well: “And as it is appointed for man to die once, but after this the judgment” Hebrews 9:27.

  8. Messing has a SEVERE case of the TERMINAL STUPIDS (a CLOSE kin to TDS and is PERMANENT) and is not worth listening to, like ALL Left Wing Liberals, who are WRONG about EVERYTHING. One Rather AMUSED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  9. The titless wonder has opened her stupid mouth again. I wish I could meet her in person. I would tell her how the world works and then kick her ass around the block.

  10. i heard the president call it a DEMOCRATIC HOAX,when i watched him on tv. i am a combat vet of the korean war (battle of the chosen reservoir) when the chinese crossed the yalu river

  11. Did you call for Obama to be removed? His virus killed a lot more and he treated it like it was nothing. Amazing that Biden is telling Trump what to do after he already did it, nit while in office didn’t do anything for the swine flu. I wish people would call him on hit. Hollywood we don’t give a damn what you think. When you get old and obsolete I guess you jump on the bandwagon and try to get recognize again. Brainless actors and actresses. Pitt had to actually pay someone to come up with his one liner. Pitiful. Then again he always seemed a little dumb to me. Debra never watched any of her show, so she’s irrelevant.

  12. Hollywood starship is really what it is…from planet a-o
    Them kids, their degrees, mommies and daddies provided with the dirty money…for piece of paper showing the goodie label on their education…then flaunt it as they are intelligent…but surely they don’t act civil…

  13. Debra Messing is a has been! She’s only trying to make a name for herself! She’s not even making (or correct) observations! I just don’t know why Hollywood actors believe they are authorities on political affairs!

  14. How long do these idiots think they can go on trashing our President and his wonderful and very pretty wife. We finally get a President who cares about us, the average person. I’m so sick of these vial, corrupt, immoral, ungodly, undereducated, lovers of lies and a cancer eating away at our beloved country. SHUT YOUR MOUTH Nasty Nancy, Omar the vampire, Shifty Shift, AOC and the rest of the whole band of betrayers. YOU CANNOT GET AWAY WITH THIS! THE PATRIOTS BELONG TO THE PRESIDENT.

  15. Ok so who is Debra Messing? As it goes now days I haven’t heard a lot of Stars that have any good ideas. If Hollywood could make new great movies like they used to, instead of remakes of remakes they might stand a chance. I haven’t gone to the movies since they started in on Trump. I have not respect for someone who cannot stand the people had an idea to change our leadership. He will break the criminals in the house and the traitors who threaten and his family. Only cowards do that. She should quit using edited videos to.

  16. Debra Messing is a MESS!!! I used to love her as an actor. NOT NOW!! I was not a fan of Will & Grace, II. However, I did like her Mysteries of Laura series. Her thought process is so beyond the universe we live in. If you are gonna spew hatred, make sure you know WHY you hate someone. NONE of the leftists can say why they hate #45. Just seems to be the ‘popular’ thing to do. She needs to take a long look in the mirror-obviously who she has become is not becoming to the rest of the world. I have noticed that about the left, Pelosi, Waters, Schiff, Clyburn, they do not know why they hate #45 except that he is exposing them and their dirty money tactics-hence Pelosi holding up the Rescue package for the Wuhan virus out of work, workers. What does Kennedy Center, Humanities and arts, Illegal immigrant protection, and a small raise for congress got to do with Wuhan virus rescue? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! PORK!!!!! Obama’s Chief of staff taught them to never let a good crisis go to waste-they didn’t! Stupid, stupid idiots-Hollywood on down to house of rep Dems and Senate Dems. Just my .02.

  17. Anyone can accuse anyone of anything.

    Pathetic, that this Messing Mess’ comments were even publicized — likely, disinformation by Communist China since they are extremely motivated to avoid any wrongdoing — deliberately secreting the devastating COVID-19, for two (2) months, which allowed for free exchange of contaminated goods, textiles, food, visitors, during the incubation interval, of which numerous individuals were inadvertently exposed. Deadly.

    Sensationalist propaganda.

    Thank God for President Trump. In God We Trust.

  18. Another “IDIOT” from HORRYWOOD that no one listens to and most don’t even know who she is or was! We don’t give a DAM what HORRYWOOD says about anyone let them die in their own filth from the homeless. That would serve them right!

  19. to get a good idea of hollywood, take a look at netflix. hundreds of movies that are nothing but nonsense. sex, murder and degraded livingl

  20. Debra Messed up was never a starlet and like all of these Hollywood haters, has been making herself an assteroid.

  21. Go to hell. The opinions of hollywood snobby asses actors and actresses do not matter to the American people anymore. For all we care you can all drop dead and we wouldn’t miss you.

  22. The old stars the author named had class and integrity, people to look up to, for the most part. Now we could probably count the ones with any virtue on one hand. Someone needs to take out the trash there.

  23. Hollywood needs to get their fix from Mexico then crawl under u bed and leave it to trump to same ur pea brains from ur dooms day.

  24. Hardly an impressive group of conservatives. Hollywood conservatives have been primarily anti-American… Heston pushing guns and violence; Reagan pushing voodoo economics that has decimated the American middle class; Heaton’s anti-woman agenda; and the list goes on.

  25. I looked it up and she has never acted in anything I watched or would likely have watched. Has been??? Let’s try “Never was!!”

  26. Who gives a CRAP what Debra Messing says OR thinks? WHO is she anyhow???
    A LOSER AND HAS BEEN! Go knit a sweater and do something constructive! IDIOT!

  27. Shame on this dopey bully……… pathetic search for her 15 mins………
    We know who all those long departed STARS are…. they would never stoop to such horrendous tactics… This person should crawl under a rock and stay there……

  28. Everyday, I’m praying for a civil war to happen. Sure, lives, innnocent lives will be lost but they won’t be lost in vain, but for the betterment of the country. Because, we conservatives will definitely, no doubt win the war. We will have two separate countries, one side belongs to conservative Republicans while the other to the Jerry Springer party where anything goes. And I’d like to be the gate keeper for asylum seekers, and deny all Trump haters entry into our side of the country….emphasis will be concentrated on hollyweird leftists elites. I’ll give C**t Messing the double middle finger and tell her to go dildo herself with a rusty tire iron bar. Bi*atch!!!!

  29. HCB you are brain dead along with all the other Dumb-o-rats. Maybe if you could get the covid-19 like all liberal ass like yourself, heaving your lungs out and begging for help from us conservatives maybe just maybe God will get your attention. If not have a happy eternity in hell with constant suffering

  30. What’s up Deb? Can’t stand to be in the shadows so you go out into the public and make up some horrific and foul mouth lies for you 15 seconds of fame? Just take your stanky ole self, go away and shut up! . We don’t care what you think.

  31. All has been said, why say more? Debra Messing was never a “star”, she was a TV weekly (weakly) 1/2 hour show that was meaningless and stupid like her.

  32. VOTE him out next time. He says he supports the 2A….. well I would hate to think what he would do if he didn’t.

  33. Why would anyone with at least one active brain cell pay any attention to any of these so called celebrities? They will do or say anything to keep their face on TV or in the news. As I have said many time before, the only difference between them and a Hooker is that Prostitution is Illegal in most states. Hollywood, movies are supposed to be more than explosions, car chases and people getting shot two dozen times and actors need a bit more talent than just taking off their clothes and seeing how many times they can squeeze the F-word into their dialogue. I have seen better acting in grade school renditions of The Sound of Music.

  34. Debra Messing was RIGHT TRUMP did say it was Hoax even said it was a Democrat Hoax. Its all been recorded just go back and look it u and I dont mean on fox. Those words came out of his mouth they cant be denied. Just like he made disgusting fun of the disabled Reporter at one of his rallies. He lied that anyone who wanted a test can have a test people who were concerned because they found out they had been around infected people and felt they were showing symptoms could not get the test. Countries like South Korea and Australia have tested more people per head of population than the USA. In fact I think South Korea had tested more people in a shorter period than the USA has done to date. You just got to watch all the public Announcements. He also refused test kits from the World Health Organisation USA now has more infections than china

  35. Just another has been trying to get back in the spotlight. Could care less what these children think….which is a process they have problems with.

  36. HCB, you have a lot to learn. Heston was the president of an organization that, backs police, wants non-violent, peace-loving, law abiding citizens to be able to defend themselves. They want the real issues like keeping guns away from criminals and mentally ill people. As far as R.Reagan, his economic policies were the reason that the economy was in such great shape when that womanizing, moron Bill Clinton was elected. Trump is by far the best President this country has ever seen. Hollywood and the lamestream media need to get their heads out of their collective asses. They might have a better perspective if they saw the world from someplace other than their belly button, because their head is so far up their own rear.

  37. The real hoax is being perpetrated by the democrat party.
    The hoax is that Biden has the mental capacity to be president.
    He doesn’t.

  38. Please take me OFF your emailing list. Trump is the epitome of everything that makes for a bad President: he is stupid, narcissistic, crooked, ugly, a proven LIAR, socially deplorable, low-class, greedy, and trying to set up his family members as a dynasty of absurdity like himself.

  39. But, but, shouldn’t we allow ignorant, self-centered, narcissistic, drug-addled actors tell us how to run our lives?
    They certainly appear to believe they have all the answers.

  40. Debra Messing could have only got her start in Hollywood on Weinsteins’ couch surely not for her acting ability.

  41. Debra Messing is old news, her opinion like her show means nothing to most Americans, as we saw by her last feeble attempt, most people, myself included, didn’t even tune in to watch it because of the ugly leftist promo before the show aired.I am a proud Trump supporter and defy anyone on the left to nominate anyone who is fit to tie his shoes. MAGA…TRUMP/ PENCE 🇺🇸


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