Disney’s CEO fired Roseanne Barr and then trashed her and all Trump supporters in the worst way possible


Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, continues to prove that he is a Left-wing elitist, hell-bent on pushing his radical Leftist agenda into all of Disney’s entertainment outlets.

But he may have gone too far in this infuriating interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Bob Iger just revealed why he fired Roseanne Barr from her show and trashed her in a way that will make every single Trump supporter furious with Disney.

Rosanne Barr’s TV show was a huge success from day one.

It was an overnight success and received so much positive feedback that it quickly gained a loyal audience.

But Bob Iger fired Rosanne Barr from the TV show when she tweeted something offensive.

Roseanne immediately apologized and explained that she was suffering a side effect from a drug she was prescribed to at the time.

Still, Bob Iger decided to throw her under the bus.

Breitbart reports:

Disney CEO Bob Iger recently said that his decision to fire Roseanne Barr from her own hit TV show was an “easy” one to make.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey on her Super Soul Sunday talk show on the Oprah Winfrey Network, Iger said that he did not really have to give any thought at all to the firing of the sitcom star. It was just the “right” thing to do.

In May of 2018, Barr tweeted out a slam on former Obama operative Valarie Jarrett by invoking the Planet of the Apes. Barr later apologized for her tweet, said she was not aware that Jarrett was a black woman, and said she was suffering a side effect from the drug Ambien when she wrote the tweet.

Despite the apology, liberals called Barr a “bigot” for the comment, and in only a matter of days, Iger decided to fire her from her hit show.

Now we know the truth behind Roseanne’s firing from her hit TV show.

Iger used her ill-advised tweet as the catalyst to fire her and destroy her legacy.

The reality is that Iger’s decision was more than likely politically motivated.

He couldn’t stand the idea of a popular TV show featuring a Trump supporter.

What do you think?

Should Bob Iger have fired Roseanne Barr?

Let us know what you think in the comments.


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  2. Disney has become a outlet for child abusive and exploitative dreck, replete with violence and sexual content directed to the very young so it comes as no surprise what they would do to an adult entertainer who does not push that kind of agenda. My children and grandchildren are now adults but if thye wern’t, I would not let them watch anything associated with Disney.

  3. I Love how someone like Roseanne gets Fired and has her Career Ruined like So Many Others have for the most Stupid things,Yet “Rev.” al can just be Flat Out Racist,Not to Mention All the OTHER s… he’s Done,And ALL the Demorat candidates Line Up to kiss his ring(Among Other things).It’s Outrageous the Double Standard we have in this country!! And the good rev. is Only One of MANY that get a Free Pass! Semper Fi

  4. It USED to be every child’s dream to go to Disneyland or Disney World. But because of Iger’s radical Leftists views and how he has transformed these two parks, which from what I understand, is not child friendly ,and I wouldn’t go there if they gave me a totally free vacation for my entire family!!Walt Disney must be stirring in his grave watching his legacy being destroyed by this fool Iger….
    I agree with Kathleen and George Knoll. Boycott anything associated with Disney!!
    And by him firing Roseanne , he just shot himself in the foot. The show will not survive, if it’s still on the air at all. Roseanne will be just fine without starring in this show…..

  5. The new leadersof the Disney organizationare so far to the left of this great country that as far as I am concerned they can build their theme parks in Russia and China and any other Communist run country. I am so fed up with the unAmerican attitude of the people that this country made very wealthy that have turned against her that I wouldn’t care if they left tomorrow and rook it all with them. Very ungrateful and unappreciative people should be banned from America.

  6. Valarie Jarrett is NOT black. She is middle eastern and specifically a Moslem Middle Easterner as well (No freaking DUH?!?!). Calling her anything is Freedom of Speech BUT Leftists do not want there to be ANY Freedom of Speech! Disney (using Disney World as a front) is one of the most massive sex traffickers on the entire planet! More young children and young women go missing from Florida than from any other State AND they are moved through Disney World as it is easier to ship them out to places such as Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas and from there all across the world. Children and women from all over the U.S. who are abducted make their way to Florida and Disney World to be sent elsewhere. Epstein had a big connection with the heads of Disney and yet there is no mention of it! I just want to point out that Bob Iger is no saint and he is deeply involved with this operation and overseeing its smooth running and will one day burn in Hell for it!

  7. Disney was well justified in firing Rosanne. If it was so wrong and she was so critical to the show, why did the rest of the cast agree to.move on? Deal with it.

  8. Bob Iger is a pig. He uses Disney World as if it is his own personal democratic headquarters and it is sickening. He pays his workers crap and sticks bunches of money in his own pocket and the pockets of the democrats. He should be the one fired. It is supposed to be a place for family fun but it is getting to be a money pit that only the wealthy and foreign can afford. It would kill Walt Disney if he weren’t already dead. This is not a place a family can go to have fun it is way too expensive.

  9. If oprah recommends iger for president you can be assured that iger is a bonafide anti American new world order leftist.
    But he’s white, and must possess something oprah sees in him to make a straight white old guy palatable for the kommiecrat party.

  10. Wow, Iger is really bad news for Disney! Walt Disney would throw him out, if he was still alive. Where did he ever come from?? Iger is doing permanent damage to the Disney name and reputation. Disney World has become a LGBTQ hang out and He is turning Disney into a Liberal haven as well. Disney made its name on family and children’s entertainment yet Iger is changing all that and destroying the Disney legacy, Wow!!

  11. Disney hasn’t been very good for the past 30+ years
    It was great in the 50’s – 70’s era, then spiraled down in quality in the 80’s.
    To be fair, it did have a few decent movies the past 40 years.
    I also gave up on Disney for there ideology

  12. Apparently free speech only is for the left as they define it and the rest of us must bow to their way or else,Go F—Yourself . I refuse to cower to your demands and will never be politically correct and at some point the silent majority of Americans will crush this attempt to steal our nation from us. Is it not blatantly obvious that the elite lefts only real agenda is to keep everyone beneath them and make sure that only they can stay relevant in society. If we let them win they will make sure we can never attain any success as it will detract from their importance,and if history repeats itself they will eventually destroy themselves

  13. Have you people ever type in bob’s name in your search machine and put scandals after the name – Black face cover up.
    Also have you type in the Obama white House employee Rosie was talking about – Corrupt as hell. Her name I can’t remember Valeria?? ???

  14. Happiest Place in th World for communist indoctrination of the children. People in this country better get some brains and stop supporting these leftist commies.

  15. Is this the same Roseanne Barr that accused her poor parents, out of nowhere, of abusing her?

    Is this the same Roseanne Barr who gives new definition to crude and gross?

    Is the same Roseanne who sang her nauseating version of OUR National Anthem, in mockery, and then grabbed her crotch on national television?

  16. Unless I’m wrong there a whole conglomerate now. Seems NBC bought Disney and Comcast bought it all. Or it may be the other way. But I know the names have been linked together

  17. This information is incorrect. Sorry. It’s affiliated with ABC BUT the CEO is well ahead of anyone else as shareholder. Sorry for incorrect info

  18. Disney has long been a company that needs to be boycotted. After Disney “displaced its American IT workers”, they kept them working until they had trained the new “employees” from India. If this is, indeed, the way Iger wants to run this company, give him the rope to do so. lol Using one’s political affiliation against them is pure and utter idiocy no matter how you look at the situation. Once Americans realize that the power of boycotting unjust acts and/or companies and stay the course with said boycott, things can and will change when the company being boycotted has a sharp revenue drop. This is just my opinion and that and .50 will buy me a cup of coffee somewhere, but not at Disney…

  19. I hope this is more russian dis information on these comments cause you re all f’n nutz! CROOKED TRAITOR trumps days are numbered. Try and break out of that cult. Ya know how cults end up… never good. not fake news…fake president. PERIOD.

  20. That’s why we do nothing Disney. We banned Disney products from our property about 10 years ago and we don’t support them in any kind of way.

  21. When this rosanne thing came out my sister and i were going to take my 5 grandkids to disney….not anymore will never do anything with that terrorist organization does. If you care about your kids and grandkids dont buy or see anything disney. They wouldnt hesitate to kidnap one of your girls for sex trafficking

  22. I knew she was black; but, I thought the tweet was not offensive. People need to take a lesson from President Trump and develop thicker skin. This being offended by every little thing is getting old.

  23. I think it was renewed because Iger et al refuse to admit they messed up! I know of no one who watches it.

  24. The rest of the cast agree to move on because they are liberal turds; but, are also closet capitalists cuz they wanted the money! Disney was not justified in firing Rosanne. She made a comment against a perceived black person and that is not politically correct. I am sick of the catering to blacks; but, it is okay to say whatever you want about whites. It is racist no matter what and I do not think Rosanne’s comment was racist.

  25. Boycott Disney!! CEO Bob needs to be fired. Hire a CEO that cares about bringing joy to children and leave the politics out just the way Walt Disney would have wanted out.

  26. Absolutely. Witchcraft and occult mixed in to kids. This has been going on for a long time at Disney, it just is progressively worst now. A neighbor heard our views on Disney and she watched one of the more recent Diwney releases with her granddaughter and was aghast. She now has showed the content to her daughters and their friends and all were shocked. No more Disney for them as well.

  27. It is sad since Walt Disney died. As a child, I and my brothers would sit in front of the TV on Saturday night watching Disney movies. I remember Walt even speaking before the movie started. Now, since his death, it’s no good. This guy running it has taken away the family values that Walt had made it to be.

  28. Mr. Iger forgot, Abraham Lincoln was at one time smeared in the press as an ape. So Ms. Jarrett was actually given a compliment by Roseanne.

    So how did men like Michael Eisner and Bob Iger ever become the heads of Disney. When companies need to expand, they go to the banks and other financial institutions for enormous loans. Follow the money if you want to know how we got Disney CEOs like Eisner’s and Igers? They are appointed by those who hold the Disney’s purse strings. There is never more glee inspired by degenerates than taking something that is good and wholesome, and turning it into disgusting nihilist garbage. To destroy a country, you must change its institutions from within. Disney Corp. isn’t quite dead as yet. Those behind Eisner and Iger haven’t finished with their agenda driven evolution of what was once a fairytale kingdom, now a dark nightmare called Disney. In their ‘magic’ kingdoms, there are no happy endings. Eisner and Iger are the Piped Pipers from hell. Destroy the children, and our country has no future.

  29. We have not watched it since the Barr firing and we were stunned to see it renewed this season. They reported that it is an even bigger hit since Barr is gone. We should believe that??

  30. Walt is spinning in his grave.
    Igor is a disgraceful human being. He took the Disney name associated with the “Happiest Place on Earth” to what is now, a place that represents the CEO’s viewpoint and anybody who disagrees is to be destroyed.
    Mr. Igor, America gave you the freedoms including speech to become anything you wanted to be, can’t you respect that same gift to be awarded to each and everyone else of your fellow Americans?
    That is what makes this country differ from the rest of the world.
    Apparently you live your life as if it’s your way or the highway. Oh yeh! That’s right your a Democrat.

  31. I have never cared much for Roseann. However, Bob Iger is not a nice man. My son works for Disney and I have inside information on Iger. First, on a constant basis, quite a few of the “cast members” (males) have been arrested for pediaphelia, and Iger, himself has been accused of being involved with Pediaphelia. He is a disgusting, low life criminal and that is a fact! I refuse to have anything to do with Disney in any way because of that. It turns my stomach.

  32. Where or what rock did you come out from under with that rant? If this is true. Prove it? If this was true the world would know it. Therefore, do you have inside knowledge of the crimes? If so and you don’t say anything. That makes you accessory to the fact. So, provide facts before opening mouth.

  33. I had always thought the same about Jarrett from the first time I saw her. It wasn’t a slam it was just what Rosanne thought along with many other people. Jarrett does remind people of one the characters. Big deal.

  34. Agree ! I never cared much for Roseann but she was treated unfairly. I refuse to watch the Connors as they rushed to judgement and helped to try to destroy her. I hope she comes back in a big way and out last them all. Disney has always been a garbage dump….never visit their sites.

  35. Read WikiLeaks. Anyone can go to that website and read all they have released. WikiLeaks, unlike most MSM, has NEVER had to retract even one article as misinformation or incorrect information. The MSM grills the whistleblowers for releasing the info about corruption acting like the whistleblowers are the criminals when the actual evidence is ignored by most!

  36. WHY did the est of the cast stay, you ask. Two reasons. One, the money, Duh?!? And second because if they left as a show of support then they too would be blacklisted as a Trump sympathizer. They do not want to be de-listed as a viable actor just because they may be leaning more on the conservative side. For example, actor Kevin Sorbo (famous for playing Hercules in the 90’s for six seasons and later playing the lead on Gene Roddenberry’s ANDROMEDA for five seasons in the early 2000’s) came out in support of President Trump and as a self-described God-fearing conservative has now been unable to get hired as an actor even on small projects and he has been banned from several TV Talk shows for his views. Many in Hollywood, even IF they are conservative or more so Trump supporters have learned to keep their mouths shut and play along with the INTOLERANT Leftist Commies!

  37. So true! I’m going to turn my loyalties over to Universal Studios, as all true Americans should, until the disney people come to their senses!

  38. This appears to be true in movies and tv. Hollywood and its minions think they are doing the right thing with all this political correctness. All its doing is creating a bunch of whiny posers!

  39. I’m lost. I only watch old game show channels and the hallmark movies and mysteries; and occasionally some movies and sports. I don’t listen to garbage mainstream channels for news or even weather(all overpaid and usually incorrect)! Don’t know what the comment was that RoseAnne made. Not sure how anything about Planet of the apes could be demeaning. I thought the apes spoke correctly and very intelligently. All the remakes made over the past decade or so should be considered insulting to the movie industry. Nothing but sex, drugs and bad referencing. Garbage ala king!!!

  40. Boycott Disney. Don’t go to the movies, don’t buy the DVD’s or Disney merchandise.
    Screw Disney. They’re nothing but a huge pedophile ring.

  41. People in the Industry said WALT was a Pedophile and if you look at his original Cartoons they are all Sexual in Nature! He wasn’t the Nice Guy people thought he was. So the reason Disney is so Dark is Because of WALT!!!

  42. What a disgrace! Disneyland (Walt Disney’s 1st park) used to be the most wonderful place….we went many times when I was a kid. To BAD that it has been taken over by fanatical liberals…they have destroyed the place! Our beloved Walt, long time Republican, is turning over in his grave !

  43. Iger is just another tragic shallow liberal fool. The sad thing is that he has no idea of how petty and vindictive he has proven himself to be.

  44. From what I know of Walt Disney, he would roll over in his grave if he saw what they have done to his company and his name. He was criticized for the movie “Song of the South”, but the bulk of his productions was uplifting and suitable for any child to watch. Actually, I think Bob Iger would like the portrayal of a black man as seen in “Song of the South”. It would fit right in with the KKK, separate but equal, Jim Crow Democrat party.

  45. Every time something is said about a good person. Here comes an idiot that says he or she has heard something bad about the person. Whenn they have no facts to back up their story. As far as I’m concerned, you’re nothing but an empty mouth full of lies. She on you.

  46. It’s ok for the Demrats/Liberals to say or call Trump and his supporters evil names and nothing happens to them. This Disney CEO is nothing but Liberal puppet, his days are numbered. KARMA is funny word.

  47. Bob Iger is political garbage. He is one of the reasons I hate Disney. For other reasons read Carl Hiaasen NON-FICTION: “Team Rodent: How Disney Devours the World.”

  48. She would not have been reprimanded at all if she had criticized somebody in the Trump Administration rather than the Obama Administration or the Clinton Administration.

  49. I’ve never been a fan of Roseann, but to me, she should sue Disney for not allowing freedom of speech. Or, if she was truly taking a drug, that should give her the clearance to say anything. It works for other celebrities that commit the serious crime of freedom of speech. Or, she should accept a error in judgement and move on.

  50. Rosanne Barr was right about Valerie Jarrett. Iger: You liberal idiot. We, (my family), haven’t done Disney anything in 30+ years.

  51. agreed!!Disney has been pushing the gay/anti traditional agenda for years. Why does he hate Trump. Bet he can’t tell me

  52. And Opraha is really warped to support this maniac for President. But she is a warped racist against whites anyway

  53. Roseanne has always been a pig, this couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person. TRASH will always be TRASH no matter how much money it has, LMAO!

  54. How True, max, TRASH Will Always Be TRASH AS TWO trump TRASH, CONSTANTLY PROVE Every Single Day! As Mammy Truthfully Told Scarlett In The “GONE WITH THE WIND” Novel, “NO

  55. Bob Iger is just a liberal pos. He alone is responsible for ruining Walt Disney dream of making families and their children enjoy their lives. Total loser. Fire him!

  56. I was very surprised at the time when Roseanne was fired. I thought of all the insulting and terrible things that have been said about President Trump, and no one was fired. Here Roseanne is successful and renewed a hit TV show that was so smart and entertaining. Just as a businessman, he’s an idiot. As a human being, he’s worthless. It’s sad that Disney Corporation has this loser as its CEO.

  57. Walt Disney is rolling over in his grave. If the left comes into power, no one can afford to go the Disney Parks anymore. Thanks to President Trump people have money in their pockets to waste at Disney. For the life of me, I can’t understand why all these “smart” people want a DemonRat economy. God bless President Trump!

  58. Disney should not be called Disney anymore. It should be called anti-Disney. Their shows are not fit for children. This guy running things is the same one mentioned in the song, “You Are So Concieted, I Bet You Think This Song Is About You, Don’t You.” by Carly Simon. He sure is a conceited SOB.

  59. Iger would have Walt hanging his head in shame. He’s just another arrogant, narcissistic butthole who hides behind walls and guns of others to bad mouth people and never has the guts to do it face to face.

  60. Absolutely agree. I haven’t supported Disney since 1995, our last trip to Disney World. We will never go there again. I won’t purchase anything Disney nor waste my time even watching anything to put on TV or in the movies. They can take their miserable attempts to use children and stuff it where the sun doesn’t shine.. permanently.

  61. Who knew jarrett is black, I didn’t know. Roseann apparently didn’t know, and she apologized after she discovered this.
    I stopped supporting disney over the homosexual holiday that they celebrate at disney.
    Roseann hasn’t done anything wrong,
    and I hope the disney ceo comes to grips with god, and repents.

  62. Disney is going to destroy themselves one family at a time. It doesn’t matter if a family is supportive of President Trump or if they are Democrat, the fact that Bob Iger discriminated against a talented actress because of his own political agenda sets a bad standard for the film industry. Most parents try to teach our children to accept everyone regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation, or political difference, so Disney is going against family teaching of acceptance. It might take awhile to catch up with Disney but, I promise you, your discriminating against an entire group of people, Trump supporters, people who we are neighbors with, attend Church with, attend neighborhood parties with and we don’t talk about Politics. So, Disney, Bob Iger, you’re setting a terrible example for families and children. I’m going to explain to my 5 children your position regarding hatred towards at least half the Country and we won’t be going to see any more movies put out by Disney, watching any of your television shows, or spending any further money on Disney products to support your hateful rhetoric. I’m not even a Republican and I find your behavior insulting.

  63. What just happen on the island in NYC. Do you think it was only one year that this Epstien guy was helping himself to children. Little minds think little……….

  64. Certainly, schultzz. No Bigger Mistake Was Ever Done Than Voting Into The White House A Worthless WORM, a Mental MORON & His Current Brainless BIMBO! However, Even The Most Horrible Mistakes Can Be Corrected In Time, Come The Presidential 2020 Election! Let’s Vote For A Person, Not Another PIG!

  65. Who cares what color the pig is shes still a terrorist helping a terrorist destroy our country even after the fraud is out of the wh


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