Disney tried to pander to the woke mob and it blew up in their face


Disney has done everything in its power to suck up to the Left.

From gay pride parades to injecting transgender characters in children’s shows, Disney is the ultimate “woke” company.

But Disney’s latest attempt to pander to the woke crowd just backfired in the best way possible.

The Disney that we knew and loved from our childhood is long gone.

Now the children’s entertainment chain is nothing more than a breeding ground for the Left’s radical agenda.

Who can forget the breaking news just a couple months ago that Disney was forcing its employees to do supposed “anti-racist” training.

In the training, Disney encouraged their white employees to fill out a white privilege checklist and insisted to them that the United States was founded on racism.

But spewing the woke nonsense internally to employees isn’t enough.

Disney is now changing their classics to fit the woke narrative.

The popular show “Doogie Howser, M.D.” is getting a reboot by Disney.

But this time the main character is a female of color rather than a white boy to meet the agenda of the Left for more “inclusive” characters and storylines.

The new show is called Doogie Kamealoha MD and follows the life of a female teenaged doctor in Hawaii.

You would think the Left would be overjoyed but this reboot.

But there was one major problem.

The main character, Peyton Elizabeth Lee, is Chinese and not Hawaiian or even Pacific Islander.

And boy did this set off the woke mob.

One deranged Leftist tweeted out, “[D]isney couldn’t get an actual Native Hawaiian to play Doogie Kameāloha ? Huh??? This is why ‘AAPI’ [Asian American and Pacific Islander] is a harmful label and perpetuates the idea that asian & PIs are interchangeable.”

Another wrote, “hm I think I’m gonna rant about Disney casting a non-indigenous actor as an indigenous character because I have the time tonight Grinning face with smiling eyesGrinning face with smiling eyes I’m very peeved!!”

And the critics just kept coming at Disney.

The sad thing is no one can feel sorry for Disney for catching so much crap from the woke mob.

You will never pacify the woke mob, and when you try to they just demand more and more.

What do you think?