Disney tried to go “woke” with one move and it still didn’t please the outrage mob


The rise of wokeness continues to poison American culture.

Entertainment has been infused with progressive political messages that damage the art.

Disney tried to go “woke” with one move and it still didn’t please the outrage mob.

The Left is never satisfied.

There is no concession or apology that will quench their ire and fanaticism.

Disney learned that lesson the hard way when it included a gay character in the upcoming family adventure film Jungle Cruise.

The attempt at inclusion only rankled LGBT activists.

The Independent reports:

“Jungle Cruise has been criticised after details emerged of a ‘blink-and-you’ll-miss-it’ reference to the sexuality of a character played by Jack Whitehall . . . Despite early buzz boasting that Whitehall’s character in the film is gay, new details of his ‘coming out’ scene have led to a backlash. [T]he character does not explicitly confirm that he is gay, and only suggests that he broke off a number of engagements as his ‘interests happily lay ‘elsewhere’. The character then thanks his sister for supporting him after he was shunned by the rest of their family because of his ‘interests’, and then leads a toast to ‘elsewhere’.”

A slew of leftists let Disney have it on Twitter:

This isn’t the first time that leftist mobs have freaked out over “insufficient” inclusion.

Gay activists roundly criticized lesbian actress Ruby Rose when she scored lead role in the CW series Batwoman.

They complained that she was too conventional and a boring, uninspired selection.

Rose eventually quit the show amid a grueling schedule and endless backlash from the fans.

Scarlett Johansson was hectored into backing out of a film where she would’ve played a female-to-male transgender because she’s not trans in real life.

The project ended up dying altogether without Johansson attached.

People need to realize that most of these activists are zealots.

They’re often not operating in good faith, and they won’t stop until they’ve achieved some nebulous “victory.”