Disney just issued a threat over Georgia’s pro-life law that will make every parent’s jaw drop


Hollywood has been pressuring actors, actresses, producers, and studios to boycott Georgia over their pro-life legislation.

And the last company you’d expect to join the boycott just made it clear where they stand.

Disney just issued a threat to boycott Georgia over their pro-life legislation that will send parents into shock.

So far, Alyssa Milano’s protests and “boycotts” have not done anything to move the needle against the Heartbeat Law.

A handful of celebrities joined the boycott, but no large studios jumped in.

That is, until Walt Disney Studios dropped this bombshell on everyone.

Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, just told the world that Disney may no longer film in Georgia if the Heartbeat Law goes into effect.

Forbes reports:

A slow-moving Hollywood boycott of Georgia could pack a real punch after Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger said the entertainment giant may not film there if a new anti-abortion bill goes into effect as planned on Jan. 1.

The chief executive, who presides over the Disney, Fox, Marvel Pixar and Star Wars franchises to name a few, told Reuters it would be “very difficult” to work in the state, which has made abortion illegal after six weeks.

“I think many people who work for us will not want to work there, and we will have to heed their wishes in that regard. Right now we are watching it very carefully,” said Iger in an interview with the wire service. “I don’t see how it’s practical for us to continue to shoot there” if the law takes effect. Iger was responding to questions on Wednesday ahead of the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland — star attraction: the Millennium Falcon.

No one expected Disney studios to support the Abortion Lobby or join this boycott.

Disney is recognized as a family friendly company that upholds certain morals.

But apparently they are willing to make an exception to appease the media and make a few obnoxious celebrities happy.

Disney’s position on the law in Georgia doesn’t make any sense.

The studio films all across the world, including in countries where abortion is outright banned.

Fortunately, Georgia’s Governor and General Assembly have not budged.

Short of being derailed by some pro-abortion judge, the pro-life law will go into effect on January 1, 2020 despite Hollywood’s temper tantrums.


  1. Who cares if they don’t want to work in Georgia.tell them to find another job,they don’t dictate to Disney anyway,do they actually think they can blackmail you,your the CEO,stand up like a man and don’t cower to the libturds and snowflakes!They live in make believe land to!

      • Why would Georgia care. God will take care of them and Georgia will not dry up and disappear because “Disney” does not make films there, God will bless them for every child who is saved from the attack on infants who will not be aborted. I remember a time when women, most women would not even Consider aborting their child. YES I SAID CHILD. The younger generations to come after roe v wade have been sold a pack of lies about fetuses not being children or even humans those who teach that will stand accountable before God and so will all who push this evil agenda. Turning a blind eye is no excuse in the eyes of our greater.

      • Disappointed in Bob Iger, he has no morals just like the Liberals, I hope they all rot in hell. I will not be spending my money on ANYTHING DISNEY.

        • I agree! No more Disney products, but what do I do with all my tapes, DVDs and clothing? I’m tempted to burn them all, but I hate waste.

    • Georgia should now make it so NO Disney films will be allowed to be shown in any theater the state. That will cost Disney Millions of movie-goer dollars/profits.

      • Totally agree! Every annual pass holder (especially in Florida) should tell the asshats to keep their libturd pro-choice politics out of their public business dealings or enough paying customers will, hopefully, take exception to their actions. With as much money as Disney pulls in, this is a foolhardy business decision if truly driven by some of their coddled, abortion loving employees.

      • Ha ha ha! I agree. Georgia should put a tariff on all Disney/Marvel/Star Wars, etc., products going into Georgia, even by snail-mail and shipping.

    • From what I’ve seen and heard the movie industry is populated with people with the morals of a bunch of alley cats. So who cares what Disney or any other studio says? If they get their way every slut and whore in the country will be getting free abortions.

    • I think it’s time to call a BOYCOTT on Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger. Who needs that nightmare instead of dreams when their into murdering innocent babies. I’m with you and everyone else who knows this is absolutely so very sicking, disgusting and pure heartless.. just BOYCOTT them. I’m from NYS and would love to visit a great and beautiful state such as Georgia, standing up for what’s right for all infants. Thank you.. Georgia for not turning your back on the unborn like all the libstards are doing. God will bless you 10 folds

    • Ah yes. It seems the world of overpaid fictional characters seems to think they should wield the power to influence patrons and state governments. So I guess they would rather film in any state that sanctions the murdering of unborn infants. What are they going to do when the conservative majority of the SCOTUS overturns Roe v. Wade?7 And it’s coming and everyone knows it. Then what? I guess they’ll be spending money out the ass to film in other countries. And good luck with that. A majority of foreign countries already have laws against abortion. Abortion is murder,plain and simple and it needs to stop. It wasn’t meant to be used as a form of birth control so these skanks can go out and recklessly have sex without protection. The states will get the message when Trump cuts any federal aid they get until they do something about this senseless killing of innocent unborn children. And he will. God I love my President!! Oh and if you’re reading this and are shaking your head in disagreement,I’d just like to say,too bad your parents didn’t feel strongly about abortion. You may not be here to shake your head because it would’ve been crushed and then ripped from your mother’s body. Think about it.

    • He’ll just have all the illegals kids that the parents won’t be able to afford that insane place.. period. He’ll be hurting all the workers there as well who isn’t into murdering the unborn… I can see lots of layoffs happening soon.

  2. Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, is the pimp of a stable of princess whores that are no longer welcome in Georgia.
    Life must be rough for those who live where painted trees and flowers grow.
    My family was thinking of going to Disneyland for our vacation this year – perish that thought!
    Our money will go farther somewhere a lot less expensive than Florida tourist traps.

  3. Interesting how few of the decision makers in the film industry are totally unaware of where in the world abortion is outlawed. And they still film there, but then they are willing to boycott the state of Georgia, USA because of legislation limiting abortion???? Makes you wonder how many people really just jump to conclusions without doing any checking on the issue beforehand! Good going CEO Bob Iger, you are just another non-thinking jerk!

  4. So Disney employees get so many abortions and so often that they can’t go to Georgia for a month and work without getting one. Sounds like a great bunch of people you have working for you

  5. I still haven’t forgotten Disney’s firing American Citizen workers and replacing them with foreign workers-and made the American Workers train the Foreigners!

  6. Bob, last time my family and I saw fit to visit Disney world, I dropped right at 4000 hard earned American dollars feeding YOUR mouse. You know Bob, I think it just got a little too difficult for me to justify expenditures of that nature, knowing that ANY of that money will be used to stuff the bulging pockets of YOUR soulless baby killing snowflake primadonas. I long ago dispensed with the cinema tripe that you have given us. Maybe I’ll go all out with a real blowout in Georgia this year. Do me a favor and keep your ilk out of the south.

  7. I think EVERYONE should boycott DISNEY & every other company that want to threaten
    Georgia! Disney has ALOT to worry about, we
    Pay THEIR way! Our family will not watch any
    Or go to anything they put out. Maybe some
    Of those woman should try birth control, then
    They would NOT need to worry about others.
    This is the right of Georgia not Disney’s or ANYONE else..
    Word of mouth could HURT a business in time

  8. I have spent the last cent I will ever spend on anything related to Disney. Why is it so hard for all of these pro abortion freaks to understand that they are are promoting mass murder just like the the mass shootings perpetrated by deranged individuals. The pro abortion folks get their knickers in a twist over that but can’t they see they are the deranged animals that support mass murder of helpless infants. Murder is murder no matter what label you hang on it and everyone who commits or supports murder will stand in judgement. Mr. Iger, you are a murder supporter and a totally gutless disappointment. Keep your eyes peeled for the mega backlash that is headed your way.

    • And here is another thing to think about with these LIBTURDS/DUMBOCRAPS… They are all for abortions and killing babies, but then look who is all for ANIMAL rights. They all make commercials, beg and cry for people to donate to save mistreated or dying animals. Now I am not a sadist, but I think we should worry more about our elderly, homeless and veterans before worrying about animals.

  9. That is one more place I won’t spend my money at or on. Money talks and why would any Parent want to take their children there.

  10. I hope this goes public so families will see that they are not welcome in Disneyworld, which has been supported by people with CHILDREN for years. Yes, I’m sure Walt Disney would be appalled at this outrage.I know that I am. SHAME on you Iger. I hope Disneyworld goes down the tubes and you lose millions of dollars like we have lost and are still losing American babies because of an illegal law against GOD and His people!

  11. Boycott everything Disney – let’s see how they like losing millions
    of dollars! Walt Disney is not resting easy today!
    The progressive liberals have lost all moral responsibity and respect for life and especially unborn babies!! Karma will hopefully not be kind !
    God bless and save America from this insanity.

  12. Well, Bob Iger…I’ve lived my whole life without you or your movies so it’s no big loss to me….could care less about Disney World or anything else you support…I wouldn’t give this man air if he were in a jug!!!!

  13. How on earth will Georgia survive without Hollywood? Probably the way it did before it was invaded and gave production companies all of those enticing tax breaks…

    • Screw Disney and Hollywood.. now I can save lots of money on more important places to visit. Their lost not ours. lol

  14. Disney is something that everyone should have dis involved themselves with a long time ago. All the signs were there, but few wanted to pay attention.

  15. Time for everyone to boycott Hollywood
    They are a bunch of spoiled brats who need to be put in their places
    With out the fans there won’t be anymore paydays and then they’ll change their tunes

    • I stopped a long time ago.. watching their movies and haven’t bought a darn product either. I thank God that most of my family and friends have done the same thing. I’m praying this goes viral so more people with morals will finding wake up and take a stand too… against Abortion.

  16. I guess all who is pro life will have to boycott Disney. No more theme parks, no more clothes etc being purchased. Stand up America and tell these Hollywood liberal creeps they can’t tell America what to believe in especially when it comes to murdering children!
    I have 4 beautiful grandchildren and they love Disney. But, there’s a lot of other things we can do together.

  17. Your are too nice to this back stabbing BASTER. He and his gang can do whatever they want to he is a loser for sure. To bad they didn’t abort him and his buddies in Holy Wood many years ago. You are an idiot you have destroyed Disney. Do you think parents are going to let their kids watch Disney or go to Disney World. What a “DICK HEAD”.

  18. Disney was not elected to represent Georgians. Lawmakers were and speak the will of the people. Can’t your actresses fly to CA and get their abortions? Is this so spur of the moment that they need a clinic right there. And they couldn’t make up their mind until after 6 weeks? Stupid, completely stupid. They simply disagree due to their liberal bend so they threaten, just like a Dem. Get the hell outta GA, they don’t need your sorry arses there!

  19. Every who is pro life should boycott everything Disney, Disneyland, Disney World, any and all Disney productions whether movies or on tv, buy no more Disney clothes etc.

  20. They will pay dearly!!! With all the money they make now they want to kill babies! Lets re name Disneyland to “Baby Killer Park”.. No member of my family will EVER see Disneyland!!!

    • I was thinking the same thing about it being renamed and you have it the nail on the head with that statement.. “BABY KILLER PARK” Good for you and Thank you

  21. First we had to accept a gay princess, now iger is throwing the weight of a so called family company against a state that has the moral stance to outlaw infanticide. What is next? Mercy(?) killing of seniors that cannot continue to support society, or maybe eugenic killing of those who are not “normal”?

  22. Alaska set up a Trust Fund to receive the OIL and Gas Royalties and the Year Round Citizens get an equal share every year.

    Georgia, and other States can SET UP THE SAME PLAN.

    Instead of bending over backwards, the entertainment producers are locked into a 15% Royalty off the GROSS revenue, and PAID ANNUALLY to the YEAR ROUND CITIZENS ONLY!

    The STATE does not “OWN” the scenery or the used infrastructure used in the production.


    A small fee for managing would be charged by the TRUST FUND Managers.

    • mark: I’m guilty of that having forgotten about their “American Citizens: Get Out, but before you go, train the foreign workers that will be doing your former careers”, but in my defense – old man, no kids, no movies, only contact that I know with disney is seeing their cartoon characters on cereal boxes in the grocery store.

    • That’s awesome news, but for my state it’s way to far gone with to many liberals in charge who have destroyed NYS already. I wish Georgia and so many other states the best from getting from under these libtards. All they want to do is suck the oxygen out of law abiding and loving folks in our country, usa usa usa .

    • Please tell us more about it so I can pass it onto my family and friends in other great states that deserve to get by, not being held hostage with these so called liberals. ty

      • CrustyOldGeezer, Please tell us more about it so I can pass it onto my family and friends in other great states that deserve to get by, not being held hostage with these so called liberals. ty

  23. I gave up Disney when they brought in foreign workers to replace long time employees THEN used their severance packages to force the fired employees to train the foreign replacements. Also, their productions are not the same as the ones Walt Disney founded his company on. And, I agree, Walt must be turning in his grave….so..Georgia will struggle without you and protect our babies…SHAME ON YOU AND YOUR PEOPLE WHO ARE TOO LAZY OR FOOLISH TO USE BIRTH CONTROL !!!!

  24. Well now, Mr. Iger, what if all the parents in the country that did not abort/murder their children just decide to never spend another penny on Disney products of any kind. No Disney related toys, no Disney movies, no Disney character clothing, for the 48 or so million (in 2016) age 11 and younger in the country.

  25. Georgia needs to tell Disney and all of Hollywood where to go. They are not the Government in Georgia and Georgia should start charging Disney and Hollywood double just for the threatening

  26. Cannot add any comment on this that hasn’t already been said. Gave up disney a few years ago when they started going south morally. Who cares if disney boycotts the great state 0f Georgia? Georgia doesn’t derive all or even most of their income from you. BOYCOTT ANYTHING PRODUCED BY dISNEY!
    MAGA/KAG †

    • Your right and we can buy other worthy products under a different brand that it’s just as good or even better.

  27. that will be the best thing the satanic disney could do, is quit making movies and putting their satanic symbols all over the place.
    bunch of child molesters along with the original creater himself mr. disney

  28. This, in a way does not surprise me. Is it not Disney that has allowed openly LGBT people to flaunt themselves around within there theme parks offending some families. I believe that he speaks for where he feels can get the most responses positive or negative. Money does speak volumes and he may just change his tune if families that are offended by this behavior boycott and decrease their attendance.

  29. Why would anyone be shocked by this action by Disney? Only those who haven’t been paying attention. This isn’t Walt’s Disney anymore. Walt Disney was ethical.

    • This was my thought. I don’t get the shock and surprise. Disney hasn’t been family friendly for decades, Oh, yeah, they occasionally produce some family friendly products, but even many of their supposedly family friendly movies and tv shows are borderline at best. Not surprised at all.

    • Disney was a Democrat. Family and children everywhere.That is not what that studio is today. I worked in all the major studios for 43 years. A couple of years before he died, the board of directors started bringing in the Republicans who changed many things very quickly.The things your are talking about were and are being done by the Republican party. So if you don’t like what is happening, put the blame where it belongs, How did all of you decide it was the dirty Democrats? It is obvious to me, who was there, you just need something else to make the Demos look bad. Please try to be the adults you tell your selves you are, so your kids can go to Disneyland, and not rob them of the great experience of it all

  30. Who would ever have expected Disney to come out anti kids!!! We’ve known for several years they are pro gay, so, this really shouldn’t have been such a surprise.

  31. I am boycotting Disney land and all their products. No one gives a crap about what the CEO thinks and never will. Get a life Bob and stick to what you know best playing up to the mentally ill.

  32. I bet Walt Disney is turning over in his grave. He loved children and created Disneyland so families can have fun together. Why in the world is the new Disney CEO fine with killing off his primary fan base. So if a child has a heart beat instead of giving the baby to a couple who cannot have a baby of their own they would rather the baby be cut to pieces, pulled away from their mother and just put in the trash??? Disney CEO wants all their future park attendees killed so children will not be alive to ever see what Walt Disney created for them because the present CEO thinks killing children is now OK with them. They need new upper level officers that love Children again.

    • That’s what I said to about parents who can’t have their own children. I knew families when I was growing up who had adopted babies and children for that reason.

    • Actually they were selling baby parts making their money off from them as well.. Shameful and Disgusting indeed.

    • I think in due time Cair the Muslim Brotherhood has other plans for Bob Iger.. like getting rid of him. What makes him think they’ll like his white skin, they have no use for Americans. In the end it will not end very well for him either.

  33. iger and his prostitutes can go pound sand as far as i am concerned.none of them are worth ONE INOCENT LIFE. SO MR SMART ASS HOW ARE YOU GOING TO PAY THESE PROSTITUTES WITH NO DISNEY LAND IN HOLLYWIERD? NO DISNEY CRUSE LINES, NO PIXARS, your worthless left-over prostitutes are going to be OUT OF WORK…

  34. Just another business I will boycott; haven’t liked most of their movies for a long time. Too political and too PC. BTW, this forced Politically Correctness has started down the slippery slope of fascism.

  35. So the company known for kids films wants to kill that same market group – I would have to believe that is a sign of serious brain damage – mental illness on display here

  36. He said, “’I think many people who work for us will not want to work there, and we will have to heed their wishes in that regard. Right now we are watching it very carefully,’ said Iger in an interview with the wire service. ‘I don’t see how it’s practical for us to continue to shoot there’ if the law takes effect. Iger was responding to questions on Wednesday ahead of the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland — star attraction: the Millennium Falcon.” That is not a strong endorsement of the boycott, it’s a practical business statement that they fear that they won’t be able to get anybody to work for them on a project being made in Georgia. You can’t tell from that statement where the Disney Corporation or Mr. Iger himself stand. Read critically, not with your passions.

    • REALIST: “A PRACTICAL BUSINESS STATEMENT”? Have you never gone to an off-Broadway show? I have, and the vast, seemingly unending supply of talent astounds me every time! I would bet a lot of these superbly talented “non-stars” wouldn’t mind working in Georgia!

      • I’ve gone to many of them and believe me they are super great seeing. You don’t no what your missing until you experience a Broadway show. Here’s hoping everyone gets the chance too.

  37. I have always loved anything Disney . I do not know where Walt Disney himself would have stood on this issue . Unfortunately Disney is under liberal control . Disney is supposed to be a family place with morals . As much as I do not like it , I think a boycott of everything Disney is in order . There is a saying . The only victory evil has is when good men do nothing . I do not want to be one of those men that do nothing !

    • I bet you’ll have enough country singers backing Georgia and if they shouldn’t I feel sorry for them too.

  38. Since when did clowns like Disney and Follywood become politically relevant??? We got along before you came into existence and we can get along without you now as the saying goes. As a matter of fact, you can go bankrupt, children.

  39. These company’s as this need to stick to what they were made for and keep their nose out of other thing’s. The old pocket book cpud take a beating

  40. Hey, oit’s the Free Market at work.

    Wassa matta; I tought youse guys LIKED the Free Market.

    Guess youse was just funnin’ us’ns.

  41. My family has supported Disney for 20+ years via Vacation Club Membership and children’s weddings. I like the idea to ban all Disney movies in Georgia if Disney won’t film there. It would be a hardship to leave Disney but I’m seriously considering it since we are not happy with Mr. Iger’s moral direction. Remember the H1B visa fiasco. Now Disney is involved in the political abortion issue. Disney please don’t isolate 50% of your customers. Remain neutral!

  42. I have never been to any of the Disney Parks. And now I guess I never will. Walt Disney built his Parks for
    Families. The CEO must be out of his mind. Do not ban just the Disney movies ban the parks also. If The CEO thinks it is ok to kill future customers so be it. hope he can survive his decision. As for the Hollywood crowd if they do not want to work in Georgia so be it. I am sure there are more actors who would be more the happy to work in Georgia. NO MORE DISNEY.

    • If anyone was to considered paying Disney’s crazy prices.. Instead, I took my kids to more exciting and adventurous places like Italy and Alaska among other great places to enjoy much more. We had a blast which they’ll never forget in their life time. I realize it would cost a little more but there’s certain times during the year it’s more affordable in the long run.

  43. That wouldn’t only be a blessing if Disney stopped filming in Georgia. I’m sure it would be the best day in history for all the people in Georgia who have morals.. delightfully celebrating the occasion with glee. Best wishes from NYS

  44. “…Disney may no longer film in Georgia if the Heartbeat Law goes into effect.”
    And we, the moral folks not only “may not”, but absolutely WILL NOT support disney any longer.

  45. Bring your families to Arkansas for vacation. We have beautiful rivers to float, swim, or fish. We have a diamond mine where you can look for diamonds and keep the ones you find. There’s everything from mountains to delta. I grew up in MO thinking that rice was only grown in China. It’s not, it’s grown in NE AR with the largest rice mill in the world here. If you like browsing in antique stores or flea markets, we have plenty. If you are a fan of Clinton, his library is in Little Rock. You could probably tour the entire state and spend less that you would at Disney Land. And, you would have more fun.

  46. Everyone who read this article should send the link to it to Bob Iger, and suggest that he pay special attention to the comments below. I have included his contact info below so you won’t have to look it up.

    Mr Robert A. Iger CEO
    Email robert.a.iger@disney.com
    Telephone 818-560-1000


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