Disney game show winner made all hell break loose after this woke media company kicked a hornets nest


Progressive politics has seeped into all areas of American culture.

News and entertainment media have been particularly overrun.

But this Disney game show winner made all hell break loose after one woke media company kicked a hornets nest.

The classic game show Jeopardy! which airs on Disney-owned ABC channels has become bizarrely political in recent years.

The latest example came when NBC News tried to capitalize on their woke corporate-controlled media competitors’ recent Jeopardy! Champion Mattea Roach.

NBC News identified 14-day champion in a tweet as a “23-year-old lesbian tutor” and further as a “Canadian contestant” instead of using her name.

It didn’t take long for people to pick up on the awkward characterization.

Reuters contributor Chris Taylor tweeted, “Is her sexual orientation really relevant here?”

Others also raised eyebrows at the description of Roach.

One user tweeted, “The 23 year-old tutor from Toronto HS won a total of etc… Don’t know what her sexual orientation has to do with anything. Or will you be describing the next big winner the same sort of way? ‘45-year-old straight man wins… 38-year-old single straight childless woman wins.’”

Itemizing by identity group has become customary amongst the Left.

A Canadian commenter tweeted, “And somehow, in all the coverage of Mattea here in Canada, not once has her sexuality been mentioned… because it doesn’t have anything to do with her success on Jeopardy.”

The Left’s pursuit of “diversity” and “inclusivity” has turned organizations into identity politics bean counters.

It’s a corrosive way of viewing the world, but it’s foundational among leftists.

Another Twitter user added, “I’m a tutor and have been one for 20 years. Not once has anyone described me as a heterosexual tutor. If you need an adjective to balance your sentence, here’s an idea: ‘23-year-old LSAT tutor from Toronto’… For most of us, straight or gay, sex remains a private area of life.”

Sexual privacy is the old paradigm; the new paradigm is “pride.”

In addition to the fuss over Roach, recent champion Amy Schneider, the first transgender competitor on the show, won 40 games in a row, which immediately became politicized.

Since then, Schneider has overtly pushed progressive politics, even appearing at the White House to rail against Republican legislatures passing bills stopping radical teachers from indoctrinating kids into radical gender ideology.

Prior to the hubbub over Roach and Schneider, Jeopardy! dealt with turmoil over the show’s host.

Legendary host Alex Trebek lost his years-long battle with cancer, which left an irreplaceable hole on the show.

The program shuffled guest hosts and finally announced show producer Mike Richards as the permanent replacement, but he was quickly “canceled” as the host and fired as producer after leftists were furious over another straight white male getting the post.

Suddenly, Richards became the subject of several hit pieces, and he was gone.

Currently, Jeopardy! is using two hosts, longest-running champion Ken Jennings, and actress Mayim Bialik, who hosts special editions of the game show.

Even though Jennings is a straight white male, he is sufficiently “woke.”

He has routinely tweeted nasty things about Republicans, including wishing for the death of some people on the Right.

For NBC News’ part, the controversy may have been a less-than-carefully-calculated swipe at ABC and their parent company Disney, which own the syndication rights for Jeopardy!

Disney clearly kicked a hornets’ nest by opposing governor Ron DeSantis’ bill that simply prohibits in-class discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity in grades K-3.

It seems with the “lesbian tutor” tweet, NBC News may have been trying to score woke points with leftist viewers while simultaneously reinforcing Jeopardy’s! weird obsession with gender and sexual orientation and Disney/ABC’s support for pushing it in schools.

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