Disgraced anti-Trump ESPN reporter joked about killing Trump – her tweet on Socialism sums it all up


Jemele Hill, the fired SportsCenter anchor, made an assassination “joke” during Trump’s State of the Union in a now-deleted tweet.

But it appears Hill hasn’t learned her lesson.

And her recent tweet on socialism will make your jaw hit the floor.

In a newly released poll by the Wall Street Journal/NBC News, 11 different presidential characteristics were polled.

Among the least popular? A socialist.

In fact, just 18% polled had favorable views of the failed philosophy.

That little fact left a bitter taste in Jemele Hill’s mouth. And she let them know in this single tweet:

Jemele Hill apparently doesn’t realize that Americans understand exactly what socialism is.

Hollywood and the Mainstream Media have all tried to shove its merits down Americans’ throats for decades.

We’ve seen its failure in Cuba, North Korea, the USSR, Cambodia, and now Venezuela.

This series of tweets won’t get her in trouble like her former tweets, given that her current employers are a band of Never-Trumpers.

But it’s an insight on how people who view socialism favorably view Trump and the rest of America.

When Hill sent the tweet about Trump’s assassination, she claimed her tweet was just a joke.

But it revealed the true depth of her hatred for our President.

The Washington Examiner reports:

The Secret Service has been informed of a tweet about President Trump by former ESPN personality Jemele Hill that referenced Malcolm X’s assassination.

“While the Secret Service is aware of the subject’s comments, we cannot confirm or comment on the absence or existence of specific investigations. We can say, however, the Secret Service investigates all threats related to our protectees,” the agency told the Washington Examiner via email.”

Why is it usually the self-described socialists who tend to be the most violent?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is perhaps the most outspoken socialist next to Bernie Sanders.

These socialists often claim that failed socialist states like Venezuela and Cuba are not “real examples of socialism.”

They refuse to let facts get in the way of their feelings.

Perhaps people like Jemele Hill, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Bernie Sanders should ask the people of Venezuela what they think about socialism.

How do you think they’d respond? Let us know in the comments!


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  2. Why can’t we just let these idiots fade away. You’re giving them credit by printing anything they do.

  3. It’s just a joke when killing a president named Trump? It was only a few years when gopher face Obama was in and if anyone joked about killing his worthless ass there would be a flood of tweets calling that person a racist, then the black helicopters would be circling over the person’s home and a federal swat team would be breaking the front door down with orders to shoot first and don’t bother asking any questions.

  4. Why is this person not behind bars, I want her arrested threatening the standing president’s life is not freedom of speech, you can’t yell fire in a theater, put her in jail ,she is a threat to the United States of America

  5. I have a better idea: Sanders, Jemele, OCCO, and the rest of that gang should just move to Venezuela or Cuba or NK and run for office there. The rub is very few people in those nations would even vote for them

  6. Just another terminally ignorant black, liberal woman. Are there any other kind? Blacks make up 12.7% of the general population and 79% of the incarcerated (jail/prison) population. (HHS statistics). Evolution has passed them by.

  7. Why even comment and give them an audience? Let them all fade away…to Venezuela or Cuba or the middle of the ocean. Who even care? The more ink and exposure we give these idiots, the more they are apt to keep up their nonsense. Let’s just let them fade away and find their own demise. The press, etc. give them too much coverage. As conservative Republicans, etc. we could care less what these idiots are up to…our job is the pray them away!!!! President Trump is doing exactly what God expects him to do…he was appointed by God to implement His plan…what part of this do people understand. GOD IS IN CONTROL!!!!

  8. She doesn’t look like a murderer, suicide would be more like it. Why are we putting up with these crazy liberal democrats?

  9. If ANY American would make a JOKE about killing schummer or pelosi, then the FBI would be at your door step hauling you right OFF to PRISON even with out a trial!!!

  10. dennis ruffin= the sooner your genes are eliminated from our gene pool the sooner the IQ of this nation will rise.

  11. This is no joking matter. If anything happens to Mr. Trump, she is guilty. She planted a seed and will be liable. God bless AMERICA and PRESIDENT TRUMP.

  12. No more Mr. Nice Guy 1) Pick them up at 3Am put the whole lot of them on a COD land it on a carrier then steam until it’s 50 miles out of Venezuela then put them on a Black Hawk & drop them off in some little town 150 miles from the capital. Make them see what oppressed people live like in a Commie country they will know almost right off the bat because most people need to hit the head as soon as they are on the ground 1 no running water 2 no T~P. 150 miles is not to bad it will take them about 3 weeks to walk to the capital & in route they will bounce unto a lot of very pissed off people who will LEARN them real good what the last almost 30 years has been like for them & in addition they will have to scrounge up fresh water & food (I hope they know that all of South America has Vile Snakes, deadly fruit on many trees so sweet smelling but will kill you fast. Do not sleep on the ground because leaches come out at night when the ground is wet & one will wake up with 200 or 300 bloodsuckers all over them, they should keep them & boil them in the water they can eat them after about 40 min. Avoid the Poison Dart frogs some burn a bit others will kill you. One can’t miss them because they are very bright in colors the problem is most are no bigger than half of your thumb.) They will see power lines all over but no power, the same is true for gas & water lines too. They might give you $5,000.oo in Venezuela money for $10.oo US then they will have T~P. They might be able to but a chicken for $500.oo us but it will be alive & they will have to field dress it & cook it over an open fire. I can see it already There dainty life here In the Red White & Blue will be well missed, I can only hope they have learned a very much needed lesson. Communism is not FREEDOM! Russia, North Korea, Viet~Nam, Cuba, Cambodia, & Venezuela have all gone bankrupt because it is what happens when people are not allowed not just freedom but also free commerce. After all, when the State controls everything there is nothing to tax anymore . . .

  13. So she threaten the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES and NOTHING happen to her ? Butt if someone said that about obummer they would have had a call from the secret service ! ! ! !

  14. It’s what you get when 48.75% of America is on WELFARE, they grow up thinking the government will always support them from birth to college to a government job, B.T.W. you do know that if they get a job say at McD’s or others they really have to screw up real bad to get canned, the same is true for mentally handicapped too. In addition, they can make up to $25,500.oo a year NET before they are reduced in the WelFARE $1.oo for every $2.oo over that also they are not reduced below $500.oo per month in WELFARE . . . It burns the other 46.25% to pay for it, the 5% top have shister lawyers & CPA’s to do the lowest pay of taxes that they can. So the rest of us support our families but to some Junky WELFARE mother & her Father unknown Children. You can thank L.B.J. for that because he had Welfare remove the father by false charges of Domestic violence & Restraining Court orders. We know that 87.35% of the men charged DID not do so because the polygraphs test did not spike. Then every JACK ASS PARTY member in the Oval Office & 1 R.I.N.O. (Ford) re~tweeked them even more so . . .

  15. Actually, it will be the Secret Service, US Marshals, & I.R.S. with a full Swat team of same most likely at 3Am too like all Commies do . . .

  16. “More Cowbell”!!! Please, give this crowd more air time to spew their hatred and ignorance. Special emphasis should be placed with the likes of the Hills’, Jemele/Lamont, Capehart, Dyson. Joyless Joy, Lemon and a host of others from the aggrieved, perpetually angry crowd of AA. Favorite has to be the nebbish twirp, Spikey Lee.

  17. Hopefully her anger, hatred and bitterness will eat her from the inside out. These people are vile boors who are self-delusional to believe that they are special and have the right to spew whatever poison they choose. May they receive the karma they deserve!

  18. I have to agree with you. Well said.
    I can ignore them. What troubles me is that there are bunches of folks actually listening to them.
    And they vote.


  20. Thing is they WILL get the karma they deserve. What you send around always comes back around one way or another.

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  22. If anyone has the low IQ, it’s YOU boy, you have NO right to call this YOUR COUNTRY, with that stinking attitude.

  23. To turn this kind of SHIZA off you have to go to the Ivy Colleges & the State colleges & totally remove the COMMIE SHIZA HEADS that call themselves freethinkers, as well as all the books they have done, I Do Not think of them as great books like M.Twain or Shakespeare or others. How they got there was from reading Marx, Mao, Chie, Lenin, Kim #1, Kim #2, (Thank God Kim #3 has not done a book yet) Castro, Pal~Put, Stalin, Engels, & A. Hitler just to name a few . . . How they ended up thinking they are Free Thinkers when they follow the blueprints of failure of all I stated & others is beyond what I call Free Thinking. I too have read them too to somehow see the in’s & out’s of why since 1915 598,585,000 people were murdered in the commie & Nazi countries. I can only guess that the SNOWFLAKES are not told that all of the names I’ve listed no one told them that cost of lives. Then to as far as the father & dam near god C. Marx (note not spelled with a Capital) was a slimeball who Beat his wife with a rod ( she miscarried 3 of the babies that she would have had & killed 2 of his children by beating them too . . . when you think of it one can call it an ABORTION & Post ABORTION too ) Then he went to England with his Gay lover Engels & mooched off of Engels family & lived in the apartment of one of the textile mills they had for some 35 years untilled he died. ( I Say that in that action one can relate it to welfare & the average of 28 years that we have people on now. Then to the god’s lifestyle, it can be seen too as the forced acceptance of G – L – Bi – Trans because the god did the same . . . )

    Did you read that SNOWFLAKE did this TRUTH piss you off?
    Tuff learn the truth before you demand to live the lie & force ” We The People ” Of This Constitutional Free Republic live as slaves ! ! !

    E ~ 4 means that in my 6 Years & out I made Sergent before I was 19Yr of age. It was at a time in a war your god L.B.J. just had to lie about to in fact kill off the last of the men who went to real SCHOOL for 12 years who learned truths of AMERICAN history & know the first slimeball in the white house of the Jack Ass Party A.J. who busted all the treaties we had with American Indians. His actions & policy destroyed the American Indians to where they at best are only 3.75% of AMERICA to day. Others B~S from him also sparked off the vile of slavery it was bad before but now it was deadly. All this was almost 40 years before the real start of the Republican Party. Your next fool was W.W. who thought Marx was a smart man & AMERICA so needed to be everything Marx stated . . . I bet you don’t even know that the first AMERICAN man killed by the British in the Revolution was a Black Man . . . Go dig that fact up . . .

    Your new education must be paid for so send me a money order for $1,500.oo to . . . . . . . . .

  24. NO she is just a pimple the night before the Prom . . . HRC, MO, BHO, uncle B, MaxiePad, PokeUHighAss W, AOC& 4 muslem women in the Sin – I – Cans & Con – U – In – To – Griefs . . . They are


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