“Dirty Jobs'” Mike Rowe just gave one Good Samaritan the surprise of his life


Mike Rowe is beloved by blue collar Americans.

His show Dirty Jobs was a massive success and he’s since launched other new projects.

And you won’t believe the blessing he just gave to one Good Samaritan.

Mike Rowe recently launched a Facebook series called “Returning the Favor.”

The series follows Rowe as he travels across America to find people who are giving back to their communities.

On the latest episode, he surprised Good Samaritan Billy Mayhall with a $10,000 check and $30,000 worth of sports equipment to support his non-profit, STL Youth Sports Outreach.

STL Youth Sports Outreach is a non-profit whose goal is to ensure no child in the St. Louis area will be unable to participate in youth sports due to a lack of equipment.

KMOX reports:

STL Youth Sports Outreach is a not for profit, community based organization located in Overland, Mo., try to make sure no child in the St. Louis-area will be unable to participate in youth sports due to a lack of equipment.

Owner Billy Mayhall says some families are literally being priced out of their kids sports due to increasing team fees and rising prices for baseball gloves, soccer balls, footballs and golf clubs. So he and his volunteers spend two days per week giving out used equipment to kids and families who can’t afford it.

Now TV host Mike Rowe and his Facebook show “Returning the Favor” have helped make Mayhall’s job a little easier. The show’s goal is pretty simple. They find good people, doing good things and give them some help.

Rowe surprised Mayhall at his store in St. Louis and asked him to attend a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game. But that wasn’t the surprise.

Not only were Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright and Blues forward Vladimir Tarasenko at the game to give Mayhall a check for $10,000, but awaiting outside Busch Stadium was a truck with $30,000 worth of athletic equipment ready to be used by young athletes in the St. Louis area.

Sports teach children valuable lessons of teamwork, sportsmanship and more.

After this episode was released, Mayhall’s company made an additional $1,500 donation to his non-profit.

It’s actions like these that are often lost in today’s culture.

But they remind us all of what’s most important in life.

You can watch the latest episode of Mike Rowe’s “Returning the Favor” below:


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