Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe is exposing higher education in a way the Left does NOT want you to hear


Mike Rowe, the host of Dirty Jobs, has surged in popularity among Trump supporters for his longtime advocacy of hard work, saving, and making an honest living.

He’s one of the few celebrities in Hollywood who remains in touch with everyday Americans and isn’t a radical social justice warrior.

But the Left may try to end his career now that Mike Rowe is exposing the dirty truth about higher education.

Rowe gained notoriety when he began hosting the show, Dirty Jobs.

The show follows Mike as he does jobs that often do not require a college degree or aren’t looked on favorably by many young people and require hard work.

The purpose is to highlight different careers that don’t require attending a four year university, and encourages viewers to find a different path so they don’t have to go broke earning a degree.

This has earned him a great amount of respect and a massive fanbase.

But his most recent statements made while being interviewed by Dave Rubin may lose him fans among the radical Left.

Rowe launched a full assault against the absurd cost of a college education, saying, “Two weeks ago, I watched on YouTube a lecture from MIT for free, the same lecture that would have cost X thousands of dollars, right? So, I think when the dust settles, higher education is going to be revealed for the luxury brand that it truly is . . . a breathtakingly overpriced product.”

Rowe is correct to attack the high costs of a college education.

A four year degree has dramatically increased in cost while somehow managing to lose a tremendous amount of value in the job market.

More employers are considering applicants without college degrees since they have become so expensive.

It’s no secret that college campuses have been completely taken over by socialist professors and the real “education” students are receiving leaves a lot to be desired from graduates.

What do you think?

Should students consider Mike Rowe’s message and look for alternative careers that don’t require going into thousands of dollars of debt?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. Every special ed student and their parents think they should go to college.
    However we are paying for them.
    What happened to Boces programs where people were trained for entry into the work force.
    We need auto mechanics, HVAC, Hairdressers etc.
    Everybody thinks they should go to college and they are not college material.
    In addition it takes away from the responsibly earned college degrees.

  3. It’s even worse than the article suggests.
    Not only is higher education overpriced, but what you are actually paying for is indoctrination into leftist ideology at the ivy league schools.
    In essence, college students are paying to attend social ist reeducation camps.

  4. Mike Rowe has spoken the truth. Cost of education in going to college is outrageous!! We need more Trade Schools!! There is nothing wrong with good hard working American workers!! Too damm many sits on the butts which I guess is where their brains live. Some people learn much more on hands on learning than book learning. All in favor of TRADE SCHOOLS!! THANK YOU MIKE.

  5. machine shop in high school,became a plumber.was able to retire at 52 from reguler day job, still do small jobs for family n friends. all because i can/could work with my hands an not afried to do a “DIRTY JOB”

  6. any good precision welder can bring in as much as a “degreed” professional student. without all of the communist indoctrination in the so called higher education mills.

  7. I received my college education in 1975. Even then it was over $40K, it took 6 years to pay for it. I was working as a tractor mechanic making $200/wk in the summer. When I graduated my first job as an engineer only paid $210/week!! I found a job as an engineer with a state gov’t agency. However, I was at a disadvantage as I had attended the wrong university according to the establishment. The problem with education starts in the high schools. High school “shop”classes are now in the vo-tech schools. This requires a student to spend an entier afternoon in those classes. There is also a stigma attached to the vo-tech. Many life skills were taught in the high schools that are no longer available. Classes such as Home Economics, Driver education, woodworeking and automobile repair and maintenance. Bring these classes back to the high schools and then students can determine where their interests lie instead of committing to a degree that may not be the best fit for them.

  8. I totally agree with Bearden high school needs to be geared towards getting a job once one graduates.
    Shop was a great class. I took that in high school . Home Ec, business math; basic functional skills.
    Everyone thinks they should go to college but it’s not for everyone. Teach life skills and start working.
    LPN was a good thing.
    These schools for after high school graduation are very pricey.
    They should be offered as part of a high school education.
    As far as paying for people to go to college is offensive.

  9. My high school offered metalworking, woodworking, auto shop, home economics, and driver education. My classmates learned how to build whatever they might need tin order to survive. They could drive an automobile safely before they received their license, and they could feed their family if the rest aurants were closed. We also could balance a checkbook and write a letter to our elected representatives, and kne where to find them. I must apologize for my mispellings in my earlier post as my Arthritis is acting up this morning.

  10. So much of what he says is so true. It’s a high price to pay the huge cost for colleges and then not able to use that degree that a person believed was their passion. That same college education will take multiple years to pay off. There isn’t anything wrong with having a job in the category of “the Trades”. Besides those type of jobs there are so many jobs out there the young people don’t want and that could be because the parents keep telling their children “go to college” or you’ll be wasting their life. Why does a job that requires no college and plenty of hard work is not essential? Whatever job a person has they should work at it as a worthy job and do it with energy. This is one reason so many of our labor style jobs have left our country. Americans believe certain jobs are beneath them and they are done far, far away. We need to do better and encourage others to try working with their hands and be successful in life.

  11. I wholeheartedly agree with Mike Rowe’s philosophy. It doesn’t make sense to me for a young adult to go broke for the rest of their lives to sit in a lecture hall to listen to a “professor” expound on the evils of Capitalism.

  12. I worked in a skilled trade after a 5 year apprentice program. Cost me “0”. Became certified welder and made more than college grads. They had big bills for education. Loved what I did. Everyday was a different job and never got bored because everyday was a different challenge . Saw different people and different places.
    I would do it all again if I was young! Retired now at 78. I could never be happy in an office with the same people everyday!

  13. I completely agree that today’s college “educations” are, for the most part, hugely overpriced. In addition, the value of such an education is diluted and devalued by the lack of basic “core” subjects and the inclusion, often mandated, of social awareness courses encompassing the “diversity and inclusiveness” notions of pseudo-intellectuals. For example, it is incredible that our heretofore revered and leading institutions of higher learning and their professors advocate–nay, demand–acceptance, public approval, and graphic display of the LGBTQ lifestyle. This example is only the tip of the iceberg of “political correctness” in government and education today.
    It is an abuse of our students’ rights of free speech and association that they may be required to submit to such destructive indoctrination in order to obtain a degree. Only by refusing to participate in such nonsense, made all the worse by its cost, can real, sensible Americans and their offspring maintain a semblance of decency and appropriate education for youth in society.

  14. I feel are secondary education is going down hill. The student are not learning the skill they need in the work place. I a college instructor and I hate seeing this socialized education being taught in our schools and college schools and high education. Kick the socialize out if education our Kids.

  15. There are some jobs that require a college degree. Do you want to leave your retirement funds and investments in the hands of someone who couldn’t get a higher education? Do you want to get medical help from someone who couldn’t get a higher education? I don’t. The problem with most college degrees is that young people get degrees in music, art, sports, psychology, and other areas where jobs are very limited and the people who already have them don’t give them up. Those kids end up with everyday jobs like the rest of us without degrees if they work at all. Today’s young people don’t know what it is like to go hungry, to wear second hand clothes, to make one pair of shoes last all year and wear clothes that too short and too tight because you grew a couple of inches before the school year was out. They don’t know what it is like to mow yards, work in tobacco or pick up pop bottles to get a dollar or two. They are too educated and entitled to get their hands dirty. A long time ago, my husband and I met a family from France. They told us that at that time, French children were tested and those that were college material were prepped for college and the others were put into vocational/ apprenticeship programs I don’t know if France still does this or not but it is not a bad idea if you ask me.

  16. I know people who have a handful of collage degrees and can’t tie their shoes right. I went to trade school for aircraft mechanics, worked as helicopter / fix wing mechanic, truck shop, Ag shop, get a BMET degree (Work on medical equipment) and own a General Repair Welding Machine Shop. Beats the hell out of a suit and a stuffy office all day. I don’t have to go to a gym because I get enough workouts lifting steel, grinders, I only had $3,000 in student loans and paid off in two years. (1973) Many degrees are like toilet paper and about as worthless in the job market. People will have to get off their phones and get their hands dirty. Only the elite get the high jobs due to contacts and they are few and far between. Collage is a scam for the average person to get your money and give you a warm and fuzzy until you realize it’s less worth less than toilet paper with a big bill attached. High education is fine for some professionals as doctors, etc.

    Everybody wants to be a computer wizz. A waste of time as they can’t fix anything. They are great for CNC machining, but don’t put the parts together or repair anything. When I turned 45 I couldn’t get a job because “I was OVER Qualified” I found that is a common problem. So I started my own shop where I can’t be not hired or fired without my permission. People who wouldn’t hire me have to compete against me.
    I’m 67 years old and healthier than many office people even being a diabetic since I was 40. MAKE YOUR OWN WAY. I have a sticker on my office wall that says “IF IT”S TO BE, IT”S UP TO ME” I’m not rich, but I do what I like and kiss NO BODIES BUTT. Stay Safe and Good Luck. Move forward the American Way.

  17. Schools need to teach the basics, math, english, reading, COMMON SENSE. Shop classes were great. I have given people notes in long hand and they can’t read it, or tell time on a handed clock. After you know the basics and want to go to college, fine. They need the general education to get through life and function at a entry level. I meet so many kids that refuse to mow yards for under $100.00 or at all as they might get dirty.
    I maintained my parents rent property for free and mowed yards ($5.00) including gas @ 25 cents a gallon. on the side and had a grocery store job to buy my own clothes and gas. I asked my dad if I ever got paid for any of this? He reply was. “THIS IS FOR THE CAUSE!, I asked what cause was that? CAUSE I SAID SO!, IF YOU WANT TO COME TO DINNER THIS IS YOUR CONTRIBUTION TO THE CAUSE!” He also had a very short fuse and would beat your butt in an instant. I really feel sorry for kids because they don’t get the $100 tennis shoes or $75 ragged jeans, new cell phone etc. My mother would help me out with some money behind dads back, but it wasn’t a paycheck, a lot or often. MY parents came from poor back grounds and we three kids had a roof and food. My dad was Lifer Air Force, mother civil service cashier. But anything else you had to pay for yourself. My car, movie tickets, school games etc. That’s why I had student loans to go to trade school. The real world is about to return to that. Good LUCK, The free ride is over. Stay Safe.

  18. Another report for Mike to look at doing is where is all that money going that we pay for a college education. Take a look at the UC System you will find it. UCSB is a prime example of a good school gone to the liberal dogs and what the people of CA. got for their bucks. Good job so far Mike.

  19. I just realized that culture watch is a liberal website. I’m done with them. They don’t post what you want them to

  20. Education has become increasingly exorbitant and tailored for controlling parents and spoiled brats. A college diploma does not reflect intelligence or wisdom. Rather, it is now an indication of snobbery. Pathetic and sad that the college scam revealed the corruption underlying selfish parents and their parasitic offspring.

  21. But who do those snobbish people need when their water heater goes to bad or their furnace or air conditioner system dies, oil leaks and car repair, body work on their vehicles. Want a house built and so on. It’s interesting to note that the Amish schooled men are the one the building trades want the most. Know why? Work ethic and they know how read a tape measure, do accurate math & etc. Yes our education system needs revamping.

  22. It’s simple. The education you receive costs you more than it used too. The benefits of a higher education has become less & less as the years go by. Good plumbers drive Mercedes while computer programmers drive Hondas. There are fields were higher education is needed to enter. The monetary advantages may or may not be there however. One must be careful what they choose in a lifelong path. Best of luck & may you make the best decisions.

  23. Mike Rowe is the voice of reason. It is just impossible to reason with unreasonable people. The democrats should rename themselves the Unreasonables.

  24. Kudo’s of “AMEN !” to several comments, above ; particularly to Edward L. Hardister and “Don’t ask me,” among others. The “ROI” (Return On Investment) for college education has diminished, significantly, over recent generations. Political “guidance” has too greatly overrun the actual needs of students ; in order to support the selfish wishes of faculty members trying to direct future political actions of their students. Student loans required (by many) have become exorbitant burdens ; often life-long to repay. Far too many people learn that they were not suited to full achievement of their desired goals ; while struggling unceasingly to pay their bills from more meager earnings. Aptitude testing should be used a great deal more, in decisions of pursuit of career fields. “Blue collar” work should be carrying less stigma in society. Each person should pursue fields within one’s own natural aptitude, rather than for the impression of other people. Monetary desires are NOT what determine one’s best choice ; as some things are not attainable by all.

  25. Some careers like medicine and the health professions need a certain degree of college and post-college education, but not all those stupid “women’s studies” and “Neanderthal Art”, etc. Engineering to some extent, and the sciences, if they lead to a practical job, may require higher education. But not all people NEED to go to college and often waste their time AND money on useless “liberal arts” degrees. I think others will get a better “education” and work experience by hands-on learning and apprenticeship with someone who works with their hands. Those professions, such as carpenters, plumbers, builders, electricians, etc, are no less worthwhile and not as expensive. Most likely the “students” will be earning more than those in higher education who are racking up loans which they will be paying back for a LONG time.

  26. So called higher education isn’t what it used to be. They now teach young people WHAT to think, rather than HOW to think. Except for possibly the Engineering classes, it’s nothing more than Communist brain washing.

  27. As predicted by the trade magazines some 20 and more years ago, young folks were very much steered toward the universities to qualify for the ‘higher paying’ jobs necessary to tackle the American Dream. The authors of said magazines also pointed out that fewer young folks were willing to get their hands dirty (literally). As the computer age raged on, handsome paychecks became the norm while the vocational job market suffered from lack of participation by our younger workforce. Prophesy fulfilled !! Now that the tipping point has been reached, being a heavy equipment or auto mechanic, body man (woman), electrician, etc etc the wages are reflecting the shortage of bodies. If one is excellent at their craft earning a six figure income yearly has become reality.
    After a year of college, I quit and went to a trade school and that proved to be a fantastic choice for me.

  28. Totally agree with Mike. A four year college degree is not for everyone especially considering tuition increases every year, and for what? Community college is good enough for most. We’ve needed someone like Mike for quite some time. The cost of higher education is ridiculous and someone is getting very rich at the cost of our youth. Hope people listen and act.


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