Dirty Jobs legend Mike Rowe just let loose about one major lie from Joe Bide’s lips


Joe Biden cemented his reputation as one of the Washington D.C. Swamp’s biggest liars long before he got to the Oval Office.

Democrats’ media elite pals did everything they could to cover for him but that’s all been blown apart.

And Dirty Jobs legend Mike Rowe just let loose about one major lie from Joe Biden’s lips.

Mike Rowe is pouring cold water all over one fiery lie from President Joe Biden.

Joe Biden has made an absolute mess of the U.S. economy.

But don’t count on the President to accept any accountability for his reckless economic action.

While President Biden blames others, Mike Rowe is calling out the lie in an epic takedown moment.

Former President Donald Trump had the economy humming, with Americans enjoying the largest wage increases in many of their lifetimes, incredibly low unemployment, a solid housing market, affordable cost of living, tax breaks, and record workforce participation rates.

The never-ending pandemic and government restrictions put a dent in the Trump economy.

However, President Joe Biden’s policies torched it all.

But don’t tell the President that according to a new ABC/WaPo poll, 94% of Americans are concerned or upset about 40-plus-year-high inflation – he’s not going to hear it.

He’s still too busy blaming Trump, COVID, and Russia for things like Bidenflation and record-high gas prices.

Now, blue-collar hero Mike Rowe is calling out the President on his revisionist history.

The former Dirty Jobs host was recently on Fox News’ Fox and Friends to discuss record-high diesel prices.

Rowe says hardworking American truckers aren’t buying into Joe Biden’s blame games – and he’s got the receipts to prove it.

“[Truckers are] sending me videos of them at the gas pump and some of them are filling up 18-wheelers,” Rowe said. “And, I’m not kidding you, $1,100, $1,200. […] When you put $1,200 in your gas tank and just six months ago it was costing you $600 or $700, the exponential reality of it is starting to sink in. You just can’t walk that back. It touches every single thing that matters in this country. From food production to transportation. All of it.”

To back up Rowe’s point, the average national price for a gallon of diesel fuel at the time of this writing is an all-time high, $5.32.

That’s an increase of $2.24 from the $3.08 truck drivers were paying just a year ago.

The President’s tactic of blaming Putin doesn’t hold water, considering gas prices have been spiking since the day Biden was elected to the Oval Office – more than a year before Russia invaded Ukraine.

The host of How America Works on the Fox Business Channel believes American families are feeling the sting of the Biden Economy.

“The average person has now really gotten the memo,” Rowe said. “But not just from the gas pump, from a restaurant. A steak, the cost of a steak is almost 2x what it was 6, 7-months ago.”

Perhaps that’s why, according to the same ABC/WaPo survey, 68% of voters disapprove of President Biden’s handling – or lack thereof – of inflation.

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