Did the government just endorse pedophilia with this 11-year-old “Drag Kid” who danced at a gay bar?


Conservatives warned of the slippery slope of the LGBT agenda.

They warned it would lead to a radical culture shift or worse, the acceptance of pedophilia.

Now the government all but endorsed it with this one jaw-dropping decision.

Drag kid “Desmond Is Amazing” made headlines when a video surfaced of the 11-year old being paraded around in drag at a gay club in Brooklyn.

The video received immediate backlash with calls for child welfare authorities to intervene due to the explicit nature of the video.

Not only was the minor dancing, but men were tossing dollar bills during the performance.

Eventually, state Child Protective Services (CPS) investigated Desmond’s family.

As did local authorities in New York City.

Their final verdict?

According to them, the drag kid’s mom did nothing wrong by dressing her 11-year old child in drag, parading him around in a gay bar, and having him dance for the pleasure of gay men as they threw dollar bills at him.

“Because of the number of reports they received, our case went all the way to the Governor’s office,” said Wendy Napoles, Desmond’s mom.

“We had announced visits & unannounced visits to our home nearly daily & at all hours & Desmond’s school. Our family was probed more intensely than any other case before,” Napoles wrote in a lengthy Instagram post.

It’s insane to think this type of behavior doesn’t constitute child abuse.

But this is the type of culture shift conservatives warned about for years.

The Left is trying to normalize this sick exploitation of children, which could very well lead to the normalization of pedophilia.

“Times are changing,” Desmond’s mom says. “My son is a professional drag performer, not a stripper,” she added.

Unfortunately, this behavior is becoming too common.

And it appears it just got a lot easier to get by with now that the government decided it was okay for the mother to exploit her child in this way.

Parents are being allowed to administer hormone blockers or testosterone pills to their pre-teen children because they feel they were born in the wrong body.

We reported on the 10-year old being interviewed and photographed for a magazine article about “life as a child drag queen.”

The adult was naked except for a small cloth covering his genitals.

And yet virtually no one in the mainstream media is condemning the exploitation of children this way.

What’s the end game here? Is the Left trying to normalize this type of behavior? And why isn’t the mainstream media reporting on this sick, depraved behavior?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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  2. And this is nothing compared to what is going to eventually be done to this boy. And the parents will have been the ones responsible for it. The kid doesn’t deserve to be exploited this way.

  3. The 11 year old is a professional NOTHING. The mother needs to be prosecuted for endangering the life of a child. I wonder who the gay or lesbian welfare worker is who decided this was okay !!!! This is absolutely despicable. As for the media and left wing nut cases — they are nothing more than faggot/lezzie loving perverts who think this is news instead of criminal activity.

  4. My opinion is: The mother and/ or father should be tried for Child “Abuse”. To think a mother would put her child out to dance in front of homosexuals or the guys wanta-be’s & gals wanta-be’s is such an atrocity that is beyond my comprehension. What the female evil mother is doing is ‘saying to homosexuals that “here is my son, would you like to have sex w/him for as much money as I can get from any male that wants him sexually!” An eleven yr old has no clue the pain he could/would endure if his ‘no-good mother’ started giving him up to men at her demented will!!! It appears to me that she’s ”getting him ready in advance to (or sexually pimping him) start performing oral sex (at first), then leading up to more sexual things as time goes on! Is she doing this to get the money that these homo’s are throwing at him on stage?? Somebody ought to take her out & beat her butt & the Child Welfare Society should have immediately taken him out of
    her custody! She does not deserve to have any children in her custody now or ever again!!
    And, the Office of the Governor should have been removed from office for letting this go on! Goes to show N.Y. or wherever this ‘so-called parent’ lived, has a bunch of homosexual perverts running their state! If he
    the governor didn’t stop this & get the Children’s Protective Services to remove this child from the mother, is just as guilty as the parent! He should be taken out & “Horse-Whipped”. Now I know there probably will be a lot of people who disagree w/me, but it’s my sentiments & I choose to express my ‘freedom of speech’!
    People have had their children taken away because they left a 12 yrs old to babysit for 3-4 hrs while they went out to party, & I think this is much worse! She will have to stand before GOD & give an account of this, as will the Children’s Protective Services’.

  5. America is finished! The immorality, division, and the foolishness of the leadership will cause this once great nation to collapse! Don’t believe it? Watch!

  6. This is another example that the government i.e. the representatives and I know people on here know who I’m speaking of. They have led this country into hell in a hand basket. They also talk about our allies. We lost all of our allies after Clinton took office in his second term. We all know that our allies used to call to congratulate the incoming president. But it was televised by back then all 3 networks when he told all of them to do something explicit. But the mother in this story should be put in prison and her kid taken away from her. I think you can tell how angry I am but I am not using the words I could use. I have more class than some people have.

  7. These people are very sick individuals. Makes me ashamed to be a human being. what have we come to?

  8. “Because of the number of reports they received, our case went all the way to the Governor’s office”.

    It’s Cuomo – and you really thought he would have a moral opinion to offer?

  9. I will be pissed off if anybody tries to say that I am defending Michael Jackson by saying what I am about to say. Because, I most definitely am not defending him. Here comes the but!

    But if what Michael Jackson did is so horrific that he deserves to be excoriated all the way to the grave, then how in the heck can this be OK?

  10. This is just plain SICK!!! And the *** backward authorities are as well! Shame on that mother and the system!!! This country needs a lot of prayers because it’s going to hell in a hand basket!!

  11. SICK.. Another Low, another Slippery Slope..There have been So many in the Past Decade..Sick how everyone just looks the other way..instead of Standing Up & Doing something to Bring Back the Morals Our Nation used to have..It’s on every channel..We’re cancelling cable to be able to Choose. Tired of paying for things we’re Not Accepting of yet it’s everywhere. Too much has been Forced on us to Accept. We Do Not accept it, Never will. But, the Indoctrinated of the past Decade?? Our Culture has eroded & Morals are Gone..LEFT behind in more ways than One..

  12. Some people should not be allowed to have children. All this so called mother wants is
    the money that is thrown at her exploited child. Giving birth does not make anyone a

  13. Just more of the progressive liberal lunacy from the Left!! Unfortunately, this type of sick perversion is probably going to get a lot worse in our society!!

  14. I agree Joan, but unfortunately I think its way too late for society to turn away from this type of sick perversion and turn back to the God of the Bible!! Romans 1:18-32

  15. This is sick thinking & that child needs to be removed from the home . That mother is abusing that child which makes her unstable if she sees nothing wrong with this .
    The mother probably enjoys the money aspect of this , more than the welfare of the child .
    This “CHILD ” probably thinks it is fun to dress up & have money thrown at him , he is too young to understand the whole ramifications of what he is doing .

  16. The Bible states that this behavior will be rampant in the last days. This is proof the Bible is right. This is outright child abuse and the boy should have been removed from the home. The end is near.

  17. The parents of this young child is grooming him to self destruct. By the time he is in his mid teens he will be a statistic and more then likely self destruct. The parents have a sick mind and is selling this child’s innocence for self gain $$$$$ They should be prosecuted for child abuse and the bar owner should be stripped of license to operate allowing an underage child to perform.

  18. Yes our nation is headed that way. God’s wrath is to come! When? I don’t know but the time is coming and we need to get ready! Now whatever is good is evil and whatever is evil is good. Satan is like a lion waiting to devour.

  19. I have long predicted that the next “frontier” would be pedophilia. Remember how the gays opined, “We can’t help it; we were ‘born’ that way”. And “We have a ‘right’. Do you not think the pedophiles have not been waiting for this moment? Don’t be surprised when they, too, opine, “We ‘*love* your kids! We can’t *help* we were ‘born’ this way! WE, too, want our “rights”! God is not pleased! Destruction is on its way sure as I’m here!

  20. Clinton used to go to a private island without security owned by a convicted pedophile who he granted immunity and got the convicted pedi out of prison. Even prisoners hate pedophiles. Soldiers who assisted women in the Middle East retrieve their sons from grown middle eastern men who’d take and rape them were reprimanded for doing so. Obamas administration said that man on boy love was a tradition and American soldiers were to stay out of it.
    By the way, if it were a girl wouldn’t the me too movement be up in arms!!!! Don’t they care about little boys. Children are children and should be protected.

  21. You are right the wrath of GOD (The TRIUNNE GOD of The BIBLE) will pour out 21 Judgements on this earth and those continue to scoff at SIN, the SIN OF THIS GUILTY LAND.

  22. What kind of a sick and twisted woman does this to her child? She is certainly NOT mother material. A parent, mother or father is charged with the responsibility of protecting and guiding their child. This woman is doing none of that. AND she has the nerve to defend her actions. Poor baby.

  23. I wonder if the parents really cares about their son..What if someday, some pedophile decides to get close to this boy, all for himself…What would this boy think?..

  24. GarG: I was wondering what state it was coming from..Cuomo! Is he doing this, to get votes from those kind of parents and homosexuals to become POTUS?…Tell me if I read your comments right..

  25. Richie: I disagree w/u about “it being to late for society to turn back to GOD! If they (the people) are truly sorry for their sins, JESUS is merciful & full of Grace, & will forgive them of their sins! The only sin that CAN’T BE FORGIVEN IS: Blaspheming against the HOLY SPIRIT !!! But, if sinners really want to have a life in Heaven, they must confess their sins & ask JESUS to come into their hearts, but they also must change their ways, otherwise they’re confession would be a lie. But, knowing ”by the signs of the times”, JESUS is coming sooner than most people think, & if they don’t confess before HE comes in the clouds to redeem his chosen (believers) then they will be left to go thru seven yrs of Tribulation. they can’t buy nor sell w/out taking the mark of the anti-christ, & once they take that mark they will eventually be cast into the pit of hell! You can find this info in the last book of the Bible, it’s called the Revelations.

  26. Yes, this proves that homosexual men are FAR more prone to engaging in pedophilia that heterosexual men.
    Homosexuals will try to get people to believe differently.

  27. This so called Mother is getting her son to be a Prostitute. She is conditioning him to be with men. She needs to be thrown under the jail & the key thrown away. The Boy need to get counseling & know that this is not normal. I believe that these are the end of times. The Wrath of God isn’t far off.
    We are in the times of Revelations, just read the Bible so far it has been right on the money. It just makes me sick that New York is letting this continue. They should all be prosecuted as well along with that dirt bag mom.

  28. Fostering child abuse, male and female, in all levels of society! Shameful behavior and it must stop NOW!!! Start at the liberal public children libraries where there are pedifile cross dressers reading stories to impressionable children, NOW!!!!

  29. This administrative “decision” is beyond immoral, it is downright evil. It reflects directly on the pervasive corruption in Albany under the tutelage of Cuomo and his cronies; many of whom reside in our state prisons, where many more of them should be.

    It is physically upsetting to see and read of such a happening. Total condemnation is due for the “Parent” and the people who support and/or made this decision.

  30. Satan is waiting for the mother to take her last breath. The LBGTQ and its supporters are on a roll with their sinful agenda.

  31. I can’t believe this child has not been removed from his parents and that the parents aren’t in jail. What is
    happening to our once great country???

  32. In a word, moral DECLINE, degeneracy, and death. We wee told by ae foundes that if we lost ou vitue, we would lose ou freedom. You’re watching it happen again, an age-old story.

  33. Where on earth is Child Protective Services? This is NOT rocket science. Get with the program, people, or else get out of the business. This is like “duh.” – Is there not even any common sense anymore?


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