Democrats were devastated by a new poll on this hot-button issue


Democrats want to control the way you think.

They believe that narrative is everything, so they try to alter reality by feeding you their propaganda through government schools, Hollywood, and the media.

But a new poll shows that Democrats’ efforts to force-feed Americans their radical beliefs on this one issue isn’t working.

Democrats are always in search of grievances.

It’s the fuel needed to keep their movements going.

It’s why groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center and the National Organization for Women are expanding the definitions of hate and misogyny to absurd levels.

Instead of folding up shop, these types of movements get even more extreme.

That’s exactly what’s happening with the transgender movement.

Democrats aren’t trying to pin their civil rights hopes on a fraction of a percentage point of the population.

They’re trying to convince the American people that a man who believes he’s a woman should be allowed to compete against women in sports.

But the American people don’t seem to be buying it.

The Washington Times reports:

A Rasmussen Reports poll released Friday found that 51% of U.S. adults surveyed opposed allowing athletes compete on the basis of their gender identity, including biological males who participate in women’s and girls’ sports.

Only 29% supported “allowing transgender students to participate on the sports teams of the gender they identify with,” while 20% were undecided, the survey said.
[…] On the other side is tennis great Martina Navratilova, who is openly lesbian and a staunch supporter of gay rights. In a February op-ed, she called allowing transgender athletes to compete in women’s sports “cheating.”

It’s insane and it’s cheating,” she said in the [U.K.] Sunday Times. “I am happy to address a transgender woman in whatever form she prefers, but I would not be happy to compete against her. It would not be fair.”

When you have a gay rights activist and world-class athlete like Martina Navratilova siding with conservatives on an issue, you know your movement has stepped over the line.

And Navratilova isn’t the only one.

Other feminists have been kicked out of the movement for expressing similar concerns.

Despite an unending blitz from big media, only 29% of people polled agree with biological men competing against women.

The harder Democrats push on the issue, the more pushback they’re likely to receive.

Do you think the Democrats’ hard-Left turn on transgenderism is about to blow up in their face?

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  2. I am sick and tired of this dog and pony show by the do nothing Democrats. It’s not about impeachment of the President . The Democrats are trying to wear down the Trump supporters hoping that they can change young voters minds.And we now have all of these illeagels living in sanctuary cities controlled by Democrats who they will have voting in california .So if you want to keepour country free for us for at least another 4 years we need to vote for and Re-Elect Donald J. Trump this way we will have 4 years of freedom, before the Democrats turn our country into a communist country.It’s sad but it’s coming the liberals have been teaching our children for years,and the majority of them don’t know anything about history or much of anything and they don’t care.

  3. Dems have denied God and satan is their master. They have no morals and no concept of the truth. They are very sad creatures and very dangerous to our freedom. Either we defeat them or they will control us.

  4. John Clemmons and bj have pointed out what’s REALLY happening in our country, thanks to the Democrats! And I can not believe how many supposedly rational, normal people are still following this Demon party?? Normalizing transgender and the alphabet people lifestyle as normal. Endorsing abortion at ANY stage of these poor innocent souls development . Allowing illegal aliens to storm our country and give them everything for nothing. On OUR hard earned tax dollars, no less. Just for votes. Weakening our military and treating our Vets like dirt. The list goes on and on concerning these deplorable Democrats! PLEASE get out and vote in 2020 and try to keep our country the United States of America, not the NWO. And force these Democrats out of control of our government.

  5. Transgender is a mental disorder and should be treated as so. If you believe your something other then you are fine I don’t really care. However, don’t force me to be apart of your mixed up world.

    I have a “real” daughter and if she were an athlete competing with boys who identify as “girls” winning or taking her spot on a girls team, would I have a problem? You bet I would.

    Liberals and social warriors want equality for all when the fact is we are not all equal as individuals. I’m sorry if some can not accept that fact, but life is not always fair. We all have limitations. Learn the difference between reality and feelings. It makes life easier.

  6. John Clemmons – You , Sir, are SO Right!! I totally agree with you 100%!! It’s still hard for me to believe that I was a Democrat for almost 37 Years…….. Until 2016 & #TRUMP!! Thank God my entire family & I Walked Away from the Dem Party!! We will All be voting for Mr. Trump AGAIN in 2020!! The Democratic Party has made such a Radical Hard Left Turn to the point where any “Moderate Dems” no longer feel like they have a Party & I’m sure that can only help President Trump in the 2020 election!! #Trump2020

  7. I always thought Martina Navratilova was a tranny. Sorry if that offends. I wonder about George Clooney’s wife, too, after they went to Italy until she “had her twins” and then came back. That’s was used to happen to pregnant girls I went to school with. They were sent away with “anemia” or some other malady. How come so many of these Hollywood couples without a twin grandparent are all having twins?

  8. Trans Gender is a FRAUD, according to the Bible & Science there are only two sexes, Male & Female. Anything else is man or woman made and is not reality. The United States has allowed sexual diversity for decades.

  9. Anyone in their right mind can see there is something wrong with her thought process of reasoning and the way she talks doesn’t make since most of the time. (TERM LIMITS ) !!!!!!

  10. Because they’re so wound up in gender identity they should compete against their own,transgender gender.
    It might be a commercial hit, however it could flop but at least it would be fair.

  11. No matter what one prefers to be called, modified to look like, feels like – one’s DNA will always be unchanged.

  12. If they really want to go balls to the wall, so to speak, they should just compete in their own transgender games and leave the people who feel like they were born with the right parts alone.

  13. As a sidebar, it would seem obvious to me, that if you think it perfectly fine and fair that men who identify themselves as women and think they should be permitted to participate in sporting events against biological women then the reverse would also be fair and perfectly fine. But, you should ask yourself way all this flack has not reared it’s ugly head in that regard! The obvious reason is, that women who identify themselves as men can not compete fairly with biological males and consequently don’t, for the most part, try to compete.

  14. God created the TWO genders and that is the end of it, these slime ball perverts will burn in hell; but we must shut them down NOW to protect the children

  15. There are only two sexes, male and female, period. Anything else is the ideation of an unsound mind. Democrats think They have all the answers and people are fooled by their rhetoric. It’s time they realized that this is not the only thing people don’t agree with them on. In fact people are getting wise to the Democrats corruption and lies and don’t believe much of anything they say these days. They have totally destroyed any respect sane people had for them. They are now a clown show and the insanity party.

  16. They shouldn’t be playing on biological girls teams. Neither should biological girls play on boys teams. Maybe there could be teams of only transgenders?
    Doesn’t that sound strange?

  17. This is one of the best comments that I have ever read and I think that it reflects the feelings of millions of us.

  18. My mother always told me, beware of imitations! That defines transgender individuals to a tee, imitations. I am so glad that I am married and not out dating. Can you imagine if you get serious about someone and then find out that they are transgender? That is scary. They are complaining that nobody will date them. I wonder why. Democrats will sell their souls for a vote, like this.

  19. I also am sick to death of this dog and pony show. I wonder if the Democrat women would like a transgender to enter their lives in a romantic scene as well as for the Democrat men. Unless they have never gone through a life situation, they cannot truly understand why real people do not want to have any LGBTQ thrown in their faces or anything that goes against their principle’s. The Democrats are proving every single day how low they can stoop and take everybody with them. I wonder just what they would do if an immigrant attacked, raped, robbed or maimed them, if they wouldn’t suddenly change their minds and become decent living human beings again. Nah, that would never happen. But, nasty as I can be, I hope to high heaven it does! Something needs to change and if this is the one way to do it, then, bring it on.

  20. While that is TRUE and I agree with you, we should be the better part and tell the Dems they can have their diverse Gender class and all of these minor groups will make up the third Gender called “Other” That way we can have Boys vs Boys in any sport and Girls vis Girls in any Sport and the “Other” can also compete as long as it is in the “Other” league. Now if you want to have a Three-way Tier Championship, then go right ahead.
    This will keep everything FAIR and add the “Other” tier in so they all can compete with “like minded” people.

    Fixed for you – Dems

  21. If we call the dog’s tail “a leg”, how many legs does a dog have ? The answer is FOUR. Calling it “a leg” is not what makes it a leg. “Self-identifies” taking athletic medals and athletic scholarships in “girls” programs is just a great case of the liberal donkey biting the liberal in the ass. Don’t like the “trans” gdtting into the girl’s lavatory, the girl’s locker rooms, the girl’s progams ? Vote ! Elect officials who agree that A DOG HAS FOUR LEGS.

  22. I am to the left of most people on this site, save for Vasu and Redman, but on this issue, I feel strongly that it’s unfair for biological males to compete in girls and women’s sports! The fact that 29 % of the people support this is scary! I think it should be 90 percent opposed to biological men competing in women’s and girls sports! This is not about being anti-Trans or anything like that – it’s a matter of general fairness! For what it’s worth, I’m to the right of almost everyone on liberal sites! Overall, my ideology is between both 40-yard lines (with the far left on one end zone and the far right on the other end zone)!

  23. Either we shut them down or they will control us. That is the sick goal of dems…total control of the government and us.

  24. The Dems are the party of the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. I think folks believe I’m exaggerating when I write it but in all honesty they are. Read Revelations and you will see the Dems game plan in it.
    Why do you think they are taking God and Jesus out of everything. They want to keep the youth unaware and uninformed. That’s why it’s important to tell our children about Jesus and the horrible sacrifice He made for EVERYONE! Jesus didn’t discriminate. His love is omnipresent for ALL.
    There are ways to make our children aware of Jesus not just by saying but by our own actions. I’ve had a couple of acquaintances change from atheism and agnosticism, they said, by watching me. I’m far from perfect and there are times when pushed that ‘I can do a little dance for you’ but no one can shake my faith and I always try to do the right thing. May not always work but I try. I don’t name call because that will put me on the same lower level of those who do. I try to give folks the benefit of the doubt because you never know what happened in a persons life to make them the way they are. Love changes even the hardest of hearts.
    I find rude folks have miserable lives and endeavor to take others along for the ride with their hateful remarks. I say let them take that ride on that bus alone.
    Then some folks are just greedy and evil because it’s all about them and their heinous desires. They don’t care who they step on or who they hurt on the way to their endgame. That is the Dems these days.
    So sad. One day they will have to account for all their surreptitious actions. As it reads in the Good Book, they ask,’how can God see?’ but He laughs at them for He sees that their day is coming. I’ve lived long enough to say, justice comes to us all. The longer it takes the worse it is.
    Don’t be frustrated with all that’s going on, as long as there are people as wonderful as some of the folks I read of on this site continue to pray and believe, know that Gods got it. For as we all know, there is nothing and no one greater than Jesus.

  25. The Democratic Party has devolved into a corrupt and hate-filled mob. Their positions on issues, in most cases, are antithetical to traditional values and institutions. It should come as no surprise that Democrats would have a deviant view of transgenderism.

  26. David, with the decline of family values, decline in truth, decline in morality, the worship of the almighty dollar,the denial of GOD and His teachings and the all out assault on those who still have morals , we already ARE a Sodom and Gomorrah! My Gram was a heavy reader, and she always wanted me to read The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. According to her way of thinking, even in the 1970- 1980s you could see the decline happening here that would eventually destroy our country. It is true! We see our country in a full tailspin into the depths of degredation. When the moral fiber of women decline so does the country . Women, in the roll of family, the teaching of morality is essential. It falls upon the female with sincere and joint support of her husband, simply by the design of DIVINE PROVIDENCE. That is not to say that she is to be subservient to her husband but rather that they work together to achieve a common goal. Adams Rib was used to produce Eve not a heal bone, signifying the need to approach life side by side.

  27. While we still have freedom of speech.

    So where would the Bisexual people go to be in sports.?.
    Today male ( he ) will be in football. In that locker room.
    Next day Volleyball as a female ( she ) will be in that locker room.
    Yes they need their Very Own 1 of a kind sports.

    Now what if you wake up and feel like your DNA was from a pop tart.?. Dress like a pop tart.

  28. I just read the news that this last weekend President Trump went into Walter Reed Hospital for a checkup and was declared in good health. The real reason he was in the hospital was because he had to be TAKEN. He was rushed by motorcad, not ambulance. The cause was Trump has a “taster” for his food and the taster became violently ill. No word if Trump was sick, but, he received a battery of tests. Someone tried to assassinate him with an unknown chemical. The news stations are not giving the real reason Trump was in Walter Reed. This information was from the website, Natural News. This is terrible and I can’t help but thing Pelosi had something to do with it, though I do not know that for sure. Gut feelings can be truth, sometimes.

  29. The problem is that the idiots, instead of not giving a damn what you and I say, want to to squelch what we say if it is not politically correct.

  30. There is no such a thing as a transgender woman, he is a man and there is no changing that fact, if a transgender woman is killed and there is nothing but bare bones to identify (her) the bones will autopsy out as a man you can’t beat nature, a man is a man no matter what he claims to be

  31. Patricia Barnes: If this was another time, I would say this is just another conspiracy theory rumor. But knowing how much the Democrats hate and fear President Trump, your comment bears truth to it. Which really frightens me! Their corruption and evilness knows no bounds. They truly are the army for satan!!!
    But it’s not just Pelosi that we can look to for this supposed attempt on Trump’s life. It goes much deeper than that. It sounds like another Clinton” suicide ” attempt to me.
    Just keep praying for President Trump, his entire family and our great nation, Patricia…. GOD is in control and HIS will be done….. AMEN.

  32. Linda M that is exactly what I thought. I immediately thought of Clinton. This happened right in the white house at dinnertime. I thought about who could do this other than the cooks or servers. My heart took a big leap when I first read about the attempt. There are so many godless people in this world, today. So many people that think that they are the president of the United States. Money is behind most of it. Rich people think they can say and do anything they want to and the heck with the rest of us. I try not to think negatively,but, it is so hard when so much corruption and selfishness is all around me today. I put a post it on my computer that says “breathe” and “smile” just to try to stay happy. The news stations still are not reporting the assassination attempt, at least, so far. So, have a happy day, Linda, in spite of everything else, I will, too!

  33. Yes, transgenderism is, in my opinion, a mental disorder, a kind of fixed delusion. Unfortunately, there is no effective treatment for it. On the one hand, I do not think these people should be vilified for a mental condition over which they have no apparent control, but on the other, I balk at being compelled to confirm them in their delusion and pretend, along with them, that a person born biologically male is really female, or that a person born biologically female is really male, simply because the person fervently believes that to be the case.


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