Democrats just introduced the most vile abortion bill Americans have ever seen


When the Democrat New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the abortion up-to-birth bill, Americans were left speechless in white hot anger.

But Democrats across the country have been doubling down on their abortion-on-demand platform.

And what Democrats in this state proposed this time will make you sick to your stomach.

In Vermont, State House Democrats are expected to pass an abortion bill that will leave no restriction on abortion at all.

The bill (H. 57) says that abortion through all nine months of pregnancy is a “fundamental right.”

The worst part about the bill is that it says unborn babies who are unique beings with their own DNA “shall not have independent rights under Vermont law.”

The Daily Wire writes:

Legislators in the Vermont House are expected to approve an abortion bill that is so insane it allows abortion at any time, with no qualifications at all.

The bill, H.57, states, “This bill proposes to recognize as a fundamental right the freedom of reproductive choice and to prohibit public entities from interfering with or restricting the right of an individual to terminate the individual’s pregnancy.

Every individual has the fundamental right to choose or refuse contraception or sterilization. Every individual who becomes pregnant has the fundamental right to choose to carry a pregnancy to term, give birth to a child, or to have an abortion. A fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus shall not have independent rights under Vermont law.”

Although GOP legislators have offered amendments to the bill that would modify it, Democrats and so-called progressive legislators have rejected them; by Wednesday afternoon, 10 amendments had been voted out of committees unfavorably, as VTDigger reports.

Simply disgusting.

The language used in the bill is the most damning part.

The line that unborn babies “shall not have independent rights” implies that babies in the womb might have had rights before.

This is a perfect example of how Democrats are trying to completely strip unborn babies of their human rights.

And the Democrats’ means to doing that is by dehumanizing little innocent baby boys and girls.

In fact, the mainline Democrat Party’s platform on abortion is unfettered abortion through all nine months of a pregnancy.

And now, radical Abortion Lobby Democrats like Virginia Governor Ralph Northam are promoting the murder of babies after they are born.

But the Pro-Life movement is fighting back.

As we reported a Pro-Life organization in New York announced a Times Square event where they will be showing live 4-D ultrasounds for countless Americans to see.

Democrats have to be careful because, if abortion is a main issue in the 2020 elections, they could find themselves wishing they never supported such radical legistlation.

Do you think unborn babies have “independent rights?”

Tell us what you think in the comments below.


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  2. Every stinking a***ole who supported this legislation should be arrested for being an accessory to attempted murder and any other common-sense charges that go with it.

  3. Denying the rights of the unborn is to deny the rights of the living! After nine months, what are the limits in years?

  4. EVERY SINGLE PERSON, MOTHER OR DOCTOR should go to jail for killing a baby. What will they do next??? Kill our senior citizens, or anyone with a defect that they are not perfect. It’s all MURDER

  5. I have two friends who have had abortions, and it is the biggest regret of their lives. They did it because the men in their lives wanted them to do so, and now they have to live with it the rest of their lives.

  6. I am saddened,sickened and disgusted that there are so many people who are against a developing child in the womb.They want to take their God given right to life, and throw away such a beautiful gift of life from our creator.
    I will not stoop to calling these people names, but I will sadly say that they have forgotten that they were allowed to accept the gift of life.

  7. It someone kills a pregnant woman they are charged with 2 counts of murder. So it’s murder to kill a 9 month fetus.

  8. I fully support abortion on demand for all Democrats regardless of their age.

    The only good Dem is a dead one.

  9. democrats have no conscience, every one that is for abortion is for MURDER, whenever an abortion takes place, it is MURDERING A LIVING PERSON, because that’s how we are born. that I know there are no machine to reproduce a human being, GOD GAVE THE WOMAN THE REPRODUCING ORGANS AND IT IS WRITTING IN THE BIBLE. all these politicians should be shot dead, they do not have any right whatsoever to make laws for killing, in making these laws they are MURDERERS. I DO SUGGEST TO THESE DEMOCRATS CHANGE THE BIBLE WRITINGS SO THEY CAN MAKE THEIR OWN BIBLE. DO WE HAVE ANY REASONABLE PERSON AT THE DEMOCRAT PARTY??.. IT SEEMS THAT EVERYONE IS OUT OF THEIR MIND, AND WHATEVER THEY THINK IS JUST INSANE.

  10. So many childless couples who would love to take a living human baby off your murdering hands… Democrats are disgusting….

  11. Next: Rule that no female be allowed to get pregnant without first be given the right to do so, or not, by the State, and then only if the woman meets the State’s health, etc., requirements. If she breaks its law, first, the unborn human baby will be aborted. She, sterilized and incarcerated……….. ??

  12. Why stop at “term”? How about thru the second year of life? Remember your kids’ “terrible twos”? Of course, I’m being sarcastic, you twit!

  13. As soon as a heartbeat is detected there is life There are so many couples who cannot have children. If a baby is carried that far, give it up for adoption don’t murder it so it’s body parts can be sold. This new wave of thinking is barbaric

  14. Democrats just introduced the most vile abortion bill Americans have ever seen
    and why wouldn’t they

    murder is how they think, however possible

    to profit off of as many human beings and their flesh

    dead and alive

    this is their miserable murderous demoncratic way

    even though our US powerful Senate & Congress are still bless by

    our God, the devil still loves to reign in God’s Territories until

    he’s thrown out eventually

    and until God permanently places satan/allah/devil/lucifer

    in his permanent fire & brimestone lake of fire where he can’t

    ever get out of EVER

    God still allows the devil to visit him before Hos Heavenly Throne

    to listen to lucifer complain and sometimes convince Father God

    of 1 of his ideas to implement on Earth just to see how it turns out

    seeing just how many people will turn to Him or curse Him

    and allah/lucifer gets to laugh at both

    God and His man and Christians
    and believe me many human beings hate to suffer

    even a little bit

    this is His TRUMPing Truth!!!


  16. Remember when the Chinese killed off girl babies years ago and we were all outraged! It has finally made its way to the United States. Films of abortions should be allowed on TV in all its savagery; suction of the baby, cutting the body into small pieces and then suctioning, stabbing in the back of the neck, and whatever method the killer uses Any so called “doctor” who perfroms a killing of the baby should be thrown out of the profession, via the “do no harm” promise. I would pardon anyone who killed the doctor after the first incident of killing of a fetus. These women (except dire need to) who want abortions are just vain, mindless idiots who WILL BURN IN HELL, along with the killer. God will start another era of destruction on these states. VERY SOON, I hope. GOD Help us all!

  17. I would like to see every person that is a Christian, or just have great morals, write to you Congressman and your Senator and raise “holy hell”. Let them know that they will not get your vote if they vote for this “MURDER BILL”.

  18. God puts the spark of life in the union of sperm and egg. They are trying to take away what God has given. A baby is a baby, at 1 day or at 9 months. We have no right to mess with that. We are putting ourselves above God when we do. We have to ask ourselves, where is the natural affection between mother and child? Mothers used to fight FOR their babies’ lives. Now they are fighting AGAINST their babies. Have we fallen that far? Can we find our way back? We need to close every Planned Parenthood, across our nation. If you are stupid enough to use a hanger in the back alley, then so be it. But we will have saved millions of lives. Democrat logic is, if you do drugs, we will give you free needles and a safe place to shoot up, rather than help to kick the addiction. Not logical at all. Neither is giving a woman that wants to murder her baby, a free place to do it, and with a pat on her back when the evil deed is done. Why not real planned parenthood to help her make it through the pregnancy. Then, if she feels she can’t keep her baby, a least she can give the child up for adoption. That’s a win win, if you ask me. Instead of save the whales, you should be saying, save our babies!

  19. I totally agree. I pray the states who persue this type of legislation are blocked. It is bad enough that they are killing these children in the early months of pregnancy, but to kill a fully formed child ready to enter the world is unacceptable. Then to “murder” that child after it is born is uncomprehendable. How old is what I want to know. 2 hours, 2days, 2 weeks 2 years? These types of laws will lead to a total disregard of human life… every age.

  20. God calls a fetus a child. This is murder. Why don’t these women just have the babies and ;put them up for adoption? God will get all of you. Not just the people doing it but those who approve.

  21. This just may be the event that as soon as someone or some group files suit to stop it, may get to the U.S. Supreme Court to overrule Roe V. Wade. It is exactly a “law” that is so heinous that it will cause any moral person to overturn it along with the poorly conceived ruling which gave us Roe v, Wade in the first place.

  22. Some States done recognize Fetus as a person when the mother gets killed. This is the case in CO which has turned completely blue and that fact alone makes us want to fight back because they are taking a lot of our rights and freedoms away! These human animals are treating dogs and cats better than human babies. Next up seniors, mentally ill and sick just like in Nazi Germany and that should wake people up!!

  23. There are no reasonable people left among the Dems! That Liberalism infects too many people and they can’t think clearly or rationally and they have no soul!

  24. Anyone who says an unborn child who is a living and breathing embryo from conception to birth have no right to life deserve and wish to murder this child should be tried for murder. You can pass all the laws you but they do not circumvent GOD’S law. These people no matter who they are will be judged most severely. They should stop and think about what they are doing. For GOD has said “vengence is mine. I will repay”. It will not fair well for them. The killing of the innocent GOD abhors.

  25. Since God didn’t ‘turn the other way’ when ancient Israel/Judah worshiped other gods (1Kings 11:33), and that the worship of which involved CHILD SACRIFICE I don’t think it’s likely he will be OK with CHILD SACRIFICE (to the god of convenience) called abortion. Those that vote for it/ support it are subject to God’s judgement (and that judgement can/will make Hurricane Sandy & Polar Vortex’s pale in comparison.

  26. I believe it is a human being at conception it is a child of God at this point and should have rights and protection this is nothing but murder and we should all be ashamed of what our country has turned into when a society can murder little babies in or out of the womb they are monsters next they will make it a law that when you reach a certain age you will be put to death and this will happen soon as we have government furnished healthcare

  27. Somewhere it has already been changed. A man arrested for murdering his pregnant girlfriend has had the charges dropped for the death of the fetus. What a highway to hell we are on.

  28. Yes you are right and this Nation is going down hill fast. It’s moral values has gone out the window.
    But all these lawmakers and doctors and women that has this done will stand in judgment for all this.

  29. Can you “just” leave out the word “just” from your titles? All these “just” unnecessary “justs” are “just” very annoying.

  30. So if a couple wants a baby or child, there are plenty in foster care. Let’s talk about all those kids who want and need homes. It is not necessary to have more babies born to fill a need that exists. Stop pushing this false narrative. Adopt the kids out there who are already present.

  31. If the women have to have “state” approval, let’s also require it of all men!! That is only fair!!

  32. Oh – why wouldn’t you have the man/father killed too? All this killing is just what tRumpy would like too. It would get rid of a lot of his undesirables. He always promotes “roughing up” a person, “smacking them” and he will pay their lawyer – lots of violence. that’s trumpy for sure!!

  33. Murder is okay when the victim is too young to defend it’s self?
    Killing babies after they are born is out right murder. BABIES FEEL PAIN!!!
    What kind of woman does that?
    They should be sterilized if they don’t want children. STOP THE KILLING!!!!!!


  35. jan..There are videos of abortions on the internet. I watched one where the child was taken out in pieces. The pieces were then put on a cloth, so that the “doctor” (yeah, right!) was able to see if he got all the baby out.

    I also read The Scarlet Lady: Confessions of a Successful Abortionist by Carol Everett, a former abortionist who became a Christian. I saw today she also wrote Blood Money: Getting Rich Off a Woman’s Right to Choose. If anyone would know what goes on behind closed doors it would be Carol, an owner and director of several abortion facilities.

  36. WRONG!!! It is a BABY from the moment it is conceived. It has the same right to life as any other baby. And there are babies born prematurely that survive just fine. I know someone who weighted one pound at birth and she is perfectly normal

  37. It’s not a woman’s right to choose that defiles her, but is what she chooses that defiles her. Everyone has the free will to choose.

  38. What is the next step. Legalized abortion at age 1,10,50 years of age. Give them an inch and they will take a mile or ten. Pretty soon there will be no law against murder. They will just call it an “a late term abortion”.

  39. The devil has been the speech writer of choice for Democrats for many years. The evil one has been so successful for such a long time, that the Democrats have given him a promotion and now he is writing their legislative bills in addition to speeches. At this point, there are only two reasonable choices: arm yourself and start shooting every one of the devil’s scion you find, and; my choice is to start praying like our lives depended on it, because they do.

  40. Where is the Pope and the other Christian leaders? Why have we not heard from them on these outrageous actions? What is this country coming to.

  41. There is one name only that fully defines the DemoRATS. They are now the Democrat Death and Destruction Party. They all deserve to be arrested and tried and executed for MURDER. What a despicable group of sub-humans the DemoRATS are. May they all rot in Hell.

  42. I can’t wrap my head around anyone that would abort a baby, once there’s a heartbeat, let alone after it’s born , they’re a bunch of murderers! Life begins at conception, and people who want to kill babies will have their day in court, but God Will Be The Judge, you can count on that, so whoever is involved in this terrible horrible act , Judgement Day Is Coming For You!! Babies should have rights but no one wants to help them have their rights but for us who speak out for them and condemn the people who are doing the murdering of these poor little babies!! God Bless These innocent little babies????????????????

  43. You obviously haven’t been listening , my dear. tRumpy has openly promoted violence in all his campaign rallies. It has been filmed and recorded. Just where have you been and who are you listening to??? Even Sara Huck Sanders lies about trumpy not promoting violence. Again it has been filmed and recorded that he promotes violence in all his rallies. Wake up!!

  44. Ok then you must also kill the father. It still takes two to make that baby. You apparently are one of trumpy’s uneducated.

  45. Ok, yes then. By the way, all this abortion crap could be ended very easily. For goodness sakes, just give out birth control pills to all that want them. Or is that just too simple a plan?? We already know that there are plenty of kids in foster care, that want and need homes and families. Why not push adoption??

  46. Ok stupid!! As a man of course you would not understand. The men involved should be castrated then. So simple. Why does a woman need permission from the “state”, but a man gets off scot free?? Sterilize the woman and castrate the man. How do you like that??

  47. And that baby was not born dead, and had a lot of help to survive. She was born alive, but small and premature. What am I missing here??

  48. That is right – so why does everybody think they have the “right” to criticize a pregnant woman for whatever her choice is? So many busybodies on here, poking their noses into someone else’s business!! Please mind your own life!!

  49. There you go again – using tRumpy’s favorite weapon of choice – a gun!! He said he could shoot someone on 5th avenue and no one would even care. That’s how dumb his followers are.

  50. And there you go again- endorsing killing people. You are right on cue – this is exactly what tRumpy would do. remember he said he could shoot someone on 5th avenue and no one would notice or care!! You are a very vile person!! Shame on you.

  51. For goodness sakes, please get on the bandwagon and support giving out birth control pills to all who want and/or need them. The answer is so simple I’m surprised no one on here has thought of it. Just think of how many abortions would not be needed!!!

  52. i have no problem with this legislation, no white male which i am one has any right to dictate what a women can or cannot do with her body!!

  53. Do you really think that women who have abortions are not aware of birth control options and have no access to them? While everyone has the right to choose, unfortunately immorality is the choice of abortion.

  54. Sorry but someone else beat you to it!! I had a vaginal prolapse and the treatment for same was to actually sew my vagina shut!! So the joke’s on you!!

  55. Divine Providence, Can dictate anything he wants after all the reason you are here is because of him. I call him GOD our founders referred to him as divine providence. God rules. Our founders realized all life was precious for all life came from God. Life didn’t magically appear. Ask yourself this question, What would Jesus Christ do? God is not all forgiving as the left wants you to believe.

    By the way the first bible ever printed in the U.S.A. was authorized by Congress and is copyrighted by Congress. Where is the separation of church and state. It is made up and doesn’t exist.

  56. ” Even the wind & Sea obey Him “. God is being mocked by so many lately- it will NOT continue !!
    Many visionaries have passed on Gods warnings. Watch the weather – WORLD WIDE- ! It is not Golbel warning , But God’s Wrath that has mother nature showing us how helpless we really are when not in God’s good graces ! There was fair warning before 9-11. The people did not listen. Now a warning for the existence of New York- or it will be disintegrated to a none existence.
    So far they only slapped Him in the face with the latest abortion bill.
    Look up

  57. Every Democrat that votes for this kind of legislation needs to think if their grown children decided to abort their grandchild,how would they feel. Shame on you. You are allowing murder without povocation. God’s wrath will come upon you!!

  58. Actually I have had a child abort a pregnancy, but it was her decision and I still love her. She also had a spontaneous abortion through no fault of her own. She now has a lovely daughter who is all grown up and attending college. Life goes on and we just learn to deal with it. There is no “wrath from god”, so you can just drop that threat. So untrue!!!

  59. You missed my point exactly. I said GIVE out birth control pills. Of course women know that birth control pills are available, but many simply can’t afford them. Is that clearer now?? MAKE BIRTH CONTROL PILLS AVAILABLE TO ALL WOMEN WHO WANT THEM. And you can take your comment about immorality and shove it!! You can’t talk about immorality unless you mention your “hero” tRumpy!! Now there’s real immorality.

  60. You are such a fool, believing such nonsense!! I’m not meeting any god or devil and you aren’t either. They are just made up characters, and live only in your mind. Abortion is a legal medical procedure. Why don’t you work for the free distribution of birth control pills and for the adoption of foster children instead of pushing your agenda of hate and threats?? You too, will grow old and wish you had done more with your life.

  61. We can stop all this right now. The Constitution gives the people the power. We have been indoctrinated over time by the media and other sources.

    We, each individual citizen of America, are the government. The 2 billion rounds of ammo that the Obama administration purchased belongs to us. All government property firearms, ammo, ect. belongs to every U.S. citizen. All government buildings belong to U.S. citizens. We are the government. The people we elect are stewards, elected to watch over our assets. If they do not do their jobs lets’ fire them. Your Fired! Vote these commies out of office. If they turn against the citizens then we invoke the 2nd amendment and do what the founding fathers intend us to do. We take back our country.

    We are a REPUBLIC, not a Democracy. We vote for people to be stewards thru the electoral process. If these elected officials go against the principles contained in the Constitution, the minority, must be U.S. citizens, has the right to take up arms against them. Most of the majority of Citizens are hard working and don’t follow what the stewards that they elect are doing. That’s when the MINORITY, must be U.S. CITIZENS, takes over. We hold the stewards that we elect to their oath of office. We use their voting record as proof that they are going against the Constitution and violating their oath of office. We put them on trial by electing out own judges within the minority since we are a REPUBLIC. If found guilty we revoke their CITIZENSHIP and deport them. If they come back to our COUNTRY we give them life imprisonment or execute them.

  62. Boy do you sound like a real nut job!! Do you also have a huge roomful of guns and ammunition? If I knew who you were, I would call the police immediately!! You sure need help for your insanity.

  63. Since you don’t believe in GOD you are pushing CHAOS upon Good godlike people. All laws come from GOD not MAN. You don’t believe in God therefore, you don’t believe in any law. You are therefore not a law abiding CITIZEN since all our laws come from GOD. Quit pushing CHAOS on the American public. You are a chaotic person and should see a doctor.

    In a democracy, whatever the people desire is what becomes policy. Therefore, if a majority of the people decide that murder is no longer a crime, in a democracy murder will no longer be a crime. However, not so in the American republic: in our republic, murder will always be a crime, for murder is always a crime in the WORD of GOD. It is this immutable foundation that has given our republic such enduring stability, for since man at his core does not change, he continues to need the same restraints today that he needed when the BIBLE was written thousands of years ago. It is the rights and wrongs revealed in the BIBLE that have provided the moral and institutional standards for our REPUBLIC.

    Taken from Keys To Good Government according to the founding fathers by DAVID BARTON

  64. I don’t know what you are reading but there is absolutely no hate expressed in any of my statements. I am only speaking the truth. You are reading hate because that is what you feel inside!!


    LIFE, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” is a well-known phrase in the United States Declaration of Independence.[1] The phrase gives three examples of the “unalienable rights” which the Declaration says have been given to all humans by their CREATOR, and which governments are created to protect. CREATOR is GOD.

    Knowledge is Wealth. Wealth is knowledge.

    ^1 “The Declaration of Independence: Rough Draft”. Archived from the original on March 30, 2014. Retrieved May 18, 2014. Scanned image of the Jefferson’s “original Rough draught” of the Declaration of Independence, written in June 1776, including all the changes made later by John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and other members of the committee, and by Congress.

  66. And you sir, need to STOP reading the bible. It only gives you bad advice and crazy ideas regarding how to live your daily life. Laws certainly do not come from god. Just ask tRumpy – he thinks he is the originator of all laws and that everything he says or thinks is absolute truth. The bible is simply a collection of Jewish historical stories, written by old men a long time ago. There is no validity for relying on something from the past.

  67. Oh so now you are coming after me – to kill me no doubt!! You better be careful with your threats!! You need to be turned over to the police for your threats and scare tactics. You are just as I keep saying – trying to convince people of your wonderful religion – christianity – by scaring and threatening people who don’t believe as you command us to. The same thing was done to Native Americans by the Spanish explorers. And this is how you get people to believe in your “christ”?? You are a sorry and sad example of the christianity you pretend to espouse!!

  68. You have twisted my words also. So turnabout is fair play!! If you can make a prediction then you obviously have some information, however you obtained it. Predictions don’t just drop out of the sky. So a prediction without any other way for me to see it, means that you have plans to see that I am gone by this time next year. So to make sure that your prediction comes true, you must be coming after me!! Simple logic!! And yes, the ten commandments DID just magically appear on some stone plates – according to your bible. I don’t believe in magic in any form. There is always some trickery involved, to fool us. And you have been greatly fooled. Imagine how foolish you will look next year at this time. Please take your “bible” and your “christ” and peddle your “fake news” somewhere else. I’m not buying it.

  69. Yes unborn babies have rights. I bet that Chris and Andrews parents are spinning in their graves. Its a shame that they did not have abortions so these two monsters would never have been born. I wonder if Andrew has had his girl friend get an abortion or two. She must feel pretty cheap knowing that Andrew finds her pretty enough to screw but not good enough to marry. Hopefully she will wise up and dump this looser. She must not have a very high opinion of herself

  70. You got that right. Call all Democrats BABY KILLERS. That is exactly what they are. Anyone who has a D after their voting history or is registered a Democrat is a baby killer. They support the Democrat Party. Baby killers! Baby killers! Baby killers!

  71. I agree 100% that Democrats are Baby Killers. But, someone keeps voting them into office, stop that and you will stop baby murders. Also, either give the women having the abortions a tubal ligation or a hysterectomy. That will solve the problem of having multiple abortions. You kill your baby that negates your right to ever have a child.

  72. When you go shopping or everywhere you go label all Democrats as BABY KILLERS. At the voting booth where ever you go label Democrats as Baby killers. Eventually over time they just might get the message. Stand with a sign All Democrats are baby killers especially where you vote. Get tee shirts made up with All Democrats are baby killers and wear them into voting booth. They cannot do anything to you for you are not saying who to vote for on your tee shirt. If they insist you take it off do not do it. If they refuse to let you vote because of your tee shirt get their names call your board of elections an sue them. You will win!

  73. What you are suggesting this person to do will cost a lot of money – printing signs, buying t-shirts and having them printed, etc, etc. Are you “chipping in” to help with the costs?? Just asking.

  74. You folks can sit an argue all day and all night long about abortions. Why are you sitting here arguing over babies being killed? Churches have been open in America for over 200+ years…why haven’t we all taken a stand and said ENOUGH? There are thousands of churches in this country and across the world. Where have we been all these years? Why do you think there are so many abortions? Because the evil people who want so badly to kill their unborn children work VERY, VERY hard every single day with politicians so that they don’t have to take responsibility for getting pregnant and having to raise that child! It’s so much easier to just kill that baby and walk away! But God sees every single thing and it’s all written down. One day, whether you believe it or not, we’ll all stand before God and give an account of our lives…what will you (or me) be able to say when we’re standing in front of God? The United States Of America is supposed to be the light of the world when it comes to Christianity. We are supposed to set the standard of goodness, faith, a true Christian faith…but we’ve failed. We have only one life to live, what have each one of us done to further God’s Kingdom? If we had been working as hard as the Liberal’s have been working so that they can kill babies, there would already be abortion bans in place all over this entire country. So far we’ve failed but today is a new day and we should rejoice and be glad in it. Who’s willing to stop the killing of unborn babies?

  75. This is all so stupid. There are no “babies being killed”. That is absolutely wrong. It is not a baby until it is born. And anyway the whole idea behind it all is simply to punish a woman for getting pregnant. There is no punishment for the man. Show me the punishment for the man involved and I will go along with your plans. Make the man a public example and embarrass him also for the pregnancy. It doesn’t take the churches to go along with the whole thing anyway. Abortion is still a legal medical procedure and should stay that way. Until men can get pregnant, the whole issue should be dropped.


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