Democrats’ disgraceful anti-police protests caused one major problem


The Democrats have gone to war with police officers.

Many have called for departments to be defunded entirely.

Now Democrats’ disgraceful anti-police protests caused one major problem.

The entire left-wing establishment has intensified its crusade against police officers.

Politicians, journalists, and entertainers have demonized police work based on a handful of viral incidents.

Blue cities have been particularly hostile toward the cops.

As a result, departments have experienced budget cuts and massive resignations/retirements while violent crime rises.

Asheville, North Carolina – a blue city in the traditionally red state – has lost 84 cops from a department that only has 219 people.

The consequence is that the police will no longer enforce certain crimes:

Crimes like burglary, vandalism, and simple assault will no longer be investigated.

When crimes like these proliferate, so do bigger crimes.

And as quality of life decreases, so do property value and community investment.

When businesses leave, tax revenue decreases, and neighborhoods begin to die.

This has been the cycle for several blue cities around the country.

Businesses eventually get tired of people stealing and law-abiding citizens get tired of being mugged.

High taxes and soft-on-crime policies will lead to the inevitable collapse of a community.

Despite mountains of evidence, Democrats repeat this cycle because they’re either ideologues or opportunists who live off of big government.

Meanwhile, their constituents suffer.

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