Democrat Governor who signed “abortion up to birth” into law sneaked by another outrageous bill


The Democrat Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, is still under fire for signing a pro-abortion bill into law making aborting babies legal right up until birth.

Now he’s back at it again signing another outrageous bill he thought no one would notice.

And you’ll be floored when you see what the new law entails.

After signing a pro-abortion bill that made aborting babies legal right up until birth, the Democrat Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, signed yet another so-called “progressive” law.

Cuomo signed the “Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act” which adds “gender identity and expression” to the list of legal protections like religion, race, sex, and age.

Now, New Yorkers could be charged with a hate crime, a felony in New York, for simply calling someone by the “wrong” pronouns.

Christian News writes:

Just days after enshrining in New York law the “right” for mothers to have their unborn children murdered, and in some cases, even up until birth, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has now signed two new bills into law: The Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA) adds “gender identity and expression” to existing prohibitions against discrimination in housing and employment, and likewise makes violent crimes or threats against a person on the basis of their “gender identity” a hate crime.

Cuomo told those gathered at the LGBT Community Center in Manhattan that the legislation he has signed in recent days puts forward a “different set of social values than what we see in Washington.”

“They say in Washington, ‘We’re going to appoint Supreme Court justices who can roll back Roe v. Wade, because we want to take us back 47 years ago …’ We say, ‘No. No. You want to take us back, we’re going forward. We’re going to pass a woman’s right to choose and put it into the law,’” he declared. “And I want a constitutional amendment so that no legislature or governor can change it.”

“The Supreme Court says, ‘You can discriminate against transgenders in the military.’ That’s what they said last week. We say today, ‘No, you can’t. You cannot discriminate against people by gender identity, period,’” Cuomo stated, again being met with enthusiastic applause.

The new New York law wagers serious consequences for institutions of all kinds.

For example, an all-women’s school can’t deny admission to a biological male who “identifies” as a female.

Transgenders can even be considered for elementary school sports coaching positions.

Free speech advocates have been warning Americans about the attacks from the LGBT cultural marxists.

One of those advocates is Dr. Jordan Peterson, the professor of psychology at the University of Toronto.

He lamented as Canada accepted a law that forced Canadians to refer to other people with their “preferred pronouns.”

And he has been warning Americans that if they are not careful, they could find themselves in the very same boat.

California first passed the “Gender Expression Non-Discrimination” Act in 2012.

But many brushed that off as the crazy “progressive” Californians doing what they do.

Now that the bill has passed New York as well, the nightmare of seeing the law pass all across America is a stark reality.

Should you be forced to call someone by their “preferred” pronouns? Sound off in the comments below.


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  2. What the heck is this world coming to? Murdering babies, and now calling him or her whatever. There are only two genders, male or female, so they should be called he or she, him or her, miss or mister, period! This world gets crazier by the minute.

  3. God created two genders, male and female and we will stand before Jesus to be judged as the gender we were born as. Satan will do anything he can to create chaos, and he is doing a good job of it.

  4. These freaks cannot force anyone to accept their perversion, no matter what they make us call them. God wins. They lose for eternity.

  5. Cuomo is a complete idiot. He should probably go work for CNN along with his brother. They are both morons. I just don’t understand what it is they hope to accomplish with all this nonsense and willful murder of innocent babies..

  6. Cuomo with the bills he passed for abortion and now these queers he’s just looking for voters! He’s just as sick as the queers are and so were the people that voted for him New York sucks! New York, California I don’t even consider them part of the US they’re all foreigners bunch of sickos along with the people that voted for them

  7. I agree with you JoAnn! California, then New York, which state comes next? Nothing but loonies running those states! There should be a law against them!! The devil’s ties seem to be running deeper and deeper in our country. God Help Us All!!

  8. Birth Abortion thought: I wonder if Cuomo realize’s that if it’s OK to kill a baby in the womb and now after its born… then it’s OK for anyone, to kill anybody, at any time, for any reason.

  9. New York is a beautiful state but we have the worst government…I wish they would leave so we could live in a civilized state… one that appreciates life from conception and male and female for gender…and our freedoms guaranteed by our constitution without all the politically correct nonsense….I am disgusted with it all…our governor should be impeached….

  10. I have heard that New York has banned the DEATH PENALTY . Yet they believe in the DEATH PENALTY just before or after a child has been born. What the hay. The child has killed nobody–yet there are murderers in prison who they will not terminate their life. Do you see anything wrong with their way of thinking?

  11. What the Left is creating is more hatred for all the people they are trying to protect. This is wrong and it’s also hurting some very good people. The Left is creating a craziness that we may never recover from. God help us all.

  12. No, no, no!!! I will not refer to a man as ‘her or she”. A felony? Who are you trying to kid? If you put me in jail, I will sue all you ding-bat liberals. I have a Trans son. I was thrown out of his life because I wouldn’t refer to him as “she” and call him by his new name. If I wouldn’t do it for my own son, I won’t do it for anyone. If they think they are a dog, do I have to call them Fido, and walk them on a leash so they can do their business? Don’t make me the crazy one. I know what’s real and what’s not. You can pretend men are women, women are supposed to marry women and men, men. And that babies don’t deserve to live, and Christians and conservatives have no rights. In fact, everybody has rights in America, except Americans. Especially conservative Americans. Muslims are favored over Christians, even though this is a Christian nation. Read the papers our forefathers wrote. God and His word are woven throughout them. In the first part of our history, the bible was taught in schools. Prayer was an important part of school and government. If you think not knowing God will excuse you from judgement, you’re wrong.

  13. You are right….there are loonies running both Calif. and New York…but please remember that not everyone is behind what is going on. I was born, raised and have lived all my life (76 years) in Calif. and I totally disagree with everything the liberals in this state are doing. But sadly, many good people have left the state so we are outnumbered, and then of course we have all the illegals who are voting for liberals.

  14. If you are born a male you will die a male if you were born female you will die female God makes NO MISTAKES READ PSALMS 139 completely and be warned God is in CONTROL and IN GOD WE TRUST this NATION IS ONE NATION UNDER GOD AND NOT UNDER LIBERALS OR DEMONCRATS LIKE CUOMO HE IS A SERVANT OF SATAN YES HE IS AMEN AND AMEN.

  15. Cuomo is as “bonkers” as Brown was, is! As far as California or New York goes, these two states were in a competition to see who can do the craziest, most outlandish things. Well, it feels like New York won with their abortion/murder laws for late term babies. For the cities and states that fancy themselves as sanctuary states or cities and do not recognize federal laws, remove all funding from these states and cities. They want to stand alone? Give them the right to stand alone and without funding! Late term abortions? let the mother decide if that baby is a human being? At least that’s what it seems but in actuality, it is nothing but outright murder!

  16. I agree with you CAROL. I live in Upstate New York and have never seen anything like what the hell is going on in our world and I will be 72 next week.

  17. Complete idiot is mild. Cuomo should be thrown off of the Mario Cuomo Bridge. He is a dictator. He lost
    47 of 62 counties in New York State. They still call NY blue? Maybe the City. I am an Agnostic, Republican white male and am for womens’ rights, gay rights trans rights gun rights,etc. I am against banning anything but Cuomo goes to far. Extending abortion time and interfering with free speech is taking away rights. The progressives have gone to far. Cuomo takes it to a new level. Is a new Civil War in the making? Look at the direction these politicians are taking us. Damn scary.

  18. You folks are absolutely correct, just wait when these SO SELF adoring ???? Governors or big time leaders HAVE to go to face their & our CREATOR, I would like to see their SMART ASS expressions then. Then they will give excuses & blame everybody??? That will be TOO late BIG Boys, take your earnings to the Place with the Devil. This time is coming, this is Not a Joke!!

  19. He is defiantly the wrong gender, he is A JACK ASS!!! What A stupid thing to try and in force!! Freedom of speech says I can think anything I want! And I think he will not last long as as Governor!!!

  20. Cuomo is a low life scumbag! The democrat party today is the party of DEATH, FREAKS, and other assorted low life pond scum! They should all be rounded up and charged with sedition and thrown the hell out of America!

  21. I can’t believe that woman have dropped so low as to hail this baby killing law. No sense of responsibility, just terminate a life when you can’t use it as a way to get extra welfare or the baby’s daddy interested in being a provider. Then we have dummies voting for the OAC of the world and who wants Pelosi? And who feels that a MAGA hat is dangerous. It says what it means. Make America Great Again. It takes a moron to think it stands for racism etc always an excuse that is a big laugh for anyone with a brain. And schools that teach kindergarten that queer is good? Give me s break. I’ll teach my kids what I feel they need for a good life no crisis at wall? Get scabies and we’ll ask you then. I’m so sick of this attitude that is dividing this country as never before. Get rid of illegals or stop supporting them. America let’s its veterans die but a crime by someone that can’t even talk our language is rewarded? Our I Q must be in the Democrat toilet. If we have a civil war then let it come. I’ve had it

  22. Read Revelation in GODS HOLY BIBLE!
    Every evil thing going on today, is written in there! It’s been written for YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS!!!! Think about that!!!
    JESUS IS COMING SOON!!! Are you ready?
    Do you know HIM? Where will you spend eternity after you die? Get ready people!

  23. Right on point!!!!! Thank GOD there are still people with common sense!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! GOD help us to do our part to bring common sense to these very evil and ignorant people. They are destroying America!!!!

  24. I just don’t understand a mother killing her baby whether she is a Democrat or Republician. Nothing in the world is closer than a mother and her baby.

  25. I am so sorry that you have chosen to disown your son. You will be the loser in the end!! Shame on you.

  26. Satan is aggressively push his sinful agenda to build his kingdom. Ignorant Christian bigots and atheists are helping him. Sadly religious churches are silent. The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”.

  27. THis governor seems to think that New York isn’t a part of the UnitedStates, and actions of their legislature take precedence over the Supreme Court, and the Congress. I have NEWS for him, that is just NOT the case. I HOPE someone will challenge both these laws to the Supreme Court, and prove it to him, and the legislature of the state of New York.
    If a person can be arrested for a hate crime for using the ‘wrong’ pronoun for a person who has deluded himself into thinking he can change his gender, then we are DONE as a free country.

  28. If some dude tells me he’s the Queen of England and demands that I address him as “Her Highness” or “Your Majesty,” I’m just not going to do it.

    As for other Trannies, if facing a New York felony for using the wrong pronoun, I will not use pronouns at all. Instead, I will refer to them only by first or last name, or maybe by rank.

  29. Thank God I don’t live in New York!! I would be arrested already! These people don’t get it. No matter what they call themselves or God always wins in the end!

  30. Are we supposed to read their minds? This would require they tell us unless it would be like federal sexual harassment. repeated AND unwelcome.

  31. The Dems have lost their minds. They are going to find that very few Americans support their idiotic policies.

  32. Hillary, we know you are behind all that is going on. Murder, Killing Racism, Anti-Semitism, Abortion, Infanticde, Prostitution, Pimpery.

  33. You are so right!
    And now we have people in Congress calling for the abolition of Israel and supporting Isis.
    We need to get a grip on this NOW!!

  34. Yes, yes, we all find these crazy laws rediculous & offensive but what are we doing about it…. not much. The crazies come out to vote in huge numbers, even though they are the minority, they march, make noise, etc, to elect politicians of their choice… what do we do? We stay home for whatever reason (too cold outside, too hot, too wet, etc) & miss the vote. Ergo, a crazy or prostitute politician gets elected. Who is to blame? Us! We must make up our minds to thoroughly check out the candidates & then get out & vote for the best one for us (the normals)

  35. I just use “dude” don’t care what you are them lgbtq or what ever your just a bunch of “IT’S” not a man or woman fakes all of you. There is nothing real about any of you GOD made you DON’T MESS WITH GOD ,you’ve been worn.

  36. “Worn” – would that be worn like a coat, or warned – as in given a warning?? You folks are so much fun!!

  37. Can’t blame anyone else but the voters as they keep voting in these idiots besides he freely proclaimed he was communist. Tells you a lot about what kind of characters live in New York doesn’t it.

  38. I totally agree Laneta! Born, raised, raised my kids, now grandkids here in CA. We the remaining remnant continue to ride this liberal storm until sanity or our Lord and Savior (preferably the later) returns.

  39. AJ, I agree. We need to stop this insanity now before it’s tentacles take hold in our national culture. The first thing we need to do is get rid of the agents of evil like this thug Cuomo and his crime family.

  40. And call that killing an abortion because that person had something “wrong” with them. That will make murder legal for everyone, right?

  41. I lived on Long Island for over 60 years,I now reside in Florida.Get Rid of Governor huomo,I mean Coumo before he kills NY all together.The man is a sick demon and works only for the Money not Women or equality.How can he look in the mirror at himself after condemning so many little ones.I doubt I’ll ever live in NY any more just to be buried.All HELL is braking loose.I’ll Bet Cuomo is on Clintons payroll.

  42. Now we have Moonbeam’s protege — Newsom to deal with. He’s as evil, if not worse than Moonbeam. Give Moonbeam Jr a chance and he’ll make it legal to “abort” a 10 year old because the 10 year old’s mom “decided” she really wanted an abortion 10 years prior, but wanted to “try” to have the child in her life.

  43. Praying for that day to come sooner than later!
    I agree, smoking or non-smoking section? I’ll stick with the non-smoking, much more joyous to think about. 🙂

  44. Well, what do you expect from an APE, but I must say even Apes know which to breed, which is King of the Jungle, etc…

  45. Concerned American. You are right on the money. I wonder how many of our progressive “leaders” have given any thought to why so many unbalanced people resort to mass shooting to express their grievances. Could it have anything to do with devaluing the sanctity of human life? It easier for them to blame an inanimate object like a gun.

  46. We can always refer to them as “it” or “they” which I believe would be more appropriate when you can’t read someone’s mind as to what they think they are.

    And I suggest New York/California students, businesses, clients, customers, employees can always show what they think of their politicians and their warped laws by using their feet and walk, no, run away. I can’t believe any person or organization with common, decent sense would want to live, learn or work in such a state.

  47. Bella0609, totally agree with your comment. Thinking about getting the hell out of the place where I was born and brought up. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. May Cuomo and the rest that agree with his dictatorship rot & burn in hell where they belong. They certainly don’t believe in God and there is a nice warm place just waiting for them.

  48. If we don’t stand up now we will NOT survive. Survival starts at the local level, then county, state, and then national. There’s an organization called Convention of States (COS). I really believe they are on track for what we need. Check it out.

  49. Laneta, I have lived in NYS for 72-years. I was born and brought-up here in an upstate small village on the Barge Canal. I used to shutter to think of moving away from home, but I really don’t see much of a future in remaining in this state for the little years I may have left. Most of my family have moved to FL & SC where taxes are much lower. CUOMO does nothing to help us people in Upstate NY. Cost of living and taxes in this state are outrageous, especially for the senior citizens that own their own house. WHERE IN GODS NAME DO THEY FIND THESE PEOPLE LIKE CUOMO, PELOSI, SCHUMMER? UNBELIEVABLE TO SAY THE LEAST.

  50. These people who are so messed up in their heads that they think they are the opposite sex are sad. They do not become male or female after the surgeries and hormone treatments. They are still just messed up. Their suicide rate is higher than it is even in the homosexual community which is higher than the rate of suicide in the straight community. When they damage their body it does not solve their problems and they have gone down the road of no return. After they discover that they still have the same problems, then some of them decide to end it.

  51. Cuomo is just another hit man on the Soros/Obama/Clinton payroll. These three and the vast anti-American organization they have, have created every problem in America since the bought Obama election in 2008, 2012. These three are tied to Saudia Arabia and that’s just the start. Trump needs to distance himself from the Saudi’s and let Israel take care of business over there.

  52. CONCERNED AMERICAN, you have a right to be concerned. You are NOT alone. Many people are saying the same thing. They are wondering what gives CUOMO the right to make that decision of abortion at full term LEGAL. My God! Breaks my heart, especially since I lost my 3-babies that I couldn’t carry to full term due to surgery I had to have at the age of 12 & 14 to correct a double uterus that I was born with so that I would be able to have a normal pregnancy which didn’t turn out. I lost those babies in my 3rd trimester and almost died myself because I caught a staph infection in the hospital 2 out of the 3 pregnancies. I hope to see those babies when I reach heaven. They have NEVER been forgotten. May those women that have abortions later in their pregnancies rot in hell unless it was a life saving situation. My heart has been broken all of these years and NOW you have a woman with a normal pregnancy that can KILL HER BABY. These people are NOT human at all. I have more love and respect for my animals than these women who choose to ABORT. I am sure there is a nice hot place for you people in THE NEAR FUTURE..

  53. If there is any decent people in NY they better impeach Fire drag him out on a rail force him to resign and anyone else that went along with this garbage all need eradicated from government and banned for life with no severance no retirement no nothing they are vile evil politicians and need eradicated immediately same for those in Washington that are going against Our Constitution as Written they are Traitors and have to be eradicated and no severance no benefits of any kind including retirement Build The Wall and the best in the World go deep so no tunnels electricity to it with censer every 12 inch

  54. I have always said you can do what to like as long as it does not adversely affect others. Now this alphabet soup organization has crossed that line. I’ll call ‘em as I see ‘em. New York laws be damned.

  55. Now it’s clear there cannot be another Democrat into office, ANY OFFICE because Satan has them. There has to be many in New York just wanting to get out of that Hell Hole. High taxes, sin running rampant who in their right mind would want to live like that?

  56. IT is easy to ask a question of somebody and use the WRONG gender name just because of their looks and I would say almost everybody would at some time talking to somebody could use the WRONG gender name because of the way some of those Transgender people dress.
    Even if a person use a gender neutral name trying to talk to people could make some Transgender person and make them very MAD because they might NOT like what they were called even if it was NOT gender specific enough because it was TOO unspecific but WRONG.

  57. Just knowing this SOB will burn for eternity in HELL is good enough for me for now !!! Too bad Cuomo’s mother did not abort him at the last minute and do us all a favor!!!

  58. Those that support the murdering of babies in and after leaving the womb, will give court arguments in future murder trials. Those that support the sinful agenda of Satan’s LGBQT will also NOT enter into God’s Kingdom. Getting Man’s laws to justify social sinful behaviors, and nullify God’s Laws will only get you a place in Hell.
    I would rather live my life as if there is a God,
    And die to find out there isn’t,
    Than live my life as if there isn’t,
    And die to find out there is.

  59. Let’s all call for the resignation of the Governor of New York. Let’s all get together and demand that he is removed. Impeach the governor
    Of New York. Get that Governor GONE!

  60. Yes, we need to do something about this crazinous! But what??? Elections are over and the nuts are back in power. They are not going to listen to us! There seems to be no solutions to this fiasco. Tell me what I can do as an individual and I will. In the meantime I just weep for our country.

  61. As they support abortion even after birth, they are the ones who should be aborted. Retroactively. That would solve two problems at once. Rid us of adults who can’t think and remove the chances of them passing on their genes.

  62. So the next time there is an accident and a woman who is pregnant dies, NY cannot bring charges against the driver for two deaths. Nor can they charge the driver for the death of the unborn even if the mother survives. Let that happen to one of their relatives and see how fast they howl about it being murder or homicide. And better yet, why not bring charges against the Gov and his legislators for every abortion performed where the woman’s life is not endangered. Because you have now said that no matter how old the baby is, by your permission, they can be killed. And that makes you an accomplice in murder.

  63. As they made abortion after birth legal, get his mom to abort him now. By the way, when they passed this new law, they did not remove the old law that said killing of a baby was murder. So the Gov has blood on his hands and along with the Legislatures who voted for it should be arrested as accomplices to murder.

  64. Sooo sad that our world has come to this. If the republicans had some gonads in the last 20 years by speaking up for normality in our civilization, we would not be in this dire situation. Hillary’s getting away with her email hypocrisy Roger Stones absurd arrest, infanticide, gay marriage. , calling 10 year old girls boys because they feel like that. Ridiculous. Trump is trying to bring some real sense to our lives. Where did these idiots come from.

  65. This gender thing is simple. If you have any doubt what gender someone is just address them as(Ass Hole). They will understand.

  66. You have to understand that NYS governor Andrew M. Cuomo is a Communist and he is doing exactly what communists do; the total destruction of morality. This is exactly what destroyed great nations of the past in ancient history. So Andrew M. Cuomo being just as stupid as his father was….destroy the state’s MORALITY and economic system just like his father did. The people that follow Andrew M. Cuomo are no better than the tyrant that leads them. They are the parasites in the State of New York with no moral values!

    USAF (RET)

  67. Every State in the Union “should” have a RECALL in their State’s Constitution; it’s the only protection beside the Second Amendment to rid ourselves of tyrants from holding public office even if elected to such official office.

    USAF (RET)

  68. So if Andrew Cuomo’s father destroyed all the morals in the state of New York, what is there left for Jr. to do??
    Seems if something is once destroyed , if can’t regenerate. Please explain this.

  69. FBA – wait a minute. It was tRumpy himself that said he could shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue and no one would care. He is so sure of his supporters that he could make that claim!! tRumpy himself is the one promoting gun violence.

  70. Unfortunately, we don’t have the quality of people like our earlier immigrants who came to America with nothing but whatever they were abled to carry, and their desire to assimilate to Americanism. These early immigrants went to night school after a hard day’s work to learn American history, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence; all in preparation for their citizenship and the right to vote.

    Today’s morons living on our nation’s milk and honey know nothing of American history or its Constitution, and yet, these morons are allowed to vote; and this is the reason why our Republic is heading down toward the toilet.

    USAF (RET)

  71. tRumpy wants those same “quality” people even today!! He would like them to all be blond and blue-eyed, like people from the Scandinavian countries!! So your assessment of those “quality” people fits fight in with your “hero”, tRunpy!!

  72. Maybe it will soon become law not to designate parents as mothers and fathers – – – – perhaps Cuomo had no father but just a sperm donor ????

  73. As long as the Communist Democratic Party is in power; there is no “regeneration” until a second civil war is waged to regain our Founding Fathers’ principles.

    Just keep in mind that the Democratic Party “IS” the Communist Party in America. There are two obstacles standing in the way of the Democratic Party…. the United States Constitution and its Second Amendment.

    USAF (RET)

  74. Nancy, Try not to inject a subject into a response not otherwise found therein as an attempt to sound intelligent.

    USAF (RET)

  75. When the doctor told the woman at the delivery table to “push,” Andrew M. Cuomo came out the wrong end.

    USAF (RET)

  76. It’s really interesting how the word police of Culture Watch censor legitimate comments they don’t agree with. I’m going to spam Culture Watch mail and they better stop sending me mail or I’ll just have to sue them.

  77. God said “thou shalt not murder” (learn some Hebrew). That doesn’t mean stop capital punishment, which is what needs to be done in these cases where murder (abortion) is committed. I believe that means people who justify murder also.

  78. You are correct Michael. And, those times have arrived, but most of us can’t see what is happening. And, even more frightening, they can’t see how fast it is happening.

  79. Nancy, it is idiots like you that will move to ban the sale of red paint when you hear some drunk say he is going to paint the town red tonight. The Master Sargent is absolutely correct and you know it; you just want to argue because you are a leftist dumb-ass.

  80. The same end Hitler had hoped to attain with his attempt to create the perfect race. Abortion is an attempt to exterminate blacks and other undesirables, people of certain color, people with physical disabilities, the elderly, and on and on. That is what the Democrat party is all about. Who kept discrimination going after the Civil War?

  81. I agree with you Yank, 200%. STOP THE FUNDING. This is a free country, but decent people should have the right to not support evil. That is also freedom, and it is my choice too.

  82. Well now that’s just stupid. The Democratic party is not the communist party in any way, shape or form. Where do you get this asinine information anyway?? Just look at tRumpy and see that he is hell-bent to dissolve our government and proclaim himself president-for-life!! In other words dictator-in-chief. He wants to run every department in this country – no congress at all!! He thinks he has the best ideas, the best way to do everything – he knows more than everyone else, he knows more than even the generals do!! He knocks the intelligent community – he won’t listen to any of his advisors, only Fox and Friends. That’s where he gets his information – I wouldn’t call it news at all. This country is in a sad state all due to tRumpy!!

  83. That’s another stupid statement – both the rectum/anus and the vagina are at the bottom end of a female. Would you mean that he should somehow be born out of her mouth??

  84. Of course I want to argue!! Isn’t that what we all are doing?? You folks on here are all of the same mind and someone has to shake things up a bit. This appears to be just the “good old boys” network where you continually slap each other on the back and agree and agree. You need to hear from someone who simply doesn’t agree with you!!

  85. Either way – it is wrong to lose a child. So sad also. Don’t let all these other folks tell you what to do. It is your child and your right to love and stand by your child!!

  86. Soon you won’t be able to show your disgust by your facial expression for “the lifestyle”. When that becomes an offense, Orwell’s prediction of “face crime” will be a reality!

  87. New York and California are CLONED states.. CRAZEE……… they come up with the most insane things to do and say………… how are these idiots voted into officce? Are they smoking funny weed and drinking that weird “kool-aid”? In NY it must be all the cold weather and in CA… its all the dope they are consuming… geeeezzz laweezzzzzzzzz

  88. Welcome to Fascist / Communist New York State. It resembles Germany of late 1930’s and early 1940’s. Where is the Catholic Church on this one. Silent.

  89. You are so right. This is all so sad to see and hear. Pray. That is what I do.
    Pray. We must not sell our souls for anything.

  90. MSGT John Correa I agree totally with your comments,Nancy sounds like a two year old with her asinine comments. She and her ilk are the problem we have in our Country today. As a Veteran like you I still know how to use a rifle and if need be I’m prepared to defend my Country and Constitution which the oath I took said to defend the UnitedStates from all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC and I still live by that oath.

  91. America is losing her conscience. If the good people of the country do not stand up and say enough already and elect decent men into our legislative branches we will great suffer the consequences. Sodom & Gomorrah is right around the corner.

  92. This gender crap is just that. Crap. Men identifying as woman and women as men as well as unknown genders is a choice these people make. These are the choices of the GODLESS. Unfortunately these choices will have ramifications. GOD is not mocked by claiming HE made a mistake. My advise to these people. Repent and turn to JESUS CHRIST.

  93. This Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo must be a flaming Quear if he is marching holding the Quear Flag? He is the Quear Baby killer.

  94. When the first baby dies because of this bill Andrew Cuomo needs to be charged with 1st Degree Murder and put into prison with no Bail because he would be flight risk.

  95. The two party system has become what George Washing said it would happen. Battle lines drawn two powerful parties have usurped the reigns of government.

  96. It is unclear if Cuomo is pushing for DemocratPartyFanticide or DemocratPartysuicide.

    Either way with the help of other Democrats in government offices help one or the other is in the wind.

    The 2020 elections will show this has occured. Voters eyes are being opened and their vision clearing to 20/20 vision in regards to what their goals are!

  97. This is what happens when they open the doors to Bellevue State Mental Institution and let the guest of same roam freely.

  98. The vapid bimbo wont stop attacking you despite the fact you are correct and she is insanely and arrogantly ignorant. Sadly the 1st protects this bimbo’s right to spew her feces. Dear Nancy Alexander , how does it feel to be so arrogantly ignorant? Seriously…does it hurt or is it true that ignorance is bliss?

  99. Madame? you need to STFU and sit down before your stupid overwhelms you. You are the product of indoctrination and thank God you are still the minority and thanks to your child murder, will stay one.

  100. “Should you be forced to call someone by their “preferred” pronouns?” If you don’t know the person, how are you supposed to know what they want to be called? Is the government going to issue a handbook so those of us not up-to-date on “trans-this” and “trans-that” can stay informed? Maybe the State of New York can run some Public Service Announcements on TV to educate the public on who wants to be called whatever. This is crazy. Yet another reason to completely stay out of New York State.

  101. what the hell !! I don’t even understand this idiot.
    C C ‘s remark is the only thing that made sense to me.
    Soo do thes people want to be called neuter or nuties
    Or what.

  102. Then this same moron makes a very stupid statement like — people are leaving New York because of a Federal Law — that deals with housing caps. My wife and I have decided to leave NY because of the complete corruption of the demoSCUM government in this state. We can no longer deal with the likes of this moron,gillibrand,schumer,deblasio and now a new AG who’s only agenda, by her own admission, is take down our President. I thought a state AG’s concern should be the state she is representing. We have had enough of this total corruption, taxes and demoTRASH garbage.

  103. Well you better get ready – as tRumpy is the domestic enemy within!! He wants to run this country as his own little kingdom. He gives the orders and everyone bows and cowtows to him!!

  104. Maybe not, but I do know when tRumpy speaks you all believe and hang on his every word. Except when you choose to look the other way!! Hypocrits much!!

  105. I am not a moron, and I am sure not going to hell, as it doesn’t even exist – except maybe in your mind!! Perhaps you could plead the insanity defense??

  106. Well if that is what he meant, why didn’t he say so?? I didn’t know that you had to interpret what someone else writes!

  107. This isn’t rocket science! It’s simple biology and you CANNOT change that no matter who you are! Male and female. Nothing more, nothing less! It amazes me how these idiotic morons allow power to go to their head that makes them think they are God and can change things with their signature on a piece of paper.

  108. The Demoncrats are the very ones that want open borders with drugs, illegal aliens and sex trafficking going on. They are all for “free stuff” for everyone, kill your babies up till the day they are born, maybe even after they’re born. They welcome in Muslims who believe in Sharia Law, people who won’t assimilate into our culture as the immigrants did years ago coming through Ellis Island. There is absolutely no doubt that this is the Communist Party coming into take control of America! Donald Trump is trying to save America, of that I have no doubt. Wake up America before your kids and grandkids live under Communist Rule and have no freedoms any longer!!!!

  109. The very best word to obtain gender neutrality no matter sex, lgtbt or any age
    is “Comrade.”

    Comrade Stalin learned this name from COA.

  110. We sure do need to “get this country back on track”. tRumpy has certainly taken us down the wrong path. We need to get busy now before it’s too late. It way already be too late.

  111. Our country was on the wrong track thanks to Bill & Hillary,Obama and idiots like you. Trump is fixing them listen to the truth not the garbage CNN spews out daily.

  112. Sorry hon, but you are the real idiot indeed. You listen to Fox and believe all their lies.
    This country was in fine shape after Bill Clinton and Obama. But you forgot to mention that George Bush was in there between Clinton and Obama and what he did or didn’t do for our country. So what about Bush? Or are you the real idiot here now???

  113. More proof, what GOD made Man has learned to destroy. Society is doing their best Crucifying us all with their satanic morals.

  114. Mam – society – is also destroying the earth, by continuing to burn fossil fuels. But most folks don’t even want to consider that. It’s all for profit. This earth as we know it won’t be habitable by the end of this century. What a wonderful “gift” we are leaving for our grandchildren and beyond!! NOT!!!

  115. You are a MORON!!! obama was the worst president ever. he & michael obama were a disgrace to this country & people like you just add to this. Grow-up!!!

  116. I assure you Mike, that I am very grown up. President Obama was the best president we have ever had. Compared to trumpsky, President Obama is the “stable genius”. trumpsky is absolutely tangled up with the Russians and should be tried as a traitor to this country.

  117. When I was a little boy there was an organization called The John Birch Society that said that fluoridation was a Communist plot to destroy the minds America youth many people said it was just a conspiracy theory now you can see for yourselves that the Birchers were right!

  118. Cuomo needs to be voted out of office he is a disaster his abortion and gender bills are disgraceful and that is putting it mildly. Here is a Governor who did nothing when Amazon was going to build in NY State which meant jobs all because a 1st yr congresswoman ROC did everything she could to stop this. I would like to know how he let this happen and didn’t shut her down as New Yorkers pay one of the highest taxes in the country. He should help rather than spend his time on immoral bills

  119. Stupid and sick, Nancycalifornia s Governor has about 700convicted murderes awaiting. He violates our state constitution, with his refusing to enforce it.


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