David Letterman’s attack against the President may be the most offensive insult you’ve heard from a celebrity yet


David Letterman is doing everything he can to remain relevant after his departure from his late-night show.

But he may have just made a huge mistake.

Letterman went on a rant about President Trump that will leave you in shock.

It’s no secret David Letterman is a Leftist celebrity.

He spent his entire career on TV portraying current events on his comedy show with a clear left-wing agenda.

But now that his late-night show is over, he is desperately trying to remain relevant.

Which may explain why Letterman sank to a new low with these personal attacks against the President.

In a new interview, David Letterman called the President “psychotic” and a “soulless bastard”.

He then went on to question his motives and used his personal relationship with him to throw him under the bus.

Breitbart reports:

Former late-night host David Letterman ratcheted up his personal attacks of President Donald Trump in an interview released on Monday, calling him both “psychotic” and a “soulless bastard.”

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter‘s “Awards Chatter” podcast, David Letterman attempted to distance himself from the president, who he had on his late-night programs — NBC’s Late Night With David Letterman and CBS’ The Late Show With David Letterman — over 30 times between 1982 and 2015.

“More than 30?” Letterman said surprisingly when reminded how many times President Trump appeared on his programs. “Wow! You’re welcome, America.”

“I think he just liked being on TV. I had no sense that he was the soulless bastard that he’s turned into,” he then said in a serious tone.

David Letterman’s latest insults are nothing more than an attempt to grab attention and make headlines.

Celebrities are all trying to “one up” each other by showing how much they despise Trump.

But the American people are getting sick of it.

Letterman’s career is in the tank.

And trust in the media is at an all-time low.

David Letterman should apologize for his offensive rant against President Trump and retire from his pathetic career in comedy.

What do you think about Letterman’s anti-Trump comments?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


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  2. No one is soulless. God gives everyone a soul. Some people, however, such as David Letterman – aren’t going to like where their soul will spend eternity. Time to check in with God and just where you stand Mr. Letterman.

  3. David Letterman is a Godless lib. Jesus will be his final judge. He best examine his own soul and where he will spend eternity. Pres. Trump has a soul, as does everyone else, and Letterman has no control over it.

  4. David Letterman has always wanted to be the next Johnny Carson, boy did he ever fail!!! He is not funny and is so far left, he doesn’t even realize how far out of the real world he really is. What a clueless individual who doesn’t even live in the real world of normal true American patriots. What a joke.

  5. I guess old man Davie is lonely these days…maybe he’ll do the right thing & have a heart attack & die. ….oh wait, my bad, he don’t have a heart

  6. Didn’t like him or find him funny on the Letterman show.He came across as arrogant joke. Coudn’t hold a candle to Johnny Carson.He is just a has been. Oh I’m sorry. He’s a never was.But these TV shows keeps giving these Liberals air time just to spew their hate against Trump.This is why I don’t watch regular TV anymore.I refuse to support the Democrat B.S.

  7. Dave is entitled to his opinion, just like the rest of us… My question is “Why would I, or anyone else for that matter, give a rats @$$ what Dave thinks?” Who freakin’ cares?

    Just like they don’t care what I think… This country puts too much credence into what certain people think… He was an entertainer, PERIOD… That is all… and quite frankly, IMHO, not a very good one! That is why NBC passed on him and opted for Leno instead!

    He needs to go back into the mountains…

  8. I seem to remember this old fart doing something to a young girl on his CBS late nite show…….and then she was magically off the show. How much did that cost him???? BIG COVERUP THERE!………His new look? Go play Father Time! He has hit rock bottom! MAGA!!!

  9. Letterman is an over the hill comedian/ass__le. His mind, if he ever had one , has left him. Just another wannabe elitist with a bunch of money. Typical dumb ass!!!

  10. For now celebrities are protected with their money, huge fenced homes, gated communities, guards – bodyguards. Whatever happens they’re unlikely to be affected. The middle class/working class needs to protect themselves and their families. They need to keep their jobs, their homes and their freedom and not let America become a third world country. We’re becoming aliens in our own country. Politics won’t affect them for a while and they should be pleased instead of stirring up dissension. Hopefully most of the middle class / working class will have the wisdom to ignore them and research, watch national news and see what’s really going on.

  11. He ie. Letterman,was always the “souless”… whenever he did his show. i never liked him and he is so weak minded that He is incapable of forming any kind of opinion about anyone. Just let him fade away all by himself.Show him no credibility at all by even acknowledging his tripe.

  12. We have never taken you seriously, Letterman nor did we think you are funny! This much hatred must eat away at your brain and you may not have any good cells left! What a pity!!

  13. Didn’t care for the show or him and glad he is off the air. What he says now is irrelevant I’m just surprised he hasn’t thrown his hat in the ring to muddy up the waters for the dems.

  14. I used to watch Letterman before his retirement, I never was overly excited about his show, but I have absolutely no use for his replacement Steven Colbert!! Matter of fact all of the so called night time comics should be fired and never rehired. I would not stop there either, I would clean house in every news media company we have and “FLUSH ALL OF THEM DOWN THE SWAMP DRAIN!!!

  15. Isn’t it HILARIOUS how they have to one-up each other to prove they’re the cream of the COMRADE crop, just to get work these days ? If they don’t denounce Trump from the minute they wake up, ’til the minute their eyes close at night, you don’t see or hear about ’em anymore. Sad, SICK state of affairs these days, huh ??? Comrade Obama was praised for EVERY LITTLE THING HE DID, while doing NOTHING CONSTRUCTIVE for the Country. Trying his best to DESTROY it, actually. Then comes Trump, doing EVERYTHING he can think of to HELP US & THIS is how he’s treated. It just P!$$E$ ME OFF to NO end…….

  16. Ditto with all the above comments. And I will add a comment dummy Dave once said about those who disliked the previous president. And I quote: Like him or not, he is our president so we all should support him because nobody wants America to fail. Come on you brain dead life form, you said it,now live it !!!’

  17. Trump call almost everyone out of there name so is this right for God sake he is the president of the USA vote people.

  18. I never did see him as funny or humorous. More stupid childish nonsense. Unfortunately a lot of people watched him because of the same low level mentality.

  19. If there was ever any question where Letterman’s heart is he certainly exposed the real person he really is. A radical hater and a lover of Islam. Letterman die soon before you step on your pecker again.

  20. David letterman was never funny and is still proving that. He is a jerk and who really cares what he thinks. But I resent ANYONE attacking my president. MAGA.

  21. You have to be a “soulless bastard” (thick skinned) to endure all the hate-filled name calling of the far left. They think it’s their God-given duty to despise a president elected by the fly-over country.

  22. What a pompous and classless prick this DL dude is. Like most Hollywood celebrities, he should disembark from his high moral pedestal and apply all those demeaning terms he used on President Trump to himself. He should think of himself as a leech during the times when he was depending on Trump to boost his ratings. This indecent slob should just melt away in a pit of fire.

  23. Still, after two + years trying to identify all these character traits, bigotry and well soullessness the president displays? And I pay attention….
    Hollywood, the Media and especially the Democrat Party have truly conspired to LIE and DESTROY this president and our nation.
    This is how sick the Democrat party has become, this is the diseased party Barack Obama left America with. They’ve gone past the point of no return…..

  24. The sad thing is that America did fail under the Obama Administration but Dave was not aware of it with all his millions. Obama kowtowed to the Hollywood crowd so they thought he was a GOD of some kind. Trump is trying to bring this country back to a semblance of what it once was until the Democrat Communists took over. If we don’t stop the Democrats and their open door policy, their give-away policy, their Godless policy, we will sink.

  25. Speaking of Offensive Insults, Nothing Compares In Offensives like the past Insults CRAZY donald & D for Dumb trump has produced out of His, Fat, Stupid, Stinking & Sick Minded Mouth! Let’s see if that Oval Office INSANE IDIOT, that Walking, Talking Pile of CRAP can take it as well as he dishes it out?

  26. “But the American people are getting sick of it.” The American people ARE already “…sick of it…”, but leave the Dems alone. They are digging their graves!

    They have no one to run against Trump and the more they snipe at his heels, the more pathetic they look. They have already dug their own graves, let them now cut their own throats!

  27. Obama was the BEST MUSLIM TERRIOST PRESIDENT WE EVER HAD. He gave millions to terriost countries. Oh SORRY I WAS WRONG

  28. Wow! Papa Smurf is still above room temperature. He NEVER got over losing the Tonight Show gig to Jay Leno. Did not care for his wise ass demeaner. Sadly, his shtick has proven to be the templet for what passes now as late night entertainment. He’s turned into a bitter old man.
    On the flip side, I really enjoy watching Jay Leno’s Garage.

  29. What’s really hypocritical about this is that Letterman had Donald Trump on his show more than 30 times. Why would you EVER put a soulless “ba$tard” on your show that many times? You wouldn’t. Obviously, he didn’t have that opinion of Mr. Trump then, but now David is mindlessly jumping on the left’s Trump-bashing train. This is a guy with zero loyalty. Note that there is NEVER any substance to what these bashers state. They just spew their acidic name-calling, much as a 5 year old would do (one with bad up-bringing). Letterman is stooping to new lows.

  30. Hi, here we are hand & hand again ????
    We don’t have time to watch TV Linda, we’re much too busy trying to do our little part in MAGA
    I Love me sum Trumpster!

  31. Right on, lee. GOD did Indeed give anybody both a soul & a Brain but in the case of CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump, GOD decided in His Supreme Wisdom to recycle both the soul of a HOUSEFLY & the Brain Of a BRAYING (HEE HAWING) JACKASS in the body of a (human being)?

  32. The popular people in Hollywood are working hard to promote the deviant lifestyles of their community and convert children to their twisted thinking and sick life. Thank God this idiot has been silenced by removal from TV. When you look into the major cities of California you can see what their policies produce. Filth, homeless beggars, polluted streets, and criminal safety zones.

  33. If I were President Trump, I wouldn’t even give Letterman the satisfaction of a tweet or other reply! He is totally irrelevant and a has-been. Never was a fan!

  34. Why not leave Letterman where you say he already is–in the trash bin of sick minds. I mean really, did you have a close look at DL’s recent picture? Eerily similar to Manson Murder Gang, don’t you think?

  35. I’m not very good at being politically correct. So I’ll get to the point just call him a felty low life maggot.

  36. Hey, helga. Replace the name, trump with the name, Letterman, and the word, INSANITY for the word, Hatred, & you hit it right on the Target of the TRUTH for Millions of Americans everywhere!

  37. You obviously do not believe in God or have any faith. As for brains, you are cursed w/ sarcasm, cruelty & no soul. YOU are the one who rants & spews hate & has no shame.

  38. Mr. Letterman should just stop speaking anywhere he thinks people would listen. Whatever he thinks they want to hear, we DON’T. Just leave and don’t try to make any kind of comeback. He never was a comedian and he never was a celebrity in any way no how. Just leave DL and we won’t miss you EVER.

  39. The relentless attacks on our duly elected President are incomprehensible? What has he done that so infuriates everyone on the left? I have come to the conclusion it is only because he is opposed to homosexuality, abortion, high taxes, paucity of jobs for minorities, lack of control of our national borders, ad infinitum. And when he actually spoke out for Christianity – apparently it has marked him forever. I thank GOD that he has the fortitude to stand up for what is right, keep advancing lower taxes; more jobs for lower skilled workers; tries his best to control illegal immigration and doesn’t apologize and bow down to every foreign government around the world. Here is a man who loves the USA. You should be proud to have a man like this in the White House!!! God does, indeed, give everyone a brain…it would behoove you to start exercising yours.

  40. Well guess what Betty, you are just another Liberal wanting to be someone important and your NOT, and you rant is just another sore loser Liberal rant, along with Pelosi and Hillary, join their misery

  41. Poor Betty Another Liberal who cant get over the lost her Hero Hillary the Terrible experienced, your insults are just rants make no sense and its just Liberal Garbage

  42. Letterman thinks he is relevant and important, but only to the unwise and unlearned. His comedy, like his politics, is juvenile and just plain dumb.

  43. Can you give any rational explanation for your sick disdain for and offense of President Trump?
    I think we should all know how disastrous he has been for our nation and what leads you
    to such conclusions.

  44. He now tries to look like Santa Claus..his mind is more twisted than ever ..why does thew public give a damn about what some ole-sicko really thinks..he belongs in an old persons home..so someone can feed him ..and tape his dirty mouth shut after giving him food….

  45. David Letterman’s latest insults are nothing more than an attempt to grab attention and make headlines. He is like all of the other Has been – Retired Celebrities trying to get back into the Spotlight. Like someone stated before – He has stepped lower than before ……….

  46. A peach of a guy ! He used to be funny. It must be hell to live with such bitterness. Didn’t we have to live through 8 years of BHO ? We didn’t like it but for the most part we went on with our daily lives looking and working toward the next election and made it happen.

  47. David Letterman was the last person that I would watch when he had the late nite show. Jay Leno was the leader of the comics at that time and then, like now, Letterman was an afterthought. It is a misnomer to say he is trying to stay relevant. He never was relevant. If he had humor, he hid it very well. Leno would still be the best on late nite, even over the self centered idiots they have on now. It is no wonder the cable programs are taking over the airwaves. Very little real talent is showing on late nite Tav.

  48. Anyone who mocks the disabled, lies constantly and has no regard for the rule of law has, at the very most, a very dark and damaged soul. And most people here may have been born with one, but you’ve sold it for peanuts.

  49. After the corrupt, mentally ill, selfish, liar in chief that we had for the last 8 years, I do not understand how anyone can say bad things about President Trump unless they are a corrupt, mentally ill, selfish liar themselves.

  50. Letterman was never relevant. His late night show was a disgrace. His schtick was to poke fun at people which got old real fast.

  51. Letterman was never relevant. His late night show was a disgrace. His schtick was to poke fun at people which got old real fast.


  53. Just for starters, Frank… mocking a disabled reporter; 10,000 lies (What happened to George Washington?); granting security clearances to his family against all advice from true security professionals; ignoring the Constitution… no stepping on it; behaving as though we are not a nation of laws; giving huge tax breaks to corporations, while the vast majority of Americans got a pittance, which was soon lost to tariff taxes; making America a mockery around the world… just to name a few.

  54. Steve, let me guess… you got that news nugget from your aunt, who heard it from her best friend, who heard it in a conversation in the grocery store from someone who had seen a post online. What utter nonsense. Does anyone here have regard for the truth?

  55. Colleen: YES IN DEED!! Well, not too many crazy Liberals yet.Well, Betty is here. But not mentally. Poor delusional soul. Oh wait, she doesn’t have one!!Just delusional then.
    See you next posting!

  56. Betty and Letterman are gay, homo idiots. They need to be taken and hung until expired. Why do the true patroits not do what they need to do.

  57. “David Letterman is doing everything he can to remain relevant after his departure from his late-night show.” FYI: David Letterman was never relevant –
    even when he appeared on his late-night show he was never relevant!

  58. Nice, Navy… thanks for your service by the way… but sucks bilge water? C’mon. I’m pretty sure you’re more mature than a 12-year-old. Please act it.

  59. Frank Leupp:Just ignore Scott27 and Betty.A few more might show up too . You won’t have trouble recognizing them. They are just a few hateful liberals that so blinded by the Democratic propaganda they will never see the truth.Just out of sheer spite, the Democrats refuse to allow President Trump to be president and just keep up their relentless temper tantrums…And this country is suffering from it.

  60. Sam: Yes you are right. I’m sorry.But they have so many faults I just don’t have the time to list them all..But then again, someone that TRULY has a mental disorder doesn’t have the capacity to control their condition, do they?These Liberals that spew their hate, they do have a choice. But just refuse to exhibit common sense and see the truth.

  61. Scott…you have no clue what truth is. You just blindly believe all the lies of your lib leaders without question. Libs have no mind of their own. They are mindless robots

  62. Hillary lies every time she opens her mouth, but that is just fine with you. Since libs have no morals, you do not care if she liesbut since you the Pres. Trump, you will attack him for any reason. You are very sick.

  63. Scott, your precious Hillary is extremely corrupt and lies every time she opens her mouth. She has no regard for laws and is very damaged. But you don’t care. You are a very sick hypocrite.

  64. He had him “more than 30 times on his show” and never was manly enough to tell his feelings on Trump’s face….that tells you the piece-of-garbage is he

  65. Letterman was irrelevant when he was still ON TV…now that he’s left, he should go back to being irrelevant. Maybe he should find a mall and play Santa Claus. That would give him something to do in retirement besides stick his boot up his own ass.

  66. Betty, I know where you are going and it will be very hot. You better re-think your position or you are going to hell for sure.

  67. Trump is a liar (over 6,000) since in
    office; a bigot, and a cheat. He has sold this country to the Russians because of his dealings with the Russians. Trump has committed treason as he stands up for our adversaries against the US. Trump has proven to violate the constitution many times. He has committed fraud against banks and cannot be trusted in any situation.

  68. judy, where have you been? CNN NEEDS YOU, ASAP! Fraud against banks – priceless, but which river do you mean? I can tell your anti-success attitude is truly heart-felt, and could only be helped by talking with Karl Marx himself. Pray tell, which Ivy League school issued your diploma, and is it in a specialty [like African Wymin’s Gender Dysphoria in fourth century Arctic Bahamas] or an equally profitable Liberal Arts Degree [“Ya wanna Super-Size Dat”]?

  69. The attacks continue and the threat of prison continues.. Exactly what law has he broken? You will be hard pressed to find one. He is not the nicest person in the world, but he wants to make America better than it has been in many years and it seems he is being successful. Nothing he has done or said makes him anti immigrant, he, like most conservatives just want the people who want to immigrate to come legally. I object to the invasion of illegals.

  70. Letterman is just another liberal idiot from Hollywood with hatred in his blood. Most of Hollywood is absolutely useless & should move to out of this beautiful country.

  71. David Letterman had a weird, funky persona that played on television, but this persona does not play so well in the real world. Now Letterman is just mean-spirited, ignorant and morally corrupt. Donald Trump is the same person as years ago, Letterman just does not see the reality before his face.

  72. Ernst: BINGO! President Trump did more for our country when he appeared on TV over the decades than letterman ever did appearing on the same media and then, fortunately, convinced voters that he COULD, and will continue, to MAGA!

  73. Scott27: I’m guessing you’ve never been in the military or any high-stress situations. Colorful Expressions CAN relieve tension, as almost every vet can tell you. BTW: “sucking bilge water” evokes quite well the sense of disgust that I doubt many 12-year-olds could even fathom.

  74. More drivel from a washed-up comedian (who isn’t!). No one pays any attention to him anymore and he’s craving that in his old age (senility???)

  75. Wish for once these Trump Haters would think HOW BAD this country would be if HILLARY was in the WH. All of the same crooks would still be in places of power .. running our intel, Justice, State, etc… The joke on them is with the millions the Russians paid Hillary and the rest of the Dems… Why in the H would they work against her. Hillary /Dems/ are the ones that created the Steele doc. spent millions. During the Clinton and Obumo ADM.. seems they were more interested in playing for those against the USA> During the Watergate hearings, the DEMS kicked your off their investigation of Nixon. The reason. THey said she was a liar. Could not be trusted. Did not believe in the rule of law. During the Clinton ADM Hillary was totally against Israel.. And it was not till she ran for Senate that she pulled back from Araphat because she needed the Jewish NY voters. USed equipment that was the greatest source for hacking to our enemies. On and on .. Thank heaven she is not in the WH.

  76. JohnJ: I don’t think anyone cares what Letterman has to say. That’s not the point.The Liberals ( especially in Hollywood) will get anyone on TV (or radio) giving them air time just to keep spewing hate towards Trump.It’s called mind control or brainwashing.This was how lynch mobs were formed many years ago.The democrats are so clueless as to what is REALLY happening to our country.They blame Trump for everything.Instead of looking who REALLY is at fault;Obama, and the Clintons.These three are still secretly trying to control this country Hiding in shadows to do their dirty work…..

  77. The last years I have wondered how these ACID-MOUTHED
    people function—— in any world. It is a nasty business of damning someone else for beliefs– different from yous. Deliberately lying, twisting and making up- such vicious lies. The TRUTH means Nothing–Facts means nothing–what/ where are Your values??? America’s Soul has become invaded by people’s cruelty. We are bringing up our young people seeing, hearing and living with this chaos. I want to leave this world better than when I came. I believe that Mr Trump is a good man. The people attacking him, most are just plain the kind of beings I want to never have– in my life. David Letterman is a Looser–and he’s trying to be “relevant”. Keep your mouth shut–and open it when you have something to better this country. MR Letterman I don’t mind—and YOU– don’t matter!

  78. Betty: you have the judgment of those who you call out in your description of our president. You certainly sound like the liberal know it all who bases her comments on thoughts and wishes instead of facts. And you say that God did so? Thereby you mock God as He has made us in His image? Really not a smart move snowflake. David Letterman has always been a liberal smart ass. But he hasn’t blamed God for what he sees as weaknesses in men; or, maybe he has too.

  79. and publicity $luts… well at least the scum sucking pig letterman is seeking publicity.. much like those mental midget foul mouthed $luts roberta dezerohole and jimmi carryhole.. hollow woody seems to be able to belch up moron leftist twits like a geyser in a state park.. and they do not require a word uttered by President Trump, their drugs just get to a certain level and things happen that are like the pants falling off of a rap talker.. their azzes show for the world to see.. but to the moron perverted parasites they are heroes.. we are fast becoming in dire need of asylums re opening across the USA in order to have a shelter for all of these trash talking lowlifes….

  80. yes that is why we never watch the pimps and hores on cnn and any of the alphabet leftist indoctrination news(sic) media circus acts, which include scum bags like, jimmi kimmelhole, cokholster colbert, and those worthless $luts on the view ..

  81. if you take the time to review who Trump has coined names for it would be obvious that those folks are bashing him daily, accusing him of lies and deceit, accusing those around him of falsehoods in order to demean him and those in the administration.. of course only praise falls on the ho clintoney and it has been reported often about the outright violation of laws or protocol in her conduct not only as secretary of skate, but as a candidate for president.. her actions were covered and not exposed by the scum at the top of the fb&i as well as the hores in the doj under that african squatter in the oral office and in all probability that illegal alien rag loving communist racist was responsible for the anal exam of a Real American, Donald J. Trump, President of the USA.. l

  82. yes, I’m a liberal and darn proud of it – coz I show that I care for people (especially Betty & Scott 27, right now!!) – some of the people who are writing on this comment page should maybe head back to school and learn how to spell. I can’t believe the many English errors while reading. AND yes, I love David Letterman – don’t care for his beard, but it’s his right. but then, that’s a liberal for you – allowing people their rights!! think about it………..

  83. May I please inquire as to what it is any liberal had/desired prior to Trump being elected that has been lessend or diminished in any way as a result of trumps election? May I also inquire, to anyone wishing to respond, what is the label “Soulless bastard” based on? Just one more if I may… How could anyone dealing from a full deck, even consider calling the president of the United States of America a soulless bastard and, expect his or her reputation to remain respectable to any degree?

  84. Why do celebrities think they are so smart? Some have talent but that doesn’t mean they have a brain. They can read a script and remember their lines off a tele-prompter but they are not scientists or high academia achievers. Yet people will listen to them like they are GOD. I have never understood why liberals spread all this hate speech and then call conservatives racist, bigots and whole lot of other things. Libs is are ones keeping this country separated and falling apart and the House of Representatives is not representing us at all. And they want a raise which will pass in the wee hours of some morning, wait and see.

  85. Valerie:I’m sorry and I have never done this before, but you are telling others to go to school to learn how to spell? Well,what is coz? Perhaps you meant because or cause? If you care so much for people, being a Liberal and all, then maybe you shouln’t be so critical of others and their spelling errors. Think about it…..

  86. Richie K.Excellent post.I have never seen so much disrespect shown to any US president, as these Liberals have publicly shown to Trump. Who does not deserve it.I would love for these people to be citizens of North Korea and see what would happen to them if they conducted themselves in such a shameful manner…People are laughing at this country. But is not because of Trump. They are laughing and dismayed at how the Democrats are conducting themselves within our own government and publicly.

  87. David Letterman is a old ugly worn out worthless has been. He needs to be put out to,pasture .. And oh yeah , he is very very stupid…

  88. #10. Interviewing people who have achieved something is not in and of itself…. an achievement!

  89. This is nothing new. The cultural Left is bereft of sensible and cogent arguments against the president. With them nothing is sacred. They usually have no command of the facts, and because most are godless and antithetical to all the traditional values and institutions that made this nation great, they have no concept of right and wrong. Letterman’s outburst is as ludicrous as is his physical appearance.

  90. Here again, the media is trying to get everyone riled up by using comments from celebrities. This has been an ongoing situation since the elections and I would think that, as with other Presidents in office, this mindless, bullying would cease but it just seems to escalate. Come on people, if we all stop feeding the media then the badgering and comments, true or not true, would stop.

  91. Democrats are just pouting that they didn’t win the election. If we had elected another democrat president like Oboma most of America would be out of work, living on the street & going hungry like the immigrants are doing in California and adding to the waste and disease.

  92. What is wrong with you Betty? You have done nothing but talk trash about the bestest president we’ve ever had. Is it because he actually isn’t a politician and doesn’t listen to what the Libturds have to say? That’s probably it. He isn’t a politician and you and others like you don’t like him because of him not being a politician and Congress can’t tell him what to do.

  93. That is soooo true bj. Of course people who don’t have the Lord in their lives do live a miserable life full of hate and emptiness. I agree, it is sad.

  94. Letterman is just that, a Letter that gets ripped up and thrown away.
    His meaningless Rants and Temper Tantrums are recorded.
    Yet these Facists Liberals/Democrats accuse our President of doing what they do
    Excuse me but, they’re completely wrong!!

    Everything they do, they accuse our President of doing.

  95. The only JACKASS, is people that think like you, and are so full of hate, and envy, they can’t see the truth.

  96. Alec Baldwin, Robert DiNiro, Letterman and their ilk are ignorant jackasses. They are self serving, self living and stupid not to realize how much good our President is doing. I will never go to see Deniro who ranted & cursed @ award shows like a low life foul mouthed jerk. Does he think his poop doesn’t stink, to put it bluntly. Better yet, they love their conspiracist Obama. What a joke. Wake up People & smell the coffee!!!!????

  97. Let me see — david letterman — david letterman — who is he — Oh yes he is the no talent Johnny Carson wannabe who never measured up. Now that he has faded into complete obscurity who nobody remembers he wants to run his mouth and show America his total ignorance. There is an orifice named after people like this jerk-off — A-hole !!!!

  98. Letterman was never a really successful celebrity. He gave the Hollywood crowd a place to spew off and show the audiences how wonderful they weren’t! Letterman was so stupid someone had to talk him into becoming a dad! What an old dud he is…and very not amusing.

  99. Valerie do mean allowing people the right to speak even if its not your belief. Boy your a rare character of your party. Who’d of thunk. LOL

  100. Richie you know whats so hypocritical of Sir Beardsolot is that he had Donald J. Trump on his show over 30 times and remember Beardsolot had veto powers who was invited on his show. 30+ times and never to my knowledge did he have or state anything like “SOULLESS BASTARD” Typical Democrat. TDS affecting them all.

  101. Yeah hey Dave. Re your concern for humanity, whatever happened to that intern, Miss Vicky, who you took full advantage of after hours and then walked away from when her medical issues surfaced? Based on a recent article where her father was interviewed, she never did recover. Have a nice retirement. Why not critique yourself instead of others?

  102. David Letter, I remember how I used to respect you. How I admired you even when you cheated on your wife with your assistant on your tv show and lied about it. But since you left the show you have lost any relevance and now you have lost any honor apparently. How Dare You debase our Potus! He has more honor in his little finger then you have in your entire body! You used to be an admirer of Johnny Carson and I am sure he is even turning in his grave over your vile words and desperation to stay important. You son has to be embarassed as well, shame, shame on you! I don’t know if your Mother is still alive but she is probably ashamed of you as well. You are now in the same digusting league with the idiot elites, the likes of Rose O’Donnell, the Robert de Neros and the Iilan Omars who hate America! And you cried on you show when 911 happened, you could hardly talk and now you are supporting the same creatures that killed all those people on 911! You stink, you stink bad and only because you want to still be relevant? You are a piece of crap on the sidewalk as far as Patriots are concerned. Shame on You and your ilk.

  103. at one time letterman was a really funny comic, but at some point he drank the liberal cool aid and became another Hollywood jerk. it’s sad that so many idolize those idiots, sadly we have to many mindless morons sitting in front of the boob tube buying their crap. go back to what you did best dave and make people laugh at your comedy because now were all laughing at you. you have become a grade a joke.

  104. Awesome response Mr. Leupp! Love it. That is exactly right. He has kept the promises he made while on the campaign trail; he has delivered and that is why the left hates him so much. Pathetic losers!

  105. David Letterman – I don’t know how you stayed on the air for so many years and suddenly became a deplorable, despicable, lowlife souless psychotic cockroach bastard! You are old now. Just die and get it over with!

  106. Come on Pat, you’ll be that age someday. And you’re making yourself look so brainless. But you are right, since he’s retired he’s lost all control over his mouth.

  107. Oh, and I wanted to add that he’s not the center of attention every night and is probably trying to keep that attention.
    This is much easier to do by being a prick.

  108. Sorry never ever a fan of David. Loved Johnny so much. He now is about as creepy as his ugly beard. How can his wife sleep with that. Guess it was super for years when David had on Trump as a guest but now seeing him do a super job as President he cannot take it. President working for us the middle class that has been ignored. Amazing. Go President Trump and go away and stay away you creep Letterman.

  109. Letterman is a washed up, ugly-looking Santa Claus wannabe who lost the job he coveted to Jay Leno and has spent the rest of his life being a resentful and trying to prove he was more talented than Jay. The people spoke loud an clear that Jay was The Man so the moronic liberal Litterman is turning his talentless attention to our President. I’m sure President Trump doesn’t give a damn what this nonentity says. Let him show his hatred, it’s just the same jealousy he had when Jay beat him,.

  110. Betty you ignorant slut, you will end up with Letterman in hell! I used to like Letterman, but I guess no more. Oh yeah Betty, you are a trolling whore! God bless your heart. That last sentence was sarcasm, the southern way to show disapproval and scorn without sounding hatefull!

  111. Hey Ruth, don’t forget it’s also because President Trump isn’t a politician. Because of this, Congress can’t tell him what to do. People are saying that President Trump is the one destroying America when they know all along that it was Odumbo that was destroying it. I agree with you that they are a bunch of pathetic losers.

  112. Scott, “it is the economy, stupid”. You know, the “economy” your brown baboon screwed up.

  113. So what if one of you retards was mocked. Compare it to the brown baboon dropping 26 thousand bombs on the Middle East yearly.

  114. Valerie: I found at least 4 errors in your post. LOL. Your Trump Derangement Syndrome is messing with you brain.

  115. I couldn’t add anything more to this other than Letterman is a no talent liberal. Quite the scumbag. The left treated both Bushes in the same manner and when they loose in 2020 again it will still continue. Democrats are low class individuals.

  116. He speaks of soullessness? Only a lost soul would say things he does….
    Well, as far as relevancy, looks like the old cranky leftist has not succeeded. What a jerk!

  117. So let’s see here, Letterman said that President Trump is soulless and despicable but he supports, defends and votes for people that thinks it is just fine to murder defenseless innocent precious babies. Now you tell me which one is soulless and despicable.

  118. Nobody gives a crap what Letterman thinks anyway. He was never funny, just classless impudent old twit. I’m not sure his mother liked him!

  119. From my research the only people
    Bashing the president of the United States, are either in trouble,in prison,
    going to prison, welfare handouts,
    islamic, homosexuals,
    I could go on, but my American cheese burger is done.

  120. Betty – Why are you so mean? Shame on you for being such a hateful person. I left the Democrat Party because President Trump proposed policies that made sense and Hillary Clinton was an elitist and a disappointment.

  121. In my opinion (and millions of others) David Letterman is an egotistical, narcisstic scumbag product of the main Stream Media. Who cares what he thinks. I would consider it a compliment if he didn’t like me.

  122. Mr. Letterman YOU sir are exactly what you just said Donald Trump was. You, sir, should know because it takes one to know one. I for ONE don’t miss your appearance on the Tonight Show, but wish you all the worst.

  123. Mr. Larry Peters, Mr. Litterman will go directly into PURGATORY First, that is his first stop, then he will never see St. Peters Pearly Gates, he would be way too far down the ladder, then he will have to visit 1) The Bottomless Pit, 2) Gehenna, 3) Hades, 4) Sheol, 5) Eternal Damnation and there are more stations down there!

  124. You said it all…GREAT post, more people than we know are going to vote for President Trump. I did the first time around, and will certainly vote for him again…..MAGA

  125. Yeah ole Betty’s elevator just hasn’t ever reached the top. Like all liberals, ole Betty is probably just as much a dope head as she is stupid. Every single dope head I know are all Democrats.

  126. Letterman is a has been he looks like they just rescued him from Gillian’s island who cares what that jerk has to say

  127. Yes I am old n have voted every election. Win some lose some. Been around the world three times seen a lot of bad government ideals. What I cannot understand is why the movie clowns are so bent on being a
    Government controlled country. They have great wealth generated by freedom. Can they not see that in a communist type system there is one State owned tv or radio station. If any of those big mouth idiots lived where they want us to be like they would be in prison or beheaded. I have not watched a Fondra movie since she berated our military. Same story with DeNiro n guess who proved to be the is the best player on n dumber Same with nfl. No guts to stand up to CK. Hope Dicks
    Sporting goods goes under with Nike. What they are yelling for makes no sense. They are wealthy because of our system. If Michael Moore were in a country like he proposes for us he would be in a torture dungeon. MAGA

  128. If you don’t like our Country or our President, you are graciously invited to leave and good riddance.

  129. I saw a video on YouTube about a Priest who died for 45 min., and he said he KNEW that Trump is an Angel of the highest ranks who was destined to be President at this time in history.

  130. Letterman looks like a Dickensian character from A Christmas Carol…he needs to read and watch that masterpiece a few times to recapture his own humanity from egotism and the sickness of the leftist pablum they are all peddling in Hollywood…and they all need a lesson from the Bible on how God deals with communities that continue to worship false idols, such as money and fame and megalomaniacal power!! Hey, people, say some real, sincere prayers about your own souls, instead of cursing and criticizing other posters whose opinion you disagree with…if you think you’re a better Christian tearing down ANY other person as soul less…think again…and don’t ever forget, the Creator knows what’s in your soul…

  131. hey Betty you had better think a lot about how wonderful Heaven is because the way you talk that’s all you will get to do is think about it You do not act like a Christen


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