David Hogg and Rep. Rashida Tlaib are bashing Trump’s National Day of Prayer and what they said will make you sick


President Trump is doing everything in his power to contain and solve the coronavirus outbreak and even declared a National Day of Prayer.

That’s when radical leftists decided to have a meltdown on social media.

David Hogg and Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) are attacking Trump’s National Day of Prayer and what they said will leave you speechless.

The mainstream media and the Left are attempting to make it seem like Trump is failing to address the health crisis, despite committing billions of dollars to fight it and creating a world class coronavirus response team.

On top of the President’s overwhelming response and calls to action, he also asked Americans to pray for healing and for God to bless the United States and those affected by the virus.

That’s when all hell broke loose.

David Hogg decided to tweet the following response to President Trump’s call to prayer:

“Don’t let this administration address COVID-19 like our national gun violence epidemic,” wrote Hogg. “F*** a National day of prayer, we need immediate comprehensive action,” the petulant Hogg wrote.

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib decided to retweet this message to over 1,000,000 followers on her Twitter account.

David Hogg has a history of vulgar and despicable posts on social media.

But a United States Congresswoman agreeing with Hogg’s sentiment of, “F*** a national day or prayer…” is disgusting behavior that is unbecoming of a public official.

Naturally, many people started to reply to her and tore her apart for bashing people of faith.

Rashida Tlaib, an American Muslim, then began backtracking on her statement and claimed that she had “been praying through this all.”

Given Rep. Tlaib’s blatant disregard for people of faith and her radical political agenda, it is difficult to believe her claim.

In reality, she was simply trying to throw President Trump under the bus to score political points with her supporters.

Once she realized she shot herself in the foot by doing so, she backtracked and is just digging herself into a deeper hole.

What do you think?

Should Rep. Rashida Tlaib apologize for retweeting David Hogg’s disgusting message?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. Our national gun violence epidemic is in the major cities like Chicago, which everyone knows are run by democrats – not Trump.
    Who runs Chicago? Jelly Belly Pritzker, Lori Lightweight, and the democrat pay to play cronies.
    Before Lightweight it was “The Tiny Dancer” Rahm Emanuel.
    Chicago is a sanctuary toilet filled with corruption and violence. All thanks to the democrats.
    You can’t blame Chicago on Trump. Nice try but no cigar.

  3. He really should get the Little Hitler makeup kit with the glue on square mustache & hair! He is the spitting image of young adolph!
    I think the kit comes with the NAZI boots as well!
    Oh I think they include a box of Bull$hit too!

  4. This nation was founded by men who prayed. But the left wants nothing to do with our history or our Constitution. They have thrown God out and follow satan. They will reap what they sow. God answers prayer and a National Day of Prayer is just what we need. Thank you Pres. Trump

  5. There are two of a kind that it would take a full house of idiots to beat. Two publicity hounds looking for any way to be in the spotlight. Neither one is worth the price if the gunpowder it would take to blow their veery immature brains out. This country needs people like them like everyone needs a headache.

  6. When is this country going to get rid of these godless pamper heads. BUT it is nice to see them on the edge of breaking into total meltdown where they can’t function no more one day. God Bless us that day!

  7. Isn’t David Hogg the little prick that lied about his whereabouts during the Parkland shooting? I think that little piggy is sent o market for making some ham and bacon. I wish the little lying sob had been in school back in the 50’s znd he would have ran that mouth once and then he would be mumbling through a wired jaw.

  8. Prayer is a private communication between Self and God.

    To attack Prayer is an indication of unGodliness and unbelief.

    Perhaps, COVID-19 is a call from God to unbelievers to redeem themselves — a wake-up to arise from the cobwebs of egotism, materialism, consumerism — all unGodliness.

    For each of us to evolve to become better. To pray for Rep. Tlaib and all unbelievers.

    Thank God for President Trump. In God We Trust.

  9. Two Irrelevant turds looking for Relevancy. There are more Black on Black Gun Shot Victims in Chicago then Blacks shot by the Police, and Nationwide there are more Black on Black Killings then killed by Police. If you want to reduce the number of Black Deaths in Chicago tell the Black Community to stop killing each other

  10. Hogg should be taken to the woodshed and given a good old American spanking as it would appear to me his parents never did.
    Taliban should be thrown out of OUR house of congress and let her slither back under whatever pile of camel dung she crawled out of.

  11. David Hogg and Greta Thumberg should get together and get married. They deserve each other. They would make a marriage made in hell. She would snarl and boss him around continually while he cowars in shame.

  12. How in the world did a Muslin ever get voted into office. They hate America! The remarks are very offensive to me.

  13. I wish people like this would just dry up and blow away…Feel sorry for them actually. God Bless us all.

  14. I can’t believe the comments made from the two senators! God help them
    for not saying the truth about our president. He has been on TV everyday giving us updates of the virus and helping all of us with sending money to everyone! They should ask their God for forgiveness!!!!! And if they don’t believe in God…… good luck😡

  15. As for Tlaib she should be punished for her actions. That is truly below the dignity of her office. It is ok to disagree or agree with a comment or remark, however to forward a message from that disgusting little puck is discraceful. Has for you hogg they will not allow me to post what I and many other men think of you. Your just a P.O.S. I BET YOUR DAD HANGS HIS HEAD IN SAME. If he does not he should. Maybe you didn’t fall far from the tree and he is a P.O.S. as well.

  16. I live in Michigan and I am totally ashamed that Tlaib was voted into the house. She doesn’t speak for me on anything! I am a Christian and will never heel to a Muslim. Her religion preaches hate and murder.

  17. Hogg is a low-life POS and thinks he is something important. Sorry little piggy, you’re not. I guess you think going through the Parkland shooting makes you a national hero or an authority on life? Just STFU, you snotty nosed brat! I wish I could be there some day when you have to stand before almighty God at the Great White Throne Judgment for God-haters and unbelievers and see you try to defend yourself. Get ready punk, the pain in hell will be forever and worse than any pain you ever had on earth.

  18. My understanding is the the Muslims also have a GOD and pray to that GOD. Should we ask them not to pray to their GOD? If we did ask I am sure they would consider us Christians discriminating and hateful.

    We should all be praying for peace to all humans who believe in a GOD.

  19. Little Adolph Piggy and Rep. Anger Management Failure should get together. Perhaps she could introduce him to her little friends she’s working to help take over, find out if he’s really as big and brave as he talks.

  20. Taliab and Hogg are the 2 most pathetic a**holes in out country. She’s a foreigner and he’s just a punk who thinks he knows it all. They both are so wet behind the ears the best thing for both would be to keep their pie holes shut.

  21. Patricia Paulding, the first amendment gives them the right to worship whatever god they choose. It is their method of proselytizing and insistence that all live under their barbaric, backwards set of laws that we object to.

  22. Every single one of these Hate Mongers need to be rounded up and incarcerated under the War Powers Act.
    Things are already way too tense and filled with anxiety for way to many Americans. We don’t need those whose bile filled rhetoric only serves to add to the anxiety levels spreading their bovine flatulence at this time, and it needs to be put on hold while this National and Worldwide Urgency exists.

  23. You know I truly don’t understand how she got voted into office. I bet she won’t get in again!!!!you talk about racists she is at the .Also would like to bring something up Schiff and her had people threaten them and these people are now in jail Schiff threaten Federal Judges why isn’t he in jail I guess if your a Democrat you can do what you want and not get punished. We the people need to see this stuff changes by voting these radicals out of office!!!!!! Also pray pray pray so GOD will help us defeat these things that some how got elected into office there not good for Republicans Or Democrats there not good for any body GO TRUMP GO!!!!!!!!

  24. Two very pathetic people who DO NOT belong anywhere. I was having a good day until I read their comments. I will try to shuck it off because I’m thinking about going to the lease for a HOG HUNT.



  26. Seriously, you can pray to what ever “God” you serve. Judo-Christian, Muslim, Hinduism (lots of choices there) ancestors, whatever. It won’t hurt, and based on SCIENTIFIC TESTING, it just might help. Quit being a sleezebag and try being a decent human being for a change. As for David, he’s been out of The spotlight for awhile, so he’s grasping for relevancy. Fail.

    “Islam is dangerous – fact: the more muslim savages we allow into america – the more terror we will see -this is a fact which is undeniable.”
    “Filthy muslim POS has no place in western civilization.”

  28. These two big mouths are entitled to their views thats what makes the USA great. However the vast majority of us will ask the lord for help with this. So to each their own.

  29. Two classic cases: The United States of America is not adaptable to Atheists and Muslims. Our system of government Republic, leaves them out completely, therefore it would benefit them to move to a more compatible country…..China for Hogg and Iran for Tlaib and the GOOD OLD USA for devoted legal AMERICANS.

  30. why is it every time I look at Tlaib she reminds me of a braying mule????? Hogg is a lime light seeking little twit with an over inflated personal opinion of his importance. He is just a loud profane little punk that has not the life experience or common sense to know bovine pasture leavings from Shinola.

  31. I would care less if I picked the morning newspaper and read that both Tlaib and Hogg caught the coronavirus and the result was terminal.

  32. Patricia, islam is not a religion. Muhammad was very evil and his goal was total control, which is still the goal of islam today. Allah is just the Arabic name for God. But Muhammad turned Him into something He is not. In his Quran, ALL must serve Allah or die or be enslaved. God gives us a choice to serve Him or not. And in the Quran Jesus is merely a prophet, not the Son of God. Muhamad did that by design. He called himself the last great prophet and he was not going to have someone greater than him. Muhammad hated Christians and Jews and this was his way of controlling them. And there is ONE God, the one who created the universe and put us on this earth

  33. Truthteller…. what does it matter to you. You don’t believe in God Almighty anyway the so called man in the sky. Oh you are in for a big surprise…hope you like torture

  34. Christ warned that if people exalt Him He will lift us up to His Father those who deny Him, He will deny before His Father in Heaven. Maybe the Islamists in our government would like it if he did as their religious leader did and marry a nine year old. In America we call that pedophilia.

  35. David is a dich-head who managed to get the media attention, why no one knows. I guess one worthless organization loves to find worthless scum that will say & do anything to see their name in print or being mentioned by the news. His “Big” mouth partner (worthless lawyer) and I mean big really big mouth has nothing to say that is worth hearing. Typical rag head just trash America. Maybe they can both catch a one way ticket somewhere and they can entertain each other. Maybe the big mouth b.tch can pull a knife on dick had and dick head can pull a firearm and they can both meet there Almighty. The world I’d tried of these two.

  36. Kathi, I’m sure you mean well, but you damage the credibility of all conservative Americans when you miss-state facts. Although Schiff is a lying rat, he is not the one who threatened the justices in the SCOTUS. That was the ever running mouth of Schumer. But yes, he should be prosecuted for threatening a federal judge, which is a felony.

  37. Tleib should resign or be removed from Congress. This is the United States of America and we were founded on Judao/Christian beliefs and although I don’t begrudge other religions the right to their beliefs, I think they shouldn’t dis on ours. Don’t Muslims pray?

  38. Tie the Mislim B’tch down and make Hogg screw her … could be he catches some Miuslim crabs and she gets humped by a Hogg !

  39. Hogg is just another ignorant PIG and we all know how the Muslim (who hates America) Tlaib feels about pigs and Christians and Jews. Hogg is just a stupid kid who knows nothing.
    We all know he is liar and just plain stupid.

    Voters best wake up and vote the Muslim Tlaib and all of the others out of office before they do more damage to America.


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