Customers are furious after Nike started pushing this insane policy that hurts young, female athletes


A disturbing trend has developed with major corporations going “woke.”

The sneaker and apparel giant Nike is one of the worst offenders.

Now customers are furious after Nike started pushing this insane policy that hurts young, female athletes.

The Left has gone completely mad.

For decades, leftists harshly criticized gender stereotypes.

But now they’ve fully embraced gender stereotypes in the name of transgenderism.

The incoherence of this philosophy has strangely excommunicated many feminists from the church of leftism.

These old school feminists have argued for years that transgenderism is a form of “female erasure,” but the only ones who will hear their pleas are conservatives.

In search of the most fashionable “oppressed” group, the far Left has gone all-in on the issue of transgenderism.

And Nike is using its considerable weight to advocate for that agenda.

Nike signed onto a letter with 142 other companies to oppose Tennessee legislation that would bar biological boys from competing in girls’ sports.

Social chaos aside, female track and field athletes are actually being deprived of access to college scholarships because of biological boys narrowing opportunities for exposure and accolades.

An excerpt from the letter reads:

“Policies that signal that the state is not welcoming to everyone put our collective economic success at risk . . . It is both a business imperative and core to our corporate values that our customers, our employees and their families, and our potential employees feel fully included in the prosperity of our state.”

But the elephant in the room is that these biological males can compete in the boys’ events.

At the heart of the issue is the fact that the Left wants everyone to buy into an ideological delusion.

Vice President Mike Pence is unimpressed with Nike’s foray into politics.

He criticized them for siding with the communist party of China so as not to lose access to the Chinese market.

“Nike promotes itself as a so-called social justice champion, but when it comes to Hong Kong, it prefers checking its social conscience at the door, “ said Pence. “A progressive corporate culture that willfully ignores the abuse of human rights is not progressive, it is repressive.”

Pence is indeed correct.

Nike was silent as the communist government of mainland China cracked down pro-freedom protests in Hong Kong.

Nike has chosen to bend the knee to radicals on the Left.

It’s a business strategy that could blow up in their faces.

Should Nike stay out of state politics?

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  2. There is a law suit in federal court in CT going forward to correct the state’s athletic commission’s non-scientific and delusional policies granting biological males competing in women’s track and field events. What’s next biological males on girl’s basketball, volleyball, tennis and swim teams under the euphemism of “fairness”? Where is the line on fairness in the mind of those in sports regulation?

  3. Nike will not stop promoting this insanity until, in my personal opinion, parents of these young female athletes get together and start a class action suit against them. That includes these radical states that are passing this ludicrous laws as well, allowing these very confused and mentally challenged people unfair advantage. These young biological women have been so unfairly treated by trying to compete against these “transgender” girls, that are still males! DNA doesn’t lie. I can call myself a tree but that doesn’t make it so!! So why is anyone pandering to these mentally challenged people that is lying to themselves as to who they really are??
    These true biological female athletes will soon stop competing in any sports, no matter how qualified they are. And will be denied scholarships some of them so desperately need and deserve to further their education!! This madness must stop!!!

  4. The best way to fight back is to not get upset about the CRAZY world in which we live now, but to hurt them in their wallet. That speaks more than words. I haven’t bought anything from NIKE since they supported Kaepernick and now I’m REALLY glad of my decision.
    Budweiser is no longer a beer that we’ve bought because of the rainbow flag that was used in October for gay pride month.
    Hallmark is no longer a channel or card that I purchase and I no longer go to the movies because of they Hollyweird agenda of allowing all of the above to push the left ideologies on us and we are supposed to be ok with it.
    I have no problem with how people want to live their lives but if I don’t agree with it I simply keep my money in my pocket and find something meaningful to use it on. Like at a restaurant we will buy the policemen their breakfast. A service member’s lunch. Donate to FCA and the animal shelters etc….
    I’m a believer that actors only act and why should we believe anything that come out of their mouths. NIKE has literally put their own shoe in their mouths and it’ll come to
    bite them.
    Remember what happened to the Dixie Chicks? Natalie Maines shot of her big mouth and their whole world came crashing down. That group of gals were so good and she got political. A shame. Read the book “Shut Up & Sing”. It’s a great book.
    We all need to be kind but put your money where your mouth is and we can ALL defeat the unjust that the left is creating!

  5. I needed to add that you can take pills and cut or add body parts to make whatever “gender” you want BUT your DNA still claims the sex that you are.

  6. Even the newly bought Nike’s in thrift stores are being avoided….now that is really bad…Nike did not just get worked up but on the wrong side of the bed …all in the name of the almighty dollar

  7. Nike will change its tune when and if the parents of these young women change their purchasing habits AND also, those parents with male children change to another brand which does not discriminate.

  8. Gender identity is critical to a person’s self-image. Interesting how the alt-right suddenly supports women in sports when there are issues even more repugnant to them. What hypocrisy!

  9. Let’s review….who was it who said that women could do anything men could do? Why, of course, it was liberals and feminists. Now, some of them are getting uptight because they’re SEEING the hard truth. Can’t really feel sorry for them. Women had to force themselves into the man’s world…now, the reverse is happening, and they don’t like the results. Maybe if enough guys force themselves into girls’ sports, the girls will go back to home economics, where they belong.

  10. I am going to go buy Nike the next time I get running shoes I have always bought New Balance because they were made in America not anymore will buy Nike’s made in China ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  11. The solution is to do as we did in the Olympics in the past. Test all athletes DNA and sort them using DNA. WE had suspected in the Past that the Soviets were doping their athletes or that some of the “women” had extra chromosomes.

  12. Nike for some time has not cared about either male or female athletes. It cares more about pushing its liberal agenda. This is proof.

  13. Go for it Jack. Buy some nike’s and then show the world that you have already had the gender surgery and you tiny pp is gone.

  14. There is no place for males in female sports. The females have a legitimate complaint. Men and Women have different physical qualities. That opens the door for males that can’t compete with their peers to ruin sports for female athletes. Disgusting!

  15. Greg very misogynistic statement about you sound like one of those Neanderthal types that only place for a women is barefoot and in the kitchen or pregnant and in the bedroom.

  16. Jack: To proclaim that a woman’s rightful place is caring for her children, husband, and home, is hardly misogyny. Back when women were doing those things, they were often cherished. Today…not so much. I prefer a woman who acts and lives like a WOMAN. But this is in many respects the liberals’ greatest triumph….today’s girls would rather die than to be warm, maternal, or nurturing. So if you prefer these modern, crass females….you’re in luck, because soon, that’s all there’s gonna BE.

  17. Hey Jack John had it right he figured you had no balls so your wang cant be to big either. Jack you know where you will go for lying you never bought anything that was made in America because you hate this country. Anyone who reads the BS you write can tell that. So give me your best shot in response. I love having a battle of wits with an unarmed person.

  18. Jim C: Thank you. I really cannot fathom these liberals anymore. They scarcely sound like PEOPLE, much less Americans. I really think they’d outlaw vanilla ice cream if they could…Anything that is remotely normal just seems to absolutely NAUSEATE them. They live in the easiest, most comfortable, safest, and freest time in history….and yet they have zero gratitude for those who provided them with this comfort and prosperity. Rather, they seem to DESPISE them. I’ve heard numerous cases of kids disowning their parents or grandparents because they won’t approve of gay marriage…utter insanity, virtually everywhere you look.

  19. Greg that is old school thinking my job is not to support some woman who can work. I have never believed in what you espouse. Your thinking is old school Patriarchy that treated women as property has no place in modern world.

  20. Hey Jack “your Job is not to support some women who can work”. You Married son? if you are I’m sure you don’t tell that to your wife. My wife worked in the mornings while the kids were in school when she worked but that was up to her. Now I have one daughter who stays home with her kids and another who works Full time but works from home two days a week and the other grandparents watch the children when she is at her office. Both made those choices with their spouses. Unfortunately you missed Greg’s point but then again I don’t think you missed the point you just don’t understand because you think it is old school to care about your children and how they grow up. Better to let the Nanny state raise your kids. Like most people now a days responsibility is a bad word for you folks.

  21. Jim that’s fine and yes I have said that to my wife as far as kids my two sons are grown and gone long time ago. However we have raised a granddaughter given her a religious background and I have ensured she is a free thinker she has a full ride scholarship for college . All of my wife’s have worked they were college educated and had careers. Something wrong with that. I just don’t agree with male patriarchy might have been ok for the old testament times but not now.

  22. Jack: I never said the old way was ideal…but it’s looking better and better, now that we see exactly what is taking its’ place. Modern liberals seem to want to eradicate pretty much everything traditional, and yet seldom seem to have anything with which to replace those things. A nihilistic attitude may make you sound hip in some circles, but you don’t build, sustain, or protect ANYTHING with that mindset. Our way has been tried, and yielded the greatest society in the history of the world. Your way has created this current legion of apathetic weaklings. I really don’t know what the Chinese, North Koreans, and Russians are waiting on….our country is there for the taking. But back when the women took care of domestic matters, and men were providers and protectors….the results were not too shabby.

  23. Jack the point I was making is that while you say things are old school and not for the modern world. Point is that it is up to the individual to decide or the couple to decide. A whole lot of the old world ideas are in my opinion still very relevant. My daughters were raised old school. They were raised to not depend on anyone as it should be, but Family takes priority over anything else. Even though I retired from the military when I was home I never missed a school function with them. My wife chose to work once the kids started school but having her home when they got home brought the family closer. I went to my granddaughters school for GP day to have lunch with her. Two of the other grandads at our table just sat there on their phones texting. I could not understand why they even came to the lunch. That is my point Jack, not all the modern world things are good either. Maybe some of the old ways should be brought back. I have been married over 40 years to the same women. We are partners but I still feel that it is the man who is responsible for the family units needs and the women is responsible for the nurturing of the children. A women staying home does not diminish her contribution to the family nor does it make her property. I would actually say that staying home is much harder than working.

  24. Jim C: Your final sentence is very astute. Not only is housework difficult and onerous, but there is far less-if ANY-social confirmation. In fact, many people act as if a woman who stays home does so out of laziness. This infuriates me. A good woman, who takes care of her domestic business, takes the weight of the world on her shoulders, and often does so with little or no appreciation. When was the last time you heard a young woman say she aspired to be a housewife? She’s be an instant pariah if she did so. It is UNHEARD of today. I find it very sad that the finest women have to carry such a heavy burden today, and toil in such a thankless environment. Can you imagine doing something so difficult, and then hearing your daughter say that she’d rather be pretty much ANYTHING other than to be like you? It is a sad state of affairs.

  25. To hell with NIKE and karnickaprick as well. I will not even let any one of any thing associated with nike near me or my family.

  26. Transgenderism is opening doors of debate in just about every realm of western society. People have to ask what bathrooms are they to use now and can a once man-altered to a woman compete with female athletes. This issue is dividing America and is bringing sharp debates from the devilish Democrats and the righteous Republicans. The transgender issue is things that are against the laws of nature. It is against the normal order of things and this is seen in the sports areas. In a paper published in the Journal of Medical Ethics, a study was done to prove that suppressing testosterone levels in men trying to be something they are not is not enough to suppress the strength advantage that they have over little girls. They are bigger and faster and very much stronger than the little girls that they are competing against. And of course, the devils called Democrats in the House are downplaying the significance of such findings because they just don’t care about the people that are going to be hurt by these freaks trying to be something they are not. Surprisingly no one has ever seen a transgender woman trying to be a man ever join a football team. It is ludicrous that a freak of nature has to try to prove something he is not by roughing up little girls in a sports event that is not something that he should be participating in. But the devilish Democrats want people to believe that they are all equal. Science and just plain common sense have proven that there is a natural difference between men and women, and they are not all the same. The dorky Democrats believe that men trying to be girls do not have the advantage of true girls. This study proves once and for all that they do have an advantage. Just because a man puts on a dress does not make him a woman. There is nothing in all creation that will change the fact that he is a man. The paper makes mention that these men have an “intolerable” advantage over women. There is nothing that is going to change this fact. The sad reality is that the Democrats will reject the proven truth and still hold on to their lies like they do with everything else that is false that they hold to. The paper goes on to point out that hormone therapy is still not enough to make the playing field equal between men and women. There are just too many differences. A man’s muscle mass returns to normal at times because of muscle memory. There is nothing that will ever change the truth that a man is a man and a girl is a girl. Genetics cannot change and there is nothing that the doctors can do to change the sexual identity of a man or a woman. A person can put on a costume but that does not change who they are on the inside. All that transgenderism proves is that a person is living a lie. The Democrats want to force people to accept the changes and make things unfair for everyone else. They have tried to pass an equality act that would make it illegal for schools to keep men from competing with women in sports.Ilhan Omar is a supporter of this kind of legislation. She does not believe in the science behind the report. The country would love to Omar compete on a pro-football team after making such remarks. She holds that there is no advantage present. One day on the team and she would see that she is completely wrong on the matter. The devils in the Democratic Party are trying to feminize men while at the same time hurt womanhood. For a man to compete physically against a girl is just ridiculous and should never happen. President Trump is sure to veto any such bill coming from the Democrats. There is no reason or proof that men are equal to women. There is just too much physical proof and evidence that proves that they are not the same in many ways.

  27. It has been a very long time since I participated in School sponsored sports and I am sure that things have changed, but if I am not mistaken athletes are still tested for strength enhancing drugs and their effects. There are many drugs that are used to give one person an advantage over another and although the drugs themselves may or may not be present the effects can be tested for. In Females, a high level of Testosterone is grounds for disqualification. So if these want-to-be Females wishes to participate they should be subject to the exact same ruling as any of the Real Females. A sign of Higher Levels of Testosterone in any of the Real Females would disqualify them, these same standards should apply to all those that are participating in that sport.
    Age Male (in ng/dl) Female (in ng/dl)
    12 to 13 years Less than 7-800 Less than 7-75
    14 years Less than 7-1,200 Less than 7-75
    15 to 16 years 100-1,200 Less than 7-75
    Age Male (in ng/dl) Female (in ng/dl)
    17 to 18 years 300-1,200 20-75
    19 years and older 240-950 8-60

  28. Gender changing should be prohibited for those under 18 (same rules as conversion therapy)! It’s hypocritical and inconsistent to allow high school biological males to “change” their genders but ban conversion therapy for those under 18!

  29. Science used to be the determining point on any issue. Seems the liberal democrats only believe in science as long as it goes along with their agendas. Global warming is not a fact but a theory yet the liberals use the flawed findings of bought and paid for scientist to prove it is real while dismissing the ones who prove it isn’t. Science says there are two sexes, XX, female and xy, male. Chromosomes determine your sex yet the liberals now have an invisible chromosome called the “FL” chromosome that can be use by males or females to transform them to opposite sex. Problem is that “feel like” chromosome doesn’t exist and the delusional people who think it does only harm the people suffering from delusion. Nothing can change your sex until they can change the XX and XY chromosomes into the opposites thus your sex. Until such time if you were born male, sorry about your bad luck, you remain male, and if you were born female, once again sorry about your bad luck, you remain female and surgery just mutilates your body it DOES NOT CHANGE YOUR SEX. You end up popping pills and no longer have the ability to reproduce and your new sex organs are for show as they do not function as advertised and doctors who preform this mutilation know it but just do not care if it ruins your life. Get past the transgender fairy tale. There is no such thing and science proves it. Try biology 101.

  30. When I first read of a biological male competing against women in any sports arena, I felt sorry for those female competitors. I knew what the outcome would be. It does not matter what you have surgically lopped off or added on, what you are born as is what you will die as! For any of these “surgically altered” men to expect to compete against women in sporting events is pure and utter insanity for biologically born men to be allowed to even be considered to compete against women. Many of those women have dedicated their lives to their sport of interest only to be beaten by a biological male. That should be the most hollow victory ever won by that man! Like I said prior, I don’t give a rat’s behind what you have lopped off or added on, what you are born is what you will be when you die.


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