Crazed Leftists ruined this football rivalry with an unbelievable protest


Leftists destroy everything they touch.

They literally believe that everything is political, so they will disrupt anything if it serves their political aims.

Now crazed Leftists ruined one football rivalry with an unbelievable protest.

The Harvard-Yale football game may not have the stakes of big-time college football matchups like Alabama vs. LSU, but it still has a rich tradition stretching back over 100 years.

But that tradition was nearly ruined by a mob of protesters.

Campus Reform reports:

Dozens of climate protesters stormed the football field in New Haven, Connecticut where Harvard and Yale were playing Saturday, forcing game officials to delay the event.

Protesters held a banner reading “Nobody wins. Yale and Harvard are complicit in climate injustice” while others staged a sit-in on the field. Moments later, dozens of more protesters took to the field to join the demonstration.

According to the game’s announcers, officials were asking the protesters to clear the field.

The protest delayed the game for an hour, which nearly caused a disaster.

Yale’s stadium does not have lights, and the game stretched into overtime.

Thanks to the delay, the game almost had to be called due to darkness.

On top of that, it’s not good for athletes to sit for an hour after warm-ups and then go back to playing high-level sports.

This whole charade should’ve been shut down earlier, but Yale officials allowed it to persist.

Under normal circumstances, people who rush the field get arrested, but the students were allowed to be a nuisance for an hour.

Even more troubling is the idiocy of the protest.

The students were calling for divestment from fossil fuels.

Not only is that bad business, but virtually everything operates because of fossil fuels.

The companies that build the electronics they can’t live without use fossil fuels.

The textile companies that make their clothes do the same.

The shipping companies that deliver the products they want also use fossil fuels.

That doesn’t even mention how many millions of people would die if we stopped using fossil fuels.

Wind and solar power aren’t even remotely effective for powering an entire country, but these Leftists don’t care about facts and logic.

Sadly, this stupidity is corrupting two of the top academic institutions in the world.

Do you think it was a classless move to disrupt the football game?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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  2. Again double standards. Everyone is terrified to stand up and say” enough” to these Leftists protesters ! I remember not to long ago there was a story about cheerleaders that were showing support for President Trump. And if memory serves, it was on President’s Day. They got into big trouble for their actions. But Yale officials just stood by,halted the game and allowed these fools to act out… Just goes to show you that just because you have education doesn’t necessarily make you smart…

  3. Sometimes violence is a reasonable and proper solution. If it’s not made absolutely clear where the line is… there effectively is no line. If the schools continue to codle the left and punish more traditional Americans, there will be a comeuppance and it won’t be pleasant.

  4. Since when is it for students to disrupt any official function at a college ? Where is the supervision of these
    radicals ? If there is to be blame, it goes to the colleges themselves, they turn over the control of the college
    activities to rabble. Students go to any school to learn, not to teach political ideas. The supervisors of the school are either in charge of the school or are just overpaid observers. All those who flocked to the field should have been arrested by the police and then charged by the school for unauthorized use of school property.

  5. This country needs to grow some balls. Why did they go head long against the protests back in the sixties? But not now? I say it’s because to many people have become pussies. Everyone of those protesters should have been arrested and expelled from school. It’s time America to stand up. Or George Soros will get his way. Communism! A country controlled by a government that tells you how to live and what healthcare you get. Is that what you want AMERICA? If so, go to China or Venezuela.

  6. This was just a “look at me” stunt. If one were to measure the contribution of Harvard and Yale to “Global Warming”, it wouldn’t be anything, a sneeze in a hurricane. These kids are so ignorant that it is difficult for anyone who has been on the planet long enough to earn income and contribute to his 401K to fathom the depth of their ignorance. They just wanted something to brag to their friends about. I agree that the plug should have been pulled on these knuckleheads the moment they planted themselves on the field.

  7. I can’t add anything that hasn’t already been said but at the very least these radicals should have been suspended and told any further disruption by students will invoke immediate expulsion from the school.

  8. Someone should teach thermodynamics at Harvard and Yale and then they would not worry so much about CO2 and global warming.

  9. Violence is never the solution but we have attained an unrealistic stalemate in this country. If you are on the left you can do whatever you want and say whatever. You also can interrupt everyone that you disagree with or that you just like their position. War’s have started for less and unfortunately we are headed for a civil war in America. The cowards that are causing all the problems will do exactly what one would expect – cause some problems and then RUN like the Cowards they are. In my humble opinion if you attempt to hurt me, a family member, or an innocent person on the street you should have the hell beat out of you – plan and simple. If you damage property regardless the same punishment applies. If you disrupt “Anything” right after the beating you should go directly to jail for at least 30 days. No bail or excuses – jail! This crap has to stop but our politicians are gutless to enforce existing laws and punish those who violate
    them. They are the blame on BOTH sides of the isle!

  10. To these so called climate change idiots. I dare you to go to China and try and do your stupid stunt. Why don’t people tell these idiots to take a hike. They are should start walking everywhere they go that including to school no more bus rides walk

  11. This was so obnoxious that it shouldn’t earn them anything except punishment for breaking the law of the land as well as the law of decency! I thank my God that my family is decent and peaceful.
    How have we lost control of our privileged youth. Perhaps the word “privileged” is an unfortunate explanation.

  12. The children are indoctrinated in our schools. They have been taught to live in fear waiting for the apocalypse to arrive. Sad state of affairs that our liberal brethren have led us into.

  13. Democrats indoctrinate children into believing in global warming and then blame it on Trump and conservatives. They make the children hate conservatives through propaganda the same way Hitler made Germans hate Jews saying it’s all their fault for everything that’s wrong.

  14. The headline misleads, the article is more accurate (“nearly ruined”). In fact, the rivalry was only enhanced by this classic game, for which the protest was but another unusual feature.
    The Harvard and Yale endowments combined are nearly $80 billion. What they do can make a difference. I would say it is very difficult, to the point of being impracticable, to eliminate such investments entirely, but a policy of using leverage to improve the behavior of the fossil-fuel-exploiting industry makes total sense for the future of our (only) planet.

  15. I think that is exactly right, these kids have no idea other then cars what we use fossil fuels for, including heating and lighting our homes. They are ignorant and need to do the research before opening their mouths. I personally believe that climate change is just another normal climate pattern. I’ve read from not sides scientific research. Changing how we use energy is not a bad thing but being unrealistic can be disastrous. Check back with those protesters in 10 years and ask their opinion again.

  16. Now THAT is the truth because it all depends on what type of education you receive and many no longer receive a solid education but only indoctrination. They have no concept of reality. Our “climate change” has more to do with solar flare activity than co2, and one volcano puts out more noxious gases than the human race can in years. Besides that plants REQUIRE said co2 to live. What those children need are pacifiers or a good dose of pepper spray/tear gas.

  17. There’s a time and place and the football game was NOT the right time or moreover, the right place, to hold a protest!

  18. It is critical that students take a stand and demand that colleges and universities divest of fossil fuel investments. It is a powerful way to send a message to the fossil fuel industry that the future of our planet depends on renewable energy sources and their time of political power will come to an end or our lives will come to an end. Everyone should applaud the students’ courage and should demand the end of fossil fuel use.

  19. The inane disruption of the Yale-Harvard football game by self-centered well-to-do accomplished little but caused great expense to their institutions, ESPN, field officials and student athletes and danger to the police officers. It was not spontaneous show of student moral outrage. But was organised, fueled and funded by out side professional agitators. According to press reports there were printed pamphlets and meetings with non-Yale/Harvard community organizers. It was a case of “cutting of the nose” to spite one’s face since a number of students depend on the endowment funded scholarships and trustees are obligated to invest diligently. There are few opportunities for returns on investments out side of coal, oil and gas companies and their derivatives. These political student activists need to get an education in the real world.

  20. if either one of these schools had any guts they would have had every one of the protesters arrested as soon as they started flooding the football field, unfortunately people have become wimps, their excuse they don’t have a reasonable one, when are these school officials going to get a back bone and say enough is enough we will not put up with this nonsense any more

  21. The refs should have given Yale officials 10 minutes to clear the field or the game was to be forfeited to Harvard! That’s the only way to solve these stupid problems at athletic events. A couple of forfeits & the home team will take measures to stop this stupid behavior.

  22. The police should have used flame-thowers on them. That would stop these idiotic events from happening in America.

  23. My guess is that they got about 10 minutes of very valuable air time before the TV people cut away to a view of the chattering announcers. Officials should have stopped them right away, but any way you look at it, the protestors won. That they have a losing proposition that would destroy civilization doesn’t matter. They won.

  24. Great idea! Officials at every level seem to be tolerant of intolerant behavior. It’s time to say “no more” and stop these types of stupid activities.

  25. The cost to send these little morons to so called “Ivy League” Colleges and University’s could stop these type of incidents from happening, very simply. 1, Just expel the trouble makers! I bet that would make their parents sit up and take notice. Not to mention show other students, that while peaceful protests. May be allowed, disruptions of school functions. Will not be tolerated! 2, Fire any faculty/staff. Who encourage this type of disruptive conduct. 3, Maybe the governing boards of the company’s, institutions etc., who grant these endowments to these schools (that’s you too parents). Would threaten to cut off their funding. The schools in question would take a firmer hand with these children. And remind them that they in school to learn, and not run them.

  26. We saw four professors this week on the impeachment and it should be clear now why ALL these liberal univ ersities are turning out all these Idiots that we see graduating from them!!! As we saw live this week they are crumbling the United States. WE must quit funding the Devils work!!!!!!


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