Cracker Barrel just went woke with this food item and customers are furious


It’s hard to find good homestyle food when you are out on the road traveling.

But thankfully for most of us you can find a cracker barrel near any major exit on the highway to fill that hole in our hearts.

Well, Cracker Barrel just went woke with this food item and customers are furious.

Americans all love a good vacation.

Spending time with the family in the car is always a good time.

But we have all been in that situation when things turn ugly.

Kids are screaming in the back for being trapped in the car for more than three hours.

And the wife just hit a new level of demonic anger after being “hangry” for thirty minutes.

Then that fun family trip turns into a witch hunt trying to find somewhere good to stop and eat to appease everyone.

Thankfully, Cracker Barrel seems to be at nearly every other interstate off ramp.

The food chain is known for having rocking chairs to relax, an oversized gift shop, hundreds of random pictures and household items on the wall, and good old southern homestyle food.

But with one move, Cracker Barrel has been able to piss off most of their customers.

When you go to Cracker Barrel you go there for some southern food covered in fat, sodium, and butter.

No one goes to the place for a healthy food option.

Welp, Cracker Barrel just put a food option on their menu that is for the woke customer they don’t have.

Cracker Barrel just announced that they are introducing plant based “impossible” sausage to their breakfast menu.

Cracker Barrel’s “director of menu strategies” claimed, “Our new breakfast menu innovations provide a personalized experience with delicious breakfast choices to satisfy every taste bud – whether guests are nostalgic for homestyle food, hungry for a nutritious plant-based option or have a craving for a sweet treat. At morning, noon or night, we want guests to enjoy craveable breakfast favorites at a compelling value.”

And the backlash from customers was quick and swift with most being pissed about the new fake sausage option.

Cracker Barrel might learn the hard way that when you go woke, you go broke.

What do you think?