COVID is behind this PGA superstar withdrawing from The Open but not because he had the virus


COVID has caused scores of issues over the last year and a half.

One industry hurt the most by it has been sports as tournaments have been canceled, games forfeited, and fans banned from viewing the athletes they love.

And COVID is behind this PGA superstar withdrawing from The Open but not because he had the virus.

The world of golf was shocked this past Sunday when PGA superstar and fan-favorite Bubba Watson announced he would miss The Open Championship, which was slated to take place at the Royal St. George’s Golf Club in Sandwich, England.

Many are appalled at the decision and furious over the blatant hypocrisy.

Bubba Watson stated he would not be participating in the major tournament because of COVID.

Not because the golfer has COVID, mind you.

No, instead, he’s withdrawing because he was exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID.

But here comes the real kicker: Watson is vaccinated.

Watson said in a statement:

“I am disappointed to announce I will not compete at The Open Championship next week due to having direct exposure to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. While I am vaccinated and have passed the required pre-travel COVID test, not enough time has passed for me to comfortably join the charter flight and risk exposure to the other players and personnel on board. I appreciate the R&A’s guidance and help navigating U.K. policy for such situations.”

The hypocrisy is nauseating.

What exactly does the vaccine that Joe Biden is insisting EVERY American get do?

By forcing Watson to withdraw from his exposure to someone with COVID even though he is vaccinated it sends a message to Americans that the vaccine may not work.

That runs counter to the message the government is trying to send when they tell everyone to get a vaccine.

After all, according to Fauci, American’s who aren’t getting the vaccine just need to “get over it” because it is effective and will protect you from the horrific, totally survivable COVID-19.

There is the fact that COVID regulations in the U.K. are far stricter than here in the United States, but still, the vaccine either works or doesn’t.

Vaccine hesitancy by and large doesn’t come from misinformation – it’s coming from the government’s mixed messaging.

Social media, of course, blew up after Watson’s announcement, with many wondering why everyone is being told the vaccine will help us all get back to “normal life” if we’re still banning athletes who’ve been fully vaccinated from participating in tournaments.

As one Twitter user stated, “That’s just crazy. That’s the purpose of being vaccinated.”

Another went even further, echoing what many are feeling right now, “So you are vaccinated, have no symptoms, and have a negative COVID test, and that’s still not enough? When does the insanity end? We will miss watching you – but wish you would call out these crazy nonsensical rules.”

Once again, this is nothing more than a government power grab.

These absurd and arbitrary guidelines are not protecting anyone. They’re stripping citizens across the world of their freedoms.

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