Country music icon Travis Tritt just dropped the hammer on leftists who hate America


Elitist celebrities and musicians are overwhelmingly leftists.

And many do whatever they can to attack conservatives who believe in the exceptionalism of America.

But country music icon Travis Tritt just dropped the hammer on leftists who hate America.

It is hard to ignore how far to the Left celebrities are and many times they don’t try to hide it.

One example is whenever an important election comes around many celebrities threaten to leave the country if their leftist politician doesn’t win.

It is not a presidential election without some elitist screaming about how they will move out of the country if the American people don’t vote for radical leftists.

And the presidential election this year is no different.

Just recently, Hollywood Elitist and musician John Legend threatened to leave America if President Trump wins again.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan UK, Legend said:

Every once in a while you think about it. We were born and raised here, all of our families are here. It would be hard to leave. But I don’t know what one’s supposed to do when you have a leader who is trying to destroy democracy. If that project was to be in any way successful, you’d have to think about going somewhere that is a true democracy, that has respect for the rule of law and human rights.

But country music icon Travis Tritt is getting tired of celebrities threatening to leave.

Tritt went on Twitter and wrote, “I’m thinking that the USA must be a pretty decent place when those who obviously hate this country keep threatening to leave, but never do.”

With one Tweet, Tritt dropped the hammer on all of these leftist elitists who stay in our great nation after threatening to leave.

America needs more patriots like Travis Tritt and fewer leftists like John Legend.

Maybe Americans will be fortunate enough to have Legend and other elitists actually leave this time if President Trump wins a second term.

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