Countless classrooms remain closed as teachers instead do in-person instruction for illegal aliens


One of the biggest casualties of the government-imposed lockdowns is our children’s education.

Parents are desperately pleading to their school boards to open up their children’s classrooms.

But countless classrooms remain closed as teachers instead do in-person instruction for illegal aliens.

When coronavirus hit the United States from China we did not know what to do.

So in true government fashion, government officials decided the best course of action was to restrict our freedoms for our own good.

Now over a year later, many parts of the nation are still being choked out by government-imposed lockdowns.

As the Fake News Media loves to just tout the casualty numbers for coronavirus, one of the most affected groups by the lockdowns are seldom mentioned.

When everything else locked down, so did our children’s classrooms.

Countless children have gone over a year without an adequate education.

No one knows how this will affect these children down the road when they are behind educationally from where they need to be to be functioning adults in society.

But as many parents beg for their children to go back in-person to actually learn something from school, teachers unions are fighting back with everything they have to stay home.

And even when local school divisions try to open schools up the local teachers unions refuse to return for “safety” reasons as some go on vacation.

Well, now it is coming out that teachers in San Diego are volunteering to teach illegal alien children at a detention center while their classrooms remain closed because it is not “safe” enough for them to teach in-person.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Local San Diego station KPBS-TV reported earlier this week that teachers from a closed school will start teaching 500 illegal immigrants.

They will be learning English and the arts.

A local principal proudly declared, “We definitely want to introduce them to the arts, the visual arts and the performing arts. We’ll give them the opportunity to start expressing themselves through written formats, giving them a basic understanding of the English language.”

And as you can guess, local parents are outraged as their children sit at home falling behind as their teachers go off to teach illegal aliens how to paint and draw.

One parent claimed “The system is broken when San Diego teachers are teaching migrant children in person, but the 100k students of taxpaying families at San Diego Unified School District are stuck learning in Zoom school.”

It is outrageous that this is happening and it’s a slap in the face to these concerned parents.

But you get what you vote for.