Could Black Lives Matter be imploding right before our eyes?


Quite possibly, there is no group as divisive as Black Lives Matter is right now.

The group claims to be for unity, but from deadly riots to their anti-white rhetoric, they only further the racial divide in America.

But now, some are wondering, could Black Lives Matter be imploding right before our eyes?

Last week, the news broke that BLM’s Marxist co-founder, Patrisse Khan-Cullors, just bought a $1.4 million home in an affluent, predominantly white neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Looks like being a social justice warrior is paying quite well these days.

The purchase of the home seems to fly in the face of BLM’s systemic racism argument.

If it’s such an issue, then one has to wonder how a black woman could buy such a luxurious home in an incredibly affluent area.

Living on a secluded ranch in SoCal, a mere 15 minutes from Malibu, seems pretty privileged.

Not surprisingly, activists within the BLM movement are calling for an investigation into Khan-Cullor’s finances.

But, of course, that didn’t sit well with the powers that be.

And now, BLM has threatened legal action against the black activist who called for an investigation into the organization’s finances.

The activist, Hawk Newsome, of the unaffiliated Black Lives Matter Greater New York, called for an independent investigation into BLM’s finances after reports surfaced of the lavish purchase by the organization’s co-founder.

A BLM spokesman flipped the situation on its head, saying that Newsome continues to use the BLM name despite them sending him multiple cease and desist letters.

Newsome responded to the allegations, “So the issue has become my affiliation and not the use of funds. Interesting.”

Interesting indeed.

It’s clear that BLM does not want anyone digging into how the money donated to them is being used.

BLM’s other problem is they do not have the legal right over the phrase Black Lives Matter, making it difficult for them to argue Newsome can’t use it.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has rejected six applications submitted by BLM for trademarks containing the phrase because the slogan is a social and political message that is not linked to a source of goods or services.

A statement was released by BLM in response to Khan-Cullors home purchase, which said that the organization has only paid her $120,000 since its founding in 2013.

It also went on to say that they “cannot and did not commit any organizational resources toward the purchase of personal property by any employee or volunteer. Any insinuation or assertion to the contrary is categorically false.”

And of course, they blamed the entire situation on white supremacy, saying in part that reports of the co-founder’s multimillion-dollar real estate purchase are part of the “right-wing offensive” and that it “puts Patrisse, her child, and her loved one’s in harm’s way” and “continues a tradition of terror by white supremacists against black activists.”

Once again, the Left makes everything a race issue, but in this case, it looks like some cracks are showing in one of their most beloved social justice groups.

BLM may have some problems on their hands as more of their activists start asking to see the books.

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