Cosmopolitan magazine profiled child predator Jeffrey Epstein and it could destroy their publication


Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest is exposing powerful people in the Democrat Party.

And Bill and Hillary Clinton aren’t the only ones in trouble for being one of his friends.

Cosmo, a radical left-wing feminist magazine, profiled Epstein and what they wrote could end up destroying their publication.

Ever since Epstein’s arrest, the Left has been attempting to cover up their relationship with him.

However, Cosmo wasn’t able to hide this bombshell that they regret publishing.

In 1980, Cosmo featured Jeffrey Epstein as “The Bachelor of the Month” and encouraged women to ask him on a date.

The Daily Beast reports:

Long before Jeffrey Epstein boasted of his billionaires-only client list—and long before his arrests for molesting underage girls in Florida and New York—the perverted financier was an eligible bachelor in the glossy pages of Cosmopolitan.

In July 1980, Epstein was featured as the magazine’s “Bachelor of the Month,” a tiny section advertising successful single men across the country. At the time, the future sex-offender was a Bear Stearns trader and asked potential dates to write him at the investment bank’s former headquarters in Lower Manhattan.

The personals ad, which included a photo of Epstein in a suit, portrayed him as a “New York dynamo” seeking “a cute Texas girl.”

“Financial strategist Jeffrey Epstein, 27, talks only to people who make over a million a year!” the listing declared. “If you’re ‘a cute Texas girl,’ write this New York dynamo at 55 Water St., 49th floor, N.Y.C. 10041.”

Cosmo is a radically feminist magazine that caters to the social justice warrior and LGBT movements.

Which makes this story they published even worse.

The magazine literally encouraged young women to write Jeffrey Epstein a letter and attempt to seduce him.

Now that news has surfaced that Epstein is a sexual predator, it could destroy Cosmo entirely.

The embarrassing profile has resurfaced much to Cosmo’s dismay.

One has to wonder how far back Epstein’s affinity for sex with children began.

As Epstein’s case enters court proceedings, we will likely learn more about his sick behavior and acts.

What do you think? Did Cosmo know anything?


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  2. It is unclear whether Cosmo Magazine knew anything or not . What is clear is that the likelihood that other men that have been featured in their Magazine are involved in this kind of reprehensible conduct is very likely . When you support Criminals with mental illness and who are bordering on insane , This is what will happen .

  3. It is so very sad and some people should be held accountable for knowing about the predatory behavior of Epstein and either profited from it or looked the other way. Under age boys and girls were regularly prey. There must be many more than Jeffrey answer for this.

  4. I’m more interested in hearing what Bill and Hillary will have to say when they take the stand. And after 26 visits to Lolita Island surely the Prosecution will subpoena them. If they are not called to testify and be questioned then we will know the Clinton Fix is still alive and well

  5. Ed, you are correct about Clinton, but I am still not holding my breath. That POS is gonna walk, but they will probably get some “low” level “celebrity.” The United States legal system and media are corrupt.

  6. This nation and the world is being destroyed. They bash this guy and every other male. Then Throw their daughters to the WHORES of the so called entertainment industry with pride. Hypocrites.

  7. If it had been an NRA magazine profile plugging his “desirability” the left would be out for blood. I say, follow the example of government predecessors. “Never let a good crisis go to waste. ” Rahm Emanuel.
    There is blood in teh water. We MUST attack and keep attacking.

  8. For President Obama to give the “Medal of Freedom” to sexual perverts like Pres. Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, Anthony Weiner and Bill Cosby, the social acceptance die was cast…sexual jerks like Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, James Rosen, Senator Al Franken, Roy Moore, Louis C.K., Brett Ratner, Dustin Hoffman, Jeremy Piven, and Kevin Spacey… gave birth to the “MeToo” hypocrisy. Now that moronic “MeToo” crap seems only to apply to Republican men…This is why Epstein’s hideous molesting of children was able to go on for decades, because he was handsome, exceptionally rich and well connected that he became an “untouchable” allowing him to touch as many underage girl he could get his hands on…and who do we blame? Not the pervert…EVERYONE KNEW THAT’S WHO HE WAS…those who knew about this disgusting behavior remained silent, they gladly got on the “Lolita Express” flights to SEX ISLAND like the invitation from Epstein was some kind of social trophy…and you women have yourselves to blame for remaining silent each and every time you were inappropriately approached, kissed and touched and you remained silent …

  9. The Libs and Democrats think it is not his fault. He must of been born that way and if you look at his DNA you will know. That is why so many love this man.

  10. America needs to “toast” the magazine, Epstein and ALL of his clients, and any of his friends who can be proven to know about his perversion.

  11. They should change the name of their precious publication to “CosmoTramp”.
    Or, maybe “CosmoSlut”.
    Or how about this for a catchy advertising phrase, “CosmoDate”, the best $20 you’ll ever spend!!!

  12. The U S legal system may be corrupt–and we have been seeing that lately–but there is a justice system that is not corrupt waiting for all the corrupt actors who skate in the
    U S system. And there is no appeal there. For all the corrupt actors one can only hope they turn their behavior around before they get to that justice.

  13. You and I both know, Epstein is a dead man walking and Bill and Hillary and all of the other pedophiles associated with this pig will walk around proudly telling the rest of us how they say we should be living.
    They are all disgusting.

  14. It does not matter when or if Cosmo knew anything. The libs would be relentlessly going after any conservative publication. Why are we holding back. Cosmo, Broke. Out of Business. Sued for TRILLIONS for promoting a pedophile!!! BLOOD IN THE WATER!!!! ATTACK!!! ATTACK!!! ATTACK!!!

    I want vengeance on behalf of all conservatives abused by these trogladite, self serving, self loving lower than dirt scum pigs!!!

  15. NO!! What is wrong with you people? That’s the problem with conservatives. We just say, “Isn’t that sad!” DON’T get sad. Get angry!! Look at how we are treated on a daily basis!! “Oh woe is us. We’re so sorry and sad we just want this to quietly go away.” NO NO NO!!!The time for being SAD is long gone!! We need to see a whole lot of these elitist pigs in prison for life plus 100 years!!! Put a huge fence around Hollywood and give them all the bread and water they want. Anything else these self-serving elitist scum want they can grow. They are very good at growing worthless opinions. Let’s see if they can grow anything else!! Cher, Alyssa, Madonna, SJ Parker, I’m sure every one of you has spent time in the company of Epstein. Let’s clear the board and get rid of this scum that thinks they are superior and can tell everyone else how to live!!! And how do we do that? Suck up to the likes of Epstein, like you did?

  16. The barbarians are pounding on the gates. The government is in enormous debt, corrupt and full of perverts. The streets are full of garbage and homeless people. Sounds a lot like ancient Rome just before the fall…..

  17. How about this, I don’t care if he was born that way. We need to give him a chance to be re-born!!!

  18. Yes, absolutely. And all the Democrats are doing is wring their hands and wailing that what they did isn’t working so that means they have to do more of it!! The Republicans are still saying “You mean we have a White House?” Clueless idiots!!

  19. Ed Brown >> >> They will likely not take the stand in the Epstein trial. Hopefully the FBI will investigate the Clintons and others that took the Lolita Express and stand trial for their conduct if it was as criminal as it appears to have been.

  20. Not that I have any proof but I bet Epstein and Weinstein were buddies and part of the same pedophile ring.

  21. Cosmo is hardly Conservative. They have been grooming girls for decades to be prey for pimps like Epstein. The only thing worse is Teen Vogue who lowers the age down to 13 or lower, sadly with no apparent opposition.

  22. Julia No one said that but H R C has been named away long time ago in other off the wall things from Water Gate to day. Then their ar the 87 off the wall murders H R C is connected to, then there are no less than 18 usery charges she is also a part of, Let not forget her sell of 10 kilos of yellowcake to Putin for $187,000,000.oo that just somehow ended up in H R C bank . . . With all that & more one has to think the fix is always in for H R C . . .


  24. You are definitely incorrect. This isn’t a matter of DNA! Exactly what is it you think identifies people like that in their DNA? If it were true, we could spot them far sooner than having to wait for them to be charged with the crime.

  25. And to all of you cucks in Portland, when you see Obrokeback’s vermin attacking 90 year olds with a crowbar, GET OFF OF YOUR HILLARYS AND FIGHT BACK!!

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