Cory Booker’s girlfriend just told the world something so embarrassing about the Senator it could destroy his campaign


Cooker Booker’s campaign has become an absolute trainwreck.

And something just happened that is making things worse.

Cory Booker’s girlfriend made an announcement that is so embarrassing he may be forced to end his campaign.

It’s no secret Senator Booker’s campaign is going down the drain.

He is polling below fringe candidates like Andrew Yang and doesn’t appear to have any chances of victory in any of the early primary states.

His few supporters are made up of legislators from his home state and a handful of Hollywood celebrities.

Now, his girlfriend has revealed that she isn’t even supporting him for President.

Rosario Dawson told the press, “Regardless of Cory, I wasn’t going to be behind any particular candidate this election”.

Breitbart reports:

Actress Rosario Dawson, the girlfriend of Democrat presidential hopeful and Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), has no immediate plans to endorse the White House hopeful’s presidential bid.

“Regardless of Cory, I wasn’t going to be behind any particular candidate this election,” Dawson stated at Variety’s Toronto Film Festival. “I really just want to be behind the electorate.”

Dawson also discussed the media’s double standard when it comes to her and Cory Booker, saying that the press has not given much attention to her upcoming appearance in the Zombieland sequal.

“He’s hoping to make the ‘Zombieland’ premiere, but I’m curious to see, if he doesn’t, if he’s going to get the same amount of press being like ‘why aren’t you supporting your women,” Dawson said. “I’ve been getting all this press like ‘Why aren’t you at your man’s side’ when I’ve made it really clear that it’s okay to be a working mom.”

This is a humiliating blow for Cory Booker’s campaign.

Not even his girlfriend is willing to support his bid for the White House.

If he can’t convince his own girlfriend to lend him her support, how can he expect to get Iowa voters to come out to the polls for him?

The media and Booker’s campaign are trying to downplay the story.

The more Democrat voters hear about it, he will become the laughing stock of the Democratic field.

What do you think? Should Cory Booker suspend his campaign?


  1. I’m from NJ. I’ve seen him for years now. Not only should he suspend his presidential campaign, but he should resign from the Senate. He is an embarrassment to an already embarrassing Blue, liberal, left wing,
    DemonRat state. If I could afford it, I’d be out of here in a minute. Retirement is soon, (but not soon enough), and my wife and I are outa here. Moving to any state that is still a constitutional state, with American freedoms still in tact. He is one of many reasons why this state is so bad. He and the rest of the DemonRats pander to the cities on the east side of the state. More freebies, ala AOC. That’s how 25% of the land mass, controls the other 80% of the land mass, who are conservative Republicans. But the cities are too dense, and the DemonRats know it. That’s what they use to stay in power. That’s why we can NEVER allow the DemonRats on the federal level to get rid of the Electoral College. They will do the same thing. Pander to the welfare class in the cities, promise everything FREE, AOC, Bernie, and the rest. Then you can say goodbye to this country.

    • Consider South Alabama (Called LA = Lower Alabama) as the “place you outa be!”

      Conservative, Christian, Southern Charm, homes and real estate taxes at 1/2 the price of NJ. We moved here from Montclair in 1970.

      Part time jobs available for retirees that want them.

      • Our north Atlanta suburb neighbor moved to Woodstock, Ga from N.J. and bought himself a beautiful newly constructed $325,000 four bedroom house on over and acre of landscaped land and only pays $600/ year in property taxes!! He feels like he has died and gone to heaven. His electric, heat and insurance rates are a fraction of what he paid.

      • I just talked with a lady today who moved to S E Tennessee from her native California and she thinks she has died and gone to heaven. She kept telling me and my wife that we didn’t know how lucky we were being born here.

    • LOL, I have to laugh at how convenient it is for all the white racists and religious bigots have the internet to spread their hatred from those around them. Most of the comments here are full of hatred and nastiness. Sadly their Satan behavior is what they teach their children. I would suggest they don’t bother to attend any religious services, they cannot BS God. Remember your evil mind is not want you want to have before your last breath.

      • So Steve , The truth will set you free if you are sane enough to recognize it. What a racist/ bigot you are and a heretic invoking the name of God into your racist , hate-filled rhetoric. How sad and pitiful

      • The only true hate, intolerance, violence and pure bigotry is coming from the left. They were already quite bad in 2016 and then after failing to steal enough votes and losing the election as a consequence they got much worse.
        That was part of what led to the Russian collusion scam. At that point the democrats and the left, including the legacy media, were beginning to show signs of desperation as president Trump was not your typical mealy mouth, limp wristed Republican. The President stood right in there and went toe to toe with a lying, hate filled fifth column of media Quislings who, taking their direction from the highest levels of the democrat party and the former administration, were making up lies and labeling them as real news, printing false narratives and attacking the Presidents family including his ten year old son but still president Trump kept on fighting and winning and his policies were working, peoples’ lives were and are getting better and we know it and it is driving the left crazy.
        It’s going to continue and Americas’ enemies know it and that makes it just that much worse. I don’t think they can cheat and steal enough votes to steal the election in 2020 especially after their candidates had to pander to the far left and it caused them to reveal their true thinking and the policies they would enact. The American people find the democrat positions on everything to be a complete anathema to everything American. They fly in the face of the way this country was built and how it became the place that people the world over want to run to, not from.
        Once the truth got they were doomed. Watch carefully when after the democrat convention chooses one of the twenty losers to run for president, just how quickly they change their tune and start lying to main street America. It won’t take thirty seconds for these congenital liars to slip back into lying ways. They can’t help it, they know it’s necessary given their ludicrous policies and for them it is a pathology, it’s inbred like an instinct because to survive politically they must lie.

      • And you were assigned as judge by God when? If you’re not personally assigned by God to do HIS job, then shut it! No one has to answer to you!

    • correct he is one of the worse new jersey has to offer thank god I moved right after Murphy got in, another train wreck loser for the state, god help my family and friends who still live in the state and soon will be moving out to in the future!! love my new FL. home and my legislators here!!

  2. Cory is a racist bigot and a liar. He tells his audiences what he expects they want to hear and that changes from audience to audience, sometimes slightly, sometimes much. He is a self-aggrandizing politician. He has no possibility of being the Democrat nominee this time, but he is running for 2024. He just is expanding his name recognition, solidifying his base of taxpayer dependent voters.

    • Typical of the party and people of hate and division in America and it’s corruption, the anti-American democrats and their tool for it the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES!

  3. HEIL HITLARY!!!! Why does Corey pick “Der Fuhrer-wannabe H. Clinton” and try to discover WHICH of the two would thrown in slammer first? They both mentally and psychologically cut from nearly the same cloth. They BOTH should be getting fitted out for their new fashions in “INTERNATIONAL ORANGE” jumpsuits with CLUB FORT LEAVENWORTH KANSAS on the backs.

    • Almost all of the candidates in the field sound angry. Is that the only way they can reach their target audience, by yelling at them?
      They wave their arms and look like side-show barkers.
      “Three throws for a dollar!”
      And we’ve got over a year to go…..

  4. Who are you kidding his girlfriend is in it for the publicity and that is all. When he announces he is stepping down from the race the next byline will be from Dawson our relationship is over.

    • Is Dawson the one who accused him of slapping some sense into her? He claims he didn’t, but her child described something else to the police.

  5. Everybody knows that TRUMP is going to win 2020. All these losers have never done a thing for anybody in their lives. Trump already has done everything plus he has experience as a businessman all over the world. Drop out your damn lunatics with all your idiotic rethoric.

  6. Welcome to move to the South…but leave your northeastern and California politics behind…don’t ruin the South like you ruined the North and west coast…we don’t care how it was done where you came from…assimilate and adopt our values…we believe in God, country and life at conception and we don’t kill newborn 👶…

    • Now, how does it make you a better person than they if you name call and make threats or remarks that are racist and classless. Stop blaming an entire and extraordinary race on one persons foibles. African Americans did first blood transfusion, first heart transplant, invented the stop light, gas mask, finest pilots ergo; Tuskegee airmen, Triple Nickle, Bass Reeves, Jesse Owens, Wilma Rodolph, and AA was first on the North Pole though he didn’t get credit for it, AA women were prominent in helping first manned spacecraft that circled the earth ergo; Hidden Figures and I don’t think AA have any Charles Mansons. It all can be verified if you take time to read and not just complain and vilify.
      Obama may have been the first AA president but he had a white puppet master, Soros. So he was a big disappointment. If you want to get your points across to the rest of the world, don’t be petty and name call or you are just as bad as the folks you complain about. We are all just folks. And the majority of Americans regardless of race is hard working, loving, sharing, hardworking, generous and would walk through a blizzard to help a neighbor.
      It’s truly a shame that the knuckleheads get all the press. I noticed the fake news is not covering AA and Hispanic town halls who complain about sanctuary cities. And the news medias aren’t concerned about the Hispanics who are angry because they worked hard and entered the country the correct way and don’t appreciate the influx of illegals who are killing their loved ones. You can find these town hall meetings on the internet. The Dems want numbers. They don’t care about the poor or any race. It’s all about being voted in and keeping power. Everything they do points to the One World Government that’s spoken of in Revelations.
      There are good and bad in every race. Let’s focus on the positive. And when you get discouraged about the left and their antics remember that there is NO ONE and NOTHING greater than JESUS.


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