Conservatives will never read Sports Illustrated again after this pro-transgender move


Transgender activists are forcing their agenda into every facet of society.

It seems that no major institution is safe.

And conservatives will never read Sports Illustrated again after this pro-transgender move.

Sports Illustrated used to be about sports.

But, like most major brands, it has been fully infiltrated by left-wing activists, and now spends their time pushing left-wing activism.

During the height of coronavirus, they constantly attacked Trump, claiming that he was failing in his response to the virus, and that it would kill professional and college sports.

One article went so far as to be titled: “Trump’s Fumbling of the Coronavirus Crisis Could Kill the College Football Season.”

Clearly, content like this isn’t exactly what sports fans would be interested in.

And following their latest move, it is likely that they don’t care, and aren’t actually trying to appeal to sports enthusiasts anymore.

Leyta Bloom, a biological male who claims to be a woman, will appear on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Bloom spoke to Page Six following the news, telling them being on the cover of Sports Illustrated has been a lifelong dream.

“When they told me I got the cover, I spoke to my dad,” Bloom told Page Six.

“I was like, ‘When I was looking at that magazine . . . I was looking into my future. You were giving me the tools I needed to see myself, to know that I could be there, that I could inspire, that one day I could be a part of this.’”

“This cover and this moment represent what it looks like in the future,” Bloom said.

Bloom added, “Being a person of trans experience growing up in the world, there was no representation of that [in fashion], so I felt like I could never do this.”

The biological male model went on to state that transgender activists need to “keep moving,” adding that “the world is changing, “and people need to see the fact that, wow, this is the beginning of it. This is what it looks like, and it’s so beautiful.”

Bloom is simply a part of a larger agenda.

The transgender lobby wants to force their agenda on all of America.

They have filed lawsuits to force themselves into school locker-rooms, launched programs to teach their agenda to children, and attacked anybody who opposes them in this effort as bigots.