Comedian John Mulaney crossed a major red line when he encouraged the Senate to do something life threatening against President Trump on SNL


Since President Trump was elected in 2016, the entire comedy business has veered hard to the Left and can only seem to think of new material related to attacking Trump.

Many of these jokes have revealed how uncreative and boring many of these so-called “comedians” are.

But John Mulaney’s recent appearance on Saturday Night Live went way too far when he encouraged the Senate to do something life threatening to President Trump.

Not only are these uncreative and boring comedians bombing with their anti-Trump material, some of them are doing severe damage to their careers.

Kathy Griffin is likely the most infamous case of a comedian who took attacking Trump too far.

She posed for a photo with the graphic of a severed head of Donald Trump.

Naturally, people responded with harsh criticism and she was forced to lay low for a period of time.

After this incident, you think John Mulaney would have learned his lesson . . . instead he dropped this bombshell on Saturday Night Live.

While performing live on SNL, Mulaney mentioned that Julius Cesar started the “Leap Year” and proceeded to tell this, “joke.”

“Another thing that happened under Julius Caesar, he was such a powerful maniac that all the senators grabbed knives, and they stabbed him to death. That would be an interesting thing if we brought that back now,” Mulaney said.

John Mulaney is encouraging members of the U.S. Senate to murder President Trump by repeatedly stabbing him.

The Left continues to get away with making jokes and light-hearted threats against the President’s life.

The reality is that people are bored with these jokes.

But comedians continue to tell them and shoot themselves in the foot while doing so.

What liberals don’t realize is that this smug attitude they hold against Trump and his supporters helped fuel his 2016 victory.

From all appearances, these comedians will most likely be stuck making these awful jokes for another four years.

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  2. SNL isn’t funny anymore. It’s gone completely down hill from what it used to be back in the 80s and 90s.

  3. SNL is basically like a herd of diseased elephants: despondent, fearful, superstitious, condemned. Try elevating that miasma to mirth.

  4. All these individuals should be very careful as karma has a way of working things out. You want, ask for evil, you get it back 10 fold.

  5. Leftists do not have a sense of humor, thus are not funny. Leftism is a mental illness. Long ago SNL should have been closed down. It has lost money for the network for many years but since it presents leftist propaganda, it is subsidized by the No Brain Communist network.

  6. This what the SECRET SERVICE, FBI and the DOJ in general INVESTIGATES. If John winds up in PRISON, then this would be a FITTING end with KATHY alongside him. Kathy may be under investigation . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  7. SNL has completely gone amok. I loved the original show which was funny & creative. The Show has turned into a formal that is strictly abt politics and bad mouthing our President. They are dangerous, moronic and as funny as the wall. Time to be retired from TV. Not one got point in their favor..?

  8. I bet he won’t be laughing when the secret service shows up at his door. He should be in jail for his actions. Not too long just enough to ruin his career.

  9. They do because they are never made accountable for their actions. TRUMP 2020 God bless President Trump.

  10. Keith Kennedy you are 125 % correct if that ever happens as I said below they are never made accountable. What LOW LIFE’S.

  11. Let’s tell it like it is. These losers are not comedians, they are subversive traitors that deserve to be strung up on the tallest tree for all to see! If any self respecting Conservative still watches this sham show, I can only conclude that they are as dumb as the people who are on the show.

  12. Since John Mulaney, Kathy Griffin and the rest of their ilk despise President Trump as strongly as evidenced by their sick idea of “comedy” perhaps they should consider moving to Russia, China or North Korea, etc. and take up residence in any of those “paradises”.

  13. SNL is no longer a comedy show. It’s an exercise in sophomoric political commentary, occasionally making a half a point.

  14. Why is the secret service not pounding on this sick perverted lunatic’s door like they would be if someone said that about a trashy democrat? The biggest crime cartel on planet Earth, also known as the FBI, would be storming his house at 4a.m. if this was said against a democrat.

  15. PS: In the countries mentioned in my previous post, people of their persuasion are dealt with in a very unique and accepted manner, they just seem to disappear into thin air and are never heard of again! It’s so strange, but I remember any number of so called celebrities who strongly indicated during the previous election cycle that if Trump was elected they would leave our (USA) country. Surprisingly they are all still here! There is no mention of ANY (!) of them having departed, instead they are still here whining about how awful Donald Trump is! A bit hypocritical, wouldn’t you say?

  16. SNL stopped being funny in the 1967…slowly went downhill
    Now it is time to close the SNL doors like every other shows that were canceled which were better than some of today’s programming
    Better yet, we have the on/ off button to use, channel changers to focus on a better channel that will educate you in several venues to enrich yourself hood instead of dumbing down
    SNL your live hood is coming to an end…abandon the ship !

  17. Eluding violence seems to mesmerize far left idiots. These boring so-called comedians can’t even be original as I’ve heard this same reference before … also, as an aside, I really do believe many of these loons would love to see the corona virus reach epidemic levels in the USA, the stock market crash, gun violence increase (as long as they were not harmed and the perpetrators were white), and the President actually succumb to illness (they and the media would think it hilarious if it was Corona virus) or actually assassinated. Every fake claim thrown in outrage at the President and his followers actually, factually, applies to them, the media, and the Democrat leadership.


  19. Haven’t watched it in years because it hasn’t been funny in this Century. While it has had its moments when it first started and many actors and comedians came out off it, it has become a complete drag! This guy should be fired and the show should be retired because four more years of this is unthinkable!!

  20. why are these people getting away with this?? anyone and i mean ANYONE who threatens the life of the President should be in jail. if this would happen, this kind of insults would stop rather quickly. and these creeps would then keep their filthy mouths shut

  21. Unfortunately, now there are few normal people who watch shows of such “comedians” as John Mulany or Griffith. The more people watch these stupid “shows”, the more people would go over to the side of normal people – Republicans.

  22. Mulnaey may have forgotten that the Senate is majority Republican. Perhaps we need to refresh his memory this November.

  23. Disgusting remarks against the president infuriate4 me! He is so much smarte4r than Congress!!

  24. There’s nothing funny about severing heads. It’s only slightly funnier that separating children from their parents and incarcerating them in concentration camps.
    Of course, when you look at a corrupt, tyrannical head of government, you have to wonder if execution isn’t the answer. Would that have saved people if Hitler had been executed? Would that save thousands of refugees from these Middle East and the Americas if that happened here? It still isn’t right, but is it less wrong than letting a tyrant like Trump harm millions of people.

  25. HCB, of course you are slow enough to have missed the fact that photos of children “in cages” were taken during the Obama administration. Any inconvenience for those breaking our laws is on them. If they want to endanger their children, that is up to them. The only reason Dems want open borders is in the hopes that once the “undocumented” come in, sooner or later they will be able to vote – and vote Democrat.

  26. I haven’t watch SNL in years, they haven’t been funny for a very long time. This is sick and really he has gone too far. I wasn’t an Obama fan, but I didn’t think he should be killed, just because we didn’t believe the same way. This is why we have elections.

  27. These idiot comedians, like their counterparts in the Main Sewer Stream Fake Media are, despite the fact that their idiocy appeals to a dwindling audience of fellow idiots, are committed, irrespective that they come across as complete ignoramuses to the other side – which continues to expand thanks to their stupidity – to carrying out the wishes of their owners/controllers. This is an ideological divide…and the America envisioned by the Founding Fathers is under siege by those who would axe the 2nd, remove the borders…No Borders = No Country and eliminate the Electoral College…No College = No Constitutional Republic…

  28. HCB, you are extremely SICK!!!! Pres. Trump has harmed NO ONE!!!! But your sick hatred and lies are very harmful to those gullible enough to fall for them.

  29. HCB, why do you bother to come to a conservative Christian site?? No one here wants anything to do with your hatred and lies. Jesus forbids both

  30. Ann, those despicable people trashing our president are very low IQ and have no clue at all of the truth. Or else they just deny the truth, which isn’t any better. Pres. Trump is far more intelligent than they are, having an IQ of 162. They can’t stand it that he is a lot smarter than them and is doing a lot of good for this country

  31. What these Leftist Idiots think is “funny”, is actually trying to encourage PHYSICAL HARM or DEATH to our President…and the Secret Service NEEDS to bring them in & interrogate these mentally ill cockroaches… We laughed when the rodeo clown wore an Obama mask, but the Left had him FIRED!!!! What the Left is doing with Trump is SO MUCH WORSE…& NOT FUNNY AT ALL…they are actually THREATS!!!! They NEED to be held ACCOUNTABLE for THREATS AGAINST the PRESIDENT!!!!


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