Comedian Chelsea Handler is apologizing for her “white privilege” in a way that will leave everyone offended


Chelsea Handler has made her comedy career by pandering to a vastly Left-wing audience.

But now she’s gone way too far.

Chelsea Handler is apologizing for her “white privilege” in the most offensive way possible that will make both black and white people furious.

Liberals have made “white privilege” a rallying cry for activists and even presidential candidates.

The concept is that white people cannot possibly understand the issues others face because they are so “privileged” by the color of their skin.

This concept, of course, fails to acknowledge poor white families or those who deal with severe medical issues or difficult life situations.

But Chelsea Handler has chosen to ignore those people.

Instead, she’s focusing on appearing as “woke” as possible by bragging about her so-called “white guilt.”

She has chosen to apologize for her “white privilege” by creating a Netflix special about it.

Handler clearly misses how hypocritical this is.

She’s apologizing for her “privilege” with a Netflix special . . . which is, in and of itself, a highly privileged thing to do.

Brietbart reports:

Chelsea Handler stars in a new Netflix documentary the features the former talk show host traveling the country apologizing for her white privilege and endeavoring to finally learn “how to be a better white person to people of color, without making it a thing.”

“I’m clearly the beneficiary of white privilege. And I want to know what my personal responsibility is moving forward in the world we live in today where race is concerned,” Handler confesses at the top of the hour-long documentary, called Hello, Privilege. It’s Me, Chelsea, the dropped on the streamer Friday.

The documentary sees Handler interviewing Actor-comedians Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish, and W. Kamau Bell, race writer Tim Wise, Civil Rights activist Ruby Sales, Emory University historian Carol Anderson, Tennessee-based rapper Jelly Roll, Black Lives Matter co-founder Melina Abdullah, and New Jersey Institute for Justice CEO Ryan Haygood, a Republican strategists, black students at the University of California at an open mic night, and her high school ex-boyfriend Tyshawn.

Liberals keep pushing “white guilt” on people, but voters are turning against it.

People do not want to hear they are terrible individuals just for being born the way they are.

The election of Donald Trump certainly helps tell us that voters are sick of this message.

What do you think?

Is Chelsea Handler going too far with so-called “white guilt” or “white privilege”?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  2. I am not going to apologize for GOD making my skin white. And just because I am white it does not mean I have been privileged. Or do I suffer from white guilt. I have experienced MANY hardships, including discrimination that many others have, because of the color of their skin or religious beliefs. The Demon party will continue to stir the pot of hatred , and calling out discrimination when there is none. Just to cause more disruption within our country..
    I would presume Ms. Handler is being paid quite well for this documentary. Is she donating the proceeds because of her so called guilt to others less fortunate than her?? Probably not. Ms. handler needs a handler! And just like the rest of these radical Leftists Hollywood elitists, need to just shut up and stick to their professions ..Which is not meant to hurt and destroy our country and it’s people……

  3. We are what we are inside. Skin color becomes a self made issue. We need to see the person, not the color.
    Reminds me of a “white” preacher who introduced a famous preacher of color. He praised him for his greatness, but tried to express the commonness they both had. He said, “His skin might be black, but his soul is black as ours. White people have black souls as well as others. Our difference is inside, not outside.

  4. Hey CULTUREWATCH, this is off this subject, but why do you allow this “betty” thing to keep coming on with all that lying, hateful, foul crap?

  5. I think i’m Going to have to drop Netflix as well – disgusting crap – remember its the content of the character not the color of the skin – this is claptrap 100%. I’m sick of being called privileged because I am white I’ve had struggles and hardships just like anyone else it’s the choices I made that makes the difference – we are all the same in the eyes of our Creator – God!

  6. If they are so fed up with whites then they can go to other countries where their race is the majority.
    And it is a LIE that minorities all get along.
    Hispanics and blacks make racist comments about ASIANS. Hispanics make negative comments about blacks.
    Blacks don’t like Hispanics OR Asians.
    Come on. You can’t regulate human preferences.
    I refuse to let a government office tell me who to love/like/etc.

  7. The ignorance of the right wing knows no bounds. The existence of poor white trash says nothing at all about whether white privilege is real or not. It is. The easiest way to think of white privilege is to remember that the poorest white man can put on a suit and drive a cadillac through a wealthy neighborhood with the intent of robbing it blind and not get a second look; while the wealthiest black man can put on a suit and drive that same cadillac in the same neighborhood up to HIS NEW MANSION and have the white lady across the street call the cops on him. That is an example of white privilege. Get it now?

  8. We are all children of God and all bleed red, it is fanatical humans that bring predjudice and hate for people that don’t look . think, have great jobs , or are poor. As humans we are all the same and should treat each other that way. As for Chelsea handler and the other people so obsessed with their white guilt there is a viable option that will give them peace and solve their problem for the rest of us, it is called suicide. When they are gone we as humans can work to heal the problems in our world created by wars and famine instead of dealing with idiots that think they are funny but it is only in their psychotic minds.

  9. White privilege? What the hell is that? lmao! We, my family, was not born with a silver spoon in our mouths. Raised in a farming environment, we all pulled our own weight and we worked hard. We didn’t have a lot of money but our parents figured it out. We had more than enough food because we raised our own food. At 10 years old, I was working harder than many grown men discing fields and it had to be done to my dad’s liking. I guess if I had to say anything about “privilege” it would be that I was privileged to parents who taught me how to work, plant crops and much more without complaining about working. Nobody should complain about the color of the skin they were born with. That is idiotic. Embrace the color of your skin. There is no such thing as “white privilege” where I came from. It is just a made-up thing to try to make you feel badly about who you are. If you feel badly because of this, you have major problems! God made you who you are and He does not get it wrong!

  10. She is a complete ass…she’s trying to be relevant!! Her career is in the pot…exactly where she ought to be; close the lit.

  11. Yeah I’ve thought about how horrible it would be to wake up black, not milk chocolate black but gorilla black, and felt sorry for blacks, but life is life. You would just have to make the best of your situation by achieving good things and make anybody who’s prejudices ashamed of themselves.

  12. Chelsea Handler is Jewish who are part of the brown race of Arabs, but have their own religion of Hebrew instead of Muslim. That’s why her relatives who live in Israel amongst the millions of their Arab cousins are there. She also only has sex with negrows and brags about it all the time since the jews are first cousins with the Africans and she loves to sex only them. She’s not funny at all, just a crazy racist against the pure European Whites, and a stupid loud mouthed ugly beech dirty hore to boot. Surprised no one’s murdered her yet.

  13. God made use the way we are, it is the minds of the human beings that create chaos NOT GOD. You are NOT the omnipresent but only an airhead with loose lips who spews out the ugliness because it is payable to your income as well as wanting to be part of the Californiation ideology
    If they are so fed up being white or gender erred, then they need to really go to another country and see where the ideal of white privileged ideology comes in play OR change the skin color and walk throughout the culture before opening the mouth.
    Worst, women have really no rights as well therefore Ms. Handler, as a woman you would be stoned, jailed, hanged etc., in the other countries outside the good USA before assuming things think
    Whites cannot even get along with whites or even get along with many other races. Each race and color cannot get alongside with their own for personality differences not skin color
    You are not to judge because 3 fingers are pointing at your soul as your front finger is pointing outward to others as loose lips flopping in pleasure for attention
    Karma plays a huge role in what goes out does come back….ALWAYS
    DNA is what makes us so wonderfully different as well as rotten

  14. Eric; The stereotyping of the Leftists knows no bounds! I don’t know where you live, but in my town people of all races and religions live in homes, mansions and etc. and no one is calling the police because of their differences. I don’t care what color skin a person has, but if you are trespassing on MY land , yes indeed the police will be called. Stop stirring the pot( which you Leftists love to do) of hate and bigotry.. Handler is the perfect example of another hypocrite. Got it now???

  15. Eric, grab your bunch of bananas and head for a tree. You are about as dumb as a box of rocks. About driving that Cadillac through a black neighborhood. It wouldn’t get 10 feet if it is in a democrat black neighborhood. They would rob the driver, take the Cadillac and sell it for scrap iron, take the money and buy up some good crack, get caught robbing someone else and go to jail and yell “racist” to the top of their lungs when they get arrested.

  16. This Divisiveness all started with Obama and Hillary, and now we have a “COMEDIAN” discussing Politics, just like we have a “BARTENDER” , doing the same ? What is amazing, neither one of them or all of them (Democrats), have nothing too do but create more “DIVISION”, instead of “UNITING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE”!! The saying is in play now by the Democratic Party, “DIVIDE AND CONQUER”, They have too keep this in play, hoping that they can get their “AGENDA’S” in place! I am sure that the majority of Americans have had it up too their “EYEBALLS” with this Division Baloney and will show them this coming “2020 Election” !

  17. WHO CARES, what this no body thinks. She’s so yesterday, and won’t be today in my book. I have never seen her, and will NEVER watch a program that she’s on. Go peel off your horrid white skin you idiot and paint yourself any color you want to be, but please just STFU.

  18. Well I have noticed that Ms Handler has not moved into the ghettos yet. And she doesn’t live in a teepee, or eat Mexican food all the time, or work on a plantation. or walk a thousand miles to get into our country, or speak a foreign language, or have black, brown, red or yellow skin. Ms Handler give up your privilege. Give it all away to the great black, brown, yellow, or red skinned folks. You do not have to cling to your white privilege and make movies on Netflix to just keep gaining privilege. Sell all that you have and give it to the poor. You do not have to keep clinging to your white privilege, give it all away. Refuse acting jobs, and turn them over to colored actors. You cling to the stuff with your life, and try to shame everyone else. I am white, and I came from a very impoverished family. Black slaves had more than we did. BUt, I joined the military, found good jobs, worked very hard, applied myself, and now lead a comfortable life. Anyone, no matter what color can do the same. In my day, being raised poor, meant you were always looked down on, and mistreated. I had a fight every year in school, because I was poor and targeted. But, I turned my adversity into gain. So, that you know how I felt, why don’t you turn your gain into adversity, and do it just so you don’t have to keep mouthing about your white privilege. I checked lots of dictionaries, and I never found a white, brown, red, yellow, or black privilege. Didn’t know it came in colors. And as well as I am doing, I can find you thousands of colors of people doing better than I am. SSo what is your “very important” message to me. I honestly could care less about your wealth and social status. You mean nothing to me. You are not now, nor will you ever be important in my life. So get a grip. You are not close to being as important as you think you are.

  19. Hurley Henson: I liked your comment you posted further down : “Show me a liberal and I’ll show you a lunatic.” So true!! I honestly feel I am living through a very poorly written episode of the Twilight Zone with all this madness happening around us! Heaven help us!!!!

  20. Who gives a flying rats ass what this idiot has to say. If this is her idiotic way of trying to remain relevant and remain in the news like AOC she is achieving that goal. Some things you just can’t fix and stupid is one of them.

  21. Since I haven’t heard much about her lately it is just another try at revving up her career some more to bring some green stuff.

  22. I am with Yank, I was raised the same way and when crops came in I worked along blacks to get them picked and in market, I am talking side by side. I am 74 years old and one of my dads best friend was called Uncle ROger and he was black and set me down and taught me the different between a neg r and a black. He said any race can be a neg r and I have know both black and whites that were by his statement to me.
    Welfare came along and we had a much harder time finding blacks to help on the farm. Uncle Roger said that was the worst thing to ever happen to his people because it made them lazy. I loved being around him and miss him still. If the Black community would do something about the crime in them I could live in the middle and love being there.

  23. It is my concept that you should be proud of the color of your skin NO MATTER which color it is and should never apologize for it.


  25. You sir, are an example of all things liberals hate! You do not view yourself as a victim, you took responsibility for your life and worked hard to overcome hardships. You are an example of the original American dream, do a little better than previous generations and pray for your children and grandchildren to do better than you! Way to go!!!

  26. Eric, you need a reality check. I am white I risk my life everytime I drive through the predominantly black neighborhoods. If I got out of my car it would not be the Neighbors calling the cops, instead I would be either beaten or shot or stabbed or worst. I drove the main boulevard and had a giant chunk of glass hurraled through my sunroom hitting my girlfriend in the head requiring 47 stitches. We were lucky. I live in a predominantly white neighborhood although we have been becoming more diversified over the last 10 years. I have never seen a black man or any other minority get assaulted in any way .Yet I see where white people make a wrong turn and end up beaten or killed and it happens everyday in these big cities everywhere.
    I might ask is this because of my white privilege?
    Dude I was in the Army and seen first hand black on white discrimination daily. Is this also because of my white privilege. I am sure that most of these white people assaulted would have welcomed having the police called instead of the fates that so many face at the hands of blacks and other minorities You can call it stereotyping all you want. But that does not change the facts Just like the shootings in the country over 97 percent occur in predominantly black neighborhoods. I Think you white privilege does not stand up. I am white and proud of it. I can walk my neighborhood or go away and not come home to my house being robbed or getting shot or stabbed or beaten for just living there. I have black friends that can’t go out and sit in their own yards or take a walk without being victimised by their own people of color. So don’t play that white quit crap with me.. I pray this changes some day but not a chance as long has Democrats have control. Long live the republic

  27. Chelsea Handler has already demonstrated beyond any doubt that she is a totally deranged individual that has nothing but mush in the space between her ears!

  28. What ? Why didn’t anyone tell me I had “privilege” ? Hell
    , I’m 65 and haven’t used my “white privilege” yet ! You sob’s owe me back pay !

  29. The color of skin with which a person is born has a bearing on the initial opportunities available to him ; but it is NOT a total constraint. People become more a product of what they do with opportunities, intentionally, than because of their naturally-born race or ethnicity. When any person recognizes his or her own RESPONSIBILITY, that person seizes control of life and PURSUES opportunities to develop oneself, behaviorally, educationally, employably, medically, psychologically, morally, spiritually, economically, and in other manners of traits. We can move away from those who are bad influences upon us. We can hunt and absorb information, to educate us and to improve our bearing and our other intelligence. We can learn to live by good principles of finance and other behavior. We can raise the level of qualities which we seek among friends and other associates. Yes, sometimes we need to change our friendships and other associations to be with different people. We can adopt ideals which are more honorable than some which we were formerly taught. We can “straighten ourselves out !!!” We can work toward achieving reasonable goals, and then set our sights on higher ones. It is up to each person to decide what you are going to do, today, tomorrow, and afterward. “Carpe Diem” means to “seize the day.” Every day is an opportunity for needed changes to be pursued. We DO NOT have to continue living in any rut simply it has been our familiar one in which to occupy.

  30. Timothy; First I would like to say I am so sorry to hear what happened to your girlfriend. This is so horrible!! But I know exactly what you are talking about. There are several larger cities near me and what you described keeps happening quite often there. But I truly believe for every one radical black, there are 10 decent hard working blacks that do not participate in this kind of behavior. They just want what we all do; equality and unity. I have experienced kindness from all different people of color and different religious backgrounds when I was expecting the worse. All because people like Handler and Sharpton and the Demon party wants to keep racism alive a well, and force us to live in fear. We must get beyond the color of one’s skin and stop making assumptions.

  31. Yes, me also.
    It’s time to exercise my “white privilege” and cancel Netflix. Working on leaving the disgusting Facebook behind too.
    Call it Emancipation

  32. Very well stated j.r.! I did not come from a poor family (although my parents tried to make their kids think we were); but, we were not rich either. I had food, clothing and a decent house to live in. That does not mean I was privileged by any stretch of the imagination. Now, there are people on welfare who live better than I do, so don’t even try to convince me there is such a thing as white privilege. I have as much of a right to be proud of my race (Irish and white) as any black, brown, yellow, etc. I am NOT going to apologize for being white just like I don’t expect any other race to apologize for their ANCESTRY. Get over it, liberals!

  33. Handler getting paid for this stunt is offensive. Her payment is white privilege. She is a total hypocrite and a devious weasel.

  34. You left off the gender confused of Soccer, The National Felons League and that asstube who knelt at the olympics.

  35. Eric, prove that people get to choose what skin color they are born with, and you just might have a point. Until then, you are just another ignorant leftist parroting what you hear trying to appear “woke”. Get back to us when you’re actually awake.

  36. Eric, where the HECK do you live????? Where I live EVERYONE is the same, no matter what their skin color is. I live in a very conservative rural area. There is virtually no crime here. Blacks, whites, Mexicans, etc. live peacefully and there is no racism. You really need to get a life.

  37. What is white privilege anyway??? I am white and have always been poor. I work two jobs and no way can I make ends meet. But I am very thankful to have a roof over my head and food on my table. Guess I am privileged, but so is anyone else who works hard and earns what they have. It has nothing to do with skin color. God created and loves ALL races. There will be ALL races in Heaven. We are ALL privileged to be able to freely come to Jesus and belong to Him. He does not see the color of our skin, but what is in our heart

  38. Yes, God created many skin colors and loves us all. We all have the same chance to come to Jesus and spend eternity in Heaven. Anyone who cares at all about the color of someone’s skin has no clue of what life is all about.

  39. I think we should apologize to Chelsea Handler and not offend her desire to be black. Obviously, she suffered a lot from discrimination, so she is so offended and would like to change her race. Apparently she thinks she could achieve much more if she were black. Pity poor Chelsea Handler

  40. Sooo, is she making money for this Netflix “white privilege” apology special?
    Or did she do it for free?
    Or maybe donated the money to some poor homeless people of color?
    (cus obviously, there are no poor homeless white people)

    Seriously dear take the biased blinders off…not only are you a fool, but you are a boring one. And for someone who supposedly makes a living entertaining people- you may want to look into another line of work. I hear there is a barmaid in congress, maybe her old job is still available.

  41. Genetically, humans all have the same DNA. Differences in skin color, hair color, eye color, and other sundries such as oriental eye slant, hig cheekbones, hair texture, etc are accounted for in about 1/2% of the genome.
    It’s that 1/2% that accounts for all the bigotry and bias.
    Humanity is as prue as Ivory Soap. Culture, politics, religion and fear stoke the fires of hatred.
    Apologizing for being white is stupid. If this woman was able to mirculously turn black she’d probably hate herself.

  42. little eric; Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “…the difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits…”. You, moron, are clear evidence of the accuracy & wisdom of his words.

  43. Handler’s apology for alleged White privilege is performing Fellatio on numerous Negroes and spreading her legs for them to enter her, she is a brainless White Slut.

  44. Blacks are savages. period.And they don’t just beat up their prey, they stomp on their skulls until they are brain dead. I would trust a beast in the wild before I would trust a black. A beast in the wild will hunt and kill out of instinct, it’s the same with blacks, they have not developed enough to achieve higher order thinking skills. They have not empathy for their own kind, don’t look for any humanity towards others, they don’t have it. They know it, everyone else knows it.

  45. You know what white privilige must be? The “Privilige” of getting up every morning, going to work and having our taxes spent on bums and crack whores too lazy and too stupid to go out and provide for themselves. Which could be any race.

  46. Why do people feel white people should feel guilty about being white? After all it was white people that fought the high seas, starvation, decease and Indians to secure a place where they could live in Christian freedom. If they would just think about it they are very lucky slaves were brought to this country otherwise they would not be able to call themselves “African Americans” they would be living in Africa and could only say they are African. So I do not feel we owe them anything and white people who say they are privileged are just trying to look good in front of their black friends.

  47. J R you gave an excellent response and a true one for the average American whether white. brown, black etc
    The ones I know are ok working hard for what we have, but we also don’t want the ‘privileged’ to take it away from us. I am not jealous of anyone better off than me. If they worked hard to get there, then the wealth belongs to them.

  48. I guess. My delivering newspapers, sorting bottles at a store roach and rat infested and setting pins in a bowling alley where your constantly hit by pins is called white privilege, not working hard for a few cents. I think it is absurd to apologize what you were born. Maybe she should apologize her family spoiled her and didn’t instill in her to value everybody the same.

  49. The only people that are saying anything about white privilege are people that never had to work hard for a living. Politicians, actors, and musicians. I’m white but from a lower middle class family. I was taught from a young age if you want something bad enough, put in the work and earn it.

  50. I have ZERO “privilege” of any kind that I can discern. Chelsea’s “privilege” was handed to her by the Media and Entertainment industry. She was granted a high platform and stood before a microphone. She took advantage of that by shamelessly pandering to “racism” to ENRICH herself.

    It is wa-a-y past time that blacks seriously investigate who it was that sold their ancestors into slavery and operated the slave markets for PROFIT. It was other blacks and in most cases their own families, clans and tribes that profited by the sale.

    So who was privileged and who was not back then? There were no white tribes back there. None!

  51. Oh heck yeah. J R is keeping it real. What the Democrats are trying to do through people like Chelsea Handler is divide us all by race. Democrats are using Racism as a game plan. Divide & Conquer is their plotted out strategy.


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