College teacher who said “kill whites” just received the news he was anxious to hear


At the University of Georgia, a teacher assistant recently came under fire for outlandish comments like “some white people might have to die” for black people to have equality.

But he was facing serious consequences for his past actions.

And he’s just received the most incredible news you won’t believe.

Irami Osei-Frimpong at the University of Georgia has been accused of blatantly racist remarks toward white people, like saying “fighting white people is a skill.”

However, recently Osei-Frimpong was facing expulsion for intentionally leaving off a 2011 arrest for trespassing, ultimately breaking UGA’s code of conduct.

But the university judiciary panel just announced that he apparently did not break the university’s code of conduct.

The Red & Black reports:

The University Judiciary has found University of Georgia philosophy Ph.D. candidate Irami Osei-Frimpong not in violation of the Code of Conduct, according to the Formal Hearing Decision Form delivered to Osei-Frimpong on May 6.

On April 26, the Judiciary held a 6-hour-long hearing for charges brought upon Osei-Frimpong by UGA Office of Student Conduct Director Barrett Malone.

Malone alleged Osei-Frimpong provided false information on his graduate school application when he said “No” in response to the application question: “Have you ever been charged with or convicted of or pled guilty or nolo contendere to a crime other than a minor traffic offense?”

The panel said Osei-Frimpong’s 2011 arrest for curfew violation during an Occupy protest in Chicago did not constitute a criminal charge and thus found him not in violation of providing false information.

After the 2018 midterm elections, Frimpong outright called for the destruction of “institutions that make crappy white people” including churches, schools, and families.

He has also called white people who post photos of their guns on social media “terrorists.”

Under any normal circumstances, he would be expelled immediately for making such outrageous statements that are clearly designed to hurt white students at the University of Georgia.

While UGA has said they are “vigorously exploring all available legal options” to take against Frimpong, the reality is they are just caving into the demands of Big Labor.

As we reported, he is being defended by Big Labor unions that have a political interest in his survival as a teacher at the University.

If he was fired, you can be sure the university would have faced legal hellfire from the United Campus Workers of Georgia, the union behind his defense.

So instead, an openly anti-white racist will continue his employment at the University of Georgia with absolutely no consequences.

Do you think Frimpong should be expelled?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  2. And to think that I was pulling for Georgia in the last football season. Never again. They can keep Ping-pong, but U. of Georgia is another disgraced college.

  3. Sad to say that at the end of our civil war, when blacks opted to return to Africa and formed Liberia, the government should have told all blacks to go.

  4. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Muslim Demoncrat Party & RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception,Fake News(Russian Collusion & Jussie M hoax)the list is endless!And the clueless minions that follow them!

  5. He should be fired with prejudice and some one should sue his butt so much that he will never see straight. We do not need any crap from anyone that is racist and trying to foment a race war.

  6. Anybody wondering where “snowflakes” and the remaining people who have been through “EDUCATIONAL”
    institutions in many of our states like this one, the good educators are badly outnumbered by jackasses like this guy “professor of what” he is a traitor and should have been treated as such, free speach is good until it preaches hate!!!

  7. Funny how I have accepted people of color into my life. Not once did I think of demeaning them or believing that some people are better than others because of their race. Now witnessing how the UGA encourages such behavior, perhaps I need to revisit this position. Why should i be a doormat just because i am “white privileged”?
    I don’t know what was in the administration’s mind. But their actions speak volumes.

  8. If someone was white just said something anywhere near what he has said, they would have instantly fired him from the college. IT”S A DISGRACE!

  9. If they cannot fire him, do the next best thing and not enroll any students to his class. Therefore he will not have any students to teach his sludge.

  10. It is important and an obligation for all schools to provide a safe and calm environment for all students.
    Obviously UGA is not doing this because of the Unions, there for the Unions are not protecting our students, that being said both should lose funding. The power they have to dictate to business owners and schools makes them a dictatorship, gee where have we seen this type characteristic before. God give us the power to stand up to those who wish to harm your children….

  11. This school is so oversight with being pc, the can’t even thinks of firing this clown

  12. Someone on campus, who finds his speech offensively intimidating, should cautiously monitor his threats. If comments persist and enough complaints are made, eventually someone might listen. Or if his actions appear unusually aggressive, then authorities will take notice. Threats against a group of people that threaten their security can be considered a misdemeanor. Check out verbal assaults, or even profane threats. Free speech is not free speech, when lives are at risk. Maybe, someone, who has heard more of his comments, would have a good legal case.

  13. What if some white person had said the same thing about killing “blacks” as this UGA teacher said about killing “whites”. This comment is a tragedy and he’s still teaching? No wonder racism exists.

  14. Posters, relax it is the U of Georgia run by a cadre of left-wing-liberal-one-digit-IQ-racist-slugs.
    U of Georgia only hires one-digit-IQ-slug-professors and admits students with a maximum IQ of “12”, so what do you expect?

  15. It is amusing the LIBARTARDED DEMORATS HYPOCRISY! I a white uses the “N” word it’s hate speech but a person of color can call another person of color the “N” word that’s fine. or if the “N’s” call whites a HONKY, CRACKER OR OUT-RIGHTLY A BLUE EYED WHITE DEVILS that’s not hate speech. Fire the “Ni**er take on the union about the hypocrisy. when it hits the supreme court where everything according to the CONSTITUTION IS EQUAL under the law The LIBATARDED DEMORATIC HYPOCRISY will have to be laid to rest. Finally and forever! AS LONG as 1A is still in effect you call me one one of the above mentioned slang WHITE hate names and I will call you every name in the book except the son of god F***ing Porch Monkeys


  17. Just sad to see fellow Teachers that don’t think of our students more than a Grown Adult mocking our system! But someone should find out who HIRED him so that we can get to the root cause of how he got to be an ass. at the University! Sad! Fear of the UNION! It is just like LAUSD in Calif. Sad! We have to Break the Unions! So sad to even think like this knowing that when I think of Unions the first thing that comes to mind is ANTIFA!!!!!

  18. Welcome to the Liberal invasion of our educational system! I graduated from Boston University in 1968. It was a much different institution then — something to be proud of. Today I wouldn’t give you two cents for an education there. It has welcomed deranged people onto the faculty — deranged people who write articles that have me sharing my head

  19. Grate is Him that is us than he tha is in the world. You can see he do not have Jesus in him. Then they said tha we are raises. He need to be remove, from the University. Bacause somebody is going to be hurt. Somebody need to talk to him,about the love of Jesus.Jesus don’t look color. You can see the hatred in his face.

  20. Why are white people and all their white money still going to this racist university? Just think how much money (tuition and money spent on activities/clothing/books) would be lost if whites no longer attend.

  21. was that his mug shot? i can’t think of any reason the college could have for keeping him including pc. the best thing people can do, if they will stick together, is to not send their children to college there, or support them in any way. today, no cares about what is being done to white people and it even appears to be the case with our own government, so it is up to us to fight back against them financially by any means necessary. that means all colleges, bussinesses, organizations, etc., etc. should be boycotted. don’t give them your money or business or donations. no one is going to do anything for us so we have to do it ourselves.

  22. it is truly sad that our children can’t attend a college of their choice, without having to suffer through classes taught by ignorant, racist, trouble making idiots like this loser. fire him. his rights are not more important than our children’s safety. hes calling for violence. why is he still there? like someone above said, if he was white, he would already be gone

  23. I will always have the UTMOST RESPECT for Martin Luther King for the way he worked hard to bring equality and CIVIL Rights to ALL black people of this country, he was a man of GOD and used his position as a Preacher in a manner that was just INCREDIBLE and he ALWAYS tried to fulfill his MISSION “PEACEFULLY” so that a MANY, MILLIONS of people, black AND white, looked UP to him, instead of “down”, AND “listened” to him/AGREED with him !!!!…..ALL what these people nowadays, like this so-called professor, are doing is DETRIMENTAL and HURTFUL to THEMSELVES and others, AND they will NOT achieve much, if ANYTHING, the way they are RANTING in HATEFUL, AGGRESSIVE ways that NOT so many “want” to HEAR or LISTEN to…!!! YOU all have a “voice” but use THAT voice in a DISCIPLINED manner/way in order to achieve like Dr. Martin Luther King did, gain RESPECT and YOU will be HEARD…It is really NOT that HARD…..!!!!

  24. I am a 84 yr-old Marine – raised three productive kids – a retired police officer, a midwife, a neurologist – post-graduates all. I have taught at the university level and at the time 30 some years ago, I saw the destruction of our educational system. Madelyn Murray O’Hare 60 years ago caused the removal of God from our schools, the courts allowed the removal of many of our Christian/Judeo traditions and symbols from the public, accountability and responsibility then vanished from our schools and from the administrators that governed them, discipline evaporated, faculty often cowardly – or, if attempting to tight the ship – those courts and administrators squashed them. The result – the courses like civics, Bible-reading, no God-led standards by which to live having been stripped from the educational process – all vanished. In their place we have cowardly administrators at all levels unable to do their jobs – such as firing the idiot being discussed here – himself a product of a failed society, a situation that we, all too often, find today.

  25. MLK must be spinning in his grave! He was a man of God and peace. Just like “common sense” is an endangered species…..Civil liberties ate now UNcivil license!…

  26. Anyone who screams kill…kill should have their fingers pointing T themselves …good karma…

  27. What do you think would happen to a White teacher, or aide? They would be fired and ran out of town. That is what should happen to this guy.

  28. They are being ‘politically correct’. They are deliberately turning a blind eye to this trouble-maker. Every one of them (the administration at UofGA) should be replaced with people who have some common sense. This idiot is fomenting a race war. He obviously is a registered Democrat.–

  29. Who would want to go to a university with teachers like that?? Certainly not I, nor my children.

  30. You are right on! He sounds (and looks like) a terrorist. Why is he not being investigated???????

  31. It looks just a little bit off the wall….
    Look at this guy, really!!!!!!!!
    It’s very hard to comment on something as stupid as this.
    If he doesn’t love America, why don’t he just leave!!!!!!!
    Like all the other uncontrollable felons. Oh! Excuse me, let’s be politically correct….FIRE HIS @$&@$

  32. I never expected UGA to do anything so they are on my do not attend list. They can live with the consequences.

  33. Ping Pong should be terminated immediately. America doesn’t need any more decisive characters from abroad. We enough of our own homegrown…please allow them to have the floor rather than these alien slime balls that hate America and Americans and Christianity.

  34. Should be fired and should never teacher again
    If a white teacher done this that is exactly what would happen to them
    It’s sad what they are teaching our kids today

  35. Fire him – no hearing – no unemployment benefits either. Spewing hatred is not to be tolerated.

  36. upon due consideration of this person’s consistent social policy, value to the other faculty, the academic institution and the student body, as well as modern society at large, I would recommend that he be drawn and quartered and fed to the wild swine. His personal property could well be donated to the homeless, and his name erased from all public records. HE SHOULD BE DISAPPEARED, REMOVED, never to curse the face of the Earth anymore.

  37. Considering the number of racist whites who support little d. trump (many of them posting right here on this thread), I don’t find this guy’s words any more over the top than many of their’s.

  38. It is terrible what has happened to our schools and colleges. I would not send my kids to them anymore f they were school age. I would home teach them because they are being taught to hate America and to embrace the Muslim culture.This is a disgrace to every American,especially those who fought to preserve our freedoms and those who died for them. It is obvious this man has something radically wrong with him and certainly does not belong in a classroom with young people. He should be declared mentally incompetent and institutionalized.

  39. Don’t send your kids To the University, put your money where your kids will get a good education and not a brain washing.

  40. I have a couple of New Job Title and descriptions for Him Garbage can Inspector or Grass Cultivator …

  41. Get rid of him. He is advocating the murder of any and all white men. No University should be supporting
    such foolishness by an employee.
    Send him back to his home country of Black people so he will be happy.

  42. and the school hires stupid looking idiots with the brain of a pee to work there??? they should be ashamed.
    there will be more blacks done with than white buddy

  43. Teachers like that keep the scab picked off of a wound that will never heal. Racism works both ways. White instructors would have been canned the same day the remark was made,

    College turns out some real idiots which are taught by credentialed idiots. You tell a kid they are entitled to high pay, short hours, free education, a world without strife, a sterile environment and the rest of the fairy tales that are so popular these days and you turn out a non functional individual who wants to be waited on and thinks he/she is special. Then you have another welfare case. The real world is not like anything that a lot of college teachers think it is.

  44. The liberals were effective at crafting
    a lot of very “slippery-funnel” state and federal anti-hate, anti-just about everything , laws that could be thought of so far.
    The PC culture is trained to pounce upon anything they even slightly think they might, maybe, sorta, could be, wannabe a PC felony violation by the average, Joe Lunchbox, White,
    Christian, male adult. The news-papers, the MSM TV, 24hr news,
    Social Media: They all spring into action. Breathlessly.
    Turned around, the PCculture has every White male, killed on sight.
    His house burned down. His city
    rioted. His wife and baby fleeing
    the region in mortal fear. It is an
    everywhere, everyday example
    of very real headline happenings.
    “Black Lives Matter!” Yeah. Of
    course. But not any more than anyone else’s life. Ever see a “White Life Matters!” Or a “Jewish Life Matters!” ??? Hmm?? No. You do
    not. But, everyone’s life matters.
    Nobody has a right to call out for
    the death of anyone else because
    of their race. Or political party.
    But, we’ve heard it. Seen it on TV.
    Straight from the dem politicians.

  45. He can work for those Black Hebrew Black Nationalists, after he gets a new face…fire him.

  46. The question of expelling Frimpong would not have to be asked if those who made the decision to hire him to teach either had not been hired. Since they were hired, they are the ones who should be expelled

  47. Dont let him cross my path. Cuz hes just another that’s helping keep the country divided and racism going. I now need an attorney to sue this guy for making threats to my life, and I dont even know him. But if he was to get near me I’d take his threat personally and defend myself b4 waiting for him to strike 1st.

  48. That is a Ph.D. candidate, the University has very low standards!. College admin has always been rampant cowards!

  49. Had it been a white teacher that said something like that about black people, all hell would have broken loose.

  50. Get this poor guy some psychological help before he hurts himself. Tell him the nice men in the white suits are taking him to PhD candidate school!!!

  51. More of Omar’s crap that is filtering into the schools and these so called professors should lose their jobs. Man this traitor Omar wants to start a war! Will someone with authority prosecute her.

  52. Its unfortunate that UGA has no backbone to handle and terminate
    anyone of any race, for the type of
    base racial hatred expressed here.
    Rather closely resembles a figure
    unfortunately NOT from fiction, that
    fomented roughly the same type of
    overall hatred, but specifically race
    based hatred. Germany. 1930’s.
    Sounding familiar? Well, the names
    of the race(s) back then, along with
    the names of undesirable religions,
    undesirable people because of a
    physical, mental or psychiatric dis-
    order (incl. homosexuality), or just
    no reason at all, were added to the list for systemic extermination.

    If one reads the posts of all the various newly-enlightened, we very often see a wide variety of the keyboard warriors. While sitting safely tucked away for the night, Pooh Bear night-lite stands sentry. Keeping away the shadow “munshters” from under the bed.
    These keyboard warriors spew vile hatred that doesn’t normally flow
    through most peoples’ minds. It most often has to be dredged up to find it.
    But, sadly, tragically, for some, these thoughts of such vile hatred are
    readily swimming around at the surface.
    And, these people produce dangerous ideas. Dangerous when their message
    of hatred and bigotry gets a pat on the back. Financial reward. Promotion. Encouragement. And more
    empowerment. All at the cost pf their victims.
    Its happened before.
    We cried out that it would never happen again.
    Yet, here we are.
    Calling out the unfairness Of hypocrisy on the part of leftists.
    P*ssed off at one more Black guy who makes insane inflammatory racial hatred remarks, as a public university
    teacher. Paid by public money.
    And he receives positive reinforcement messages on all fronts.
    Not the loss of job, and equal legal
    system treatment, if he were a White male making these same remarks
    about Blacks.

  53. fire that piece of trash and remove his ability to teach or procreate any more like him

  54. Simple… FBI, Dept. Of Justice investigation. Also loss of a rather large chunk of federal funds. Hit them in the pocket where it gets them best. There is several grounds of law and violations that can cost em heavy. And loss of student enrollment is a good tool.
    There’s a reason they say money talks lol.
    Then there is licensing tools that can be brought to bear.


  55. If I had any of my kids in this college. I would take them out until he is expelled from his position as a teacher stating he thinks white people should die. How do you think the white children going to that college feel? Do you think they would feel safe with a teacher making statements like that, I think not. If a white teacher had made these comments they would be fired on the spot!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Hey Eric! I just want a bleeding heart, limp wrist to tell me once, “Blacks and other minorities ARE NOT racist!”

    ”G-A-R-B-A-D-G-E”. Knowing 1st hand the transition has be slowly moving since the 60’s & 70’S. You could see and witness the growing ‘DISRESPECT’ for the faculty & school authorities moving further & further away from normal behavior patterns of ‘RESPECT’ AND ‘MANNERS’, not just on the university level but across the country away from tradition, Fathers, Moms, The Church, the belief AND respect for GOD & mankind. Example: my daughter had an art teacher at her university who was an out-of-the-closet Gay guy, had a Lesbian for a wife, and were raising ‘THEIR’ child as an ‘IT’??? This Gay guy had a ‘CAPTIVE AUDIENCE’ from his students to FEED THEM WHATEVER ‘G-A-R-A-G-E’ HE WANTED. All those poor gullible (some naive) & open minded, eager to learn what ever they could get, students to make them more ‘mature & grown-up!’ Like a bunch of kids from years ago who may have played House or whatever to ‘pretend’ they were grown-ups; when in actuality they were just ‘play acting & dreaming’! Well, this is NOT PLAY ACTING or DREAMING OF BEING GROWN-UP. T-H-I-S I-S R-E-A-L-I-T-Y and WE NEED TO START PROTESTING THESE TYPES OF QUESTIONABLE Teachers who SHOVE THIS ‘G-A-R-B-A-D-G-E’ DOWN OUR STUDENTS THROATS & MINDS UNDER THE GUISE OF “E-D-U-C-A-T-I-O-N”. Food for thought, I Hope and ‘smell the rose’!

  58. Billy, we all know how corrupt the union is.. No one even thinks there is a possibility of them not being corrupt.. That’s why Trump is slowly undermining them.. So glad he is also against them.. They are fighting him of course but so far Trump is winning against these creepy thugs.. The MAKE people pay for them to stick up for them and have been in “charge” for so long that they think they are ‘above the law’.. Hoping Trump destroys them right to the poor farm.. They are mafia and are used to winning.. Hope they feel their arses getting burned by Trump.

  59. You are correct. I am under the impression had he not been black, he would have been given his walking papers as he should have been

  60. Any Black that will believe his BS is another idiot. He should be fired for being stupid and ignorant of the reasons Blacks do not have economic power in the US. He should have been listening to Dr. Claude Anderson, or Malcolm X. The integration of the public schools was the beginning of the downfall for Black African Americans in the USA. Blacks need to obtain economic power and voting power and stop begging Whites to give it to them.

  61. You can moan and gripe all night long but nothing will happen unless Georgia citizens write and call their politicians with angry voices…… threatening to vote against the political cowards who will do absolutely nothing until you promise to vote against them. They will not give up their Golden Nest of salary & benefits.
    So when the politicians put the threat of job pressure on the senior academics, then you will see movement.

  62. Fire him and the entire regent board and all the liberal facilty at the University of GA. They ought to be ashamed of themselves. What hypocrites they all are. If this was a white person they would have been fired post haste. If they were a muslim, they would have been promoted to professor without any requirements. Burn down this university by never giving it any tax dollars!

  63. Marcus Garvey, the ex-slave who sailed to and formed Liberia was years earlier. The capital of Liberia is Monroeville, named in honor of pres Monroe, our fifth pres and served in about 1820. Monroe “sponsored these guys (for lack of a better word). This is 40-50 yrs before the end of our civil war

  64. ANYONE who teaches HATE toward another HUMAN BEING, whether they are black, white, pink or purple is insane. Here in America the schools are open to all races and color, what they do with that learning depends on the individual. I spent 10 years of my life living in a Project where there were black people, Japanese, Korean, white and even then in the 50’s mixed black and white. We never discriminated about color. The only time there was a problem was when there was low class trash.

  65. He should receive THE SAME treatment that a white person would receive if they made the comment about Black people. No more, No less.

  66. The “teachers union” will guarantee he will not be fired, the left has a double standard for people like this idiot.

  67. If a white person said the same thing about a black person the white person would be fired. The same should happen to the black person. Fire his butt.

  68. Can you imagine what would happen to a white teacher if they said that about the blacks. A white teacher would most likely been shot as they left the school. If this idiot really wants problems all he has to do is keep running his stupid mouth and there is always some one out there that will be glad to take care of business. This is not the time to put out a bunch of crap like he did. There are too many people out there just waiting for some one like him.

  69. No, he is adversely affected by his own stupidity. Why don’t we have university administrators with the cohunes to do what is right and proper. They are afraid of their own shadows. Fire the bastard.

  70. Trash comes in all shapes, forms and colors! This vile and evil piece of trash need to be taken to the dumpster. You can’t fix stupid and liberalism is an incurable disease!

  71. This is a kangaroo court decision! He should be fired for his bigotry and arrested for attempted murder!

  72. Absolutely!!! This “instructor” should be fired, or, at he very least, relieved from ALL interaction with students/public. Also, prospective students of this, and similar, institutions [AND their parents] should be boycotting schools such as these. THEN, maybe the administration will wake up and do their jobs!

  73. This is what liberal colleges do, they stack the deck in their favor with the most disgusting professors (or professors to be) to push their agenda.

  74. I am so sick of the double standard !! If this had been a white professor that said “some blacks must die”, there would be riots in the streets and he/she would be fired immediately !! NO DOUBLE STANDARD, FIRE THIS GUY ????

  75. IF he had been a white person and made the same comment in reverse, he would be charged with a racial crime and been fired. Is this Black superiority?

  76. I assume he does not have white students in his classroom as most likely they won’t be treated/graded fairly. Too bad he carries a heavy hatred bag in his brain; a miserable soul.

  77. I’m thinking that Martin Luther King is rolling over in his grave because of what his own people have done to ruin his equality message, and they continue to do it. They have not “overcome!”

  78. The Southern States are becoming way too liberal. Too bad the Northerners who are moving to the South are bringing their crap with them after they have ruined the North. They are putting up with this crap and electing people who think likewise. The South I used to know would not put up with this. These people do not want equal rights, they want more rights.

  79. Well, I am ashamed I am from Georgia right this minute. I guess racism is A-OK with the University of Georgia. I have just come from outside where I burned all my University of Georgia clothing and hats. I refuse to buy another football ticket. I don’t give my money to racists!! I will no longer send money to donate to the University of Georgia either! If this is the type of racist person they have on campus…I want nothing to do with them. I hope the Bulldogs have a losing season! Racist Scum!

  80. He should have been fired. If a white man said what he said, he would have been in an instant.

  81. Anyone teaching hate should NOT be in the class of university students. , or any class room. HE SHOULD BE FIRED and taken
    to court for his lying on his entrance examine. He Is not an example of a teacher… I can’t believe Georgia
    is SO Liberal.

  82. Dear LORD, Thank you for Donald Trump. I pray every day that you will heal our country. Remove the evil attacking us and help us always to follow your commands to love each other as Christ loves us.

  83. I had a poli-sci prof. in the 60s named Table (pronounced Taa-blee). His first name was Pingpong and he was so effing stupid he forgot to breathe and died. I hope this befalls our little buddy here, no?

  84. I kind of like the urine-brained allusion/image and in any event prof(?) pingpong clearly suffers from total anal/cranial inversion for which there is no cure.

  85. Speaking of “Black Lives Matter” a lot of blacks make their lives matter. But a lot Moore would like toplay the “Victims” role. This “Moron” is playing the victims role. I am ashamed of the University of Georgia administration for allowing this trouble maker to spew his hate agenda to students enrolled to receive a decent college education. He should be dismissed. Shame on UGA for caving to PC.

  86. If the University receives any Federal grants, they should be stopped immediately! The University’s code of conduct does not cover someone spewing hate and racist comments? Possibly inciting riots? Threatening peoples lives? This guy should have been fired immediately. It is certainly sad morals and common sense are losing ground in society today. This nonsense must stop and he and others like him should not be educating our children.

  87. would be more appropriate for the $luts on the UGA judiciary committee to be fired and run out of town along with oseohole frimmipongopongo and ALL of the $luts that agree with him and who support the OGA hores

  88. I’ll tell you what “BOY” if your sorry ass can take me..well then you have accomplished something. COME AND GET SOME BOY!!

  89. He should be grateful to the white race. They are probably the race that runs the union and got him from being fired.This gut is dangerous in society. He needs to be made to see a psychiatrist before he kills someone or many.

  90. A few days ago a police officer was killed sitting in his police car. If he was a black officer there would have been thousands of protesters protesting the killing. Since he was white there was a few seconds on the news.

  91. I think that, IF this man were white, this article would not exist.

    He would be in prison, facing a multi-year term, for Racism.

    The ONLY reason why this story exists is because the perpetrator is a Negro.


    Elsewhere, this piece of excrement would have been kicked out by the college authorities REGARDLESS or somebody would have taken upon himself applying to him what he PREACHES to do to others…..!!!!!
    And by the way, judging from his picture, is this animal is a PhD candidate….?????
    If PhD stands to him for PILED HIGHER AND DEEPER, I would say YES…!!!!!!


  94. And to think people such as this are educating our children and we are paying for it! How, absurd.

  95. I’m neither liberal or conservative. More like a centrist that comes down conservative on some issues and liberal on others. What I like is fairness or equal
    treatment for all.

    What I think should happen is that other teachers should make a list of his statements and recite them before class with no comment issued or received. There should be just one change. Every
    place that the word “white” appears denoting race, change the word to “black”.
    Then do it again changing “black” to “brown” etc.

    If a punishment incurs, I see a situation ripe for a law suit, since no punishment occurred initially. If no punishment occurs, then keep doing it to draw attention to the situation untill the school
    is forced to create specific rules banning such behaviour.

    After that, these rules should be strictly
    enforced. If they are not, do it again untill
    the school realizes they can’t sweep overtly unfair and racist behaviour under
    the rug.

  96. If can not fire him then put him in the archive file room where all he has to worry about is the archived materials he will handle daily – retrieving them per professor requests and filing them after the mater is returned to him.

  97. Frimpong should used his balls to play ping pong instead of polluting the the air on campus

  98. Thank the Democrat Party for the liberal idiots in positions of power. STOP voting democrat.

  99. If the professor is paying union dues, the union is obligated to stand by him, whether they want to or not , or risk getting sued by him. I know because it has happened before.

  100. The obligation you cite is one, just one, of the obvious irreparable flaws in union representation in that this organization can/must defend this psychotic moron. Further, if you carry this blind devotion and protectionist behavior out to government employees, it is quite possible to suffer national security issues and, indeed, breaches, the resolution and neutralization of which could be impeded at the cost of many, many American lives by the less than upright seiu with its far, far left political bent.

  101. In a SANE society he would be GONE!!!
    It is FRIGHTENINGLY to see what is happening to our country.

  102. A white guys flashes an OK sign at a Cubs ballgame and gets banned from the stadium and you wonder what’s wrong with this country?

  103. Our country is going backwards instead of forwards. We lower our school standards because it is too hard on the children (who want to text on their cell phones, tablets, etc). They don’t or can’t speak to their parents because they no longer speak the same language. There is talk of lowering the voting age to 16, I remember a documentary that spoke to College students who didn’t even know the prominent government officials or what two presidents had a birthday in February when they have a day off. HOWEVER, ask them about a celebrity the answer was immediate. SAD SAD SAD
    Anyone with HATE and anger in their hearts toward other living creators (humane or animal) is in the wrong WORLD. We should be looking for PEACE for all.

  104. U. of Georgia wants to be considered one of the liberal Ivy League universities. To do so, it must follow the liberal mantra that no one is responsible for his own actions and no one should be held accountable.

  105. STUPID, you have good and evil in all Humane beings and animals. My mother was attached by blacks, but I do not Hate all blacks. HATE is wrong. Evil is wrong. If we strived for PEACE among ALL PEOPLE things might change.

    The destruction of the Human race will be here soon, and will not care if you are black, white, pink. purple, green or blue. Without PEACE there is no world.

  106. Terminate him! I believe no parent would want him teaching or having any influence on their children.

  107. These “Universities “ that protect this kind of foolishness and hate, in my opinion, fostering such, should be aware that nobody has to attend their University.

    I wouldn’t pay them to “educate” such.

  108. Agreed! Free speech can’t incite others to kill people simply due to hatred. You can’t yell “fire” in a crowded place when there is none without risking arrest! This moron can’t call for killing white people just because of his erroneous feelings that it would make the world more just. In the words of Rodney King, “can’t we just all get along!” This guy does nothing to promote peace within the nation, let alone “world peace!”

  109. This is the most ridiculous thing I have heard this WEEK – Common sense and common decency have left our arena- The one thing to watch for a pish back on a large scale

  110. Obviously, the United Campus Workers of Georgia is a subversive organization and all of their members should be fired yesterday. Thus stripped of his support familiars, today would be a good day to fire this idiot “professor” along with other far-left employees who may have infested this campus. The same progression should be used at all centers of “lower” learning.

  111. As we see the results of our children being educated where everyone gets a trophy. Do not even have to show up except on the day these meaningless tokens are given out. Our schools are demeaning the value of hard work. Excelling. Working for achievement. Going the extra mile to learn/ do good / improve yourself. So these people who are “suppose” to be in charge .. forming your kids education. Want your kids dumb as dirt. Seems to reflect the educators running these places and those who are suppose to be teaching in these towers of Dumb and Dumber. Our kids deserve better. Our country deserve better.

  112. sorry to say this sob needs to be strung up to the firdt tree!!! terrosist is all he is!!Wants to stir the pot and keep bad feelings going.No good reason to tell anyone the crap he put out!!!

  113. I think all whites and others that know right from wrong should boycott the school until they get rid of that racist pig

  114. No matter what the problem may be the root of the problem is ALWAYS money. It is where it starts It is what drives it. It is where it ends.

  115. From his appearance and apparent negative IQ -do have to allow for the dope he looks like he used just before the picture.., I would think Nancy, Chucky Chum, Omar, AOC, Joe or Bernie would love to have him as their strategist!
    In fact, He will probably be joe biden’s Vice President pick -pride of the Demo-Commies!

  116. As I have said in the past when addressing a POS such as this idiot by all means come to my home and kill me and Please bring as many like minded individuals as you know and let me know when you expect to arrive I will be Glad to leave the front door unlocked to Expedite your entrance and to arrange your Departure to your Hellish reward. LOOKING FORWARD TO MEETING YOU AND YOUR ASSOCIATES. Sincerely J.S.

  117. I agree Sarg, White Privilege xx
    Oh no????I think that is Black Privilege..That’s why he got to continue blasting the white race.Outright Racesim????

  118. Right off boycott this collage. And from this point no more Federal funding. They can go it on their own. I mean I don’t think they’d want funding from a bunch of white people right? Let them live the dream.

  119. This person in no way deserves employment at a public university. He is blatantly racist and him being black does not excuse his behavior. If he is going to remain employed by them what will they do when something worse comes up. This does not in any way speak well for the school. Letting a labor union blackmail them is gross cowardice.

  120. No, that would be too good for him. He needs to be sent to Somalia, & take the snowflakes in Congress with him. They might learn some manners.

  121. If he was white, and said the same things about blacks, this wouldn’t even be a debate, he’d already be gone! That is the part that is so messed up!

  122. Right to work states dont cater to unions! If it’s just a union thing, or they are just saying it’s a union issue, race should not be a factor for labor unions, but the ACLU, thinks differently!

  123. White students: Refuse to take any class he is associated with.
    White patents: Refuse to pay for any class under his dictatorship. Tell your kids if they go to his class to pony up their own money.
    Everyone: Stop catering to these hate filled raciest people.

  124. And ANOTHER clear cut case of “White Privilege”….if a white had made that comment…he would of had the privilege of being expelled immediately

  125. Pictures of people with guns can easily be terroristic in nature. Heck you scared whining little right wing white boys would probably carp your pants if a picture of this guy holding an assault rifle was sent to you.

  126. You know I should really take offense to this guy, but I have more offence to the idiots that are trying to make people believe in BS what they say to them to make people say this sort of wrong thoughts.

  127. Democratic Senator. Robert. Byrd. Of. North. Carolina. Was. A Grand. Dragon. Serving in USA. Congress

  128. Many. Professors. ,University. Of. California. BERKELEY. Proudly. Say they. Support. Communism. and. Are Communists. In. California. The. Word. “Progressive “. =.
    Communist. Such. As. “Progressive. Democrat”.

  129. Who could send their children to Ga after seeing this hate monger is employed there , what a disgrace by Ga university !!

  130. His iq is probably dull normal….90-100. How did he get a degree?
    Probably graduated from black college.

  131. this man should be fired and CHARGED with a HATE crime. This man should also charged as a RACIST person and SHOULD NOT be allowed the teach ANYMORE.

  132. What is he going to do for the other oppressed minorities in America after he does this for the Afro-Americans??

    The Japanese that were put in concentration camps during WW2??

    The Mexicans who could only work for minimum wages in the fields growing our foods for the mega corporations??

    The Chinese that worked like “slaves” building our railroad system and the Panama Canal and denied citizenship??

  133. Glad I am a WHITE male. Screw these loose mouth fools. Fire them, We no longer need fools in America. He sounds like he should be in the African jungle.

  134. I believe in FREEDOM of SPEECH even for the likes of him. I am white, female, old. I believe he can say anything he wants. I believe ALL PEOPLE should have that right. Actions are where I draw the line. Has he actually killed anyone?

  135. His background check should have qualified to be terminated besides the current mouthpiece. The wordage is not appropriate to use if the Political Cops where put in place but it is called racial conflict…he is a racist and looks like someone who is dope, smoked crack….Parents will not allow
    Their kids in such colleges..after all that are paying not the kids…seems the UGA forgot their bread and butter income…that includes where the student loan dollars are being applied….karma will have a wonderful way of coming back to bite

  136. AOC is a real threat to freedom in America. She is a racist, a bigot and everything that goes along with someone who really doesn’t know the beginning from the end.
    She has no idea that God controls when the world will end. She hates everyone that doesn’t believe the way she does, so if you can’t think for yourself, then she can think for you with her weird unrealistic idea’s that no one wants in their lives.
    Give her a job cleaning the White House. That seems to be her intelligence level.

  137. and remember she fears garbage disposals, thinks the world ends in 12 years, wants to stop farting cows, forgetting that people fart too as well as breathe those amazing plant’s oxygen and she gets paid a living wage, so she can tax us and buy iced coffee.


  139. Sorry, disagree with you on this. No one should encourage HATE and MURDER. This is not the way to bring peace to our hurting country. This is how Revolutions start.

  140. I agree action is where the crime is
    I do not say it since becoming a grownup, remember I am 63 years, totally diff then, no locked doors, neighbors cared about each other, kids were obedient even to a fault; but I grew up with: I hate you, I’m going to kill you and the 3 Stooges. No one I know ever actually killed, or even usually came to blows over any of it.

  141. The answer is simple: If he were a WHITE man, he would be in prison, right now. This article would not even exist.

    The ONLY reason why he is still free, is because he is Negro and can, therefore, NOT be arrested, charged, or imprisoned, for insulting, or threatening, white people.

  142. This Frimpong, who is obviously the collector of where all dead brain cells go should find himself under investigation by the FBI for hate speech under the hate people laws. The school administration should also be investigated for harboring hate in their school. I hope also that Trump will get involved and pull all government aid to the school. The union should be investigated for their support of hate speech. I also believe he should be arrested not only for hate speech, but also for being so ungly.

  143. I wouldn’t pay for my grandson to attend any of this “man” classes! he looks deranged! what if a white person had said things he said but it was towards blacks? it’d be all over national news! people KNOW WHATS BEING TAUGHT TO YOUR CHILDREN & GRANDCHILD or ANY PERSON you are provided education assistance to!

  144. I say to fire his butt! With the attitude of hate and disrespect for others that is rampant in
    in our society, he is a prime example of why that is. If it were a white professor that said
    that against blacks, it would be a firing offense. We give latitude of ignorance to certain
    people; actually treating them like an endangered species. That is not respecting the fact
    that our Constitution is based on the fact that all men are created EQUAL. All kinds of cruel
    and ignorant comments are made regarding Christians while one particular religion is
    untouchable. No faith should be attacked and people disrespected. We have that freedom,
    or do we? Is it freedom when speech is not allowed by all? Lets be frank here, if it were
    a muslim bakery asked to bake a Jewish or Christian cake and they refused to make
    anything but a normal plain cake, would they be sued? I think not. I would love to be wrong
    about that. No crude, rude or disrespectful speech needs to be said to anyone. Its all
    about decency and manners, which are about extinct now days. How can we ever expect
    our youth to be decent law abiding adults when they don’t have college professors as
    examples? All those that are teaching our kids need to have manners and respect for
    all people and relay that to their students. Freedom of speech was not intended to
    cover name calling, cursing and crudeness to others. It was meant that we could express
    our opinion honestly no matter what it was about but our Founders never dreamed they
    had to tell everyone to do so in a mannerly fashion without assaulting others or being
    crude or cruel. Manners used to be taught at home, but even then they are taught
    manners no longer matter as adults. I say they do matter no matter how old you are!

  145. And we wonder where our ignorant younger voting generation comes from? I’m sure it’s not from such nasty racist professors as this one! Right!

  146. Just think about it… If it wasn’t for the “slave traders etc.” they would still be over in Africa and their best job would probably be a “spear chucker” at best and still running around in loin cloth and a bone through their nose. I need not say any more.

  147. Racism is racism, no matter what race you are! If you hold hate for another race, regardless of your social-economic status, you are guilty of racism!!! Can Blacks be racists . . . not just yes, but hell yes! Can Hispanics be racists . . . not only yes, but hell yes!!! ANYONE OF ANY RACE CAN BE A RACIST . . . PERIOD ! ! !

  148. Hope several people I know that he would hate to run into blowing his BS out of those gums..
    The school should be sued for even allowing him on campus. They were plenty of others to choose from for janitorial duty..
    Lefties run schools should never receive any state, local or federal tax dollars.
    Send the idiot back to Zombie land far far away.
    Fire the pos..

  149. Why is he being referred to as, A Teacher? He is an ASSISTANT, not a Teacher! He also, appears to be under the influence of Drugs! A White person would be condemned and/or fired for making those statements. What has happened to The U of GA??

  150. Clearly a “Code of Conduct” only applies to white people in Georgia. In Georgia the only right a white person has is to die.

  151. Let’s not forget:

    Those that can’t, teach.
    Those that teach long enough become administrators.
    Enough said.
    That’s what we’ve got in higher education at $60k per year for our kids.
    This has got to change, where creating imbicules.

  152. This is absurd! This homosexual leftist needs to be fired immediately! Because of his left wing extremist behavior and warped views, he’s an automatic homosexual who has sex with Farrakhan, Marcc-Lamont Hill, Cornell West and Cenk Uygur!

  153. Only white people can be racist. Why is it that only 15% of the population is black and over 80% of crime is black…yet, somehow these facts are always racist? Why are the majority of police officer murders are committed by blacks… yet, all white police officers are racist? Wonder how many blacks in America would even be alive today had we not bought them as slaves from other blacks? And, yet, we owe them reparation!

  154. If a conservative Christian, who did or didn’t vote for Trump would have breathed anything close to what this man said, they would have fired him, disgraced him, had him on every liberal biased network deemed as a racist, and he and his family would be receiving death threats. This is how wrong it is to keep him employed at this university.

  155. what would happen to a “white” teacher if he’d said things this person said but against “blacks”? that teacher would have been FIRED & probably not able to get another teaching job because he’s racist & spreading hate for another race! would you pay your good hard earned money to send your child or grandchild to attend a class Frimpong is teaching? I wouldn’t! he should be fired & people that didn’t fire him should be fired too!

  156. Expelled, nothing: he should be prosecuted under the “hate speech” laws. Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

  157. Expelled, nothing. Prosecute him under the “hate crimes” and “hate speech” laws. He *is* “inciting to violence”, isn’t he?

  158. Haven’t you heard that Blacks cannot be raspiest because they AREN’T White?! That only Whites can be racist?! It is reverse racism and perfectly allowed against Whites!! THIS is just part of the BS crap taught to our children!

  159. Brought to you by …affirmative action. And the Left would like nothing better than to bring us another, affirmative action President. The White man’s law will never apply to them. The affirmative action President, will go all out, to ruin our country. Whites that support this ruining of our great nation for all, are as dumb as these violent animals.

  160. As an alum, I am very disappointed to hear what is happening at UGA. I hope this is fake news, but if it is true, I hope someone will get a backbone and fix this problem. Regardless of the consequences, it is always better to do the right thing.

  161. There should be no place for HATE in our Country. Until hate is removed from people’s hearts, there can never be PURE PEACE.

  162. I grew up around people that said I hate you, I want to kill you, alllll the time. Words are sticks and stones that cannot break bones. Hate is done in action, not voice. Voice, if it can, maims spirit not body. If someone has no power over you their words bounce off and make them look bad not you. I tried to stop, what was known as retards then, from dancing, so they would not get laughed at, get mad and get in trouble for their next move. I was the thermometer, others were the walrus, back then the thermometer might not have liked it, or might hav taken pride in it, but definitely the walrus took issue and some might have become healthier for it, while others due to medical reasons, perhaps not as well understood then, suffered in the spirit realm, or not, IF they knew and believed sticks and stones. My generation was the 3 Stooges and it was great. No one should fear to speak their mind, just realize not everyone wants to hear your mind and now that we are woke, should be mindful of what we say BUT FREE to say it just the same. FREEDOM of SPEECH should trump hate speech. I am a non-feminist Christian straight pro life, gun supporting, Israel loving, female, ex tom boy, elderly woman. I want you to say everything bad you want about any of that, leave me the same right, that I probably won’t take, except in the realm of politics, and scream you can, if I protest because you have that FREEDOM.

  163. He stepped over the line. The University of Georgia needs to step up and terminate his contract.

  164. I agree with you.
    My solution…dont support this university by sending your children there, or by season tickets to sports or buying anything with the college name on it.
    If the public can force the NFL to change it’s disgusting behavior we can take this “smaller” entity on.

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