College students gave a chilling answer when asked about the greatest world threat


American universities are decaying before our eyes.

Free and open debate has been replaced with political correctness.

And college students just gave a chilling answer when asked about the greatest world threat.

Universities have always leaned to the Left, but they’ve now become a monoculture of extreme leftism.

On many campuses, you’re more likely to find an avowed communist than a Republican, and that goes for both students and faculty.

Students have been indoctrinated for years by popular leftists authors such as Howard Zinn to believe that every single thing America has ever done is horrible.

So it’s no surprise that college students at the New England College’s College Convention 2020 in New Hampshire last week believe Donald Trump is a greater threat to world peace than leaders of Iran, China, North Korea, and Russia.

Speakers at the event included a slate of Democrat presidential candidates and attendees were a sampling of Leftist students from across the country.

The College Fix attended the convention and asked students, “Who is the biggest threat to world peace?”

Given the choices of Donald Trump, or Vladimir Putin of Russia, Kim Jong-un of North Korea, Xi Jinping of China or Ali Khamenei of Iran, an overwhelming majority responded that President Trump is the biggest threat.

Most of these students probably don’t even know that Trump wants to pull troops out of the Middle East, and months ago, he called off an airstrike on Iran.

Meanwhile, Iran funds radical militia groups in multiple countries.

North Korea is a nightmarish Stalinist state, and China is quickly reverting to its iron-fisted authoritarian roots.

The conservative group Campus Reform did a similar experiment where they asked students to rank Trump against brutal dictators of the 20th century.

Many of them couldn’t identify Josef Stalin by picture and didn’t even know who he was.

Communist crimes of the past have been papered over, or rewritten, by Marxist historians in tenured positions within the Ivory Towers of academia.

If you don’t think this has real-world implications, one of Bernie Sanders’s staffers was recently captured on camera making apologetics for the Soviet gulags.

Universities are cranking out uninformed socialists, and it needs to stop.

Can the university system be reformed?  Or is it already too late?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



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  2. Most urgent: provide free market K-12 school choice to replace the current monopoly. Thomas Jefferson warned: a poorly educated society will not remain free.

    In 1928, Edward Bernays, “The Father of Public Relations”, published his book, PROPAGANDA. His opening sentence reads: “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.”
    Thirty-seven years later, Jacques Ellul authored PROPAGANDA: THE FORMATION OF MEN’S ATTITUDES, concluding fewer than 10% of us can resist propaganda’s powerful influence.

  3. How truly uneducated and misinformed these college students are, thanks to the propaganda spread by the demon party! Starting a grade school level, no less. Is it too late for us to recover? Perhaps. But I pray to GOD that it isn’t……
    Personal note. This is my third try to post a comment. I’m hoping at least this comment will go through…

  4. If these schools cannot teach the ability to think, to evaluate, to debate, to research the facts, then they certainly do not deserve any tax money – Federal, State, City or County. And the current donors ought to rethink the value of the causes they support.

  5. In reality, the greatest world threat by far is the democrat party. They defend, support and take sides with all of our worst enemies every single time there is a skirmish. Not to mention what they will do to our own country and our economy when they get back in power.

  6. Thank God for homeschooling but we need to build a network around homeschooling and the internet and teach our children the values of the constitution

  7. No surprise here these kids have been indoctrinated with the liberal lies of the teachers from grammar school up.

  8. Any teacher or college professor teaching anything with a political bias should be removed from their position and their teaching credentials should be revoked. Students are there for an education not an indoctrination.

  9. Its as simple as the Federal Government set standards for any high school or college that receives one dollar of federal money, clearly define indoctrination and teaching, any school who attempts to indoctrinate its students instead of teaching them will not receive any federal funds no matter what the category is, Period. Teachers who have been proved to use indoctrination in any form, will loose their certificate and jobs. Monitors will be provided to insure proper protocol in school teachings. It has gone on too long and is firmly installed in our education system to treat it with kid clove’s.

  10. What did people expect? First they removed prayer from schools. Then the National Anthem, then re-writing history emphasizing “the bad things”, and not the good. People of my generation were taught by many that had participated in WWII, with not one communist among them.

    Introduction of a degree in “education” , focusing on technique rather than substantive topical information, i.e. history. I had a teacher who was also the phys-ed guy. He taught science and taught us about “copper-nick-us” (Copernicus). Right! , and its all down hill from there.

    We need great, not just good teachers. If they are political in any stripe they should be fired. School is for learning skills, acquiring knowledge, and political hatred is not a skill.

  11. Pray and lead by example. Show them and not just tell them. Our God is quite capable of handling this and all situations if we lead putting our Lord first. Nothing can stand against. They may be taught this garbage but the truth is written on their hearts!

  12. Some people here get it, but not enough. It should be clear to everyone that the democrat party is the biggest threat to America. The democrat party opposes everything President Trump attempts to do. Trump’s efforts are all in the name of America, so the democrat efforts are all against America and everything it stands for.

    In 1954, the communist party was outlawed here in America. It is not a far reach to outlaw the democrat party. It is a subversive threat to the U.S. There is no difference between the communist party in 1954 and the democrat party in 2020.

  13. Well, I’m 67 – no college student. And I agree 100%. To have this lunatic at the helm of the world’s largest military is terrifying. And we truly DO have weapons of mass destruction.

  14. The largest threat to this country is the number of brained washed misinformed college students that have a very limited knowledge of reality. The pompous ah prof’s that show very little respect for educating the students as apposed to spewing their BS political ideas. Advanced education would cost about half of what they are charging if they left the politics out of the classroom and focused on what the students were looking for.

  15. Any one remember the “pod people”, Donald Sutherland movie about aliens. The kids today are given a “pod” when they enter the hallowed halls of university. Instead of parents going into debt to send their child to a propaganda camp, why not set them up in their own business. Let them learn the value of a hard earned dollar and sink or swim as their grandparents and parents did when their age. In the meantime, counter the culture by exposing them to God, wise people and the importance of family and community. Take them fishing and hunting and start a garden or a whole farm. Getting closer to the earth gives them an appreciation of life, not a Disney world view or a Hollywood example. Have them sit down with a veteran of WWII if any are still alive, but visiting the new WWII Memorial. That, is education they can feel.

  16. I fear it is to late to do anything about it. I have been complaining for years about how our educational systems, across the board, was being taken over by left wing radical zealots. Now they own that and they own our kids. All we can do now is stand back and watch our country be taken over by communist radicals from the inside.

  17. idle minds are the devils workshop,if they aren’t smart enough to work their way thru college without student loans they shouldn’t be there in the 1st place.

  18. The biggest threat to our American civilization is this Global Warming/Climate Change hoax that I have been researching for the past sixty years along with friends working in NASA. The best book debunking the hoax was written by Professor Plimer named: Heaven and Earth with over 2,000 foot notes. Communist professors know the best was to install back door communism is to have students like dim wit Cortez push it.

  19. Those that go off to college are subjected to indoctrination ! The professors are mostly Communistic Worthless Pieces of Excrement ! It is their way or no way at all ! I regret that my Grand Children will have to go thru the gauntlet of this higher indoctrination ! I have hopefully influenced them enough to resist the brain numbing experience of College .

  20. And you all thought(?) Communism was bad? This is the transition to the “BORG” system of Earth un-government. Keep flapping your gums and pray…see where that leads you…Faith without WORKS ‘IS DEAD’ very dead..


  22. The problem is that all too many of our fellow citizens are either unaware of the problem or feel powerless to do anything about it. The left has taken control of so much of our civilization that the outlook is grim. They control much of government, most of education, most of popular culture including movies and TV, most of the purveyors of “news”, and although they hate Christianity, many of the churches, plus they are in control of most of the large cities and a number of states. I have no idea how we can fight that, but I know we must continue the struggle in anyway we can.

  23. I think that the problem is even simpler.

    For one thing, and in my own opinion, Mr. Trump IS the biggest threat, to the United States.

    His insults, to foreign dignitaries.

    His starting a new Civil War.

    His insisting on repeating one of the worst mistakes, of the Soviet Union: The Berlin Wall

    I could go on, but my time is limited.

    The best way, to help the United States to repair, and re-build, is to “pink slip” the real estate developer, in 2021, and replace him with a REAL politician. Someone who understands the job.

    OH, and before I forget, we need condemn Mr. Trumps approach, to school shootings, with his “More guns! More Guns!! More guns!!!” rhetoric.

    Feel free to dis-agree, if you want.

    That is what the Bill of Rights, and Freedom of Speech, are all about.

  24. Talk about MISINFORMATION and downright LIES! . . . Don’t these ‘mush for brains” students and faculty even BOTHER to look at the domestic and WORLD news?!? They have been “indoctrinated”, NOT taught ANYTHING! Probably a GREAT reason not to HIRE any of these students since they DON’T have the proper REASONING skills to get the job done PROPERLY. AOC is proof POSITIVE of this. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  25. The other day a former christian high school teacher and I discussed some politics in The USA and she shocked me with some of her responses. She must be listening to CNN. Her and her husband’s objections to President Trump were so out of touch with reality, it’s amazing that she could be a teacher. She must have influenced our children with her philosophy. Scary.

  26. They are all being brainwashed by the left commie professors. Immorality are being pushed on our middle schools by the transgenders and the gay communities in the public schools and they allow them to advocate their beliefs on our children.

  27. The first comment to this post on the 16th said the Communists will take over America without firing a single shot.

    In my view there will be a lot of shots.

  28. It is way too late to change the indoctrination of children through schools and the infiltration of Christian churches by radicals raised on Marxist principles, going back to Saul Alinsky and the like. Infiltration of labor unions, teachers unions and the like go back many decades, and were a planned insidious revolution of thought, and revised history. The ignorance of Americans, and our naivete is well known by all foreign leaders who mean us harm. Only God could fix this mess, and we have abandoned Him most of all!!

  29. The biggest threat facing America is ‘College Perfessers’. There are no longer Professors who are intelligent. All intelligent Professors have been replaced by extremely stupid Perfessers who tout the communist line and are too stupid to understand the difference. A good remedy would be to reorder the draft of all 18 year old humans regardless of sex or physical condition and make a minimum service time of four years. That would eliminate all exposure to the ‘stupid Perfesser’ class and would make intelligent US citizens once again.

  30. When I went to college years ago, I paid for it. So why should I fund such garbage, cut all funding to liberal colleges. There is no need for that education, fund only engineering, science, health care. The pay scale is out of line compared to industry, by limiting funding, most would have to get real jobs.

  31. I would wager a considerable sum that if you asked 1000 of these mental zombies what important political event just happened in Russia not more than 1% would be able to answer that the entire top level of Russian Government just “resigned” [did he jump or was he pushed?], leaving Putin in full and absolute control.

  32. About Russia and their ‘elected’ off. Isn’t collapsing AmeriKa enough on your plate? What exactly are you doing to stop that revolution ? RET US ARMY Trump 2020 in a landslide..

  33. Uncle Doppy is only standing on one leg.
    The other is ready to “hop” the fence to cater to “its” own personal desires with out thought for the common good of country or humankind.
    Stupidity spawns stupidity…

    Just saying…

  34. It appears Norman Hinde end liter needs to clean his litter box.
    Looking in the mirror will be the one looking back to get accept the pink slip.

    Just saying …

  35. College students had to say Trump. It was the only name that they recognized. Do not make an assumption because it makes an ass of u and me, that these college kids know anything. I worked at two major universities and I can state that kids today are getting more and more stupid.

  36. Of course, the colleges can be reformed, but professional educators, like professional politicians, don’t want it to be done. The only answer is for parents to stop sending their children to these liberal colleges. They continue to do it because the education system keeps telling us that these are the best colleges. Do you see something fishy here?

    I don’t believe parents should choose their children’s colleges, but they should probably choose which ones to veto. I would start with all Ivy League colleges, virtually all large West Coast colleges, the Univ. of Colorado and the Univ. of Texas.

  37. I have been saying for years that the education system was doing more harm than good. I am a conservative 67 year old man. I managed to return to school at a late age. At 63 I earned my Masters Degree in Public Adminstration. Some of the things I heard from some professors and young students was just simply scary. But then again my Dad thought Rock n Roll music would rot my mind. May hap it did. I like many other comments here believe we need to get back to THE TRUTH IN EDUCATION. Like the truth in history and stop the rewriting history to please the left. We are in sad times. God Bless America! We need it!

  38. Mr. Hinderliter, I do respect your opinion however I believe you are wrong. I think the problem is deeper. I think this country needs to get back to more conservative morals, values and less liberal education. God Guns and Guts made the country the strongest on the planet. If we don’t get back to basics we are going to be in the stuff way to deep to get out.

  39. I do believe that the younger generation get it and they are right the American war machine is the biggest threat to World Peace. It did not start until after 9/11 then we invaded Iraq we did not have world concurrence at that point we the USA became a threat to the rest of the world.

  40. Les god, guns and guts that sounds like true CULT of DOTARD PERSONALITY sycophant. More to point sounds like a dumb redneck.

  41. Yes, the educational system can mind-f*#k these kids. But only if the parents aren’t (and have never been) active role models in their lives. My son is 19, a Junior now, in College (yes, he’s advanced), and he has much more sense than to rely on the “popular opinion” of his Professors (or anyone else). I raised and taught him to think for himself, weigh the arguments and decide for himself. And that is exactly what he has and continues to do. He refuses to get caught up in the rhetoric, overly PC culture and base his opinions on what everyone else tells him he should think and believe. He is a clear and free thinker, who is more than capable of weighing the facts and coming to his own decision. I just wish there were more kids and parents, like me.

  42. In one specific way, I can understand why the students feel as they do. Putin and the rest of those abhorrent leaders are slightly more predictable than is President Trump who acts impulsive, follows his gut feelings, and neither solicits or accepts advice, even from experts in the relevant field. That scares me.

  43. I have feared the country’s future for years. There are many “normal“ people who are independent thinkers. Unfortunately, the people who are at the helm of this hatred, misinformation and encouraging the liberal thoughts are teaching our students. Starting in high school! This thinking is pushed down our children’s throats. And as our young people are so into the world of videos, TV, blogging, YouTube, etc. those become their heroes. Unfortunately these actors are extremely liberal and vocal. They have the money and the platform to grab young impressionable minds and control their thinking. These are not the people who should be controlling our kids’ minds. We can’t control what our children are thinking, but some filters should be put on who is educating our children and the idols our children have, based on what they watch. They do not understand that the actors who are brainwashing our children are not politically unbiased, nor even educated in geography, history or current events with the facts. They are being taught opinions. Something has to stop.

  44. All of you with TDS as above have the nerve to drag the elected President of Russia into your sick thinking. Don’t we have enough disasters happening right now in collapsing Amerika for your plate?

  45. While in High School in the sixties I would often speak about my feelings for the United Nations and its being located in New York-the perfect sewer- but only received blank stares or mind numbing support for that location. Frightening for me. Then many years later, after military, I attended college. There in political science class I was startled to find an avowed communist teaching the class. Being somewhat uninformed I asked a fellow student why he wasn’t fired for such teaching. The response still rings true today but even more profound. HE HAS TENURE!!! Once your peers and time pass you cannot be fired for any reason even treason!! The opposite is true as well, a good teacher may be fired because a group of fellow “educators” simply don’t like you and vote you out. Hell with truth or quality of teaching just go along to get along to hell.

  46. Is he really Robert? He hasnt just blasted ICBMS out over the Pacific for fun, He hasnt invaded another country on a whim. He doesn’t have people put to death because he doesn’t like how they are dressed. But he is impulsive? I think you are one of the brainwashed idiots who believes everything CNN and BSNBC says…

  47. the responsibility of raising children is in hands of the parents ,fr0m the day the were born to the day they todays world there are many means of obtaining knowledge. it is up to the parent to be able to guide their child in the right direction. i’m speaking from a person who has two sons who teach in public high school, both in special education, so we must be prudent in our advice, and remember 3 things in life that I was told 1 laugh every day 2 spend some time to gather your thoughts 3 cry.

  48. The indoctrination starts in K-12, public schools. Public school teachers are Union members. Notice how they use terms like brotherhood (not in a religious way…). Why not Comrade? We need a way provide college level courses to students, and recognize their completion through a “credit bank” system. This will allow learners to prepare for life and careers without the “enforced” exposure to the radical left (think, online k-12…) I speak from some experience, I earned an MS in engineering (in the ’90’s) via video correspondence. It was hard, but effective.

  49. LOL to funny how many people say they are afraid of Trump in this post. I’m afraid of the folks who draw a line in the sand and then do nothing when it is crossed. For you folks who think that Trump is impulsive you don’t know the man. You don’t get to where he is by being impulsive. The US has never been a threat to the world. IN FACT if it were not for the US the world would be speaking German or Japanese right about now. You people need to really stop drinking the liberal Kool aid. For the guy who is 67 and think that we are a real threat to the world I can only say it is a shame that it toke you 67 years to get that Naïve.

  50. If you are a parent with a child or children in college, you need to drill a hole in their head, drain the poison, then refill it with common sense.

  51. In my opinion We have 3 DANGEROUS views to our freedoms.Media,Democrats,Liberal College Professors.PRAY for our country.PRAY for our PRESIDENT.

  52. Trump will get re-elected in 2020!!!! What are these treasonous,ignorant students going to do now??????
    The US will have to undergo a 2nd civil war to resolve this matter!!!!!!!

  53. JIM. I concur…. the ONLY way to correct this mess our schools and colleges that are spewing so many WRONG things would be to close OFF the funding; local, state and federal. A curriculum should be formed for the schools that the teachers and professors can teach within those guidelines and .. if they do NOT adhere, they are fired and then the school’s funding should be withdrawn until the situation is corrected!
    ALL teachers, professors and even school board members should be vetted!!!
    THIS is so important…our children need to be educated, allowed to explore with their own minds….NOT dictated to, facts need to be taught….and then they can go from there.
    This needs to start at the top….to state, to local. This program NEEDS to be monitored by the dept. of education…..this should not be imposed on a local or state level….but national level! THEN we might see a difference in our young peoples’ thinkingi!!! THE FEDERAL DEPT. OF EDUCATION IS IN DIRE NEED OF MANY ADJUSTMENTS>>>>THIS IS AMERICA’S FUTURE!!!!

  54. For teachers at all levels it should be a requirement that they teach only the curriculum and any deviation from that curriculum will result in immediate loss of job and teaching credentials. Curriculums should set by state governments and approved federally. In addition, any teacher expressing opinions on politics or religion to students should be subject to immediate stripping of citizenship and escourted out of our country. I have about as much respect for teachers as I have for the criminal, Hillary Clinton or her supporters such as Nancy Pelosi etc.
    Basically our universities have become a haven for sedition and treason.

  55. Kids these day, should have to serve a mandatory minimum of two years in the
    Military. This would allow them to broaden their horizons. Learn how respect and get along with people from all around the country. Make them more informed about about life firsthand, instead of from T.V.


  57. Your headline is misleading. The greatest world threat is not DJT, Kim, or any of the others. The greatest threat is climate change. DJT is a threat to be sure–particularly in denying climate change–but if you want readers to say WHO is the worst threat, you have to ask that. As it stands, you’ve asked for an event–or even a belief, such as communism–but your answer with specific people should have inquired WHO.

  58. Watch Curtis Bowers documentary “Agenda, The Grinding Down of America”…and then read the book “The Naked Communist” that was written back in the early 50’s. You will find that most of the Communist tenants have been fulfilled and operating in the USA today. For those of you who are Christian you know that everything will go to hell in a handbasket before Christ’s return. We just don’t know when but we can sure see the signs. We do see glimmers of hope when we have someone in the Whitehouse that actually does what he says he’s going to do but this is all temporal. Get right with the God of the Judeo/Christian Bible before it’s too late.

  59. You said it, Bob…this is all foretold in the Bible…and if you go back to study Marxists, like Saul Alinsky, and his infiltration tactics for labor unions, teachers unions, and the infiltration of the church by liberal priests, you will see the roadmap they followed. It is not any different than the indoctrination of hate and elitism of the Hitler youth. The “Wolf In Sheep”s Clothing” is alive and well, and teaching your kids!! And guess who else follows the Alinsky “bible”…people who call themselves “community activists”…ring any bells??

  60. College students have no concept of the real world. They have been indoctrinated with lib hate and lies and are very dangerous to our freedom

  61. I ave been preaching for years….are you watching what your children are being taught in school. This is the one world order moving in. This is Hitler’s plan. Grab the children, poison their minds (with free things), turn them against the parents, win the war.This has been in the works since the end of WWII. The only presidents who haven’t had something to do with it, in my opinion….Kennedy and Reagan. Bush and baby Bush were in it up to their eyeballs, Clinton obviously, Obama was supposed to be the second to last president then Killary was supposed to finish off the process. Thank God for Trump.

  62. Any teacher, professor or anybody with teaching responsibility that showed any kind of motivation to indoctrinate their students is breaking the law. So that means prison and removal from their duties.

  63. it’s time for a GREAT Revival in the things of God again with miracles following, and it’s time for a GREAT American Renaissance in ALL things PATRIOTIC. And, it’s time to put the Left Wing RADICALS (and that also includes ALT right as well) in our JAILS and PRISONS for the crimes they are committing (especially the VIOLENT CRIMES) against our U.S. citizens. this is a disgrace, and ENOUGH is ENOUGH! Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  64. What kind of garbage are the universities and grade schools teaching today’s students?
    I would rather home school or send them to a school where I know they are being taught
    something worthwhile. We listen to remarks made by our college students and they are
    completely oblivious to all things sensible. If these kids had to make it on their own they
    would crash and burn. Do they really think that getting everything free is really free? All
    because they didn’t have to work or pay for the freebies it just means that others did.
    It looks like our college students today seem to think the world owes them something.
    Guess what, it doesn’t.

  65. There is a quick way to put an end to all this insanity on campus. Simply reduce the pay rate of the so called professors that are preaching communism as a better way of life to the naïve children. If the professors truly believe what they profess they should be paid exactly what their comrades in Russia are paid.
    The flag waving for communism wouldn’t last one semester, in fact, the wacko professors would sue for discrimination, just like they do in Russia…

  66. Given the choices of Donald Trump, or Vladimir Putin of Russia, Kim Jong-un of North Korea, Xi Jinping of China or Ali Khamenei of Iran, an overwhelming majority responded that President Trump is the biggest threat.

    Actually, most of those attendees probably have no idea who those other leaders are or where their countries are located. As soon as they graduate, these college indoctrinated illiterates can go back home to live in their parents basement, hoping that somebody comes along to “forgive” their college loans.

  67. It is amazing that these people pay $20,000 to $50,000 a year and more and spend 4 years in a college or university to come out dumber than when they went in. They could have saved themselves a lot of time and money if they just stayed in their parent’s basement, watched CNN, played video games, and would be just as dumb.

  68. Hey Jack yep your right I am a RED NECK and I am darn proud of it. If you had just a bit of real education you would know. That the term red neck came about in the 1960s. It stood for hard working conservative men and women working for America. The red neck was for the back of the person’s neck getting sunburn while working so hard. I also served in the U.S. Army in 1971 in VietNam and darn proud of that as well. So I do respect you opinion, perhaps you should do your research before calling names and running your mouth. Or is research a term you know nothing about.

  69. As soon as the libs would take over our country the commies are not far behind. Dont just sit home, get out and vote…The dumb dems are not too bright. They tried to run Hillary the crook Now they back Biden dumb. They never could get their act together.


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