College athletes are getting involved to fight the ACLU and save this common sense policy


Leftists are pushing the transgender ideology hard.

The far-left agenda has encroached on different areas of life and caused major disruption, particularly in sports.

Now college athletes are getting involved to fight the ACLU and save this common sense policy.

The culture war hasn’t been this contentious in a long time.

Through decades of activism in media, academia, and Hollywood, the Left has captured the culture, but people on the Right and in the Middle are finally pushing back.

The Left always looks for an aggrieved group to use as cudgel in order to get what they want.

However, the radical transgender movement was a bridge too far for a lot of people.

The image of biological males dominating female sports doesn’t sit right with anyone beyond fringe activists, and perhaps compliant members of the Left who would prefer to look the other way.

In Idaho, Republican Governor Brad Little signed the “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act,” which will take effect in July.

The bill would ban biological males from competing in women’s sports, which would’ve been common sense five minutes ago.

But this is how quickly the radical Left moves.

Basic biology is under assault.

The American Civil Liberties Union, which is just another organization that has been hollowed out by leftism, filed a lawsuit to stop the Idaho now.

Now two female track stars are joining the Alliance Defending Freedom in an effort to get the ACLU’s lawsuit dropped.

Madison Kenyon, one of the female track stars who lost to a biological male, said in an interview, “I fear that if we are no longer allowed by law to recognize the objective existence of women, that it will be a huge loss to women’s rights.”

Ironically, radical leftist feminists have been calling transgenderism a form of “female erasure” for decades.

A mother concerned over her teenage daughter undertaking the irreversible process of transitioning tried to organize a panel discussion on the topic.

Much to her dismay, no left-organization would host the event, so she eventually went to the conservative Heritage Foundation.

Harry Potter novelist J.K. Rowling was “cancelled” on Twitter for saying that men cannot become women.

When radical feminists can only find allies at the Heritage Foundation and far-left progressives like J.K. Rowling aren’t “woke” enough, it’s a clear sign that the Left has gone way too far.

Will the ACLU be successful in overturning Idaho’s common sense law?

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  2. It’s about fairness in the sports to the girls who participate. Thank God some govs are taking steps to protect the integrity of sports.

  3. As the father of 4 girls, and a long-time college women’s golf coach, I refer you to Mama Gump, who said, “Stupid is as stupid does!”

  4. All Men who want too be a WOMAN should have a SURGERY and have a BOWLING BALL inserted so the could walk around for 9 months and see what is like too be PREGNANT and then have too SH!T the bowling BALL !!!

  5. God only made 1 each. A man and a woman. This is how you are born. Leave it the way God made us.

  6. Men can only be men and women can only be women. Their DNA will never change. If the feel the need to try to change they might want to seek psychiatric help. If you think men should compete against women then start a transgender athletic group to compete.

  7. Liberals are gonna have to make up their minds….either men are, indeed, stronger than women…in which case an awful lot of whining is going to have to be silenced….or they’re not, in which case these transgender athletes are going to drive women’s sports right into extinction. Either way, they’ll be compelled to admit that one of their favorite pet ‘crusades’ is nothing but fatuous nonsense. Rarely do you see anyone in such an airtight, unwinnable situation….and one that is ENTIRELY of their own making.

  8. At the risk of sounding like Archie Bunker, LET THE FREAKS initiate their own transgender athletic organization and forever STOP screwing up what has worked so well since the dawn of humanity.

  9. Sadly, transgender people, especially transgender students, are being brutally discriminated against by right wing pseudo-Christian groups pushing their anti-American agenda through student athletes complaining about “unfair” “advantages” of transgender players.
    It’s really just suppression of normal people dealing with gender-identity issues by groups of inconsiderate, uneducated bigots.

  10. HCB – you are an idiot. Enough said. Trans-whatevers are STEALING the sports from women who deserve their own playing field. We are talking loss of scholarships and college placements for women. Fair? NO WAY IN HELL !!

  11. HCB: There ARE no gender-identity ‘issues.’ There are only spoiled, foolish people with way too much time and prosperity on their hands. Trust me, there were no nineteenth century Russian peasants with such issues. You only dream up such nonsense if you have way too much time to sit around and obsess over life. People who actually have something to DO….people who are actually living a human LIFE…are far too busy to waste time wringing their hands over their ‘identity’. Hell, why stop at gender? Why not pretend you have a different blood type? It makes about as much sense, and serves about as much purpose. This is a fool’s issue, and represents the modern liberal at their most fatuous.

  12. Either women’s sports will become irrelevant, or there should be a separate set of sports for trans folks.

  13. HCB some girl should kick your ass and stuff a rubber hose in that pie hole of yours you moron idiot

  14. Good. the policy is absolutely idiotic. Well said Greg Garner. I see it as loser who can’t compete trying to take any advantage they can get to win.

  15. Don: Interesting, isn’t it? If I claim to be a tree or a Bengal tiger or a cricket, they’d say I’m crazy. If I claim to be a woman, they’ll say I’m right(and they’ll even pay for my surgery!!!). These people have ZERO connection to reality.

  16. Who would have thought this kind of perverted lifestyle and behavior could become part of the culture in this great nation. These biological males are a disgrace and their parents should be ashamed. Every women’s group should be protesting this outrage.

  17. Bob: Those ‘women’s’ groups are always LIBERAL groups….and liberals cannot stand the idea of crossing the transgender crowd. Puts them in a quandary, completely of their own making….each of their positions represent fallacies, and they can’t decide which of their pet fallacies they wish to champion. They can’t afford to drive away women voters…but their hearts are CLEARLY with the perverts.


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