Colin Kaepernick’s new Nike shoe will make you sick to your stomach


The Left tried to turn washed-up quarterback Colin Kaepernick into a folk hero after his anti-American anthem protests.

He was given various awards, a book contract, and a lucrative shoe deal with Nike.

But Kaepernick’s new Nike sneakers will make you sick to your stomach.

Colin Kaepernick says he wants to get back to playing in the NFL, but all of his actions say otherwise.

He’s antagonized the league at every turn.

He sued the NFL over a ridiculous collusion charge, and he’s antagonized at least two franchises that were receptive to signing him.

Kaepernick also torpedoed a workout that was set up for him to engage with several teams.

Now Kaepernick is again proving why he’s the ultimate distraction that no team wants to deal with.

Breitbart reports:

Nike is preparing to release yet another product lionizing Colin Kaepernick, this time, with a shoe memorializing the first time Kaepernick protested during the national anthem in 2016.

The sportswear giant is set to issue the Colin Kaepernick x Nike Air Force 1, a low sneaker that features the date of the first time Kaepernick remained seated during the national anthem to protest against the country.

Set for a December 28 release, the shoe has a retail cost of $110 a pair.

August 8, 2016, was the very first time Kaepernick turned the playing of the national anthem into an opportunity to tell the world that all police are racists, and he thinks the United States is a bad place for minorities. On that date ahead of a preseason game against the Houston Texans, the San Francisco 49ers second-string quarterback refused to stand at attention when the national anthem began.

The anti-American protests were a huge problem for the NFL.

Television ratings decreased and stadium attendance dropped.

Many season ticket holders canceled their plans and some franchises even issued apologies to bring back fans into the fold.

Kaepernick’s newest shoe undermines all of that and guarantees he will never take another snap in the NFL.

He’s proven time and time again he can’t help but be a distraction and a lightning rod for controversy.

Do you think Kaepernick prefers to be a martyr than an NFL quarterback?

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  2. Colin Kaepenick is being use by Nikes and it shows his ignorance but there is $ in stupidity … O’ really
    Nikes and him make good bed couples.

  3. Colin K. is NOT a martyr ! He s a self- centered, self promoting bigot that cares nothing for the SUPPOSEDLY plight of blacks being persecuted by police, by him pulling that disrespectful kneeling STUNT. He is a spoiled brat that cares for any one but himself!! I also doubt if any NFL team wants him on their team any longer. So that career is gone. So what does Nike do? They keep promoting his BS !Especially when they foiled by not having the Betsy Ross flag on their sneaker because Colin K. didn’t want it!! But yet they are going to honor that day he first knelt, on a new sneaker line?? Well, lots of luck Nike. YOU have shown YOUR true colors as well. And anybody with any sense of respect for our country wouldn’t touch your new sneakers with a ten foot pole ! I wouldn’t wear them even if anyone GAVE me a pair, let alone pay over 100 dollars for your overpriced product. The QUALITY of your product has gone way down over the years, as well. Just another company that is truly anti- American . Just like Colin K. you are useless and disgusting…..

  4. No, Nike is being used by this moron. There is a new CEO appointed to Nike will he/she give in to this idiot or cancel out his contract? If not, just boycott Nike apparel and anything associated with Nike.

  5. I cleaned my life of everything Nike. I am a huge 49ers fan and CK was a cancer. I now wear UnderArmor. Golf shoes and sports apparel….

  6. A limited athlete, but a very minimal mind.As a Black person he does more harm to Black youth. The ironic stupidity is he champions the Political Party that exists by demeaning Black people in the 21st Century because they can’t enslave them like they did in the 18th and 19th Century or marginalize then in the 20th. Stupid idiot… now he is glowing because a Corporate Giant sees him as a way to make a buck. Stupidity on Steroids.

  7. Believe on the LORD JESUS CHRIST and you will be saved! That’s the only thing that I can say to this poor creature that calls himself a man!

  8. CK is everything you don’t want your children to be. Someone commented earlier that those on assistantence will buy this crap and forego on other essentials because dipsticks name is on them. What a shame but we have lots of children that look-up to him as some sort of hero, which he is nowhere close to being. He is a spoiled brat that has been built up to be an ideol or something. Ground truth, he is a pitiful has been, with millions of dollars and wants more for doing nothing but complain and talk trash about the USA. Hey low live get off your worthless ass and help CA deal with the druggies and homeless. No talking BS real action but we all know you can’t hang with that.

  9. He is a hero to many of us people of color who feel that police brutality has no place in our America. And the reason that he knelt is because he felt empathy for the blacks that are being ruthlessly murdered by the racist police forces in various parts of the nation. Just because you are white, doesn’t make you the authentic American and patriot. Many colored people have contributed so much to what has made America a great nation. Now Trump is methodically tearing it down and allowing white nationalists leeway but not for long. People/the majority of citizens are fed up with that lawless, hateful rhetoric and murder of our citizens AND the inhumane treatment of immigrants and asylum seekers who came here seeking what our Statue of Liberty promises. So in all truthfulness, Colin K IS a hero to more of us than you realize!

  10. We are giving too much air to the varmint.
    The media is pushing its agenda. Without the leftists mouthpiece he would be 100% irrelevant.

  11. The day CK became Nike’s spokesman was the day I vowed to NEVER buy another Nike product of any kind for as long as I live.

  12. When you have nothing else, fling the RACE card, eh?

    Well, here’s some “racism” for you: Colin was rejected and thrown away at birth by his biological BLACK parents. He was then rescued and raised in love and sufficiency by his adoptive WHITE parents.

    But, you know, it’s whites who are the hate-filled racists. Right? Colin then turned against and back stabbed his adoptive white parents and started called them and all whites racists and worse.

    Here’s an idea, maybe Colin should locate his loving BLACK parents and see if they care enough for him today to take him back. Oh, and maybe he could share some of his new found wealth with them!

  13. I will never buy a nike product again – period – Colon is. Really down for the fight in his $$$$ and Nike with their $$$ making shoes on the backs of people who barely get a dime for the work i think they call it slave labor? Hmmmm

  14. Linda Walker: How do you know who’s white and who isn’t? Do you really believe all people of color stand behind this hypocrite? Colin K. does NOT have empathy for anyone. And if you choose to buy into his shameless display for kneeling as a protest, think again. You speak of the Statue of Liberty as a symbol for freedom and hope. Well, by kneeling during our national anthem does NOT show respect for our great country and all those that gave their lives to keep it safe and free. Are people bigoted , which includes some police? Yes that is true. But how about all the violence committed by blacks against blacks, daily? Or blacks against whites? But yet you want to center out all police by the actions of a few. Did you watch the disrespect shown to the police in NYC by the blacks? Throwing bottles and water at them for no reason. Did the police attack them? NO. They endured that treatment and tried to conduct their business, peacefully. But yet you want to honor someone like Colin K. who is extremely wealthy thanks to our country allowing him to be paid very well. Tell me, what has Colin K. done to help the supposed plight of the blacks dealing with the police, other than kneeling? Nothing. But if want to worship someone like him, we can’t stop you. But it my opinion, you are part of the problem that still exists.
    Oh and before you start judging me, I marched for civil rights in the 60’s down in Mississippi. I was almost crippled by a white cop. Now, please tell me Ms. White what have you done to heal the wounds still open because of bias and bigotry? Admiring a fool such as Colin K. does not qualify…

  15. Don’t boycott the shoes. One time buy them. Cut the essential stitching out. Let them get stolen and in one day they will fall off the feet of the thief. Nike will disappear.

  16. Looking at his photo at the top of the article, I think his next gig will be as poster boy for the transgender crowd. Just sayin’…

  17. Looks like the MSM has found their replacement ‘race hustling, poverty pimp’ spokesperson for the post JJ/Sharpton era. This faux SWJ warrior will laughing all the way to the bank. Look for this coming decade to feature the travails of ‘Angry AA’. Sadly, POTUS Barry’s oft mentioned ‘arc oh history’ has taken a turn for the worse. Over the past 50+ years in race relations we’ve gone from understanding/acceptance to tolerance and now, by socio-economic/cultural choice, flat out avoidance and separation.

  18. Lol lol! It will make lots of money too! Cannot fix stupid. Has nothing to do with American or family values! Just a overpriced shoe making money off of a controversial situation. Typical….. Have a happy New year! Pray for a peaceful year ahead and for continued wisdom for this Christian, Jesus Christ loving Nation!

  19. You have a beef with police brutality??? DO IT ON YOUR OWN TIME. Not when your playing football. Very few think as you do about this self centered person who has WHITE PARENTS that adopted him. Such a hypocrite.

  20. Wrong and a totally racial comment! Stop the crime and the police intervention will cease! I’ve had my share of time on the other side of the law and was messed up many times! I was wrong and needed to change my actions, not the law enforcement! You are not the only ones who are treated as such. Follow the law, respect your fellow citizens, quit using your skin color as some type of a crutch or excuse to continue criminal conduct! If your a lady of color, I know you were raised in church. Start walking closer with your savior not with racial divides or a chip on your shoulders! Happy New year!

  21. A pair of these shoes is what I would put in the garbage. Anybody who puts on a pair of these shoes lets me know they are Anti- American. He is not helping the cause, to many people don’t like him now. He has even tried to ruin Football.

  22. I will N E V ER buy a NIKE Product. My New Process shoes are just fine. The NFL is OFF my list as well. Colin needs to pull his head out of his WAZOO and THINK with it.

  23. Number one. We did not write what is on the statue of liberty. The french wrote that before is was shipped over here. Second, as long as people blame someone else for what they do or for their color there will always be hate and trouble. The police are doing their job when they arrest a person black or white or yellow. They put their lives on the line everyday so you can walk on the street and without hoping someone who wants your wallet will shoot you to get it. Who is the first person you call when you have trouble? It’s not the guy down on the corner you’ve been hanging out with. He doesn’t have time for you. He’s got to hang out and look tough. It’s not your neighbor because you don’t like him and he’s white so you throw garbage in his yard. OHHHH I guess it will have to be the POLICE. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve called them pigs or thrown things at them and laughed when the took it without saying a word. They’re the ones who will come to your rescue. Sadly, after all is said and done you’ll go back to calling them pigs until you need them again. Who are the real racists?

  24. No Linda Walker, Kaepernick kneeled because he is an America hating thug. He admitted that was not the reason. If somebody like Kaepernick is your hero then you are also a pure thug, plain and simple.

  25. $110 for a pair of tennis shoes is ridiculous regardless who they’re associated with. It’s that kind of craziness that’s wrong with the world.

  26. We have long ago boycotted the pathetic Nike. Anything made by Nike or the name on it has long ago been banned from our properties. I tell everyone that comes on our properties that they are always welcome but anything and everything with Nike on it isn’t. We do not support thuggery.

  27. There was a time professional athletes acted more mature and worthy of the praise they receive. Colin Kapernick is a piece of trash . He seems to think he is greater than the country he refuses to stand for. I hope NONE of the NFL teams ever sign him again. He just isn’t worth it–either their attention or the unreal amount of money he would make.

  28. Colin Kaepernik like many a young athlete who inadvertently mix their personal life with their professional is learning the hard cold facts in life. Like don’t stand in front of a whirling tornado cursing and spitting at it. Or turn your back against a stud bull in a coral wearing a red t-shirt. Or enter a field full of billy goats holding paper. He unfortunately learned never mix politics with sports. Now he’s labeled an activist with no professional sports future. To bad, but I guess other young athletes need people like Colin to remind them of that hard fact. Never mix politics with sports the fans don’t like it because that’s not what they paid to see.
    Now we have an American based corporation that is using Colin’s mistake and turning it into a hopeful profit. Nike is hoping to increase their overseas sales with this new shoe. So, we’ll probably see them worn by the Taliban or ISIS. Then Colin can express his support for them by standing up for their flags.

  29. Okay by your Trump comment I can tell your are misinformed and have yet to lift the blinders of your eyes and ditch the brain washing.
    Second you are correct people of color have contributed to this nation, I served with many… When you kneel you are disrespectful to those people of color that sacrificed with body and some with life.
    The flag and anthem isn’t about politics it’s about the people of this country and the people ALL of them that serve and sacrifice for us!!!!

  30. agreed! i’ve gotten rid of anything in my home that’s associated with Nike. I will not buy or use their products, even if it’s free. if every patriot would do this they (nike) would feel it in their pocketbooks. there’s no use to name call anyone or any company: however, i can choose not to support those values and not loose any sleep over these crazy “values.” I’m grateful to be an American and the values this country holds to. God bless this nation!!!

  31. Lap is a worthless POS, BUT , NIKE, is NO BETTER! I will NEVER buy another Nike product, and am trashing everything I own of theirs!!

  32. Who the fk cares! Anything connected with kophucknik is anathema. I threw out everything from nuki and the NFL. We proud Americans and Veterans love our flag and our National Anthem. We have no respect for the fkg felons on the field and any company the supports them.

  33. I took a bunch of my, and my husbands Nike stuff to the Humane Soc. Thrift store and they could not take it. Had so many of these donations and none of it was selling. I hope Nike goes out of business. Between the Betsy Ross flag, and not this, they sure have shown their true colors and they aren’t Red/White/Blue. Kapernack is a loser from the word go. Bye Bye Nike, good riddance!!!!!!!!!

  34. Does Nike still use child slave labor? Asking for ignorant Colon Cancerdik. Maybe he should ask these questions about his sponsor. No? Why not? Ohhhh it’s because it’s all about money and attention and NOT social justice. Got it.

  35. I live, work, and go to church in a highly integrated community that include many highly educated military and police. My Black friends and coworkers are repulsed and angry at his attitude. They actually feel that his fans/admirers/followers have contributed to the last few years of more police being killed. The week or so before Christmas? 10 cops in 10 days killed while trying to do their jobs. One was sitting in his patrol car in the police parking lot and was assassinated. White cop, white killer, but so-called “famous” Kaepernick has given the haters of all races the go-ahead to hate and disrespect and kill anybody he thinks needs it.

  36. Don’t break the law and the law won’t break you. There is a legal way to immigrate into the US. If these people cross into the US illegally they are not immigrates they are criminals subject to the laws of the country.

  37. Thank you Maddy, my sentiments exactly! This past Christmas, one of my gifts to my Grandchildren — 7 boys and 3 girls — would have been Nike products, until “Krapernick’s” latest show of stupidity. I will not in any way, support that….. ah…..fool!

    So long Nike, you’ve lost a good customer.

  38. My my how they do pile on when a black man has the audacity to stand up for himself for one thing as a life long Catholic kneeling is more of a sign of reverence than standing a number of religions practice it all of the haters talk about Co and money but on any given game day one hit and end not only your career but life as a player knows it but the real slave owners who control the slaves sit in expensive boxes and make the big money without risking spinal injuries or torn axle or broken bones as the remark about Detroit Chicago etc let us not forget the young man selling cigarettes in New York or the one I Indians shot multiple times in the back or the one in Carolina shot in the back and but for a videotape the cop had planted his taser on the victim to justify cole blooded murder there are numerous cases all across the country of brutal behavior by cops all Co did was exercise his fundamental right to protest all of the negative comments shows that America is still a long way from equality especially when a black man can generate so much negativity in a non violent act

  39. Best laugh of the day! Slapyerdick care about someone besides himself? This stuff can’t be made up.


  40. well one thing is true the nfl is racist and it’s a known fact we know that the NFL pulled that publicity stunt but we are glad that Colin was smarter than to fall in that trap keep pushing CK we behind you and already ready to buy the next pair for the boys club plus they cant bring real soldiers down

  41. Linda Walker, If Kaepernick is a hero to kids because the only thing drummed into them is to hate cops, hate and mistrust white people, hate our flag, then it’s a sad and dangerous legacy to give to our young people because it will never teach them how to be a better, educated, responsible human being that can have an opportunity to a better life. This man who had been giving every and all opportunities for the great life he has had. He most likely never had to experience a home without a father, a family that didn’t support, protect, or encourage an education and didn’t instill respect for others. No, better to make kids have a harder life by convincing them everyone is out to get them, that will ultimately lead to generations of poverty, crime, and then arrest and prison. It’s the “not my fault, it’s everyone else’s fault”. You’ve obviously bought into the lies and hate. It’s pretty pathetic. What has Mr. Kaepernick done to help anyone but himself. No one mentioned that only white people have helped to make this nation, and quite frankly everything in your opinion is riff with regurgitated lies. Immigrants for the last two hundred or more years had to be sponsored and came thru legally, so stop. The difference is everyone else came here to work and have a better life, not this mass invasion of people that were promised free benefits unearned with no vetting to know who they are. Do you even know how and why illegals are brought here? Your whole Trump rant is the product of the radical rhetoric agenda to convince all those that unable to think for themselves and do their own research for the facts. It’s like a contagious brain virus.

  42. BeBop4000; You being a very ill informed, brainwashed Leftists, I won’t put a strain on your brain to understand the truth. So I will simply say to you, YOU ARE AN IDIOT… Enough said.

  43. J; The NFL is racist?? Really?? How many men of color are NFL players, you fool!! the NFL is sick of Colin K’s BS and that has nothing to do with color!!
    Can’t bring a real soldiers down, huh? That little self-centered brat would have a nervous breakdown if he actually had to serve in our armed forces instead of mocking our great country. And if boys club have that much money to spend on those anti-American sneakers, I will make sure I never donate to that organization again!!
    Oh and by the way, try to use punctuation marks.

  44. You have to have very low standards to view him as a hero. Not standing for the Anthem doesn’t make you a hero. Ignorance like that is why people are starting to get turned off by social justice.

  45. Here’s to hoping social justice will become less of a trend and we start to take a break from it in the next decade. People like Kaep will fade into nothingness. He’ll be remembered in the same way as segregationists from the 60s.

    Not standing for the Anthem has done little to fix police brutality. It didn’t prevent Botham Jean from getting killed.

  46. Graham: Did you really? Well that’s so strange since their release date isn’t tomorrow! You’re just another anti-American troll. Pathetic!

  47. I think he is nothing but a punk he is a disrespectful spoiled brat who decided he needed to draw attention to himself because he was losing his job therefore he did the most disrespectful thing got on his knees and disrespected almost the entire country he has no ideal about what it’s like to be a black man who is oppressed when clearly he’s White 2 and all the fools that got on their knees during the national anthem they might as well just stay there Colin Kaepernick is good at being on his knees if he ever goes broke he knows what to do with his mouth he’s a disgusting Pig who stands for absolutely nothing but himself and I personally hope he never makes a dollar again and he damn sure will never be in the NFL so stay on your knees calling and keep everybody else on their knees to and open your mouth wide if you’re broke buddy that’s the way to make your money????????

  48. Colin Kaepernick is no real Soldier he is nothing but a half white half black kid who grew up rich thanks to the white family who adopted him when his black parents didn’t want him he has had the best schools the best cars the best close everything so say what you want try to make a martyr out of him but the only martyr really is Martin Luther King he hoes not a candle to him he’s nothing more than what you call someone on their knees like a b**** in jail waiting for Bubba to put something in his mouth that’s how I feel about Colin Kaepernick it took over a hundred years to get Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King to get black people to stand up on their feet it took one white dude with a little black in him to bring them all back down on their knees what a Pity and what a shame that black people would think that’s okay now crawl around on the sidelines like the pigs you are and see how that feels laughing my ass off at all you idiots that think he’s out for anything else than just his self he gets that from the white side of his family the money

  49. Since I don’t know of ANY retailers that take food stamps for shoes, I’m pretty sure sales will be low. The only people buying these I guess will be uneducated College students but hopefully when their parents see their kids wearing this overpriced trash they will take away their credit cards. For anyone out there that does see someone they know wearing these, feel free to step on their toes.

  50. Two things I’ve done; Stop seeing NFL games, and Stop buying anything NIKE makes. Sick of how they act!

  51. Same here! I also no longer watch NFL or buy their overpriced merchandise. Look at it this way…wearing his crappy shoes shows who to stomp.

  52. For all that the RWNJs complain about protesters like Colin, they’re the source of the systemic racism in the USA that Colin and others are protesting. Colin was more than within his rights to protest… he was patriotic in supporting what the USA should represent… equality for all. Yay Colin. Yay Nike. Yay USA.

  53. Graham: Well aren’t you and your family special. Wear them with pride knowing they were made by child labor and are promoting a racist anti-American. What as ass you are….

  54. Given my almost 90 years of age, I don’t believe I will stay much longer in the DUMP this world is being turned into by things of this nature, seen an abjectly rotten leftist
    media making a national hero of this piece of…work….
    Reminds me of some verses in Spanish saying….
    “En tiempo de barbaras naciones
    colgaban de las cruces los ladrones
    hoy en este siglo de las luces
    del pecho del ladron cuelgan las cruces”
    Which freely traslated into English means more or less :
    “In times of barbaric nations,
    they used to hang thieves from crosses
    now in this century of lights
    from the chest of the thief hang the crosses”


  55. You should lose your blog licence with this garbage write-up. Anti-American protest my ass. He stood up for innocent Americans being senselessly slaughtered by bad police officers and abetted by a system that frowns on holding those officers accountable. Sad you and your readers would prefer to ignore it for your own selfish intent. Thanks, Kap! Glad Nike is standing beside you. NFL should have done the same.

  56. May I ask a stupid question, hopping for an intelligent answer…????????

    Shouldn’t disrespect for YOUR nation’s symbols be punished by removing YOUR nationality….?????
    Because if the country is so worthy of YOUR disrespect, WOULD SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IN HELL
    ARE you STILL DOING HERE…??????


  58. Bluester: And your citizenship should be revoked for standing up for this bigoted, racists, deceiver. Why don’t you learn the TRUE facts about why he took a knee before you post a comment?
    Next time you have a problem, don’t call the police. You too might get one that is racist against you, for whatever reason. Call you buddy Colin K. I’m sure if he’s not too busy spending all the money he made from the country he hates so much, he will be more than happy to take a knee to help you out too!!!

  59. Jacob Mandelblum: Because sir, this country has rights and freedoms that no other country has. But some, like this deceiver and bigot Colin K. , will abuse these precious gifts for their own agenda . Not because they truly care about anyone’s else’s plights. But just to promote themselves. And where else can a fool like Colin K. make as much money as he has, but here. Our great country is being torn apart and destroyed by the Democratic party and by people such as Colin K. They don’t come up with solutions. They just cause more hatred and fear. And when all else fails, let’s keep stirring up the race issue. Let’s just hope when all is said and done, we will not be forced into another civil war within this country..

  60. So let me get this right? You more upset about his peaceful protest than the actual reason behind the protest? Racist much?

  61. And who do you think is also making a lot of money off of Nike? Where are Nike shoes sourced? Do you think that they may be fostering discontent in America? Now you know the rest of the story.

  62. Let the Jackass make his money somewhere other than the NFL. Someone that can’t respect this country or its great law enforcement agencies should not be allow to ever play again in one of this countries favorite sports. This just reinforces my reason for never buying another Nike product.

  63. Why is it when you have nothing constructive to add to the discussion, you use the racist card? Are you so bound-up in your own importance, or lack of it rather, that you refuse to use facts to bolster your weak arguments? Just curious.

  64. This guy is evil and hates America as well as his sponsors NIKE. Any NIKE products in my possession have been donated to the local garbage collection service. If it has a swish it’s gone! Unfortunately, this poor quarterback will continue to make money off of those who also hate.

  65. The butthurt of the right is palpable everytime the Constitution is used in a way they don’t like. Well, get over it. I too wish that Kaepernick had found some other way to protest, but what he did was totally legal. To continue to whine like the right wing does is symptomatic of the fact that they really don’t like the way the Constitution grants so many rights to people they disapprove of.

    In contrast, I disapprove of the criminality of so called potus trump, the way he stomped all over the Constitution regarding Ukraine, and the constant lying. America will be a better place when he and his toadies are in the rear view mirror. And his know nothing supporters will continue to die off, so there is that blessing as well.

  66. What he is doing is not a peaceful protest. He is disrespecting the country that gives him the rights and privileges to address problems appropriately. Nowhere else in the world gives him that freedom. He’s supposedly protesting racism correct? If people didn’t break laws there would be no need to arrest them. While blacks make up most of the people incarcerated, whether right or wrong, would he be doing his protests if it were another race that made up the statistics? Also, if he’s really protesting racism, and he is a practicing Islamist, the Muslims are the biggest holders of slaves in the modern world of any race,(including BLACKS). Where is the protesting of that? Such a hypocrite!

  67. This is nothing but a racist diatribe. Racism exudes from every phrase. Kaepernick is a human not the demeaning names you call hm like formNazi/Facist/racist Fuhrer.

  68. This is nothing but a racist diatribe. Racism exudes from every phrase. Kaepernick is a human not the demeaning names you call hm like your Nazi/Facist/racist Fuhrer.

  69. People like him are what is causing racial tensions and turning off people when it comes to sports. In my opinion they are ruining sports and dividing the Country which was caused mainly by the half breed illegal muslim president that stupid people voted for. Myself I can proudly say that I have quit watching sports almost 5 years ago and do not plan on watching anything other than Major Horse Racing. Yes I know there are black horses in the races but there are no black Jackasses in the race. All of the athletes are overpaid and out of control and I am glad to see sports fading out of the spot light. I can proudly say that I have never paid my hard earned money to go to any Pro sports games or have never bought any NIKE clothing or equipment produced by child labor in China.

  70. My comment was meant for Linda M, agree with what she said. Guess old Eric must be one of the Democrat idiots that are ruining this Country, President Trump is the best thing that happened to the USA. He has done more good for this Country than any other President since Reagan. Hooray for President Trump and the hell with sports.

  71. One correction Shirley. Emma Lazarus wrote that poem in 1883. The statue of liberty wasn’t shipped to the U.S. until 1885. It was dedicated in 1886

  72. I agree with all of you. Colin Kaepernick is trash. Professional football turned me off. Only decent sporting events that are good would be horse racing, skiing, figure skating, olympic events of all kinds, Given Colin’s anti-americanism, he should have no voting rights in federal, state and local elections. No way to repay America for the freedoms he was given. Consider banishing him from America.Nike lost a future customer. Hope more people will follow suit. Goodbye NFL and good ridins.

  73. The immigrants from India will still continue arriving to work at Nike’s World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. They won’t care if Kap says the US is bad. The average pay is around $118,000.
    But there are also many other companies hiring people from India.
    I guess Kap doesn’t have kids, so he doesn’t care if his generation’s children will be hired or not.

  74. Phil Knight is the jerk. He doesn’t care about Americans. He’s had his shoes made overseas and now hires many from other countries.
    HE is the JERK.
    He also made a special tax deal with the Democrats in charge of Oregon – backroom deal.
    Colin should think about who Phil Knight hires, and object to that.

  75. I have never bought a Nike product. I think they are too expensive for a non-American made product. I would rather pay $9.99 for a Wal-mart pair.

  76. I also have a problem with the “National Felons League”. I always had a problem with Nike. Kaepernick just has added to my disgust of all things NFL.

  77. Colin K is a self glorified media junkie. He needs to go home and fade away. He also needs a good dose of reality! He had a privilege and he wasted it. Why protest the country that afforded him such a lavish lifestyle? He was never a slave except to his own greed and devices. No white man ever owned him, sold him, beat him, etc. I would have purchased the Betsy Ross Nike’s because of what they were-personally I hate Nike. I really do not like them even more now. Cow-rowing to the likes of one second string nobody-seriously Nike? How stupid can you be? Tim Tebow-there is someone I can get behind. Instead you and the MSM ridiculed him for praying before a game. Instead you get behind a disrespectful coward like CK. SHAME!!! Nike needs to lose billions over their stupidity and CK needs to find God and salvation inActs 2:38 salvation.

  78. Tim was a mediocre player at best. Just because someone makes a spectacle of themselves by praying before a game does not make one a great player. If Tebow was all that, he’d be one of the greatest player but alas, he’s not. Let it go!

  79. Nike shoes suck. hell New Balance, and Sketchers make a higher quality shoe. Your $300.00 Nikes are made in China, for about $3.00. You go ahead and keep pissing away money advertising your stupidity!

  80. My question is how many of the new sneakers will be sold. If it is a success then he has proven himself. If not then Colin is proving to Nike, himself and others that he is turning into a has been player who blames everyone else and not himself for his present situation. Man up, swallow your ego and go on with your life. You have enough fame and fortune that other don’t have. Quite whining. The longer you stay out of football then you will be remembered if at all as a minor blip in sports. Fame is fleeting. News and Social Media are a 24/7 concept and if you are not front page then you will be relegated to the back page in some obscure section especially when other big players and events takes precedence. Colin you are yesterdays news and not relevant any more.

  81. I know a lot of people that won’t buy any nike products any more.So cda4949 your reply doesn’t make any sense because nike profits must be going down some and will continue to drop more in the future.NIKE has lost the respect of WE THE PEOPLE.They can claim that their profits are going up buy raising prices but their products aren’t increasing in units.Which means lost customers.

  82. Hey guys-this cada is only starting a conversation or keeping a conversation going buy bating us into a response of no meaning.WE THE PEOPLE know the trater kaperdick and what he stands for.I know guys it feels good to stand up for what we believe in but we know this crap for what it is.CRAP

  83. I love new balance walking boots but their made in china too.I bought new balance for the last time in 2019 and I hope NB gets the hell out of china because I won’t buy NB any more if they stay in china.NB used to be an AMERICAN company that moved to china for increasing their profits.These companys need to move back to AMERICAN soil and support the American worker and WE THE PEOPLE will support their move home but as it stands I won’t buy from any of these companys any more.

  84. Linda police and law enforcement have many colors of skin.Your discussion is racial in its nature and you are too.I get it you got hurt buy someone of a diferent color.You have become a raciast because of what happened shame on you for becoming what you hate.You don’t make any sense except your hate of haters like your self.You try and justify your hate buy what you did in the sixties and that is the oldest argument that doesn’t work.What happened in the sixties was about love, freedom for all not for 1 color but for all colors.

  85. Since the very beginning of Nike’s Kaepernick alliance, any Nike product that I owned with their logo has not seen the light of day and won’t as long as this relationship continues. Needless to say, no more Nike purchases by me. I wish all sports teams would disassociate themselves from Nike and players would no longer serve as advertisers for Nike by wearing anything with the Nike “swoosh.”

  86. Creampuff Crapperdink is a spineless coward, and didn’t do a very good job of faking her way through what little career she did have with the Gay Bay 69 ers, and if she don’t like it here, I will pitch in to buy her a ticket to Venezuela, or N. Korea or another communist country of her choice, and GOOD RIDDANCE.

  87. Eric; And who will mourn for your passing, you ignorant fool?? Just get YOUR facts straight before you leave a comment. Or better yet, find another site for your Nazi propaganda !! You’re a real jerk *** I KNOW you’ve been told this fact many times…..

  88. I think kap has been successful at
    being a first-class fool – The USA has given this thankless moron everything – Everybody needs to ignore him 100 percent and hope he goes away. . . Far away

  89. Get a hair cut and get a real job”. This guy is a threat to our Republic (For which it stands – Our Flag ) IF YOU STRIKE AND STEAL, OR DESECRATE, OUR COLORS (FLAG) THEN YOU HAVE DONE A TREMENDOUS AND EGRESS LIFE FOR YOUR SELF, and the Republic. REMEMBER PAT TILLMAN. I wonder how you would stand under fire with live rounds screaming around your head. It doesn’t matter I KNOW THE ANSWER,,

    One more thing why was the who burned the Q flag? It is only because we are rapidly becoming a social society.

  90. All who support this person should all be deported as enemies of the United States with him for treason, or at the least, never be able to claim any profit from advertising their DISRESPECT for this nations constitution and the citizens who have fought for The United States of America and all of
    it’s FREEDOMS afforded it’s citizens.

  91. Well, being on these pages is like ‘preaching to the converted’. I think, I hope we ALL boycott nike products, in fact, I am a golfer, and watch a lot of golf on tv, and when a nike sponsored guy like Woods, Koepka, Mcilroy, Woodland, Reed and others miss a putt, or hit a bad shot, I jump for joy.

  92. In the United States, no person is to be deprived of life, liberty or property without having been afforded due process of law, and however exceptions apply as a measure of war powers or the suspension of the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus, the Congress of the United States determines who is enemy and who is not.

    Also, “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.”

    Colin Kaepernick may be a silly jerk, but there is no evidence whatsoever that he is an enemy or any kind of a servant of an enemy, to the United States.


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