Colin Kaepernick’s career was ended by the last person he ever expected


Stick a fork in him.

Colin Kaepernick’s NFL career is done.

And Kaepernick’s career was ended by the last person he ever expected.

Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick became a media darling when he sat (and eventually knelt) for the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

His anti-American protests predictably made him a beloved figure on the Left, but his media antics and dwindling effectiveness as a quarterback made him poison for an NFL franchise.

Despite a long and bitter feud with the NFL, Kaepernick was given the opportunity to work out for all 32 NFL teams, but at the last minute, he turned it into a media circus.

ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith, who’d been supportive of Kaepernick in the past, called out Kaepernick for the unbelievable thing he did.

Smith said:

And what does Colin Kaepernick do? Not Tuesday, not Wednesday, not Thursday, not Friday, Saturday — three hours before the workout — because of some issue with a liability waiver — Colin Kaepernick wants to change the venue, Colin Kaepernick wants his own receivers, Colin Kaepernick wants to video things himself, Colin Kaepernick… wants the media available.

You see? He don’t wanna play. He wants to be a martyr. But, guess what? It ain’t working this time.

All of us believe Colin Kaepernick would have sold out. And if he had sold out, I believe he would have had a job in two weeks. But it didn’t happen because he didn’t show. He wanted to show up to a high school in Georgia, not an NFL facility, a high school. And you took it live. Like, the average Joe out there gets to decide if he’s on the NFL roster. You don’t want to work, you just want to make noise and control the narrative.

Smith is known for being bombastic, but he’s spot on with his analysis of Kaepernick.

Kaepernick is doing everything in his power to repel NFL teams with his behavior, including suing the league.

Smith also once appeared on Fox News and said that every black person in America should vote Republican at least once in their life so the Democrats don’t take their vote for granted, so perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised that he was willing to tell the truth about Kaepernick.

Does Kaepernick want to play again, or does he just want to be a martyr?

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  2. In my personal opinion, Colin Kaepernick is no martyr. Whatever he does or says, it’s for his OWN selfish reasons. For his OWN benefit. He is such an egotist. And for him to show such disrespect towards the country that pays our professional athletics such an outlandish salaries , he should (and others) be kissing the ground, and thanking GOD. Not kneeling during the playing of our national anthem. And from what I have heard from others, since I don’t follow professional football, he isn’t that great at a player anyway. So no great loss..

  3. Colin Kaepernick does not deserve the privilege of playing nor the attention he is getting. He chose to disrespect the flag and his country. If he doesn’t like it here he should just go elsewhere. He is a terrible example to the youth and the biggest mistake any team could make is to hire him for political reasons or money making football win purposes. There are other good players who love and respect this country, take them and show the world that disrespecting the flag has consequences.

  4. A killer can’t be a martyr. Just like Kaepernick can’t be a martyr.
    To be a martyr, what you had done during your lifetime must be something wonderful for mankind, etc.

  5. No one cares anymore about this self-entitled piece of crap. Go away Kaepernick you were never very relevant anyway-and you’re definitely not relevant anymore grow up and move on.

  6. Life is hard. It is a lot harder if you are stupid. Colin Kaepernick just proved that. And to think that he actually paid his handlers to do what they did. A fool and his money are soon parted. I doubt we will ever hear anything more about him.

  7. CK sells shoes.. to do this he needs media attention… ps heard that al bundy sells more but that is rumor.

  8. Kaepernick is just like everyone else on the left. They pretend to be justice warriors but they are just interested in boosting their own fame, and trying to make up for some deficiency they have in their life.

  9. He was just beginning to realize that he was a has-been, when the flag protest idea crept into his empty head. Now he’s disgraced himself again. His parents should guide him toward a new career path.

  10. Ms. Lnda, I could not agree with you more. You hit this with needlepoint precision. No word of God in his soul and no historical knowledge and appreciation for not only the Black men and women but White who died and lost inheritances, riches for the freedom of Blacks. I burn to my core at the unappreciative Black men and women of today every time I hear their total disrespect for America.

  11. A selfish so and so, all the kids, black and white that dream of becoming a successful sportsman , let alone a top team one. Where does he get off, most of the football players are black. No gratitude, when you work for a team, yes TEAM, there are rules and expectations, you have to follow them.
    If you don’t then, off you go and kiss goodbye to the money, fame , celebrity and all that comes with it.
    Goodbye Colin!!!!!

  12. lluvmyUSA: Thank you for your kind words for my post. I truly appreciate it. I can also tell by this post and others you have made, you truly love our great country and honor GOD as well. Be well and GOD bless, always!!

  13. He is an arrogant dog that think he is better than good, and in my opinion even as a player he was at best a mediocre player other than being athletic he never showed up big good qualities to the level of others very good and a lot more humble quarterbacks in the league, he loves to be the center of attention and should not be allowed to play this game at a profesional lever ever again so he can eat his arrogance, NFL doesnt need him, he needs the NFL , if he doent respect his country how could he respect such an honorable game,,, get lost miserable dog…..


  15. I am not a Kaepernick fan, no way. I don’t care what he does or where he goes. Just stay off the football field, any field.

  16. Who cares he surely doesn’t if he did he wouldn’t have created the circus atmosphere he did Saturday.

    He got what he wanted, by suing NFL from inside information $60 million so why would this crybaby want to get beat up on field of play.

    Colin is just that a Colin from behind if get what I mean. High school field own receivers his camera crew what’s wrong no one can catch his red hot passes on a NFL field of play But his receivers media couldn’t record his return to the field of play not good enough for King Colin!

    This jerk is typical crybaby far left POS let him be with the morons like Nike who bow to this idiot let him dictate to them the boss what he wants.

    If you are smart, do what I did throw away your Nike gear they are as screwed up as he his and why owners don’t start refusing their sponsorship of uniforms and other gear beyond me.

    So many other loyal American companies out there well known for their sports apparel and equipment why use Nike get same deals from more respected equipment companies.

    Bye Bye Colin you screwed enough people with your lies and misleading BS.

    If you really cared about those communities in desperate need, you would have organized a committee of players went to those elected officials in such areas you stated abuse by police officers and had open community forum not kneel you moron.

    Oh and by the way, raised by White family but put whites down your really beholding to those that sacrificed for you and supported you I don’t know how they could you really turned your back on them.

  17. He is a quarterback that made the grade in the NFL. How many QBs are there including back ups and back up of back ups? He is done. Let’s stop even LOOKING at this. He doesn’t have to actually go to WORK, does he? Leave it be!

  18. I agree with Stephen Smith and Joe from 11/20 a 2:13pm that the CK game is over and he has lost and the rest of us are better off because of that. There is a time and place to protest but on a football field should not be one of them.

  19. He’s not interested in the game OR his team . . . He’s only interested in HIMSELF – His OWN worse ENEMY. He poisons everyone and EVERYTHING around him. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  20. If the NFL caves to this LITTLE BOY, they will lose control. HE will be in charge and that will be the end of it.

    As far as I’m concerned, I couldn’t care less. I quite watching the NFL 15 years ago. And, quite frankly, it has worked out very well. They don’t miss me and I don’t miss them!

  21. He should be BAND for life from the NFL and ALL tv stations. He is a piece of crap, he NEVER served in the US FORCES, he dosen’t have a clue what the flag stands for. You disrecept our flag you need to leave the USA. GO someplace were you can cry alone, but don’t do it here. He doesen’t like it here in the USA, then leave we DON’t NEED or WANT him here.

  22. Kaepernick is a no talent wanna be who was never serious about playing football. He wanted fame, money and glory, but wanted it handed to him on a silver platter without having to work for it like other football players. GET REALCOLIN, THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF HIGH SCHOOL PLAYERS THAT ARE BETTER AND MORE DESERVING THAN YOU. TAKE YOUR ANTI-AMERICAN RHETORIC AND BEHAVIOR AND JUST GO AWAY AND DON’T COME BACK.

  23. Manny: I really hope he doesn’t play again this is a publicity stunt,imagine he admired Fidel Castro a man that has oppressed and killed so many thousands of people, you are a disgrace and because of you I boycott Nike

  24. what can you expect from a person married to a radical Muslim? God will have his last word as He did to the judge who died recently with heart attack. not that i wish him dead. he needs to repent and confess his sin to the God Almighty before it’s too late. the judge was only 66 years old supported same-sex marriage, abortion, and all the PC rulings.

  25. Why does NFL have Nike supply their shoes, they’re made in CHINA (our Enemy) Why don’t they have an AMERICAN Company supply their shoes ?

  26. it uses to be said a picture is worth a thousand words. after seeing his mug shot, one word said it all, HOTAIR!!!

  27. Oh! Excuse me. As far as Nike is concerned, I gave up on them back when my two sons were playing Little League Football. And that was more years ago that I care to talk about!

  28. No one should be allowed to disrespect the flag in the workplace. All employers I have been with would fire anyone who put there personal feelings ahead of their workplace and cause embarrassment to that employer. The NFL needs to put their foot down, control their spoiled employees, and conduct the NFL like a top rated company. Good ridden to Colin and all others like him. The NFL has lost so many customers due to lack of control of their employees.

  29. He does not want to play football. He just wants to make noise, Its all about him . I would not give him a job as dog catcher. NFL has to stop bowing down to him (colin). Why does he get special treatment? Let him go play overseas. We don’t need him.

  30. He completely let his friend JAY-Z down. A friend who stuck up for him and this is how Kaepernick treats him?
    Absolutely disgraceful. That says it all.

  31. This kid is a whiny cry baby. He knew his game sucked so he went for the next best thing: BULLCRAP NOTORIETY!! He needs to go away and any judge in his right mind should throw his case against the NFL out the window. He is trying to orchestrate more complaints by leaving the 32 teams hanging by “changing his mind” at the 11th hour. Actually the teams and the media should sue him for the expenses I’m sure that they incurred in his latest debacle.

    You can only kiss someone’s ass so much before it’s time to take a bite out of it!!!

  32. NFL has to be dumb. This take a knee crowd has cost them dearly. Just last weekend some stadiums were not even HALF FULL for rivalry games. The NBA LeBron china joke is next. The NBA, NFL, Nike will NEVER see one penny of my money again. If I do decide to watch a game again I will boycott any advertiser I see.

  33. Kapernick was finished when he knelt during the National Anthem. Americans favorite sport is not the place to express your political views As an NFL quarterback he is too inconsistent. I don’t think his main interest is in
    football he’s more into using the popularity of the game for his politics. Maybe he should run for congress.

  34. Kenneth Sloan:If your ignorant comment was directed towards me, we are not talking about President Trump. But being a typical Democratic you can’t stay focused on any other subject. No matter the topic, you still feel compelled just to take cheap, uncalled insults at our sitting president. Sorry, your evil queen was not elected. No, wait a minute, no I’m not…

  35. Let’s call a spade a spade. He’s a racist. Yes you can be black and be a racist. As soon as he signed the 100 million contract he totally changed. He felt entitled. He stop working hard and got lazy and his play on the field reflected that. His career was spiraling down the toilet so in order to resurrect it( in his mind) he decided to call cops pigs and wear pink socks on a NFL field showing that. Then all the other black racist NFL players chimed in. Then he decided to kneel during the Anthem to protest social injustice(in his mind) against blacks. He wasn’t interested in social injustice for everyone, just blacks(racist). You see Black people are the only ones that are persecuted because of their color. It doesn’t matter if someone black breaks the law if he’s arrested then it’s because he/she is black.

    Getting back to CK. He cared so much about social injustice that he didn’t even vote in the Presidential election.
    This last stunt was a charade to enable him to sue the NFL again(clause in the contract for the tryout). He was hoping that no one would show up. When they did he moved the location at the last minute hoping that no NFL representative would show.

    CK has no intention to play again. He cares so much about social injustice what is he doing to prevent black on black murders in cities like Chicago, LA etc? Nothing because he a phony. he only cares about himself.

  36. Colon was not being courageous when he knelt for the National Anthem, and he isn’t a martyr now. Nike is extremely foolish if they continue to allow him to use them to play his “look at me” games. Nike needs to have a Colonoscopy and clean the sh*t out.

  37. He wants to sue the NFL?? If the truth is known the NFL should be the one to sue him for giving them a black eye. You never used to see empty seats at pro games. Too bad. I love pro football. The collages still pack the stands. Did you see the guy that banged his helmet on the head one of the other teams player? The NFL suspended him for the rest of the season. Good for them.

  38. Linda it’s a free country he can kneel if he wants to. And nothing tRUMP says can stop him or me or even you from either standing or kneeling it is your right.

  39. This man had the honesty and guts to freely express himself as all Americans are free to do by not standing up the National Anthem but knelt down instead in protest to things he felt were important. To be sure, dissent, the right to disagree, is something alien to the Americal-love-it-or-leave-it-crowd. God bless him if there is a God, which is doubtful.

  40. This man had the honesty and guts to freely express himself and take a stand as all Americans are free to do by not standing up the National Anthem but knelt down instead in protest to things he felt were important. To be sure, dissent, the right to disagree, is something alien to the Americal-love-it-or-leave-it-crowd. God bless him if there is a God, which is doubtful.

  41. I’m with you 100% Michaelm I don’t even watch that garbage on TV anymore and I used to enjoy going to games. I refuse to support filth and scum like Kaepernick and the NFL and NBA that allows garbage like Kaepernick and Lebron James. I pay to get garbage out of my house not bring it into my house.

  42. Millionaire multiple times over and still ungrateful. Nike elevated him again and the first opportunity Colin K got hi e trashed our country over a stupid pair of shoes. He is a simple extremely rich LOSER!

  43. Kaeperdick needs to take his head out of his rectum and see the mess he has made for himself !
    He screwed himself ! Let him go to Hades !

  44. Kaepernick is simply yesterdays news. What a fool he has been … he must be completely whacko to have screwed up a once promising NFL career so badly. It is hard to imagine someone being this stupid … the NFL needs to put him to sleep … his once promising career is over, period!

  45. Totally agree, Michael. He should never be allowed to play…kneeling was disgusting but so were the pig socks. He is not for his own race, he is only for himself. I was disappointed in the Eagles when they signed Vick, the dog torturer. The NFL has no morals…we stopped watching them.

  46. You are certainly right. On the other hand as an owner of any sports team or even as the manager of some public team, gives me right who will be hired to play for team…I would never give the job to even most excellent worker knowing that he will ideologically demolish my team.

    E-mail: Jerry Milek

  47. Thomas, well said to a point, I think he should keep his head up his rectum, maybe he’ll see the s#%t that hit the fan.
    He obviously never was in the service.
    He obviously never saw the pain a soldier and his family goes thru for his unselfish-
    Ness and dedication to this great country.
    He sickens me! And to say that about another human being tell you what a piece of crap he truely is.

  48. Whoooo cares!!…it’s not about the money stupid. The NFL was doing fine even before Kaepernick was on a team…and will do even better without him…..

  49. Jack: Oh yes, it is a free country, so far. But I love it when Liberals like yourself LOVE to stress THAT when someone like Kaepernick shows disrespect for that right by kneeling ! Colin K. cares nothing for anyone but himself. So he wasn’t” making a statement” or standing up for black rights. He is a big baby with an even bigger ego. Tell me Jack, how much money has Ck donated to “his causes” ?? I bet you not a dime. But he sure is wealthy isn’t he? Thanks to the good old USA. Living under all the freedoms this country has to offer.
    You are absolutely correct that PRESIDENT TRUMP, ( not tRUMP as you always refer to him as) me or anyone else can stop anyone from showing such disrespect towards our country by kneeling or burning our flag. But just remember WHY you have that right. And how many people gave their lives for you TO have that right.
    But for me, and many other loyal Americans, when some fool shows this kind of disrespect, it just shows us what childish, asses you really are. That’s the real truth…. Oh, and try really hard to show SOME kind of respect for our sitting president will you? I HAD to when Clinton and our great Muslim leader Obama were our presidents. You see, when I was growing up I was taught to show respect( at least publicly ) for people of authority. Even if they didn’t deserve it.
    Oh and one final thought. You’d better pray we don’t get a Democratic president in 2020.Because all these freedoms we have right now will be all gone! it will be good-bye United States of America and hello NWO !!! Really look what your party stands for …..

  50. Kenneth Sloan: I said it to you before and it’s worth repeating; you are a real douche just like Kaepernick ! You are just another atheist liberal spewing your hate and supporting another fool like yourself. Just remember WHY you have these freedoms . So many gave their lives defending our great nation and it wasn’t for some ass to disrespect it by kneeling or burning a flag ! Kaepernick is a self-motivated fool that doesn’t deserve praise from anyone. His actions were not in protest for a cause he believes in. His only cause is to promote himself. Got it?

  51. It is too bad that so many showed up (class on part of teams) for a tryout that the anti-American clown did not show. A he wants is a media circus , he shot his wad and hope never to be heard from again . The NFL, NASCAR , NBA, ECT ARE ALL LOOSING FANS BECAUSE OF STUPID MOVES LIKE KAEPERNICK , YOUNG PEOPLE NEED TO BE INFLUENCED WITH TRUTH AND PRIDE. If you have something to say and you believe in it then the old saying is “ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS ” WHAT HAS HE DONE? NOTHING!!!!!!!

  52. He is an angry person who picked the wrong venue to vent his political feelings… his employer! Now he is paying the price for being impulsive and egotistical.

  53. Kenneth Sloan, your comment is a lot like the daily tripe spewed out by the network news casts. They could take a story about a child being rescued from an abandoned well and turn it into something negative about Trump. In virtually every story, there’s a sentence inserted somewhere putting down the president.

  54. Absolutely correct. You make me wish this site included the capability to cast an up-vote. Your comment is the best one I’ve read here.

  55. I was a lions fan for over 60 years. Why do we only hear the disrespect during football games. These traitors are not on their time or stage. I can no longer watch football.

  56. A mediocre QB at best with personal issues. Un-appreciative disrespectful non-American not to intelligent has- been…I think it’s funny as hell that he ruined his career over stupidity ????
    Nike, can “stick it too!” They’ll NEVER get another penny of my money!

  57. Does Collin whatshisname have to wear a helmet to play football in the NFL???? NO WAY CAN HE GETCA HELMET ON OVER THAT REDICULAS HAIR!!!!!

  58. Glad to see some of the sports fans are waking up about these overpaid jerks . would like to see them all removed from television and get the prices back to normal. Paid TV was sold as add free after signing everybody up commercials were added .We now have as much commercials as show time.

  59. Truth be known, he isn’t good enough to play in the NFL. He has a Bazooka arm but can’t hit a Bull in the ass with a Bass Fiddle (Football). He’s worn out his welcome.

  60. He got exactly what he deserves. He made a fool out of himself and thought that everyone would follow him. Well, it looks to me like no one is following him. I if you can’t respect your county and the flag, then go to another county.
    But there is no place like America.

  61. Smith is right, black folks are the lackeys of the Democratisches Partei, they get no respect from the PDP, they think that people of color are too stupid and lazy to make it on their own, so they give them preferential treatment and unlimited welfare, all they have to do is keep voting them into office and that welfare gravy train keeps rollin’! If some political party treated me in such a condescending manner, I wouldn’t vote for them! Maybe some day they will wake up and realize who REALLY is working for them instead of keeping them on the welfare plantation. Slavery is slavery and the Democrats are great at practicing it!

  62. The interesting thing is, like Davis-Soetoro, Kaeppernick is half-white, they seem to ignore that fact, and play the race card, anyway. If anyone grew up with the so-called “White Privilege” it was Davis-Soetoro. How many native Hawai’ians could afford to go to Punaho? Yet here is half-breed Barry going there on his White grandparents dime. Or maybe Frank Davis paid his tuition there? We may never know…I’m sure Barrack Obama, Sr didn’t pay for it…his smokescreen father.

  63. this person thinks “too highly” of himself! he’s a has been! he’s got to get over it & people have to stop giving him attention. No one wants to see his face or read his opinions about anything! hopefully we won’t have to see or hear anymore about him! there are many men that are much greater football players than colin ever was!

  64. Just a simple goodbye. Hope we never hear from you again.
    You jackass who ruined his own carrier and then cried.

  65. All he is,is an egotistical ass. The NFL was made a fool of ..He doesnt need too be signed too a team .If he is signed that team will lose a big fan base ,because they were jilted by his bs.

  66. I agree with that one. The President has been slammed every single day since day one. That guys has gonads of steel! He keeps doing great things for this country in spite of all the terrible hate thrown at him! Trump2020????????????????????????????????????????????????God Bless!

  67. He is a selfish self centered nobody. No one cares about him anymore as he cares for no one else but himself. Everything he does and says is for his own personal gain. He doesn’t care about anyone else but himself. I say goodbye and good riddens to the loser. NFL is too good for him. They don’t need him or his sucky attitude and not fair to other players. He can take his dam sorry butt to another country seeing is he hates America, the place that let him make millions. See ya loser.

  68. I think that all celebrities should remember that their words and actions have consequences. If one feels he must be a martyr to his beliefs so be it. Just don’t expect everyone else to follow you blindly. Especially when it comes to their pocket MONEY This also goes for the Hollywood crowd and political hacks who think all others hang on their words and actions. What plays in NYC and LA doesn’t always register in middle America. So in spite of The View’s antics and sports and others who seek publicity at all times and under all circumstances keep in mind that your time has come and is going. What is hot and controversial now in a short time will be forgotten, ignored and at best be discredited. In today’s 24/7 news cycle if you not the IT MOMENT you will relegated to the back of the local new in some small out of the way manner.

  69. Kenneth Sloan: What I am waiting for is the IG report of how there was a coup, between several of the Obozo administration to illegally remove Trump from office. There are a number of crimes that both Obozo and Hillary can be held accountable for. How about the illegal wiretapping and spying they did on Trump? That’s a federal offense. It is either sedition or treason, to try and overthrow the president with false evidence.

    They committed treason, by arming enemy terrorists groups in the Middle East. The reason the Benghazi embassy was attacked, Hillary and Obozo had an illegal gunrunning operation supplying arms to them. They were giving direct aid and comfort to the enemy, so they could flood the US and EU with Muslim terrorists to overthrow their governments. They committed treason again, by not helping the embassy staff escape from harm. They wanted the whole group killed, to protect themselves. That’s why the three requests for military assistance was denied. They could have had air support from jets there in less than one hour. They could have had troops there, within two hours. They allowed those people to fight for thirteen hours and NOT ONE US military asset was used to save them. They were rescued by local fighters the CIA had loose ties with. They didn’t even know if people were there to help them or kill them. You know it was a cover up for an illegal act, to make up a false cover story and not allow any of those survivors, except the four, to testify before Congress. I’d like to see them both pay the maximum for trying to destroy our country, by selling us out to George Soros. This was the person that pulled the strings for the Muslim invasion, a few years ago.

  70. Any team that puts CK on it will find out fast enough that he’s a curse. I doubt that a lot of “fans” will put up with that level of idiocy, not that the NFL hasn’t shown an almost boundless capacity for it.

  71. Jack: You’re exactly right. You have the right to disrespect the country that has have people that have fought and died for you to show such disrespect. There are those in law enforcement that have also died in the line of duty, trying to protect peoples’ lives. You want to show how unappreciative you are to a country that allows you to have the freedom to do that, that’s your call. There are many countries, where you would be in prison or in front of a firing squad, for doing what Kapernick has done. He is very lucky to have been brought here and adopted by a white family. There were coaches that stuck their necks out for him, to be able to play high school, college, and professional sports. He spit in every one of their faces, by acting in such a way. But that’s his rights, as an American citizen. He’s never been mistreated by police or I can guarantee you, it would have been front page news. His girlfriend is a Communist, with her own radio program, to spread her own propaganda. This person has lived a life of the 1%, but wants to throw off on the dream that most people only wish they could live.

    He’s made enough money, he should be in good shape for the rest of his life and not have to work. You want to bite the hand that has fed you and given you a comfortable lifestyle, that’s your right. It just shows what a selfish little bastard, he’s grown up to be.

  72. When I feel the need to see how a cross section of America thinks I find it instructive to read the comments posted on various sites on the web and the comments. There was a time when there were trusted networks, newspapers and journalists, people who knew how to check sources and rigorously research stories before they broadcast or printed them. Journalists had intellectual discipline and knew that, no matter how good something sounded or how well it conformed to their agenda, it needed to be verified before being disseminated.

    Today, thanks to the internet and cell phones, we are connected to almost every person on the planet. Before their advent we always thought of how powerful those tools would be. Tools that powerful had to improve our lives in almost every way. We rejoiced at the thought that we would all have the opportunity to express our opinions, publish research, and share knowledge that couldn’t have been shared prior to the advent of those technologies.

    Unfortunately, one of the positive effects of the internet and cell phones – that anyone can publish anything – turns out to be a great negative if not used properly. It’s obvious that many, if not most people, don’t feel the need to follow the “three source” rule, nor the need to do minimal verification. Many don’t even bother to proof what they’ve written. Any email they receive that sounds good, especially those that follow their thinking and/or their political stance, they post it to the net. Whether it’s an article on a website, a podcast, comments on stories that support their view, they don’t even perform the most basic fact checking and verification. I receive thousands of emails every day that simply pass on something they read, listened to or watched. Why bother to check it out? That’s inconvenient and time consuming, and it actually requires basic research skills and some work.

    Every time someone passes along information or articles that are provably false, they contribute to the whole and perpetuate something that has little or nor truth to it. It weakens all of us when this happens. Much of what I read is so easily verified or proven false that I wonder, do people who do this understand that? They willingly – knowingly or not – harm all of us when they perpetuate false or misleading information. What’s more, when they later discover that their post was false or incorrect, they feel no need to send out a correction. It’s an “every man for himself” anarchistic way of living. I say every man for himself because, although it might take something as simple as sending an email that reads, “I’ve discovered that the story that I passed on to you is nothing but rumor” or “the email that was the basis for what I sent you turns out to be wrong/incorrect/false/misleading,” it goes a long way towards keeping the truth alive in practice, not just theory. It doesn’t undo the harm, but it does help maintain one’s credibility and, at least in some small way, stop the further dissemination of bad information.

    I am truly saddened that the internet has, in many important ways, become a gossip machine. The internet was created to connect us all, not to perpetuate rumor, innuendo and falsehoods. It’s very powerful. Like most things it can be used properly for good, or it can be used improperly to perpetuate bad information and/or lies that hurt everyone. It makes me very sad and wary. I prefer living in a world where people correct their mistakes when they find out they’ve made them, and where one can depend on a certain level of truth in what one reads.

    Everyone is entitled to have their own opinion, but not their own facts. Facts are, by definition, verifiable truth. Gravity is a fact. Gossip is rumor.

  73. Jack, you’re correct in saying that anyone can choose but do it on your their own time. When your job is to be on that field and stand for the National Anthem you do it! You’re getting paid millions to entertain the spectators and audience to do your job. Kneel or whatever you want to do on your own time, not when getting paid to perform a job. That being said, the anthem stands for the country in general and it is still wrong to disrespect your country and the especially the military even if you disagree with some things. Instead of complaining take constructive actions to fix what you think is wrong. Sitting your ass down doesn’t fix problems and nor does whining!
    Kaepernick is just one pathetic attention getter media puppet! May find an excuse for a middle schooler to impress girls but not a grown man!
    Maybe people now see him for the fraud that he really is.

  74. After having spent three years at the bottom of the Dumb Ass Barrel, the dude is mentally ill…not fit for anything near a professional level in any field.

  75. jack, yes, it is still a free country. Our founding fathers were Christians and left us a nation with their Christian principles, one of which is your freedom. But it is the DEMS who hate everything this country stands for and want to take our freedom away. It is the DEMS who want total control of our government and every aspect of our lives. It is the DEMS who want to take away all of our rights. It is the DEMS who have thrown God out and embrace satan. And you support them. You are a fool. If you hate this country so much you are free to move elsewhere. Please do

  76. Kenneth, ALL who come to Jesus and accept Him as their Savior KNOW He is there. You have denied Him, so have no concept of who He is. sad. And you will know the moment you die that God is very real. But you can know that now. It is your choice to follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to Hell.
    And, no, God is not going to bless him. He has decided to disrespect this country that has done so much for him. He is biting the hand that feeds him. He cares only about himself. He does not deserve to be blessed.

  77. Hello, Jack. It’s not as though Colin Kaepernick is in danger of being seized and hauled before judge in a court of law for kneeling during the playing of the “Star Spangled Banner”. He can lawfully be in jeopardy of being banned from participating in the events of the National Football League by (and only by) the owners thereof, and Donald Trump has every right to use the bully pulpit, no actual force, to put pressure on the league’s owners to admonish players who attempt to wear down the interstate solidarity attempt that the playing of the “Star Spangled Banner” is intended to represent at athletic events. You ought not forget that the league’s owners have freedom too in the so-called “free country”. As law-abiding inhabitants of the United States, we all have this or at least are supposed to.

    One more thing, if you sincerely believe the United States to be home to a free people, then why do you not acknowledge the mechanisms that involve dire sacrifices that help keep those inhabitants free?

  78. If he is in the game, I do not watch or follow the team he is on. He is simply another leftist jerk. Not a Working person’s Democrat, in fact I am not sure who represents the working people these days. My entire family us to be Democrat. Not anymore.

  79. So absolutely true! He basically disrespects most anyone that does not agree with him; he certainly destroyed his on FB status! Oh, forgot…and he continues to hate this nation, yet continues to live here. Wow, a rich fool, and he can’t even find a place to live that might agree with him make his life more comfortable!

  80. Do we really know what Colin Kaepernick’s motives are? For all we know, he is doing this stuff just to keep his name in the headlines. He is possibly trying to do to the right wing media what Donald Trump inadvertently does to the left wing media. By the way, not all Americans are at liberty to freely express themselves. The “love it or leave it” crowd probably does represent dissenting faction, as their view would not be nearly as meaningful and significant as the perspective put forth by folks who merely raise concerns about the antagonistic ways that some citizens choose to attempt to redress grievances. We must not fail to realize that Kaepernick nearly opened the door for any player to use professional football games as a political platform.

  81. People do things all the time that are not popular with “some”. It does mean that they are necessarily courageous. If you take a risk to protect an innocent person from harm, then you would be courageous. Kaepernick has done nothing of the sort. We could legitimately ask if he risked anything at all. He seems to have calculated that he has more to gain than lose, by his “protest” displays and exertions of influence.

  82. Kaepernick obviously does not want to leave. Why would he? Nobody is going to leave just because we wish he or she would. A vast majority of the politically-minded citizens of the United States, whether they acquiesce to the left wing or the right wing, are adamant about standing their grounds. Surely you also understand that lot of headline-snatching political people are narcissists who believe that they superheroes trying to help fellow countrymen who are too incapable of evacuating whatever horrible location within the country they may happen to reside.

  83. I believe he is a person who is miserable inside and dissatisfied with himself. All of the misguided things he has done were in the pursuit of the satisfaction with his life and his circumstances. It is not money or rather lack of it that is causing this misery. He has given the police and interaction with blacks as one of the reasons for his misery and the country.. everything except his own shortcomings. In a way it makes me think this is a parallel to many and I am not saying all, but those who have sex changes are very unhappy inside. Often those do not change their unhappiness. I have read several accounts recently that a few are just as unhappy after as before.

  84. It seems clear that he is going to do whatever he can to stay relevant in the world of “fame”. On the other hand, he may be genuinely indoctrinated by CNN, MSNBC and university professors of the social “justice” feather. Yes, there are actual professors and “doctors” behind a lot of this stuff. One would think that he would lead some kind of massive march against police brutality, but he prefers to “guide” companies like Nike in the direction of condemning the United States.

  85. Instead of criticizing black men and women, maybe you should open a dialogue with them as to why some, NOT all, believe as they do.
    You can’t really judge another unless you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. Especially someone of another race.
    No one race is perfect and a complete race of folks shouldn’t be judged by the actions of a few.
    The different colors of the rainbow makes the world absolutely beautiful.
    Gosh I sound mushy, but sincere. ????

  86. Colin, should make a minor change to his name to Colon, to describe what he produced of his life and the stink it gave the world. Colon Krapperneck reeks and and it’s no joke.

  87. Well, unappreciative Americans who exhibit total disrespect for America can be rather annoying, no matter what color or heritage they are. Perhaps that was the point that should have been made. There are of course also those Americans who exhibit punitive behavior toward America’s recreations on behalf of foreigners who are not necessarily enemies of America but have been injured in some way by America’s interactions with the rest of the world. Unfortunately, that line of thinking is bound to turn into a gigantic blame game, like: “don’t blame US, blame the Soviet Union”; “don’t’ blame US, blame the Axis Powers”; “don’t’ blame US, blame the Ottoman Empire”; “don’t’ blame US, blame the British Empire, the French Empire, the Dutch Empire, the Spanish Empire and the Portuguese Empire”; “don’t’ blame US, blame Muhammad”; “it’s your fault you sided with the redcoats”; “it’s your fault you sided with the johnny reb”; “it’s your fault you sided with the terrorists”. Even so, we as a people cannot escape the fact that there are grievances against what our federal government has promised to uphold but yet failed to uphold, and the grievances originate from inside and outside of the “republic”. The reasonable among us hope that the grievances are accurately attributed and directed, without too much collateral damage.

  88. I used to watch every game on TV and I went to several Cowboy’s games. I haven’t watched a game since all this Colin Chaos started. He single-handedly ruined the sport for me. These millionaires are nothing but spoiled brats. I also don’t buy anything from sponsors of this Colin Chaos.

  89. Blessings on this Monday morning and beyond. We know that God is always in control of men, and no one is in office except for His doing so. Falls on deaf, itching ears, though.

  90. Kaepernick has been a loser for a long time. He has done all this on his own. And he will never get back what his dumbass lost. To me that’s a great thing that he screwed this up. Shows how much of a football player he wasn’t. Protest all you want Kaepernick. Know one cares about you and your idiotic ways of thinking or in your case not thinking it over before running your mouth. Got to tough if your going to be stupid. We love our American sports and your not welcome to play for it. So best thing you can do is keep your mouth shut and go back to school to learn how to do things the right way. The first time was a complete failure on your part for not listening dumbass. As far as Nike goes I quit buying there crap a long time ago.

  91. I agree completely with Linda M. She’s right on.
    Colin has made his point (and gotten his 10 minutes of fame.) and should now move on. Since he has chosen not to, it’s obvious he’s gotten too infatuated with himself and has turned into a mere spoiled brat. It’s all his loss, not ours. Bye, Colin.

  92. Jack: Not at my JOB it is not a right! He is at work and should do his job and leave the grandstanding for outside of work. colin cost the nfl a lot of money since there are a lot of people (me included) who will not watch any “pro” football anymore. When at work, you do your job and nothing else. If politics is not your job, then there is no place for it at work.


  94. So you prefer a draft-dodging, tax cheating, name calling, lying, tramp marrying orange faced scumbag over Hillary? Even she is better than lardo Covfefe.

  95. Brad Machado; Your comment sounds A LOT like one of our dear friend Betty. Who hasn’t posted one of her insane rants in quite awhile. Could it be that Betty is now a Brad???
    If you are going to start name calling our sitting president and his beautiful wife, perhaps YOU should take a real close look at your evil queen ! Just add murderer and corrupt to her credits though..
    As I pointed out to Mr. Sloan, we are not discussing President Trump right now. But since you asked me who I prefer? I ABSOULATELY prefer Trump over Hillary!!! I love the US! Not a NWO!!!
    With all the vile names you used to describe our president, perhaps you should take a look at your own life and see if ANY of these words describe you or your own actions???? Judge not lest YOU be judged. If that quote is foreign to you, I will help you out. It’s from the bible……

  96. These talented black players have bitten the hand that feeds them!! Also Colin should give it up on his fake southern accent! He has no talent!

  97. No he can’t kneel. This is America where we have rules And regulations. This is not Africa. It is a privilege to be on a team, a team effort. If every player decided to do whatever the heck they wanted, can you imagine the chaos? It’s people like you most likely a Democrat That is not American. Since he can’t believe in American sportsmanship or rules he should get out of the country. I will take Trump any day over crooked Hillary who stood behind her man Bill instead of being in front.

  98. I served over twenty years in the Military, mostly overseas. I do not, under any curcumstances like, or agree, with what this self-propelled piece of fecal matter says or does. But, because I took an oath to defend the Constitution, I AM obligated to protect his right of free speech. I don’t have to like his opinion, and I most certainly do not, I must protect his right to have that opinion.

  99. Imagine players raising their fists with their middle fingers extended in protest of Planned Parenthood Federation’s homicidal policies. That might really stir things up.

  100. But who is attacking Colin Kaepernick’s right to have an opinion? A vast majority of the people critical of him have only ever asked that he not use National Football League events as a political platform. Nobody has an unconditional right to be a member of the league or to attend the league’s events. We have no right to “protect” people from disassociation between private entities.

  101. He and players like him is the reason I save money because I will not pay to see any game any of them or in. So I save lots of money. He and those like him need to move to Iran.

  102. Let’s not blame all the NFL players because of some rotten apples in the barrel, there are some fantastic decent players on all the teams that have worked hard for years to get to play in the NFL ?!?!?!???????


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