Colin Kaepernick may have just single-handedly destroyed Nike’s brand in a way they never saw coming


Nike ignited an uproar when they made the cowardly decision to pull their sneakers featuring an early version of the American flag.

They made this decision when Colin Kaepernick called the flag on the shoe “offensive.”

But Kaepernick’s demands may have cost Nike millions in a way they never saw coming.

Once Nike announced their decision to take the patriotic shoes off the market, people were furious.

Many Americans were upset that Nike was afraid to show even a little patriotism, especially during the week of Independence Day.

That’s when Arizona Governor Doug Ducey threw the hammer down.

The Governor tweeted that he is ordering the Arizona Commerce Authority to remove all financial incentives for Nike’s manufacturing plant in the state.

ABC 15 Arizona reports:

In a series of tweets early Tuesday, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey announced that he has ordered the Arizona Commerce Authority to withdraw all financial incentive dollars to encourage Nike to add a manufacturing plant in the Valley.

Ducey’s decision stems from a Wall Street Journal report that said former NFL quarterback-turned-social justice activist Colin Kaepernick convinced Nike to pull its sneakers featuring an early American flag commonly known as the Betsy Ross flag. Kaepernick reportedly found the shoe to be offensive.

It was not immediately clear if the move, which Ducey announced on Twitter at 2 a.m., would derail Nike’s plans for a $185 million factory in Goodyear. Ducey’s tweets were published hours after the Goodyear City Council approved more than $2 million in tax breaks over five years, but the governor has no control over those incentives.

Colin Kaepernick’s demand that Nike pull the shoe over it featuring the Betsy Ross flag proves his anti-American protests were never about police brutality.

His protest has been and always will be about disrespecting the American flag and what it stands for.

And Nike disgracefully chose to side with Colin Kaepernick.

This may end up being a public relations mistake they cannot recover from.

Not only will they lose millions of dollars in Arizona, but many consumers may choose not to purchase their shoes ever again.

Nike’s decision to stand by an NFL failure to remain politically correct will cost them millions of dollars.

What do you think? Should Nike drop their relationship with Colin Kaepernick?

let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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  2. Nike just put one of their own shoes in their mouth ! Nike need’s to drop Kaepernick or get out of this Country ! Anti American is Anti American and it must not be tolerated in the USA ever !

  3. Nike is for the bottom line. they thought siding with this ungrateful, no talented exfootballer was the way to go. well, maybe they should of checked some of the facts that kaepernick said???????// like did he know that our first black president took the oath of office in front of the betsy ross flags? or did he know that betsy ross was against slavery and tried helping to rid the colonies of it???????????Nike is suppose to be for America..but again it just shows that this company is only for the bottom line. I hope no one ever buys their product again.

  4. I will consciously avoid Nike in the future. They have always been a good shoe, but there are equally as good competitors who don’t succumb to absurd pressure from a has-been.

  5. Nike does this for all the free publicity. They need to be called out for their sweat shops in other countries and for their corruption in this country, which is considerable. These anti-American athletes will make millions being “social justice” warriors. Disgusting.

  6. Here is another way to let Nike know how you feel. How about boycotting the sports teams that use their gear. Hitting the pocketbook has a big impact..

  7. To correct the imbalance of “Stupid K” on Nike, just buy New Balance shoes.
    Mostly made in the USA.

    This is from their website: “Manufactured in the US for over 75 years and representing a limited portion of our US sales. New Balance Made is a premium collection that contains a domestic value of 70% or greater.”

    I have used their running sneakers for years.

  8. Soon nike will be a walmart shoe to sell any but l bet even for 5 dollars will not help the anti American losers as Americans ban together to protect our way of life of freedom and liberty and those that dont like our way of life there is communist countries those disrespectful kneelers need to move to.

  9. Nike is already out of this country. Their manufacturing is in China and they are investing large sums in increasing their production capability there.

  10. Many excellent comments about where nike and k should go. I spent 24 years in the USMC and I never have, never will wear nike. This Nation has lost so many real thinking people today that it is changing the way America thinks and that is NOT good.

  11. I quit them who shall not be named after they made him who also shall not be named their honorary mascot.

  12. I think they should keep him and make him their CEO. It really doesn’t matter to me because I will NEVER buy another pair of Nikes and have ALREADY TRASHED EVERY PIECE OF CLOTHING I OWN BEARING THE NIKE LOGO.

  13. My disgust is raised when this filthy company tries to exploit patriotism for commercial gain. They are so progcommie infused that they deserve to go out of business for this and the other reasons mentioned above. So, the Colon/nike action serves the greater good.

  14. I’ve bought Nike shoes many times over the past 25 yrs. Since their recent failure to stand up for the American Flag and be loyal to respecting the symbolic icon; I will NEVER buy from them again. Kaepernick is just an attention hog and spoon stir-upper in racial discord and patriotism. Most All countries survived by slavery over 150 yrs ago. It’s time to get past the history and pull up the big boy and big girl pants and get on with our lives. If one can’t get over slavery and its affects after 160 + years; maybe they need to move to another country where they will “fit in better”. And good luck with that.

  15. I’ve bought Nike shoes many times over the past 25 yrs. Since their recent failure to stand up for the American Flag and be loyal to respecting the symbolic icon; I will NEVER buy from them again. Kaepernick is just an attention hog and spoon stir-upper in racial discord and patriotism. Most All countries survived by slavery over 150 yrs ago. It’s time to get past the history and pull up the big boy and big girl pants and get on with our lives. If one can’t get over slavery and its affects after 160 + years; maybe they need to move to another country where they will “fit in better”. And good luck with that.

  16. Never owned a pair of Nike’s or anything else they manufacture….and I damned sure wouldn’t buy any of their products now! Could care less if they go bankrupt or completely out of business…they won’t be missed, just as Kaepernick hasn’t been missed!!!

  17. Nike should drop him like a bad habit and apologize to the American people for their unpatriotic behavior.

  18. I’ve tried out New balance and they are great. I walk about 20 some-odd miles every week and the soles don’t wear off as fast as other shoes.

  19. Nike, The millions of dollars they believed they would have made has gone up in smoke. Real smart marketing genius decision will backfire. Millions of Americans will not buy there products and there bottom line will be effected. Why would a successful company like Nike take the advise of a spoiled, uneducated person who most likely never studied history. Nike board members should be held accountable and there decisions makers should be fired. REALLY! “God Bless America”

  20. Nike just showed a perfect example of how being politically correct is a stupid move for any business and also why our country has a love hate relationship with President Trump, who definitely is not politically correct. Nike, you will never learn, get rid of this traitor, who is so stupid he didn’t know Betsy Ross was a big advocate for abolishing slavery, not the other way around. Will never buy Nike!

  21. I have a foot problem and regularly bought a particular style of Nike shoe. When this Nike/kaperdink thing started I threw them away and started buying Skechers. Problem solved, no more Nike. As for Kaperdink and my activities, problem solved – no more NFL. I have not watched or purchased anything that has anything to do with NFL since the second time he disrespected all of our fallen heros. The reason for the second time, I gave him once for free speech and expression.

  22. Nike grow a backbone and stop sniveling to CK. He is not your bread and butter, we the consumers are… so stop crying and discard the ones against the USA because we buy from you but now stop whining about your losses of income… consumers will boycott your business due to your poor choices!!

  23. Kaperdink will fire all of them anyway when he becomes CEO and makes his loose cannon girlfriend head of public relations!!

  24. Nike needs to drop Kaepernick like a lead balloon and be 10,000% patriotic for the USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    As a 30 year long 49ers fan, I’m glad C.K. no longer plays for San Francisco. He needs to LEAVE this country, effective immediately and PERMANENTLY!!!!

  25. I stopped purchasing Nike products since the day they put his name and picture as their poster child last year! Kaepernick is a disgrace to this country and if Nike chooses to endorse him and his treasonous ideals, then they should fail like he did!

  26. Never buy Nike anyway! If businesses decide for their customers “how to think” I find that anti-America! Just go to China Nike and stay there!

  27. I quit Nike when they did the T shirt for Colon, “Believe in something, even if it costs you everything.”
    I found a T-shirt on line that said that same thing with a photo of the marines raising the flag on top of the mountain at Iwo Jima. That was my way of saying, “In your face Kapernick and Nike!”
    I’m a Vietnam Veteran and his disrespect for our flag did not set well with me. Especially when all of the other players started doing the same thing.
    Now this disrespect of the “Betsy Ross” flag. This drove the final nail in Nike’s coffin as far as I’m concerned.
    And we now see what Kapernick’s real problem is. He disrespects our flag and our country. It was never about anything else. He was worried he was going to lose his job because he was a has been, so he decided to do that to get attention, plain and simple.
    I have not purchased anything from Nike or watched an NFL game since he did that.
    What other country could he go to and get paid millions to play a kid’s game? If he can find one, he should go there.
    Maybe he can go to China and work for Nike. Ha.

  28. Even Obama used the Betty Ross flag in his inauguration. Nike needs to let Mr Colin clean their toilets not set policy.

  29. It stinks that Nike sided with Colin Kaepernick. These two are a poor representation of America. Nothing wrong with having a Betsy Ross flag on a pair of shoes. A perfect way to show patriotism. It’s a good thing Colin don’t play football. He is a bad example to others in his anti-american sentiments.

    Nike needs to cut ties with Colin Kaepernick completely. If not, both of them should be kicked out of America for good.

    Like most of you, I myself will not buy shoes or anything from Nike anymore.

    I congratulate the Arizona governor for taking a stand for America. Way to go Arizona!

  30. I was so upset……a country that has given that over inflated EGO millions. NO to NIKI shoes ever again. I’m a small consumer, only 2 pair a year but no more…



    Now I have never bought anything from either of them.

    I’ve been awake!!

  32. Those who are on USA sponsored teams, and who will not stand for our flag, should be dropped. If they are not for our country, they should have the courage to not play for our country! They may have the right to be a lib-tard, but they do not have the right to play for America while disrespecting the greatest nation on earth! They need to find a nation they can play for wholeheartedly. I wish them good luck on that endeavor. Not really, it is a futile search. “K” should find another place where he can find the perfection he craves. CUBA might be a good possibility for this big jerk!

  33. Want to let Nike know about what you’re thinking.

    Call 1-800-806-6453

    They would like to hear from you!

  34. What goes around comes around and Apparently Nike Refuses to Learn from past Mistakes, and Once Again they’re giving in to a Failure of a Football Player who Hates America and thinks Everything is about Race and thinks Everyone Owes him a Living, I never have had a Pair of Nike’s and I Never Will since they’ve shown Disrespect to America And it’s People and as far as I’m concerned Veterans like me Too, and No you couldn’t Give me a Pair now because I’d just pour Gas on them and Light a Match and Watch them Burn!!!

  35. Go to Joe’s New Balance Outlet online. Everyday they have a different shoe with a deep discount. I have already gotten 3 pair and they are great….. Awesome sales too

  36. Carol, you are right on. And there is still slavery in muslim countries. And muslims don’t treat their slaves like humans. Maybe Colin should go to a muslim country and see slavery first-hand.

  37. You could care less but you don’t? I think you mean couldn’t care less. There is a difference.

  38. in my many yrs and have lived /served in a number of countries NEVER have i seen such disgusting anti America/country as i have seen here. even to the point of devastation. as for NIKE they should be either looked into for their anti American point of view and PLEASE DONT TELL ME it is allowed . it is beyond the pale
    nowhere in the world would such behavior be tolerated
    by the same token omar should be returned to sudan charged with immigration fraud and as with tlaib and osc though osc should be charged in juvenile court as her mind has not fully developed beyond the age of a school kid that is my opinion dump the idiots we dont tolerate 5th columnists

  39. In the past, Nike got a lot of free advertising by stunts like this one, as well as additional revenues. We must make sure this OFFENSIVE ACT does NOT reward them, financially, rather HITS THEIR BOTTOM LINE HARD! Don’t waste your money on their cheap but costly shoes!

  40. I will not buy Nike products in the future. I will also not support them favorably with friends, colleagues and clients.

  41. LOL. All Nike has to do is raise their prices. Their products are relatively elastic (in a business sense).

  42. Nike you’re biggest unAmerican thing to do was to pay an unAmerican. If you hate this country so bad yo both need to go to China or another American hating country where you’ll be wit your own kind. I’ve never bought anything Nike. American loving company should pull all Nike products from their stores.

  43. New Balance has a line of Women’s and Men’s sneakers in the USA and they don’t cost any more than their foreign made competitors. I bought 2 pair and they fit better and are more comfortable after 6 mo. than any others I have purchased.

  44. I haven’t bought Nike shoes in years. The last pair I bought was defective. There are other brands that are much better.

  45. The Nike “swoosh” symbolizes the blades of sabers used by Islamist Muslim extremists to behead Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and any other non-Muslim.

  46. I have no idea why Nike would do such a thing and am wondering what the stockholders are thinking. They already made the shoes and its hard to believe they would be listening to such a moron like Kap. A has been kneeler who almost caused the NFL to go under. Other NFL players looking for attention started kneeling causing fans to leave in droves costing the NFL hundreds of millions of dollars in losses. Now Nike goes and removes some shoes just because Kap did not like them and right before the 4th of July. This is about as anti-American as you can get and I just do not understand what these morons are thinking.

  47. I agree, will I ever buy anything from Nike again? NO, will I throw away everything we own that we had bought from Nike? Of course not, I am not that extreme.

  48. I never was really impressed by NIKE, but now I plan to NEVER, EVER buy that miserably DESPICABLE brand again in the future. There are PLENTY of other brands that are good, and I plan to look for those who support my values. Send the NIKE brand back to the “sweatshops” overseas where they belong . . . And Take Colin Kaepernick with you. We don’t need that stupidly uninformed treasonistic anti American traitor. TRUMP and his allies 2020.

  49. Colin, with his ridiculous protests, using the completely wrong forum, has caused so much more harm than good. He caused more racial divide among the men he played football with. Spilling over to the fans, turning off so many to both him, as a player and the NFL entirely. Adding insult to injury when he wore socks that depicted police officers as pigs. He has no respect for our Flag, our National Anthem, Our Country. Nike’s decision to partner with him, was done strictly for media attention. This latest action regarding the Betsy Ross Flag protest, by Nike, speaks volumes to the lack of any character within this company. I, for one will never purchase another Nike product and will give all the products I currently own to the Goodwill store…

  50. Whatever Nike executive made this decision is anti American and an idiot!
    I will never wear, buy or respect Nike again. Hope they go out of business.. let that Jerk Kappernick help them.
    I am ashamed any US company would do this. What is wrong that a has been football player can influence a business decision? Jan B

  51. Every sports team that has Nike on something should pull it and go America, this includes golf, what is wrong with you Tiger Woods? You own a big percentage in Nike is what I have heard. Ship Nike and K over seas and then just maybe you will come to your senses that America is not so bad. I have never seen a has been have such affect on something like K no lets not capitilize on him lets call him little k and little nike. Stand up America and get these hasbeens out of AMERICA. nike go find another home and take k with you. Shame on you nike.

  52. Doesn’t anyone on the Nike board of directors have the guts to make a business decision? If not then why does Nike even have a board. Just let radicals with tunnel vision make all their business decisions. What an astounding group of spine-less losers!!

  53. Reparations to every one of them willing to take it — a free one-way cruise to Liberia, where each can demand further reparations from the Tribal Chieftains who sold their forbears to the British slave traders.

  54. Thank GOD for the politicians that are finally standing up for the citizens of the USA!! Pray that more and more of them will stand up against the evil in this country. Vote TRUMP 2020

  55. Great Don, Thank you! You said it all and hit the nail on the head! Half breed, Arab/Black and white cunternick is nothing but a peice of CRAP!! His white mother is now paying for all his disgusting stupid mistakes! Nike and this low life Blows!! I never bought or ever will buy this unworthy junk!

  56. isnt this the 2nd time nike bent over for this guy. just courious what are the stockhol;ders thinking when funds are spent for product that are pulled from sales. are they starting tio question managment .. think they should and hold them responsable for the losses/
    i dont know has anyone out there knwledgable about this

  57. Good riddance to both! I don’t drink coffee/lattes and I don’t wear NIKEs and have NEVER bought a pair for my sons. For some reason the BLACK community had to have NIKEs in spite of the obscene cost!

  58. Kaepernick is just being a good little Muslim disrupting anything he can within the country. Why Nike has chosen to follow the lead of a Muslim nobody is beyond me. This clown led a privileged life being raised in a white family. Probably never worked a day in his life.
    Nike is too big to fail but the American public might put a dent in those huge profits they make buy discontinuing the purchase of ANY Nike product.

  59. Great Don, Thank you! You said it all and hit the nail on the head! Half breed, Arab/Black and white cunternick is nothing but a peice of CRAP!! His white mother is now paying for all his disgusting stupid mistakes! Nike and this low life Blows!! I never bought or ever will buy this unworthy junk!

  60. Nike should be patriotic. Just because one idiot is offended, does that mean they should just drop their values? I don’t think so. Shame on Nike.

  61. Thank you Carol, you’ve said it all! This lowlfe SLIM has got to be taken out. He’s a disgrace! His unfortunate White mother , is now paying for his stupid way of Life . By now, she’s a nut case! Nike and the Kappernut sucks!

  62. Have a pair of OLD Nike’s – they were given to me, are falling apart…may just burn them, now..! Really, when these companies (yes-Starbucks et al as well) get it – MOST of the American public does not agree with their so-left-thye’re-off-the-grid viewpoints, they’ll back off. Go to a Chic Fil-A on most any given day and you’ll find lines so long they’re taking orders for the drive-thru well ahead of the speakers set up for drive-thru orders-so many customers, so little time! Companies that are out of step with the American public can move along with their supporters, to a nice country like…Somalia…!

  63. I for one will no longer purchase Nike Products. If that small flag bothers Kaepernick, his attitude offends me very greatly. I am a Korean War Veteran, and many others like me had to go to war, so that idiot can be offended with our flag. He wants equality among all, then why does he not share some of his wealth with the poor. He shoots off his big mouth but never offers to help the good. He supports people that shoot cops. Bad choice.

  64. I totally agree. This Country has to wake up and do what is right. If Kapernick finds it offensive because it reminds him of slavery then, he needs to blame Africa’s rich blacks that sold their poor. Also there are many black families that had slaves, look at Kamala Harris’s family had slaves.

    Boycott both, they need to learn a lesson in Patriotism.
    I remember when Police Officers who were on Duty had free coffee when they went to a coffee shop.

  65. Screw the commies over at Nike. One only has to look at who Colon Craperdik chose as his Isis bride to see what this is all about. He’s playing everyone. He’s not even black, yet he is the chosen one to create further divide. Look at who his girlfriend is and that’ll pretty much tell you who this loser is. I don’t know what’s up with Nike, but they’re done in my book. I hope everyone else follows.

  66. I quit Nike when they first signed the loser! Only way to win? Quit spending money to support them!

  67. Logic does not apply when you are dealing with a progressive liberal. Their response is and will always be “What we did didn’t work so we obviously didn’t do enough. We must do more, and be more extreme.” You can use this as your template, and it ALWAYS fits.

  68. I hope Nike GOES DOWN!!!! I have BURNED all my Nike sneakers. More important – contact your
    favorite sports team and URGE them to drop all Nike products.

  69. Thank you Carol, you’ve said it all! This lowlfe SLIM has got to be taken out. He’s a disgrace! His unfortunate White mother , is now paying for his stupid way of Life . By now, she’s a nut case! Nike and the Kappernut sucks!

  70. Thank you Carol, you’ve said it all! This lowlfe SLIM has got to be taken out. He’s a disgrace! His unfortunate White mother , is now paying for his stupid way of Life . By now, she’s a nut case! Nike and the Kappernut sucks!

  71. Good for you, Doug Dicey, governor of Arizona. Now there’s another brand I don’t need to have in my shoe closet. There are many more brands that are better than you.

  72. I agree with almost EVERY comment on this site. Boycott Nike, seems they hate America, too, but want our money. Hope they lose Billions and go bankrupt! Everyone I talked to loved these shoes, including me, who would have bought them proudly. Hope some other shoe company picks them up and makes a bundle. I kind of agree to boycott pro and college teams that use Nike, but won’t go that far. I still want to watch them, but I suggest we email our teams, and let them know to change companies, we hate their anti-American views.

  73. Amazing how these dirt bags don’t get that you either LOVE America or absolutely do NOT deserve her freedom…Kaepernack was an orphan raised by a WHITE COUPLE named the Kaepernacks with love and every opportunity of the American dream so he and Traitor Nike could SPIT on our FLAG…The worst kind of American are the anti- American’s!!! To hell with them all.
    I am ordering 5 Betsy ross T shirts today.
    God bless America!!!

  74. I burned my Nike products, when they signed that anti-American JERK to represent them and show them how to run their company. They have gotten just what they deserve..

  75. Serves NIKE right for caving in to just the opinion of one person with of hatred for America. What a stupid move by the company and what a racist comment from this ex-QB hasbeen. People like him see racism in everything. Even Obama used the same flag behind his second inauguration. Sadly the racists and bigots are destroying America in their image and likeness at the expense of your history and the diversity that Made this
    country Great ! They have no respect for other views and instead only want to impose their views on the majority. Other companies need to start thinking or else the American Majority will start zapping them for
    caving in to the Pc BULLIES !

  76. If Nike had bothered to research Betsy Ross they would have learned she was a Quaker who worked to end slavery and helped those who escaped from the South.
    Kaepernick posted a totally false statement he attributed to Frederick Douglass by rewording it into the form Kaepernick desired. Read the whole speech. Douglass supported America!
    Nike deserves to crash and burn. Kaepernick deserves to be tarred and feathered and run out of town (substitute country for town) on a rail. Too bad that sort of punishment is no longer in style!

  77. Colin, he showed his hinny when he knelt and disrespected the FLAG the first time. And yes I think that the should cut ties with Colin, whom ever decided to agree with colin with Nike, he ought to be horse whipped also.

  78. I do not watch NFL anymore, either. I also rooted for The Netherlands team in the World Cup game. The purple haired Captain has publically stated she she agrees with Kaepernick about the flag, the National Anthem and said in an interview she would not go to the f*ck*** White House and has talked her team mates over to her way of thinking, apparently. She had to stand this round because after she kneeled, last round, the soccer association implemented a rule that they had to stand at attention. I feel that no one should be on a team representing our country who can not respect it and the honor they are given by being chosen. I would rather see us loose than have those who do not respect our country representing it. And now they are going to have a ticker tape parade. Sheeesssshhhhh. ????????????????????????????????

  79. Stopped buying Nike products with the first Colin collet. Time for Nike to close their doors as far as I am concerned. Patriots need to make these dollar demands with their spending every day.

  80. Kathy, I’m just as upset as anyone with Nike pulling their flag shoe. But having worked for a company that imports from China, your term sweat shop is incorrect. When you do business in China, the Chinese gov is in charge. They set the labor laws & wages. Companies like the one I worked for & Nike, only have so much say in conditions in the workplace, like no locked doors, cleanliness etc. I also don’t understand where you get they’re corrupt from. Please don’t be like the Dems and make unproven acquisitions.


    My answer to your question: Should Nike drop their relationship with Colin


    Keepernick is no longer a football playe and and disrespects the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA FLAG t should not PAID FOR ADVERTISING THEIR PRODUCTS by any outstanding commercial enterprise that sells to the American public.

  82. Time for this ingrateful overpaid black go. Really enough pulling the race card and the victim card. . if he and all the other blacks who think the government owes ’em a livin’ cause their grandfathers were slaves on some plantation’ to suck it up, wake up, smell the coffee and get with the program. Nobody owes you a damned dime much as a living. if you want a better life , stay in school, study your asses off to get those good grades that will get you a good job. Out of school, go back if necessary. I along with so many others struggled to get a good education, studied our asses off, , did without social lives, got those good grades that led to good jobs so we owe you ZIPPO. All of my ancestors came from north of the Mason Dixon Line, never owned any slaves so i owe these ingrateful blacks SQUAT. And I have genealogical proof to support this.

  83. Beyond nationalistic fervor, what are the ideals the flag itself represents? Freedom of speech (which includes the freedom to burn the flag), freedom of the press, freedom of religion. I once asked Fouad (the half-Russian and half-Indonesian study partner of my friend Chris when Chris and I were roommates in college), about his impressions of America, as Fouad and his family defected from the former Soviet Union in 1979 while Fouad was still in high school.

    Fouad spoke glowingly about the wealth and standard of living in the United States, and not a word about the ideals and political freedoms upon which this country was founded: freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, etc.

    “America did not invent human rights. In a very real sense… human rights invented America.” — Jimmy Carter

    “I saw courage both in the Vietnam War and in the struggle to stop it. I learned that patriotism includes protest, not just military service.” — John Kerry

    Volitaire once said, “I might not like what you say, but I will defend your right to say it…”

    I’m a Hindu, not a Muslim, and of East Indian descent, but because of my complexion, I’ve been mistaken for being Lebanese, Iranian, Samoan — everything but East Indian.

    This was especially trying during 1979 – 81, when the Iranian hostage crisis was taking place. My brother and I were often mistaken for being Iranian, and had to face the anti-Iranian sentiments which were widespread among the American people at the time.

    The irony, of course, is that we had a secular education in the American public school system. My mom even commented at the time that Khomeini was taking Iran into the Middle Ages by mixing religion and politics.

    A few years later, in 1983, myself and a few friends whom I’d known since high school went from San Diego to Los Angeles, to visit my friend Greg at UCLA.

    We spent the weekend at Greg’s place in UCLA, and the subject of prejudice on the part of Americans came up as we talked politics.

    Greg took my side first, by bringing up the kind of hostility anyone even perceived to be “Iranian” was forced to endure during the hostage crisis.

    A friend of Greg’s at UCLA was sympathetic, but said the Iranian students protesting in this country were indirectly “asking for” trouble and were the ones who “provoked” the kind of response they received, by deliberately shouting anti-American slogans, etc.

    He compared it to wearing a swastika in a Jewish neighborhood.

    I could see his point, and although I agree that both flag-burning and Koran-burning have a right to exist under the First Amendment, engaging in these activities is only going to elicit a hostile response.

    If not here, then in other parts of the world!

    During the Cold War, in the McCarthy era, we inadvertently curtailed freedoms in this country in the name of national security. In so doing, we became more like (at least as far as privacy and civil liberties are concerned) the totalitarian states we were supposedly at odds with!

    As Glen Greenwald points out, radical Islam hates us because of our freedoms. Stifling dissent brings this country down to the level of the terrorist states we claim to oppose.

  84. No more needing niki ever again. Children and grandchildren have said “niki never again”. Niki name starts with a small n. No company of importance.

  85. Kaepernick would be good with ebola and see his big communist mouth get out of that problem

  86. Every pair of sneakers I own are Nike, approx 8 prs. I will never, ever purchase another Nike product again! Ever. I’m done. Even if they dump Kapernick, no more Nike for me.

  87. I understand what you are saying and basically agree with you, BUT…
    when Kaperdink first did his protest and knelt for the national anthem I supported him. When he did it the second time it was poor judgement. When he kept doing it he was disrespecting the flag and all of those who have served under it and have died to protect the freedoms we hold dear and that he chooses to abuse. If someone punches you, you have every right to defend yourself. If, after defending yourself you beat them to a bloody pulp and kill them then you have exceeded what would be called reasonable and prudent and can reasonably expect to be charged with a crime. nike, after all the back and forth rhetoric, has chosen to side with Kaperdink and deserves to have everyone in this country refuse to have anything to do with them, their products AND refuse to have anything to do with their “swoosh” logo that symbolizes the saber islamists use to behead anyone not like them.

  88. Why work for a company out of China that you know is not fair to its workers. Sorry but you lose this comment

  89. Well It Looks Like Nike Bit Off There Nose To Spite There Face. For A Company This Size And Profitable To Do Something This Stupid Is Beyond Us. To Take The Advice Of A Ignorant Muslim That Tried Very Hard To Bring The NFL To It’s Knees Is Unbelievable And Shows That They Just Might Have The Wrong People In Control That Would Make A Decision That Could Cost Them Millions. The Stockholders Deserve A Better Representation Of The Faith And Money That They Have In This Company. Nike Had Better Wake Up And Smell The Coffee.

  90. Who can understand why a company like Nike can so easily give in to a reprobate like Colin Kaepernick? It just defies all logic. Either Kaepernick owns a large amount of company stock, or their is something in the water at Nike headquarters. The whole episode makes no sense whatsoever.

  91. Except that Kamala has no black in her whatsoever. Jamaican father who is not black and a mother who is Tamil Indian (from India). And yes, ancestors who were not black did have slaves.

  92. Only product I bought years ago was a sports bra. As soon as I can afford it, I get a new one from another brand and this one gets trashed.

  93. No more Nikes for our family. Mine are hanging from signpost for all to see. ! BOYCOTT NIKE! Spread the word.
    Nike and that idiot ex-football player are bordering on hysteria.

  94. colin kaepernick is a embarrassment to the city of Milwaukee wiconsin which is his birthplace his education

  95. you know this really sounds familiar muslims want us to give them prayer rooms in the schools etc while we cannot do the pledge of allegience or do prayer in our schools I DONT KNOW ABT THE REST OF YOU BUTTTTT I HAVE ABT HAD IT NO MORE NICESTNESS TO THE ONES WHO WANT TO TALL ME WHAT TO DO IT IS OUR COUNTRY WE WILL TELL EACH OTHER

  96. yes!! but why are they trying to make us pay for something 160 years ago? man i am so done with these freaks and deplorables can i get an AMEN you know i can take the nasty but to put down our military who have fought for you and i and just trash them like they are bugs i cannot and will not tolerate it any longer



  99. Nike is doing fine, all you right wingers won’t care next week or remember, especially if your kid wants Nike sneakers. He was taking a stand, noble, taking a risk, as he sees all the racism around the country, the violence getting worse by the day under Trump as the white supremacy groups have been emboldened by Trump’s racist policies and his hatred of people who are not white, his disdain of the poor people in Central America is shocking. Those people are pathetically poor and desperate and in a way they deserve to live here more than me or you because they are all Spanish and Native Americans mixed, and their ancestors lived in the land we called the United States whether they go back one or ten generations. Don’t you see that? They are Americans too. Have pity like Christ would.

  100. I thought the shoe look neat and it was something that would have brought me back to buying from Nike but they can kiss my money good bye. I will be looking into new balance.

  101. Nike has turned to mush and have gone absolutely bat crap crazy! They hired Kaepernick so let THEIR misery begin. They will find out that the American flag and Kaepernick do not get along at all because of his attacks on our Anthem, our flag and our service members who fought for the dumby to take a knee and slap America and Americans alike. It’s plain to see that Nike has nobody in personnel they can call an asset.

  102. United States should slap on a3000 percent tariff on Nike this burying the mike name and company. Then buy American shoes and sports gear

  103. Just brings a tear to my eye as I hope both Nike and Starbucks go under………ROFLMAO………can’t happen too soon.

  104. Guns Nuts of America: Hi Guns how are you?Don’t mean to butt into your comment, but I don’t think Greg Hopkins meant they literally spit on the flag.He meant Nike and Kaepernack were traitors for not allowing the Betsy Ross flag be put on the sneakers.Calling it a racist symbol, and anybody that knows history, knows that is not the truth.

  105. Neither have I. The Nike shoes are way, way too expensive and I’m not paying $5.00 for a cup of coffee that tastes burnt. Both of them is too rich for my blood. Why pay over $100.00 for a pair of tennis shoes when you can pay less than that for a comfortable pair of New Balance tennis shoes that are recommended by diabetic doctors?

  106. Hey!! Y’all want to know something? Betsy Ross was never a slave owner. She was born a Quaker, and they opposed slavery. She was born Elizabeth Griscom in Philadelphia, PA. With that being said here’s a bit of info about the Quakers: “Quakers were among the first white people to denounce slavery in the American colonies and Europe, and the Society of Friends became the first organization to take a collective stand against both slavery and the slave trade, later spearheading the international and ecumenical campaigns against slavery.” This is how much Crappernick knows about history! He needs to go back to school so he can try to learn some history before he starts running his mouth!

  107. New Balance is a great shoe. Plenty of support and comfort in them. I have a pair on right now and my Pastor’s wife’s diabetic doctor told her they were the best shoes for the feet.

  108. NIKE is dead. Big mistake, HUGH. We will never buy your shoes again. I only buy from companies who love America. You companies who listen to kappenacher be prepared.

  109. Here’s what’s funny about Kaeperdick’s ignorance. Betsy Ross was a Quaker and Quaker’s were among the first white people to denounce slavery in the American colonies and Europe, and the Society of Friends became the first organization to take a collective stand against both slavery and the slave trade, later spearheading the international and ecumenical campaigns against slavery.
    Kaeperdick ought to keep his ignorant mouth shut.

  110. Kapnernicks bad advise should cost him his job, just like in any other company. As the old saying goes, you can’t please all the people all the time, so do the best you can and live with it.

  111. Guns Nuts of America;I see you left a negative comment for me under the AOC story on Patriot pulse.Well, I have left you alone,( even though many others slam you) because I thought you were a man of your word and we had an understanding.Guess I was wrong.Oh and FWI, you admire a woman that OPENLY hates our country every time she opens her mouth but yet you state she has more compassion and bla bla bla than I do? Then you deserve all the negative comments others post for you……

  112. They’re the best shoes around I believe. My Pastor’s wife asked her diabetic doctor about which shoe was the best shoe for diabetics and he told her the New Balance was. I’ve gotten spoiled to how good they feel on the feet.

  113. You must have gotten your info from the same place as I did. LOL You know what they say: Great minds think alike. 🙂

  114. I don’t buy either one of them so I just hope that they both go breoke and that idiot Kap—- should have his citizenship recalled and then deported to the furthest place on earth from Our Beloved America. We would be so much better off with him and our soccer stupid ones gone from our Country.

  115. Please don’t put down Trumps Deplorables. We love our Country and every thing it stands for and I am a diehard Trump fan. Been a deplorable every since Old Lady Clinton called half of Trumps voters Deplorables. Proud to be a DEPLORABLE

  116. Here is a silly question: silly because we already know the answer, but it needs to be asked anyway.
    Did anyone at Nike check with anyone besides Kaepernick to determine if the new shoe was offensive? Those who own Nike stock need to ask that question at the next stockholders meeting, IF the company still exists at that time.

  117. You are so right. I wonder why his huge salary made possible by this great company doesn’t disgust him. It certainly does me.

  118. Good riddance to you Nike and take that loser Copperhead with you! America doesn’t need trash like him and Megan Rappenho!

  119. William, Kaepernick is NOT a “has-been”, he’s a “never was”! That, in my opinion, is his biggest problem.

  120. Hope Nike crumbles and dies. I boycott any and all politically-correct company, when they kow-tow to anybody but White America, they lose my business. The country founded and intended to be a White Nation means nothing to these liberal idiots that run these companies, so they don’t deserve my business.

  121. Well so what? When one cotows to a jackass one becomes a jackass. Nike better replace their jackass with a better image for children, grown up or small.

  122. COLON KRAPon dik is just sad because he shot himself in the foot with his crybaby, woe is me, put upon kneeling. Too bad he couldn’t play football better.

  123. I hope Michael Jordan pulls his label and patent from Nike as has been reported that he was looking into another manufacturer or start his own. Just Do It Michael I’m sure you will have many supporters.

  124. Kaepernick is not that bright. He doesn’t have the brain of a Michael Jordan who said, and I paraphrase, “Conservatives buy shoes too”. Kaepernick is is not smart enough to realize this and neither is the Nike leadership.

  125. As a Veteran plus Losing Two Brothers Fighting for Protecting,”The Stars and Stripes”, I have never purchased their Shoes and am doing away with My College Shirts that has That Company’s Logo on them.The Washed Up Quarterback Should take a Slow Boat to the Mid East and if possible Grow Up.!!!
    If One can not live here and Respect Our Flag, then LEAVE..!!!!!

  126. Hard to believe that a company like let’s
    A JERK make their business decisions.
    Can only hope you’re losses are in the millions and people will start wearing
    Other brands of sneakers, I know I will,
    You idiot’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. A huge company like Nike being led around by the nose by an ignorant has-been former athlete. Way to go Nike, I hear your factory doors slamming shut for lack of business. And good riddance to you from all of us patriots!

  128. If I hear one more thing about this Kaeperdick fool I will scream. I no longer watch football, and now will never buy a Nike product again! Just had enough of these entitled whiners! I served 26 years in the military, lost friends to the enemy to come home to these types of domestic terrorists. HAD ENOUGH!

  129. Nike has sold out its brand to this New Liberians Non-American Colin Kaepernick. They have by de facto made him their CEO.

  130. Thank you for your service! God Bless you and your family Sir! Kap is not a patriot he is scum. You are right on and I have the up most respect for our Military. I had a son in the Marine Corps and one in the Army and am so proud of them and you Sir.
    No Nike shoes or coffee in my house.

  131. This is pathetic, NIKE was one of the best companies out there and they acted like a bunch of Globalist infiltrators. I don’t think I will ever buy NIKE . I pretty much prefer New Balance which is a US based manufacturer of some darn good shoes. I also get the impression that they need quit doing deals with the likes of Kaepernick and repair their brand before they have to shutting down plants.

  132. It was mainly the Dutch and the Spanish who started the slave trade. America participated unfortunately, however we did end it. But we will never be credited for ending it.

  133. I wonder what the REAL MEN back in the day would think of this HATER, they may have hung him for treason!
    As for NIKE, I’m so over them, I’ll never purchase anything from this brand (EVER)!! I will purchase from true AMERICAN companies, likely VETRAN owned! I hope NIKE executives drown in the blood of patriots who give them the freedom to hate AMERICA!l Design a shoe with Capper Ass on the soles, where I’m stepping on his ugly America hating ass, I would reconsider a purchase!!!

  134. I absolutely hate Kaepernick and I have not bought Nike since they signed him up. I threw out the Nikes i did have and bought some sweet Van’s. Kaepernick is a hater and should probably leave this country if he hates it so much!

  135. Better just to trash anything that says Nike. Too many better products available at a much better price. Nike do the right thing and fire Collin or whatever his name is and file chapter 13 and go away. American people see exactly what Nike is about – Anti-American.

  136. Completely agree…both radical leftists. When some clown told the police to leave Starbucks because some twit felt threatened. My God, what is happening to people!

  137. I agree with you. As for the cop at Starbucks, if I liked that (nasty) coffee I would have offered for him to have a seat with me. Instead of being afraid of the cop with a gun I would feel safe. I carry concealed all the time in places where guns are allowed. If they don’t like it then I won’t go there anymore. Just like now with NIKE. I don’t now, nor will I ever buy a pair of these expensive shoes and if I did, I wouldn’t anymore because of them bowing down to Crapper’s demands. Betsy Ross was born a Quaker and they didn’t have anything to do with slavery. That’s how much this idiot knows about history. She never owned any slaves.


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