Colin Kaepernick just trashed America for celebrating this cherished holiday


Colin Kaepernick has become a symbol of anti-American hatred.

The former NFL quarterback continues to be praised by Leftists for ripping the country whenever he can.

Now Kaepernick just trashed America again with an unbelievable message for celebrating this cherished American holiday.

Colin Kaepernick has sunk into a deep abyss of far-Left radicalism ever since his NFL career fell off a cliff.

Kaepernick spent the first few years of his career kissing his bicep after scoring touchdowns, but was humbled in year four when he was benched for his horrendous play.

In his fifth and final season in the league, Kaepernick sparked controversy by igniting the anti-American national anthem protests.

Since then, it’s been a race to the far Left.

In Kaepernick’s latest stunt, he took to Twitter on Thanksgiving to promote an “Unthanksgiving” event, which protested America’s earliest settlers and capitalism.

Kaepernick has adopted the far-Left view of American history taught in the writings of Howard Zinn and other anti-American communists.

In this cartoonish view of history, the “winners” are all guilty of oppressing the “losers.”

This ignores the fact that there was tribal conflict among Native Americans long before any Europeans ever set foot on the continent.

History is filled with alliances and conquest and everything in between.

Kaepernick’s Unthanksgiving event talks about how land was stolen and should be returned to Indigenous people, but of course he can’t say which tribe.

Some tribes were conquered by others, so using a Leftist lens, it’s impossible to say who is the most aggrieved, and it would be insulting to suggest that all tribes are one in the same.

There’s also the inconvenient fact that Native Americans enslaved other Native Americans as well as Africans, so the childish view of history that puts everyone either into the sinner or saint category quickly falls apart.

The truth is Kaepernick’s tweet, and all of his activism, is aimed toward tearing down America and riling up the masses to revolt against capitalism.

This is a socialist ploy, decades in the making, and Kaepernick is an effective useful idiot.

Do you think it’s ungrateful for a multi-millionaire celebrity athlete to constantly rail against America?

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  2. Colin Kaepernick is not saying anything controversial. The animal rights organization Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) similarly said about Thanksgiving:

    “Thanksgiving is founded on the colonial invasion and genocide of indigenous people living on the land we know as the Americas and today those people still face injustice and oppression. On top of that, we kill 46 million turkeys for the holiday each year. What’s to celebrate? Some would say that regardless of its history and ongoing issues, we should still enjoy having a day to unite with friends and family, but others see value in disavowing the day. Come discuss together!”

    Others celebrated with a vegan Thanksgiving.

  3. How many more stories are we going to have to endure that deals with this selfish, self-serving little boy that is complaining about something or pretending to support another race? Now it’s the Native Americans? Will the next story about him deal with him claiming he now is Native American, like Warren TRIED to do?? I really don’t care if he wants to celebrate Thanksgiving Day or not. My family look forward to this particular day because it’s one of the few days in the year we all can be TOGERTHER and we give thanks for that. I just wish the media would stop acknowledging him any further. The next story I truly want to read is, this baby is moving out of the USA. He doesn’t deserve to live here….

  4. Kap has destroyed the fan base of the NFL with his anti veteran kneeling. The NFL won’t state the percentage of fan base loss. Now he wants to bring up anti Native Americans history. I love in Canandaigua NY and each Nov. 11th we celebrate Veterans day AND The Pickins Treaty, the longest peace treaty between Native Americans, over 200+years. Kap, do your homework before you open your big mouth. Obviously you did not attend classes while you were in college. It showed as a quarterback without smarts! Yes Kap, I’m a veteran, one of tens of thousands that you insulted by taking a knee.

  5. Dennie Cunningham: Thank you for your service and your post!! You are quite right. Un fortunately Colin K. is like some others that get sports scholarships. The colleges only care about their performances on the field. Not in the classroom.But on the other side of the coin, most of these students do care about getting an education and succeeding in a profession. . But rich, pampered Colin K. didn’t care about bettering himself. Education wise , that is. He is just a useless fool….

  6. Kap is anti American. Why doesn’t he leave the US for good. We will never watch a game of football with him in it. He doesn’t deserve to be in any sport. He is a loser.

  7. I think he is a total jackass, and he hates America and American people. He hates our flag and I laughed when not one NFL signed him on… He is so full of hate and spewing it out all over the place. Just ride into the sunset and go somewhere out of “OUR” United States,,,

  8. Im Going on Twitter Now and telling him to GTFO of the country he Hates so much,That Also Gave him Everything! I Can’t Believe we Tolerate these MF anymore!

  9. Very simply, this guy is just another America hating piece of garbage period. Why give him any coverage at all.

  10. When will that INSANELY STUPID idiot EVER do anything that MAKES SENSE or SAY anything that Makes sense? . . . In MY lifetime?!? UHHH, Nope. He REAPED what he SOWED. MAYBE he MIGHT a job as a catcher . . . DOG CATCHER. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  11. Here is a wannabe who couldn’t cut it as a Quarterback in the NFL. So to keep his name in the limelight he trash talks the United States of America. Typical crybaby. I wish somebody would give him a bus ticket to leave this country he hates so much. Maybe the same bus that all of those washed out actors like Robert the zero will be leaving on. He can sit next to Whoopi with her hairdo and his hairdo.

  12. I don’t give a rats ass what anyone says. My family celebrates Thanksgiving and always will. God out animals on earth for consumption. So the fact that we eat turkeys also doesn’t bother me. We celebrate it as a day to be thankful for the family we have and for this great country and our great Oresideng and Colin Kaepernick is an anti american POS that is over the hill and quite frankly wasn’t worth a damn as a quarterback when his “kneeling” charades began and anyone that disagrees with anything I have said can kiss my ass!!

  13. You’re right! He needs to be kicked out of the country. See how he likes living in a third world country. We could ship him to North Korea.

  14. This is just another immature guy that doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut. Statements made once in a while are more effective and speak louder than a constant stomping of one’s feet.

  15. Colin K. hitched his star to the leftist crowd….and here is what he got. No NFL job, mass hatred from most Americans, disdain from all military personnel and veterans, and on-and-on. Just think of this…..he could have stood for the national anthem, placed his hand over his heart, left the script about all the controversial messages in the garbage can and been a veteran quarterback for a team heading to a divisional championship. But no….he $hit in his own mess-kit and now he has to deal with his stupidity. He will have a legacy that compares to John Wilks Booth, his tombstone will read “I was one of the most stupid people that ever grew up in America”, and he will be one of the most toxic players that ever donned a professional football jersey. Colin and Shiffty Schiff are cut from the same cloth….isn’t that precious?

  16. I’m so over all these folks who don’t appreciate living in America, get the HELL out!!!! Stop whining, gritching, yelling n screaming just get the hell out, chances are we don’t want you here anyways, I’ll help pack, put your nappy butt in the vehicle, just get out, go away!!!! Seriously!!!!

  17. Thanksgiving in America dates all the way back to 1619 long before any massacres of American Indians by more than 100 years. Thanksgiving is a religious holiday giving thanks to God for the harvest mostly. Its a tradition. Has absolutely nothing to do with Indians or warring.
    Kaepernick is just another idiot wannabe celebrity. The lights are on but nobody is home.

  18. I love the cartoonish-like photograph of Mike Ditka-with cigar in mouth, & the subtitle quote having him say: “Colin Kaepernick??; who is she.?” This bigoted moron continues to receive press & this only ignites him to continue his rants. He’s yesterday’s news, whatever one’s opinion are of him, & to photograph/quote him, gives him continued breath. There are far important facets of news- whether in the NFL, national, or world stage, that should automatically remove him from his self-proclaimed perch. One hand clapping makes no noise; permit him to wave his hand & he will go the way of obscurity-which in truth, he already has.

  19. Unfortunately, this silver spooned radical is being used by the left to divide us even further. And Corporate Media sees him as a cash cow. So, football is no longer his calling. Therefore, I view him as I do them, irrelevant.

  20. That clown was totally REJECTED by his birth parents. He was then adopted, taken in and raised in love and wealth by his WHITE adoptive parents. Then the filthy scumbag turns on them and begins a constant white-hate narrative.

    So, Colin, why not hunt up your REAL parents and see what they have to offer you?

    The creep has turned on everyone and everything that ever went out of their way to give him everything he has. He’s totally worthless garbage. No wonder the Lefties love him. Even so, if I were them I’d never turn my back on him!

  21. I just wish that every company that is supporting this A****** who has no idea about what he says, just gets more money from the Far-left nut jobs to only stop supporting this washout!!! He is the TRUE meaning of Racism!!! Only trying to move people of AMERICA further down to his level!!! We should all boycott every single one of those companies and let the A****** try to find a REAL JOB!!!

  22. I wish someone would post all the companies that support this America hating piece of crap so we could let them know what we think about his views & we won’t be supporting their companies anymore! God bless America! Thank You JESUS for giving us a great country to live in!

  23. The press needs to just ignore this spoiled little minded rich kid. If he doesn’t like America he needs to just leave at least just shut his stupid mouth.

  24. Is he a natural citizen because if he is he can say what he wants. Just because you don’t support or like what he says doesn’t mean he should be kicked out of the country. I don’t agree with what most of you on here say but you have the right to say it and not worry about being kicked out of the country.

  25. Who cares what that overbearing wordy (without really saying anything) anti-American from a foreign land thinks. WHY DOESN’T HE LEAVE THE U.S. IF HE REALLY BELIEVES WHAT HE WRITES. IT IS BECAUSE IT IS SO MUCH BETTER HERE, but he would never admit that. He is a whining complaining foreigner who would cause millions to cheers to arise if he would leave the U.S. for good. GO AHEAD, SHOW US SOMETHING BY LEAVING where you hate the people and their civilization. GO! GO! GO! That would do yourself a favor and do the rest of us a great favor. Bye bye, *^&#[email protected]#&^&#PrkkIE.

  26. STUPID, STUPID VERY STUPID! THIS MORON IS THE EPIDOMY OF A LOOSER. railing against the source of his great fortune


    Free is worthless wile freedom must be earned by duty and hard work.

  28. I think the NIS should tear this guy’s Citizenship papers up and throw this guy out of America for his actions. No one should be allowed to stay in our country and get away with these kind of insults. Let’s see what happens when he says these things to someone who won’t take that kind of BS.

  29. I bet you enjoyed turkey dinner every year with your WHITE family you stinky, ugly human…inside and out you Fugly ass. You are a has been that hates America the Great. Please Leave our country and see if you like third world Africa that America feeds. What have you done to help hungry impoverished people other than donate to terror groups.

  30. So William someone doesn’t agree with you hang them that’s not very Christ like but to be expected by a Cult of #45 Personality sycophant.

  31. He is an America citizen he has the same rights as you. Following your logic anyone who disagrees with your worldview should have their citizenship revoked and removed from the country. But to be expected from a Cult of #45 Personality sycophant.

  32. There are planes and ships that leave this country everyday, he needs to be put on one and we can be rid of him.

  33. He’s already been kicked to the curb and rightfully so! Now his ass needs kicked out of our wonderful country! And it would be nice if he took many other celebs and politicians with him!

  34. You’re right he’s a A __H__E.And it’s not because he is black either. He is A Class A.H !

  35. I agree. Kaeperdick is just upset because nobody wants him in the nfl. He’s lashing out because he knows he’s a washed up POS. So sick of Bozo. He needs to get some brains because he is an idiot. It is true him and all the other left morons should get out of America. They just want to keep flapping their bongo lips. Do the right thing and drop dead.

  36. There’s no end to his stupidity. The real first Thanksgiving the settlers were thankful for the food the Indians prepared because they were sick and starving. They feasted together.

  37. Linda M. : You “hit the nail on the head” about Colin Kaepernick. He certainly is an ingrate, a “selfish, self-serving little boy” in his attitude. His focus in life, sadly, has been upon wanting things to always be to his own liking. Having been orphaned is not any wonderful thing for a child ; but being taken into a family and being raised as their own child is usually a great improvement in that person’s life. Now, it may be that his adoptive parents were TOO generous to him, pacifying his every wish and demand, and thus teaching him to feel “entitled” to his own way in life. Perhaps they fell for the terrible advice of a psychologist who recommended being too soft in discipline. Do you remember Dr. Spock’s book, which told such things ? I noticed a lot of BRATS during my childhood and afterward, whose parents let them get away with terrible behavior, most especially of selfishness. Those children, without adequate controls over them, became “Holy terrors” who were often generating problems for everyone else around them. Without enough of God being taught to them, they “went to the dark side,” to use a saying of recent years. They were too pampered, and not enough punished. They grew up expecting others to appease them. They never felt a call of duty. They focused in having fun, doing whatever they imagined too many of the times. They partied and played, stuffing themselves with sugar, used sports and video games for their “values,” and turned into INGRATES !!! Colin K. Is only one more of them, seeking to be placated, trying to regain publicity, now. A sports scholarship to college only gives a person the opportunity to be educated. Some of those athletes never paid enough attention to developing their brains, because they intended to become wealthy by playing professionally, later. Many stop all of their college attendance, much less STUDIES, when they “turn pro.” They actually missed the greater opportunity, the one to become more highly educated, because they did not appreciate THAT value.

    As a military veteran, and as one who has seen a number of other countries, I can tell you that the United States Of America is the BEST nation in which to live at this time, though I think that you already know all of that, Linda. The INGRATES around us do not share our appreciation of just how good they do have things in life – perhaps because they have not “looked down the barrel” of how bad things could have been. This nation was started by people who had lived under much worse oppression than that which Colin K. may be thinking he is having to endure. As others have said, he should try living in some other countries, and maybe then open his eyes to why this one was established, for escape from truly bad situations.

    We thoroughly enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday, getting together with loved ones, and appreciating the many blessings which God has so VERY generously given !!! Living in the USA is absolutely one of them !

  38. Colin is very definitely NOT anti-American. He’s anti-racist and that represents the best of being a patriotic American. Thanksgiving represents some of the worst of American history. It represents American colonialism and oppression of native peoples, plus it’s a clear violation of the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause. It’s why Thomas Jefferson was so opposed to it.
    Good for you, Colin!

  39. Thank U for your service..It’s just too bad there a people like him, in this world..Perhaps a visit by an middle eastern ***** ..They could teach him a good lesson..BUT.. take the “quad” with him

  40. Shame they were ever sold here as slaves, think how peaceful and serene the U.S. would be without them.The minority commit the most crimes and killings in this Country because of lack of education and morals and fatherless upbringing, today many of the parents are worse than their children.

  41. If people would just pretend that this a-hole and those like him/her did not exist therefore receiving absolutely no relevancy whatsoever, They would not be click bait and by extension, even more useless than they already are. Are you listening Vasu?

  42. I agree with that. He needs to be removed from this country for treisum

    North Korea is a great place to send him. Let’s see if he can open his big disgusting mouth there. If we’re lucky they will rip his tongue out????????????????????????????????

  43. Kap is such an immature cry baby who wines about everything. If you hate America that bad then take it from this two time war vet of 21 years–leave now and don’t let the door hit you in your ass. Of course your ass is your whole being. AMERICA, LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT!

  44. jack, since you don’t agree with what we say, why bother to come here. We don’t agree with YOU, either. This is a conservative Christian site and you have no clue about either one.

  45. jack, you have no clue. That is very obvious. You have no concept at all of who our founding fathers were or what they gave us. Too bad you were not taught history. Our founding fathers were Christians who left us a country based on their Christian principles, one of which is your FREEDOM. YOU are a LIAR!!!! It is not a Christian theocracy we want. It is the FREEDOM to live the way our founding fathers wanted it. To be able to worship God when and where we want. If you hate our Contstitution, you have the freedom to MOVE somewhere else. And your racism is very sick!!! You attack whites, which makes you racist. What you said makes NO SENSE at all. God created and loves ALL RACES. There will be ALL RACES in Heaven. Christians follow Jesus, who loves everyone and commands us to do the same. What you said to Susan is very foolish. CK is a sick ungrateful brat who hates this country. He should be sent to a communist or muslim country where there is no freeedom

  46. jack, you are very sick. Since you hate this country so much, you are free to leave. Try NK or the ME. I’m sure you will like it there a lot better. You will have no freedom.

  47. HCB…YOU are truly brainwashed or brain dead. Not sure which. It is very obvious that you know NOTHING at all about our history. You have NO CLUE about who the Pilgrims were or their celebration. And you know nothing at all about our Constitution or Thomas Jefferson. Try reading REAL history, not the lib propaganda version taught in public schools. You are a fool and know nothing at all about being a patriotic American. And, YES, CK DOES hate America.

  48. jack, you attack William, yet know nothing at all of what a Christian is. You are very sick and full of hate. That is vey obvious from your posting. So who is it that is not very Christ-like????? Jesus does not approve of your hate and lies about Pres. Trump

  49. jack, take your sick hate somewhere else. You are a FOOL. Pres. Trump has done a lot of good for this country and he is fixing a lot of what Obama destroyed. But just keep on hating. It is very obvious that you do not love this country, so please leave. If you loved this country you would be very glad that Pres. Trump is doing what he can to make it better. But you are just as ungrateful as CK

  50. This very ungrateful crybaby hater would be much happier somewhere else. He is free to leave. He should try NK or the ME and see if he likes it there. He will have no freedom at all.

  51. vasu, it is very obvious that you know NOTHING at all about the history of this country. NOTHING you said is true. Read REAL history, not the lib propaganda that our public schools put out. Please read about the Pilgrims and their celebration. You are clueless. And genocide of indigenous people? Really??? The Pilgrims and the indigenous people were friends. And those indigenous people were killing EACH OTHER off long before Europeans arrived. They were FAR from one big happy family.

  52. vasu, just to let you know…I and many people I know enjoyed our turkey dinner on Thanksgiving. You care much more about the turkeys than about your fellow humans. God gave us turkeys for food.

  53. His name is Colin, which means large intestine, so you are not far off calling him an Ahole. If he is so against capitalism he should give his money to the indigenous people he is so concern about.

  54. Thank you all you farmers for raising those 46 million turkeys. Vasu you cast a negative light on the fact they were killed so we could eat them. What are we supposed to do eat them before we kill them? Now that would be inhumane. After all, what is a turkey’s purpose? To breed and make more turkeys, and be food in the food chain. Just in case you haven’t figured it out, we are the top of the food chain. Like bj posted, God gave us turkeys for food. You seem to think you are wiser than God.

  55. Tom Streets: Thank you Tom, for the compliment. And yes indeed I do know what a blessing it is living in this great country of ours. But it was only because many that gave the ultimate sacrifice FOR this country to keep in safe and free. And also because of those of us that served because we wanted to do our part.
    May you and yours have a blessed Christmas!!

  56. vasu, being an animal lover I would not eat most animals. But God let us domesticate certain animals for food. If you bother to actually read the Bible instead of just using it for your sick agenda, you would know that Abraham had large flocks of sheep and large herds of cattle ang goats, as did many others in the Bible. God does not forbid us to eat meat and it is God who makes the rules, not you. Those turkeys were given to us by God for our food. You are free to eat what you want and so is everyone else. It is not up to you to tell someone what they can or cannot eat. Now GO AWAY!!!

  57. What a jerk. I was an NFL fan for over 60 years. I didn’t quit because of Kaempernick but he was the straw that broke the camels back.

  58. Hey BJ you do realize that what William is making reference to is lynching a African American. That sir should concern you to.

  59. Well, Vasu, at least for once your stupid rant is short. However, while the pilgrims ate turkey, they also ate whatever other wild game they could obtain. There was no such thing as a vegan in those days. You’re full of yourself.

  60. The Quakers offered to help the freed slaves go home by paying their fare.
    Some went, but many didn’t, obviously.
    So, why doesn’t he go back NOW?
    And by the way, the slavers were black and he should read a one-page article on the History of Slavery, because the blacks in Africa were making big money by selling their own people.
    And which tribe has given almost 40 million blacks permission to stay here??????????
    The Indians are more closely related to Asians (DNA shows).

  61. What an idiot. He could go back to Africa now and what Indians have given 40 million blacks to trample their land?

  62. Celebrating by eating vegan doesn’t mean anything? Do vegans have permission from tribes to live here?


  64. Do you work for someone that declared Thanksgiving as a holiday. Do you refuse the day off with pay. Do you show up at work to support your anti feelings for the American holiday! If not, your a hypocrite

  65. Perhaps with the exception of Japan (who would be foolish to accept him), he likely would not be happier at all in any nation whose government is mostly controlled by people of non-Caucasian descent. The problem is that he will not admit it. He is arrogantly trying to be a leader of cancel culture, out to educate his “dumb” fellow Americans, despite not being terribly educated himself.

  66. It’s with statements like yours that brings hatred between races. I don’t like kap, but using foul words like yours does not help us to live together!

  67. Colin Kaepernik like many a young athlete who inadvertently mix their personal life with their professional is learning the hard cold facts in life. Like don’t stand in front of a whirling tornado cursing and spitting at it. Or turn your back against a stud bull in a coral wearing a red t-shirt. Or enter a field of billy goats holding paper. He unfortunately learned never mix politics with sports. Now he’s labeled an activist with no professional sports future. To bad, but I guess other young athletes need people like Colin to remind them of that hard fact. Never mix politics with sports the fans don’t like it because that’s not what they paid to see.

  68. Tom, I too am a veteran who actually has shed blood for my country and all it’s citizens. I have very harsh feelings for those who choose to disrespect the symbol of what this country stands for, not for the few, the very few, who decide to use their authority to mistreat people. The only possible reason for C.K. to behave the way he has is mental disability. Freedom of speech certainly is a right granted to us via the actions of people who have fought and died under that symbol that C.K. is so willing to denegrate. Someone suggested he leave this country and become a citizen of, let’s say N.Korea. He would very quickly learn just how “terrible” this country is. God knows we’re not perfect, far from it, but however, the best this world has to offer! Isn’t it funny that all the Hollywood elite declaring they would leave if Trump became president are ALL still here. I wonder why.

  69. Maybe if the F_ing media would stop giving him a platform to speak from he and the 4 BIT__S from the squad would just disappear.

  70. I read this whole story to find out which holiday he was against I thought it was going to be Christmas But I guess it is thanksgiving because so many turkeys are massacred . Actually Trump should pardon all the Turkeys

  71. Carlo: Kaepernick would never leave the United States because this is the only country that guarantees an A Hole, like Kaepernick, the right to show what a real A Hole they are without someone shutting his mouth for him. Kaepernick is a typical Democrat/Communist that relishes publicity; even though the publicity shows what a waste they really are. Remember all of the cry-baby democrats that said if President Trump got elected, they would leave the country? Well, Kaepernick isn’t alone there. Maybe one day we can look back and wonder what happened to all of those idiots who hated the United States but couldn’t survive anywhere else. The sooner, the better for our country. God Bless America.

  72. This guy is nothing but a thumb-sucking baby and trying to get others to agree with him. If he has the right to speak against America, we have the right to ignore him. He really should find an uninhabited island and start his own country – very, very, far away. I have also quit watching NFL games – they could have told him to tone it down but did nothing!

  73. Kapernick is a giant loser. I’m part Cherokee, we don’t need or want this fool’s blubbering. Thanksgiving is and was a holiday of friendship, family and goodwill. America will always be a very special country where freedom reigns! America will always celebrate! Kapernick has shown to the world how stupid he is; he detests America, yet he adores Communism, since he can’t find a job, let’s pitch in and send this moron a free ticket to Cuba, (one of his favs, he says he loves their great education) Sure the Cuban people would be shocked to hear this lie. This moron wouldn’t last an hour in any Communist country, but would love to watch what would happen when he spews his special brand of lunacy.


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