Colin Kaepernick just signed a deal with Netflix that will make you sick


Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s anti-American protest has gone mainstream.

Leftists and brainwashed lemmings are following his lead in disrespecting the country.

Now Kaepernick just signed a deal with Netflix that will make you sick.

It’s been almost four years since Colin Kaepernick first disrespected America by refusing to stand for the national anthem.

Since then, he’s signed an endorsement deal with Nike, inked a book deal with Random House, received humanitarian awards, and garnered all sorts of glowing press.

Even after he insulted the NFL and sued them for colluding against him, the NFL paid him a settlement and set up a personal workout showcase for him.

Kaepernick sabotaged the workout himself by moving to a different location at the last minute.

Despite all of the attention Kaepernick has received, he still considers himself a victim.

During his final season in the NFL after he had been radicalized to the far Left, Kaepernick had the audacity to say during an interview that he faced oppression growing up.

Kaepernick was adopted by a white family and grew up in an upper middle class suburb in Northern California.

He was recruited by Dartmouth to play baseball before eventually attending the University of Nevada on a football scholarship.

This isn’t exactly a story of oppression.

However, Kaepernick’s life story will be coming to Netflix in scripted form courtesy of far-left activist filmmaker Ava DuVernary.

DuVernary recently completed the revisionist history of the Central Park Five in When They See Us, so she’s sure to do the same for Kaepernick.

Kaepernick’s story is a familiar one.

He grew up in a well-to-do family, then became indoctrinated to the Left.

The only difference is he didn’t get radicalized as an undergraduate student at Berkeley, he got radicalized while taking summer classes there during the off-season.

It’s both interesting and infuriating that oftentimes the most financially well-off are the ones most eager to destroy America in the name of “justice.”

Socialists of the 19th and 20th century were exasperated by the fact that the American working class wasn’t on board with their radical program because life was pretty good.

Despite its supposed concern for the poor and downtrodden, socialism has always been a philosophy for the elite.

While Kaepernick gets showered with praise for preaching about how America is terrible, the dispossessed in America will only suffer more.

Will Netflix try to turn Kaepernick into a folk hero with a misleading series?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. It shows that he was on the right side of history. Even though the right hates him and thinks that money is the be all and end all of life – Kaepernick has shown that you can still have your dignity, values, defend your views, and do well financially.

  3. I will repeat what I have said before. Since when did kneeling become a sign of disrespect? In virtually every culture throughout history, kneeling is a sign of respect and subjugation. We kneel to pray, Catholics genuflect on entering a church, we kneel when we propose marriage, people kneel before their sovereigns, and when we want to make someone show us respect, we frequently say, “On your knees!” I’m sure Colin Kaepernick thought long and hard before choosing to protest what he perceived as a major problem of bias against the Black community, and finally chose a manner of protest that he believed would highlight his concerns without being disrespectful. It’s only in your minds that his action is disrespectful, not in his own action. Please try to see it from his point of view rather than instantly assuming the worst about his intentions. You know as well as I do that most people really do try to do the right thing. What we must do is try to put ourselves in their shoes when their actions rub us the wrong way. Maybe then we can actually start to communicate. But when you assume the worst about someone else’s action, even before trying to understand it, you add to the problem.

  4. BTW..That’s How we got in this Nightmare we’re in Now…..No one cares!! You better Start caring because this country is going to heck in a hand basket!!

  5. If there is a bias toward the black community it comes from the blacks themselves.
    Who kills more black people? The police or other black people? If you know the answer to that question then you know people like Kaepernick are phonies, and the entire BLM is based on a lie. You will never see BLM protest when a black person is killed by another black person because that does not serve their agenda, and their agenda has nothing to do with black lives.

  6. I agree Dr. J. Living in Illinois more blacks kill each other every day. Babies, toddlers, teens. Doesn’t matter. Left also helps them abort their own. Where are the protests on this😫

  7. Netflix is run by anti American lefties as is reflected by their Board of Directors. It includes both obamas.

  8. It is ingrained in the black culture to play abused, downtrodden, whine and be violent. The simplest solution is to place a $ 100.00 bounty on them and open the season with no bag limit.

  9. In the history of America kneeling for the flag has never been expected nor encouraged.
    Standing at attention with ones hand over their heart has been what we have been taught from childhood. Kneeling is for Christians honoring the Cross of Christ and God the Father.
    Many of the problems in the black community they created for themselves. Seventy three percent of their children are born out of wedlock. most grow up in a home without a father. Whose fault is that.
    Kaepernick grew up in a good background with a lot of opportunities.
    I have relatives that died for his privilege to salute of oppose our way of respecting the flag.
    What ever color or where ever one came from this is America, love it or leave it. But don’t disrespect all that has gone before us to make it a great country.

  10. Well guess who is working for netflix in some capacity? OBUMMER!!!! So no surprise the fool Kasper-nick is getting this movie. Obama is like the ever ready battery….he just keeps on going. I think ill cancel netflix too…. I’m sick of their crappy content as well as soooooo freaking many crappy movies about blacks.

  11. I am truly amazed by the vilification of Colin Kaepernick!! The vilification is intended to take the focus off the REAL issue- police brutality against people of color in America. The intent is do everything to deflect the attention from the inappropriate killing of people of color. Colin’s intent is not to disrespect America nor the National Anthem. You people want to continue to deflect from the real issue. The issue that you continually want to refuse to admit, address or effect positive change- police brutality!!!!

  12. How many think Kaepernick put his money where his mouth is and donate ALL his Netflix money, Nike money, NFL settlement money to help all black the community people in desperate need and move to Chicago to live in the ghettos in Chicago?

  13. Cheryl…..sit down and be quiet. Disrespect and self-aggrandizement and greed are his motioned. You have drunk the cool-aid so just be quiet and get educated.

  14. Are some you serious? First off Edward, people bow in a church to Christ, he is the only one worth kneeling for. And Colin is far from oppressed, wake up. He did this because he was mad he got benched for sucking. I wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire, he is a disrespectful punk! End of story.

  15. Cheryl, there is not a police brutality problem in this country. That is another fabrication by the left to demonize law enforcement. If people like you and Kaepernick really cared about blacks you would be out protesting all the black people that get killed in the major cities every day by their own kind.
    But I suspect you are a phony just like Kaepernick, or you are just plain stupid.

  16. Colen is just a very spoiled child whom has embarased the parents that raise him and gave him the best of everything. He was paid a lot of money to play football and then totally disgraced the sport that paid him so much money. If you ever watched him play he was just a so, so quarterback all he had was running speed because his passing was terrible. He quit he was not fired.

  17. Dr. J.D. I thought I already posted this once, but it doesn’t seem to appear, so at risk of appearing twice, I’ll repeat it.
    If more black people are killed by other black people, that is simply because they live among other black people. The same statistics hold for white on white killings. It is commonly known that most murders in this country are committed by people known personally to each other, often, in fact, relatives. So please don’t try to excuse this country’s invasive bigotry with these statistics.
    But these facts suggest something else that ought to ease your fears. We, as white people, have far more to fear from other whites than we do from blacks. This has been true, for example, in the recent rash of school shootings, none of which have been initiated by blacks, nor have blacks initiated any of the mass killings, such as Oklahoma City or Las Vegas But blacks do have fears of contact with whites. I think of my grandson who, as co-captain of his HS cross-country team, runs daily through the byways of the countryside in the heart of American Revolutionary country. In these days of corono-virus, he also runs with a mask. Were he a person of color, he would be afraid to take those daily runs for fear that some misguided citizen might perceive him as a threat to their safety and call the police on him. And we’ve all seen what too frequently happens to young unarmed black men when confronted by the police — or by well-intentioned vigilantes with a gun.
    I have faith that most people who follow this forum really are looking for solutions, but when you allow yourself to be led into attacking, you simply support an echo chamber that adds to the problem. Attacking is easy, especially in a forum where everyone is attacking — it’s the perfect climate for bullying and mob action. But life is hard, and it takes courage to back off and ask questions. So, please, let’s start talking and start a conversation that might lead to solutions rather than just more confrontation.

  18. WHO CARES !!!!! Everybody I know HATES this IDIOT Kaepernick !!!! It’s the RADICAL , LIBERAL , LIBTARDS that seem to just want to keep popping his name up every now and then . I’d like to see the NAPPY HEAD , HEMMROID LADEN , INGROWN TOENAIL SNIFFING , WORTHLESS , BUM , crawl under a rock and just stay there !!!!

  19. Edward Pixley, I stopped reading your verbose post after the first few sentences because what you are saying is a lie. Most black people are not killed by friends and family but by rival gang members, and stray bullets.
    Black kids shot playing in parks, bullets going through their windows, drive by shootings, etc.
    If democrats like yourself really cared about black lives you would be out protesting that, instead of demonizing the police and calling for them to be defunded, and tearing down statues. I’m telling you the truth, black people that live in these bad neighborhoods do not want the police defunded. Only the criminals and democrats want that. America is probably one of the least racist countries in the world, and black people have better lives and greater chances for upward mobility than in any other country. That is the truth.

  20. I am sorry that you have no interest in sharing ideas, but only in repeating what you think you already know. You have a closed mind, and I don’t know a cure for that. But I will continue to pray for you.

  21. Netflix is wasting their time and money. This turd has the IQ of a rock and the personality of a wet dishcloth. His entire life can be summarized in less than a minute: loser, traitor, ahole, jackass. I will be glad to pay his way to Somalia, Iran or China as long as he gives up his US citizenship

  22. By the way, Dr. J.D., while you are savoring your own “knowledge,” you can bask in the eloquent affirmation of your enlightened position by posts from people like “bob.”

  23. Edward Pixley, I can’t have an intelligent conversation or share ideas with a person who believes false premises, and thinks their lies are truth.
    Like I said before, America is not a racist country, and most blacks are not killed by friends and family. When you get to the point where you want to face reality then maybe we can share ideas.

  24. Have been thinking about cancelling Netflix and this deal with an anti-American will be the final straw. He may be making deals that keep him in the money but he is still a total loser.

  25. Dr. J.D. I think there are people like Edward Pixley who suffer from ‘white guilt’ for their own personal reasons, and desperately want to believe America is a racist country. There is no argument, and no statistics that will convince them otherwise because their beliefs have become almost religious in nature.


  27. Once these money hungry dems get their moneys worth out this anti-American racist .he will just be another homeless drug head on the curb with the rest of his kind.thats what the demsrats are good for.use u and get rid of u ..

  28. All of You People that are dogging Colin Kaepernick for kneeling you are the type of people this President likes . He calls you the uneducated that will believe anything he says. Kaepernick was not disrespecting the National Anthem he was protesting Police Brutality on the Black Community. It was President Trump that started that lie. Yet this President is ok with the people caring around the confederate flag and carrying teak torches saying Jews will not replace us. What is wrong with this picture.


  29. Colin was a victim of alt-right and right wing dominionists who think protesting America’s ills is somehow wrong. He is a courageous hero to those who believe racism and bigotry is wrong and has no place in the USA. The “leftists” are true patriots who see the USA as a refuge to all seeking civil rights and a place to live a peaceful life. A place where they are free to practice any religion or no religion without the government forcing a particular religious belief on them. Where they can have an abortion or express their sexual orientation without fear of religious zealots persecuting them.

  30. Anyone who thinks not standing for OUR AMERICAN flag and national anthem is not only UNAMERICAN but also MARXIST!
    If you don’t like it here go live somewhere else like maybe Venezuela where they lost all their freedoms. You might be happier there!

  31. I must say,it’s been rather fun reading these comments. Perhaps it would be helpful for most here to research crime statistics in our nation. Maybe then it could be understood why police are weary of black people. Be warned however as some statistics are purposely and purposefully skewed. Unfortunately it would seem that Black Americans commit most crimes regardless of percentage of population.

  32. Man there are some freaking dumb asses on here,Dip S… Edward in laLa land,Blacks are 13% of the country and shoot up Every city, Every Day and night in this country,Not to mention All the other crimes they Constantly commit! White people are surrounded by more White people too,You don’t see freaking the Whole State of Montana have as many shootings in Probably over a year then One Black city on One Weekend! What is this bizarre Love that Self loathers have for blacks that they Don’t even have for their own Family.Hey Idiot Edward..Take a stroll with your family on the south side of Chicago,or ANY Black neighborhood..And See how much They Love You back.

  33. Dr. J.D. You say you are not ready to have a conversation with me, and perhaps you are right. A true dialog involves at least two people who are willing to concede that they don’t have all the answers, and that their interlocutor may know something he/she doesn’t know. You are clearly not in that position. Hence you can only spout your “truths” on a forum where folks will honor you by affirming what you say in a never-ending echo chamber of hate When someone actually challenges you with a reasoned position, all you can do is refuse to engage, claiming that person is prisoner to a set of lies and, therefore, not worth talking to.
    Alternatively, perhaps you know that what you are presenting is right-wing propaganda and are afraid to have it exposed for the bigotry that it really is. For that, I have no cure. But I can at least hope that some of your readers will begin to see through the never-ending attacks you level at anyone who challenges your hate and bigotry.
    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men [people] are created equal . . . .” Let’s celebrate the 4th of July with a truly patriotic affirmation of our belief in the equality of all and truly honor our flag as a symbol of liberty and justice for ALL.

  34. More of Netflix’ crockumentaries. Netflix produces shows for leftist propaganda based on half lies. This mediocre football player should have been suspended the first time he knelt for the National Anthem and that would have stopped this garbage.

  35. All you people who are busy trashing Kaepernick are not seeing what is happening around our country today. Have you not seen all these rallies that are taking place all around our country? Most of the people who are doing these rallies appear to be White people, not Blacks. They are saying what Kaepernick has been talking about for the past four years. Wake up, Americans!

  36. That just means people will not want to watch NetFlix anymore. Who wants to watch a has been traitor to his Country!

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