Colin Kaepernick Got Some Devastating News After His Workout Stunt


Anti-American anthem protester Colin Kaepernick continues to be a thorn in the NFL’s side.

The League organized a workout for him, but he chose to back out of the event at the last minute and hold his own workout at a different location an hour away.

But Kaepernick just got some devastating news about his workout stunt.

Quarterback-turned-activist Colin Kaepernick has had a bizarre rollercoaster of an NFL career.

He bursted onto the scene as an exciting young talent and nearly led the San Francisco 49ers to a Super Bowl victory, but his career quickly unraveled after that.

He lost his starting job and his confidence, and saw his career flame out.

That’s when Kaepernick took a summer class at Berkeley and morphed into the king of “woke.”

His poor play mixed with his unreliable attitude made him an afterthought among the 32 NFL teams.

He was given a chance to get back into the league, but his latest workout stunt derailed those chances.

Fox News reports:

Colin Kaepernick’s highly publicized workout for seven NFL teams at Charles R. Drew High School in Riverdale, Ga., has reportedly not helped his case in returning to the NFL.

His representatives reportedly sent a video of his workout to the 25 NFL clubs that didn’t attend on Nov. 16, but “no teams have reached out to work him out, visit with him or sign him,” according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The report comes after his attorney, Mark Geragos, previously said on the Adam Carolla Podcast this week that two teams had shown interest in the controversial quarterback who helped start a wave of protests regarding social and racial injustice in 2016 by kneeling during the national anthem at games.

It’s no surprise that not a single team showed any interest in Kaepernick.

Throwing to wide-open receivers in gym shorts wasn’t what NFL teams wanted to see.

They wanted to see maturity and they wanted to see if he could be a distraction-free backup quarterback.

Kaepernick failed spectacularly in that regard.

He’s simply not worth the headache, and his pathetic stunt cemented that.

Do you think Kaepernick blew his last chance to get back in the league?

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  1. Not to mention he cannot play well enough to be an NFL Quarterback. He was the weak link in their Superbowl loss. He needs to get a job digging ditches for a few years so he understands the difference between real work and football.

  2. good riddings. I was not going to watch any games that a team who signed him, was playing on tv. I spent 20 years in the Navy and people are all the time are thanking me for my service. Do you know what: I thank Uncle Sam for feeding me, clothing me, putting a roof over my head and sending me to duty stations all around the world and Permitting me to have a wife and 3 daughters who went with me no matter where I was transferred to. All this possible because of our great country. None of that would I have been able to do on my own. Thank you and God Bless America. Maybe he should try the Marines. Wouldn’t that be something. lol. Can you picture him BALD? haha

    • don; That’s what this pampered, spoiled immature poor excuse of a human being( let alone calling him a man) needs. Time in the military. But I doubt if Colin K. could make it in the Boy Scouts let alone serving in the Marines.

    • Don, Thank you for your service. I am a former Marine and like you I wouldn’t walk across the street to watch this anti American punk play any game. When he didn’t stand for our National Anthem the first time I never watched another game he played in. When the rest of those over paid losers stopped standing for our Anthem I stopped watching the NFL. P.S. HE COULD NOT MAKE IT IN THE MARINES. SEMPER FI!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

      • Thank You Don AND Harold for your service. Female USAF VETERAN myself, 1976-1982. Now ALL we need is Army & we’re all set. I don’t watch FB much but I do support the HAWKS, SEATTLE SEAHAWKS, that is. This is my story, I’m Native American, my ex. Husband is a Retired CHP Officer, he’s also black, his father was a Battalion Chief of the NYFD, his brother was an Air Traffic Controller. This crap that CK is putting out is just that, CRAP! There are MANY, MANY Black Americans who have contributed to this country, some go way back. I’m sooooo tired of hearing the whining “WE’RE SO OPPRESSED,” the way I see it, is if you are a law abiding citizen, work hard & try to live the way God wants us ALL to do, then you should have no problems. Well, life is hard, but if you do the things that I mentioned above, then you should have NO COMPLAINTS. GOD CREATED ALL OF US & HE DIDN’T CREATE ALL OF US TO BE ALIKE. I’ve met so many different people in my life & each experience gave me a little more of what life is about. BE THERE FOR EACH OTHER & HELP IF YOU CAN. That’s my story & I’m sticking to it. God Bless America, God Bless our President & #MAGA WWG1WGA

        • Ms.JJ and the other Fine VETERANS of this GREAT COUNTRY OF OURS, I PROUDLY SAY THANK YOU ALL for your service!!! Ms JJ you just put into words that so very many of We AMERICANS feel, Regardless of race, color, or religion, each and every one has the same opportunity to make something for or out of themselves!!! RESPECT is a quality that is earned, not just expected because of who you are!!! I THANK YOU ALL again for your SACRIFICE to keep OUR NATION FREE!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA

  3. What’s another name for Colin? How much money, time and heartache do you think you caused the NFL, Colin? Do you really think your gonna get picked? Go talk to Tonya Harding, let her explain it to you.

    • Buddy, you’re too funny. Tanya Harding, haven’t heard that name in a long, long time. She’s white, so what’s her excuse. LMAO. There are people ALL OVER THIS WORLD, All different nationalities, races etc., who feel entitled. It’s not the race of the person, it’s the way they were raised. If I’m not mistaken, Colin was adopted by a rich family, so he already felt entitled. God created each of us to be different, can you imagine if we ALL looked alike & acted alike? Oh Lord, that would be boring as hell. That’s all I have to say about that! LMAO! “RUN FORREST, RUN!”

  4. I smell toast burning. Again. Kunta Kinte should be grateful he no longer will be enslaved to earn millions throwing pigskin around. Give the good man forty acres and a mule, just what every former slave was promised by DemLibs.


    • I see no talent. vSpoiled punk brat, radical idiot who thinks stupid football fans need to see him play. Wake up and smell the coffee and get real. you need a brain CK.

  5. What team would want an egotistical I Me My Mine, type on their roster. Not a team player.. wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the team… get a job at McDonalds

      • That would be amusing a criminal in the WH pardoning him for what he as done nothing wrong.

        It is not a crime to kneel for the militaristic national anthem just like it is considered free speech to burn the flag free country.

        Just because you believe it is un-american doesn’t make it so protected speech.


        • jack, your extreme ignorance is showing. And please name ONE THING that Pres. Trump has done that is crooked. You CAN’T!!!! He has done nothing wrong. Take your sick hate somewhere else.

        • Jack: I am venturing to guess you never served in the military. Because if you had perhaps you would have SOME sort of patriotism in your heart and soul. Just because you CAN burn the flag and kneel in protest( not for a self-severing reason as this jack ass Colin K. did) DOESN”T MAKE IT MORALLY RIGHT!!!
          As many people have already pointed out to you, President Trump hasn’t done anything legally wrong. But your unjustified hate for our president has really clouded your thought process .There is no hope for you Jack. You stay a Democrat. And IF (God forbid) we do get a Democratic president in 2020, you’d better enjoy our freedoms we have right now. Because guaranteed they will all disappear one by one. And you will be one of the ones I can fault for destroying our great country…..

  6. Hey Geragose you stupid Greek, how’s your other famous client, the”innocent” Scott Peterson doing? And how is Gary Condit’s daughter?

  7. NO team wants the kaepernick headaches & i predict NIKE won’t see a good year either as Kaepernick burns through his money like the arrogant nut job he is and lands him on skid row before he’s dies of old age.

    • Maybe he can join Jussie Smollet as he looks for work. Kindrid spirits! Dissing our hard working police and President only goes so far until the public turns it’s back on you.

  8. At least when Justin Beeber went off the deep end trying to image himself as a “bad boy” he soon realized that if he didn’t back off, his career would be doomed, talent or not. Even today, he struggles with a declined fan base.

    Different celeb status – same ego fed mania!

  9. If it were not for the United States of America and football he would be out in the rest
    of hard working people where he needs to be.
    I have no time for ungrateful who thinks this country owes them something.
    If he is unhappy being around people who have shed their blood for this country then
    you are free to find you some place else to go . I would say good riddence!!!!!

  10. Kopernikel a has been, he is one of the reasons I’ lost all interest in football, the other reason is, all the Ex coaches that came forward and told us all the games are rigged for Max Profits!!?? Now I watch Real Football, where you actually use your feet and kick the ball, A lot from England, Europe and on Latin Channels, Action all the time, when you get into it, it is 100.X more fun to watch. Not one throw, re-group, re line up, and another throw, catch, sacked, back to square one. Got to be boring after a while, especially when you know it is rigged.

  11. He was done in my book the first time he took a knee. You don’t disrespect our national anthem or our flag. He was there to play football not make a statement on NFL or the fans time. Take out an ad and pay for it on your own time. You ruined your career and you did it all on your own because your don’t like rules and then you want to sue when you created your own mess. Bye-bye Colin Kaepernick, hope it was worth it too you !

  12. He’ll find solace in visiting Venequela and other oppressed countries. He’ll be hailed as a hero and he’ll eat it up. Doesn’t he have a very nice income from Nike? He’s in no hurry to be serious.

  13. Schiff Schiff He’s still made more money than most of us. What he did with it I DON’T KNOW OR CARE but
    he grew up in a nice home and turned on his parents, turned on the NFL and America – seems to be his pattern
    Get a haircut, a real job – or do some good with your fame and money and perhaps you could change people’s
    perceptions, In other words – get normal and not act like a spoiled brat !!!!!!!

  14. Colin Kaepernick the New Liberian for sure will never play again in the NFL. As of January 2020 he will be put out of professional football forever like what happened to Pete Rose from the Cincinnati Reds baseball. He has lost his talent and would NOT be a financial asset anymore for the NFL nor to its commercial sponsors. Kaepernick is also a financial and political liability to America.

  15. CK blew his chance a very long time ago, when he first demonstrated his contempt for America and her citizens by kneeling. Any team that would pick this guy up would wind up down the toilet so fast their heads would be spinning.
    He isn’t about playing in the NFL, he’s about CK the martyr (which he isn’t). Pro football player? Nah. Pro victim? You BET!

  16. Only a total JERK who is brain dead would pull a stunt like this AH did & expect to be forgiven for it. Maybe he should consider playing soccer in another country! But I don’t think that he would make the “cut” now that he older & used up!

  17. He is a disgrace to the NFL ,,His parents who adopted him..should not have picked him all the money\
    time and effort his parent put in him and gave up things for him… DISGRACE PACK UP AND LEAVE

  18. He is a stupid fool – how do I know? To raise awareness of a genuine issue our country needs to look at, he immediately alienated over 1/2 the country by showing disrespect for an American symbol. NOT BRIGHT! Then he continues his militant diatribes, attempts to paint himself as the victim and continues to prove himself to be an egotistical, self – aggrandizing me only person. No sane NFL executive would put a narcissist into a room where TEAM is valued more greatly than self. Colin Kissmyack, you did this to yourself, so just go away!

  19. Colin Kaepernick you’re a lost cause and we don’t need you or your way of thinking in our professional league of football. You need to go back to school and get your mind right. Got to be tough if your going to be stupid dumbass. The best job for you would be cleaning toilets for rest of your pathetic life.

  20. I might suggest that he enlist in the U.S.Marines and learn from the deaths and wounded of hundreds of thousands who fought for over 200 years in order that he could make a decent living throwing a football! This country has made gigantic progress in human rights compared to most of the world. He had no complaints while playing and collecting the big bucks most Americans will never have the ability to earn. When he was benched, all of a sudden he turned his back on us as gratitude for all he was given!! If he had any brains he might be thankful what Americans did to win WWII protected him and his family from the inevituful fate of the Germans or Japanese!! If he has such distaste for this country he should move where he’ll be happier and be less then a pain in the ass for the rest of us.

  21. If Kaepernick can’t respect the flag of the great country that gives him the right to act like a Jackass, he shouldn’t be allowed to reep the reward of playing in the NFL where he chose to act like said Jackass. Furthermore, no NFL team should lower themselves to allowing said Jackass to, in any way, represent their team.

  22. The jerk blew it for me when he took a knee….Then, when other disrespectful turds also took a knee, I quit watching football…Period…I’m surprised at the things I have achieved not wasting my time with the arrogant assholes that make up the NFL, especially the owners, of whom I also have no respect for since they kissed the turds ass…Maybe being an Army Infantryman Vet gives me that attitude, but it is what it is and will remain.

  23. I feel sorry for this guy. He is right to protest and I believe some of what he says, but to mess up a sports game and seize the public…. That is an ultimate display of selfishness. Go to the gates, hold up signs, pass out flyers, kneel there. That would show some guts. To take over from the hard working fans their time and presence–you are actually hurting your causes.

    What made you do all of this foolishness?

    • wow, pretty angry there cupcake. You probably need to go to a college campus where other haters can congregate in your own miserable cocoon.

    • jack, Pres. Trump has done NOTHNG wrong!!!! You cannot name ONE THING that makes him a criminal. But the Clintons are extremely corrupt and muslim traitor Obama lied his way into our White House and that is all okay with you. You are very sick and ignorant

  24. Say good bye Colin…Very happy he is gone, he should take some of his past fellow players with him.
    There is no place in sports for men and women that disrespect this great country we live in.
    After all it is a game, entertainment, I do not believe we should be putting them on pedestals, most of them are over paid and have lost reality of what it takes to get by in the real world.

  25. Kapernick looks like a spoiled hothead who whines when he doesn’t get his way
    Also whomever composed this article needs to go back to grammar school.
    He didn’t “ bursted “ on the scene , but he did BURST onto the scene. Poor grammar and spelling is rampant and pitiful.

  26. The best part is that one of the receivers he had working out with him during his session IS getting attention from one of the teams. I didn’t look but I sure hope the guy is black or he’ll be crying racism again.

  27. I thank Colin Kaepernick and his kneeling buddies for curing me from my NFL addiction. I no longer am a fan, never watch, and probably never will. NFL go to hell!

  28. .He and Hilary ought to hook up and start a group to help many of the young today and name it ” Lose, merely worthless scumrs are US. Neither of them are worth talking about

  29. Him and the NFL sent me to watch college football from now on.
    The awful crap I was exposed to in Vietnam and began to watch and
    listen to these over paid players like this guy is enough for anyone to
    move to college football.
    60,70,80’s was great football.


  31. I think he was hit in the head way too many times! I can’t believe that Nike doesn’t see him as a drain on their financial empire! What are the investors thinking? I’d boot him out of there too! I will never buy anything Nike again!

  32. I’ll say this for those who follow Colin Kap. The next time you follow someone it wise to know where they are leading you. Colin never cared whether anyone else knelt or not because it was all about him, just like his NFL workout. Look for Nike to cut lose of him. He showed who he really is at the workout.


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