Coaches at a Tennessee high school were told not to lead students in prayer and what happened next will give you chills


Radical leftists are on a quest to destroy all that is good and pure in America.

One group the Left is determined to destroy, and destroy quickly, is Christians, but they are facing some pushback.

Coaches at a Tennessee high school were told not to lead students in prayer, and what happened next will send chills down your spine.

Christians are enemy number one for many on the Left.

Everything Christianity is and stands for is triggering to the liberals.

American children are being fed lies at the hands of school teachers and administrators.

Government schools are trying to control what these kids see, hear, and even say.

So clearly any type of symbol of Christianity must be done away with immediately or they will never be able to brainwash all of their students.

At one school in Putnam County, Tennessee, coaches and teachers were told that they couldn’t lead students in prayer.

So, what did the students do?

They took matters into their own hands.

In a stunning display of Christianity and defiance against the school district, the students prayed after a football game on the field.

Not only did they pray, they did in a grand fashion.

Players, cheerleaders, and fans from both teams took to the field and knelt to pray.

Parents went on the field and encircled the students as a sign of protection and solidarity.

The images from the game are stunning and show what the power of prayer can do in bringing people together.

America’s schools are trying to destroy children and make them believe that conservative Christian values are wrong and harmful.

It is a brave move for many of these students to go against the grain and show not just their hometown, but the world, that they’ve had it with the indoctrination and won’t stand for it any longer.

One can only hope that these students will never let anything stand in the way of publicly living out their faith.

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