CNN just admitted a racist secret about the Democrat Party


The Democrat Party continues to be exposed for their racism.

This is resulting in historic levels of minority voters becoming Republicans.

And CNN just admitted a racist secret about the Democrat Party.

This year has brought a ton of bad news to the Democrat Party when it comes to racist scandals.

Most troubling was the scandal relating to Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, who was caught having a yearbook picture featuring him in either Ku Klux Klan robes or black face.

Along with that, a number of Democrat politicians have been caught in anti-Semitism scandals.

But CNN just said something on the air that should raise a lot of red flags.

Talking about migrant detention centers, a panel of left-wing hosts talked about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s claim that they are in abysmal conditions.

And in making that claim, they all agreed that the only reason conditions won’t improve is that those being detained are not white.

NewsBusters reports:

On Monday’s CNN Newsroom, co-founder of The Beat DC, Tiffany Cross joined co-host Poppy Harlow and CNN analyst Molly Ball to take Ocasio-Cortez’s side and to declare that the poor conditions at the border are due to the fact that the migrants are not white.

Cross began by arguing that the division between Pelosi and the four Democratic congresswomen who voted against the initial House funding bill for the border was, “an ideological and a tactical division.”

Despite the near non-stop coverage of the crisis and the conditions at the border detention facilities, Cross declared that, “They’re all four women of color who voted against this bill. And the reality, that I think there’s trouble reconciling within this country, if these were white babies being treated this way in these detention facilities, if these were white women being held in overcrowded facilities, being told to drink from toilets, there certainly would be more of a national outcry.

CNN seems to ignore the fact that it is the Republicans trying to not only improve the conditions in the detention centers, but prevent so many from needing to be held there.

Republicans have been pushing multiple bills to increase funding for border patrol so they can improve the conditions in the overcrowded centers.

But it is Democrats preventing the funding from passing.

So CNN seems to be stating that it is the Democrats who are racist, and refusing to help non-white migrants.

Do you think CNN is fake news?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. There are two solutions to AOC’s complaints AGAIN.Take all these illegals home and let her provide a 5 star hotel conditions for them. Or let them GO HOME! We can not support and hold this massive influx of people storming our country, illegally.All the democrats see is more voters for their party.. Give them a drivers license and they can vote ! I can not understand no matter what party you support, you can not see what is taking place and is comfortable with it.Believe me, I fully understand someone wanting a better life. But stay in your own country and fight to make it better there.

  3. Amen to both comments above! THEY CHOSE TO COME HERE!! This definitely is not “…. The Land of Milk and Honey!” You have to WORK for what you get! If they would have tried that in their “home country”, it might have worked! But NO! They let some “Dictator” tell them what to do. Go home and “Rise up against your corrupt politicians”.

  4. Ditto to Linda, Art, and Robert. If the children from the Comical Nuisance Network had any common sense they’d realize IF the illegals weren’t here but back home the detentions centers wouldn’t even be needed. The real problem is the CNN children haven’t a brain among them.

  5. Dang it, we need a boatload of white illegal immigrants. Hear that you illegals, reject your heritage and become white, just for CNN.

  6. Isn’t it kind of like throwing a party and inviting only native americans and then calling them all racists because they came to the party.

  7. Ms. or Mrs. Linda A. Hear! Hear! You have that correct! Then IF they want to still come back to the USA, they have to go to their Original Countries US Embassy and fill out that US Immigration Application Truthfully And Sincerely FIRST, Go Get Checked Out By A Licensed Doctor, Hoping That They Are NOT Mentally And Medically Disturbed SECOND, Learn The English Language THIRD, Wait For The USA’s Approval FOURTH, and Finally LEAVE Their Dangerous, Deadly Violent And Destructive Attitudes And Actions Behind Inside Their Original Countries, Point Blank, With A String Of Exclamation Marks For Extra UMPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. K. Harris’ own father said she does not have one drop of black blood. Their family were slave owners. She is the biggtest phony of all, inclluding Pocohontas Warren. They will lie, cheat, or anything that will get them votes. She only slept with a married black Mayor. That makes her extremely immoral – not black.

  9. It is a historical fact that every piece of racist legislation that was
    ever passed and every racist terrorist attack that was inflicted on
    African Americans, was initiated by members of the Democratic Party.
    History shows that during the past 160 years the Democratic Party
    legislated Jim Crow laws, Black Codes and a multitude of other laws at
    the state and federal level to deny African Americans their rights as
    citizens. Congressional records show it was Democrats that strongly
    opposed the passage of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments. These three
    Amendments were introduced by Republicans to abolish slavery, give
    citizenship to all African Americans born in the United States, and give
    Blacks the right to vote. Congressional records show that Democrats
    were opposed to passing the following laws that were introduced by
    Republicans to achieve civil rights for African Americans: Civil Rights
    Act of 1866 Reconstruction Act of 1867 Freedman Bureau Extension Act of
    1866 Enforcement Act of 1870 Force Act of 1871 Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871
    Civil Rights Act of 1875 Civil Rights Act of 1957 Civil Rights Act of
    1960 And during the 60’s many Democrats fought hard to defeat the 1964
    Civil Rights Act 1965 Voting Rights Act 1972 Equal employment
    Opportunity Act After reviewing all of the evidence, many believe
    America would have never experienced racism to the degree that it has,
    had not the Democrats promoted it.Source material by Wayne Perryman

    The DDD(DUMB DUMBER demonrats) Party started with slave owners of the
    south. The KKK was founded and run by DEMOCRATS.DEM President Woodrow
    Wilson proudly showed to his Cabinet at the White House the WHITE
    SUPREMACIST film “Birth of a Nation” which gloried the KKK. Wilson
    segregated the Federal government. The KKK rose to its zenith of power
    and respectability because of DEM Pres. Wilson.Margaret Sanger, the
    secular patron saint of the DEM Party, was a rabid RACIST WHITE
    SUPREMACIST Eugenicist who dreamed of eliminating Blacks from the human
    gene pool. LIBS looove her.All but 3 of the 24 Southern DEMS, including
    Sen. Al Gore Sr, who for RACIST reasons voted against the Civil Rights
    Act of 1964, remained lifelong DEMS as did most their children and
    grandchildren. They did not all become Right Wing Republicans. DEM
    Senator Robert Byrd, who Hillary called her mentor ant the Conscious of
    the Senate,, was KKK Grand Dragon who recruited over 150 new KKK
    Klansmen. Republican party was founded to END SLAVERY and it did It
    continued through the days of LBJ and his “Great Society”. The demonrats
    still own slaves, that population that sucks upthe welfare and other
    enhancements to sustain their lives(“YOU”) with absolutely no remorse
    for taking unearned welfare. demonrats are desperate to keep these
    programs alive and increasing to enhance their voting block and make
    their welfare recipients dependent on them. As LBJ(after assassinating
    JFK, yes demonrats did that to there OWN PARTY)said at the signing of
    his “Great Society” legislation, “We have now secured the N vote for the
    next hundred years.” In other words, he made the
    Black/White/Red/Yellow, and Brown Population of welfare recipients
    slaves to them with no way out. You say I am WHITE PRIVILEGED I am a
    HighSchool dropout I “GET NO HANDOUTS” and “I SUCCEEDED in this GAME
    insurance to cover demonrats NON-WORKING SORRY -SSES. I raised two
    children one w/a Phd/MedDr and another w/MBA on a low income middleclass
    salary w/NO HELP FROM NO-ONE(Govt Asst)! So you no what…YOU ALL CAN
    KMA with your racebaiting BS get up off your SORRY -SSES and make
    something of yourself. Break “THE demonrat STIGMA OF RACISM THEY HAVE
    “PUT” AMONG US!” Quit having the govt supporting you and do it yourself
    The key to success in this world is to work hard and do what is right.
    Trying to forcefully take success from people and redistribute it will
    never work, and the harm always outweighs the good.

    IF ANYONE STUDIED “AMERICAN HISTORY”? … They would know that when White Men landed in Africa? It was common practice to steal people from opposing Tribes . And then make them into “SLAVES” for your Tribe. And when the White Men saw this practice Among the Tribesmen and Women? They had an Ahh Haa! Moment! And decided they would join the tradition and with the HELP of Tribesman. Caught and Deported Native African’s to America to become future SLAVES there. (Before you beat up ALL WHITE PEOPLE? Guess What? The orgional Blacks folks had a hand in SLAVERY THEMSELVES.) … Imagine That.

  10. A couple of things, first this article fails to mention is that the Republicans refused to ear mark the funding bills for help with the detention. The Republicans bills just gave $ to ICE but with no conditions on what it was to be used for. That is why Democrats refused to sign them. Second US law require asylum seekers to request it at a US port of entry, they can NOT do that at an embassy. You have to be at the border. Lastly, why are these people coming hear? Mostly because of our foreign policy in the Americas. Going back as far as the Monroe doctrine we have considered the Americas our playground. This is a list of the things we have done. While some of these are positive many are negative, and both the Republicans & Democrats share responsibility. We have helped to create the problem & continue to do so. We need to help clean up the mess we made, not just tell these people to go back and fix it while we continue to perpetuate the problem.

  11. I absolutely love how you were respectful in your post. Thank you for that. That attitude is what helps make America great. And the clear, fair thinking goes a long way, too.

  12. Seems to me all I read about conditions at the border include democrats voting down funds to rectify the situation as there has been several bills for funds stopped. However on the flip side several reports have pointed to the fact conditions there are better than where they came from. If these people know what things are like and so disgusting why do they keep coming? If I know things are worse in the next town than they are here I stay here nothing else makes sense. Just a personal observation nothing else.

  13. If one must be at the border, and NOT at a US embassy, does my memory fail me or, did we accept asylum seekers from Germany (remember the Berlin Wall?) in an illegal manner because they weren’t at a POE? The USA didn’t have refugee problems by the thousands until the UN (NWO) started telling its major members they (refugees) must be accepted….

  14. Art, are you really that stupid? It sounds a lot like you don’t know very much about the history of this country and are the one who is unhappy about being here.
    The history of this country is that we, a group of people collectively known as WASP’s, invaded this country in 1620. Sadly, for them, the inhabitants of this country graciously allowed those initial invaders sanctuary. They provided them with food and other provisions and invited the pilgrims to live along side them in this beautiful, pristine environment.
    Moving forward, the population of invaders continued to grow and ultimately decided that the original inhabitants of this country had no claim to it. We began to view them as little more than another part of the flora and fauna, an annoying part of the natural world that needed to be removed to make way for our westward expansion. Thus began the genocide of the original native inhabitants of this country.
    Now, although we were very good at killing, we were not all that hot on the idea of manual labor. We did, however, have a solution to that issue. We would import a race of people who were not WASP’s and whom were viewed by the WASP’s as simply more fauna in the natural world. These people would be brought here against their will and would be made to work for free…we would call them ‘Slaves’.
    Art, this country was built on migration, immigration, genocide and on the backs of those slaves. Even after the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863, the black race was held separate and in contempt by those of us who’s ancestors had subjugated them by the enactment of the ‘Jim Crow’ laws.
    So, now that you have a little history under your belt, do you really wonder why those people of color you’ve referred to are upset with their current situation? Looking at the current state of affairs in race relations in this country, if you can’t understand, I guess my first assessment was correct…you really are that stupid and should go back to wherever it is your people came here from.

  15. These guys have been racists since their BEGINNING! Just check on the Democratic party’s beginning. Those who do not study their history are BOUND to repeat it. TRUMP and His allies 2020.

  16. You’re welcome to move anytime. I would hate to live somewhere I despise as much as you despise the United States of America. God bless the USA ????????! #Trump2020

  17. Only problem is, the people in detention are white. They are not people of color. Perhaps the congress is ignorant of that fact but they keep referring to them as “brown people” which is insulting and condescending. Most of those on the left are just plain ignorant.

  18. william winder: america was built on all people uneducated and took advantage of by educated people that used them as slaves to work for nothing so they could get rich. blacks came as slaves and worked in the fields for slave owners to get rich when they were freed they were used along with all nationalist to work for pitiful wages to make the rich richer. so slaves sir was not alone in building this country. my grand daddy came from germany and worked in coal mines for 5 cents an hour and his back had something to do with making the rich richer and expanding their companies so they could build larger companies to help build this nation.

  19. I don’t despise it you idiot, I simply recognize it for what it is. It does, however, seem as though you’re the one not very happy with the place…wanting to make it…something it’s not and has never been…again? Please, tell me what you’re MAGA looks like…

  20. Let’s have open borders just as the Dems want. For every immigrant we let in, one Democrat must leave.

  21. Nice try Bob…and yes, what you are describing are the inherent inequities of a Capitalist society…but your grandfather did not come here in chains. It was, after all, his choice to come. No one abducted him, threw him on a ship, beat him with a whip, took his family away from him or lynched him for trying to run away to the freedom that would allow him to profit from his own labor…even if it was a meager profit…and Bob, the word ‘Nationalist’ imply’s a lot of things…most of them not very admirable…however, none of those include ignorance. And frankly, Bob, prior to this year, the last person I’m familiar with who used the word frequently in describing himself and his associates, his ‘party’ as it were, was Adolf Hitler. If you can think of another filling that gap between Hitler and Trump, please name him…I’m truly curious.

  22. We all sit back and take it for granted that skin color is somehow important or meaningful. Why is it always white vs. everybody else? I am white, or nearly so. My wife is hispanic. We are both lighter in color than many so called white people. We are also darker than some so called people of color. So what? As Martin Luther King pointed out, we need to judge a person by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. On my street, there are people of all backgrounds, nationalities, and colors. None of that matters because we are neighbors.

  23. You know, Keith, you are absolutely correct…Lincoln was a republican and it was a far right Democratic party responsible for all that ‘Jim Crow’ stuff…but that, as they say, is history. The republican and democratic parties have switched places in regards to which is considered ‘left’ and which ‘right’…no one disputes this.
    And as far as ‘slavery’ goes, it is a practice that has been ongoing since we organized ourselves into ‘societies’….Egyptians and Jews ring a bell? It was, however, the Dutch’ that made it profitable for African tribes to sell their captives to the ‘whites’. And Keith, aren’t we supposed to be better than that…because you see another person commit a crime, does that make it OK for you to do the same?
    Please don’t misunderstand the things that I have said. As regards my biological heritage, I am as white as white can get…fair skin, blue eyes and dark blonde hair. But it is not ones coloration that determines ones views on life and the world around them. There are things that are right and things that are wrong when it comes to our relations with other people…no matter the color of their skin. Philosophically, it falls under the term “Natural Law” and is as simple as treating the other person as you would have yourself treated.

  24. William…If you really knew anything about history you would know that the Indians were killing each other long before the whites arrived. They were far from one big happy family. And it was the BLACKS in Africa who abducted OTHER BLACKS and sold them into slavery. And BLACKS also owned slaves. LOTS of them. And you are EXTREMELY SICK!!!!!! There is no comparison AT ALL between Hitler and Pres. Trump. Take your sick hate somewhere else. Pres. Trump has done MORE for blacks in this country than Obama ever dreamed of doing, which was nothing, as he didn’t care.

  25. carol, you are right on, but the dems have only hate and lies and have no concept of the truth that they deny

  26. Do nothing? I wish. What they are doing is spewing their sick hate and lies and their goal is to take over our government any way they can.

  27. William, that is FALSE!!!!!!! If you really bothered to check the truth, you would know that the parties DID NOT switch places!!! That is a lie and you have fallen for it. Only a FEW switched. FACT!!!! The dems are still very racist and Robert Byrd was a proud leader of the KKK, which was started by the DEMS. And, yes, slavery has been going on since there were humans on this earth. It was blacks that went into the jungles and captured other blacks and sold them into slavery. NO ONE forced them to do it. Many blacks owned slaves. It was not just whites. Muslim countries still have slavery.

  28. William…You don’t have any concept of our history or who our founding fathers were. That is obvious. Public schools do not teach history anymore. They just indoctrinate unsuspecting students with lib propaganda

  29. Ken Marx: What you said is very true.And I think most people are not judging anyone because of their skin color.It is because the Democrats WANT to cause this confusion, and keep crying racism when there isn’t any.It’s about allowing people to enter our country illegally .We can not hold or support such an massive influx of people trying to cross the border. It is already costing the taxpayers millions as it is, to take care of these people at the detention centers.What are we supposed to do?Do you really think the Democratic party is so worried about the plight of these souls? ALL they see is another body to vote for their party come 2020.. The Democratic party is evil and corrupt and just wants to destroy everything our country stands for , bottom line.

  30. Only 1.4% of the white people owned slaves. Not that it was right, but to hear ignorant people talking like every white person owned slaves is a grave error. My family history shows we were indentured servants working for people. read a little more facts.

  31. wrong William, some of the people were criminals and the unwanted. The settlers got along with Squanto of the patuxet band and the Wampanoag tribe, also the Nauset Tribe. Powhatan/Confederacy conflict was the first recorded conflict. The Powhatan invited the settlers to move further inland, feigned a friendship, then attacked the settlers around 1622. As any other people, you had good and bad. Friendly trust was eroded, through the years. The tribes were as different as England, Spain, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, France…… some welcomed the other tribes wanted them to go.

  32. I am so sick of hearing about so-called racism. Yes, there are people who are racists and that’s because they bring it on themselves. If White people are racist against blacks it’s because we see how the country has declined since the civil rights movement. Wherever they congregate, they create ghettos, deplorable living conditions. They look for every chance they get to riot and loot and destroy. Their violent crime is off the charts to the point you need to buy guns to protect yourselves from their home invasions, etc. This cRAP music they churn out is culture-destroying. They whine and moan about everything, the more you give them, the more they want. Scream about equality but then demand special treatment. How I wish Lincoln would have lived long enough to have sent them to Liberia as he intended.

  33. Swamp News, MSM=Fake News (CNN,FOX,MSNBC.etc)The Pravda/Racists Divisive Commie news and their propaganda HATE machine at full throttle! They are destroying the country within! Prosecute these deep state traitors now, Pres Trump!

  34. CNN can’t tell the truth, even if they made up the “so called facts” and articles. This wasn’t started by President becoming President, but also during the Vietnam War. They, CNN, stated that our military was dropping nerve gas on the NVA, VC, etc. Of course, none of that was true, it did cause our men to be wounded and killed, just so the editor could be a big shot with the TRUE, according to CNN, being told.
    What TRASH!!!

  35. Everyone at CNN has their cranium so far up their rectum they need a plexiglass stomach to see where they are going! Fake News is being very generous.

  36. Yet again, you show how IMBECILIC you actually are, what with an IQ that is very close to MINUS 100, eh ?

  37. William W.: your self-appointed history lesson forgot a few things like the black tribal leaders who sold their people into slavery for a few shiney trinkets. And the democrat party being the party of the KKK. Color of skin has nothing to do with immigration, it has to do with NUMBERS and we already have too many people draining the resources that are put there by tax-paying CITIZENS for OUR needs.

    Liberals and democrats are far more concerned with illegal invaders than the military veterans and needy CITIZENS.

    That’s just one reason I say:


  38. William

    Your history is somewhat wrong since 300K Americans gave their life to insure that slavery was ended by the Civil War. Republicans for the most part passed legislation in support of the black population. Unfortunately, President Johnsons War on Proverity has destroyed the black family in America so that many of them grow up with only a Mother in the house which has created numerous problems. In short the government has created a unsolvable problem and no one has a solution.

  39. William Winder – you are the textbook definition of the classic self-loathing white liberal whose hatred for our beloved nation, warts and all, cloud that already foggy brain of yours – no wonder you can’t see/accept the gigantic steps we, as a nation, have taken to right the wrongs of a people born into something they neither created nor wanted. Look up the term “fool” in Proverbs….

  40. I presume you’re speaking of the Communist Nonsense Network CNN; and not ABC, the All Bull Corn, or NBC No Body Cares, or CBS Communists Bullies and Screwballs.


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