Clint Eastwood just stood up to Hollywood in the boldest way possible and liberals are furious


Clint Eastwood has never gotten along politically with Hollywood elitists or radical Leftists.

And he’s one of the very few actors in Hollywood who has the guts to stand up to them.

Now, Clint Eastwood is standing up to Hollywood once again and what he did has made them more furious with him than ever before.

Ever since Georgia passed their pro-life Heartbeat Law, Hollywood liberals have lost their minds.

Alyssa Milano and a handful of celebrities are threatening to boycott the state in retaliation for the law.

Major filmmakers and production companies like Netflix and Disney have threatened to join in.

They are attempting to bully every last celebrity to join the boycott so they can make their point.

That’s when Clint Eastwood refused to let someone like Alyssa Milano tell him what do to.

Clint Eastwood announced he’s filming his next project in the state of Georgia and liberals are furious.

Breitbart reports:

Multiple Oscar-winner Clint Eastwood will film his upcoming Ballad of Richard Jewell in Georgia, ignoring a pro-abortion boycott in the movie and TV industry.

Production on the film, that stars Oscar winners Kathy Bates and Sam Rockwell, as well as Jon Hamm and Olivia Wilde, will begin this summer in Atlanta.

Clint Eastwood is coming off his surprise hit The Mule, which starred the 89-year-old, grossed over $100 million domestic, and was itself shot in and around Atlanta last summer.

Eastwood’s decision makes sense for a couple of reasons. Although he is probably pro-choice, the screen legend has never been the kind of movie star to jump on whatever Hollywood’s latest fad is, especially boycotts and the like. I can’t ever remember seeing his name on a petition of any kind.

Clint Eastwood has never been one to engage in Hollywood’s endless cycle of virtue signaling or ploys for attention.

He’s by no means a Democrat either.

The actor endorsed John McCain and Mitt Romney in 2008 and 2012 and has expressed how much he dislikes Hillary Clinton.

It’s no secret why Leftist celebrities like Alyssa Milano hate him.

And by defying their boycott over Georgia’s pro-life legislation, he has every last liberal in Hollywood fuming with anger.

Do you approve of Clint Eastwood’s decision?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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  2. Way to go Clint liberals are lost and leading America astray! They have totally lost touch with reality and the American people who pay them? I was once an ignorant liberal democrat myself until God had mercy on me and saved me and I was born again in late 86-87. I read the Bible every day and I am no longer blinded by the world the flesh and sin. The liberals the education system the media are lost and leading America’s youth astray!

  3. Good man. These whining liberal schmucks in Hollywood do not seem to understand that nobody cares what they think. Let them boycott all they want. And let them watch their ticket sales go down the pooper.

  4. The maker of “The Outlaw Josey Wales” could care less about what the rest of Hollywood does, he’s too busy doing what’s right and profitable at the same time.

  5. You go Clint Eastwood stand up snd stand strong!! . Great job Georgia keep saving babies. I hope and pray all of our other 49 states will do the same thing as Georgia did.

  6. Praise God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Matt Atwater Awesome I’ll be praying for you my born-again christian brother in the Lord. Win souls Matt!! May God be with you.

  7. I am from Arizona, but, I could not voter for the stomach-turner, Juan McPain. I nearly bit my tongue off going for Mutt Romney. The Donald is like fresh air after 8 years of the usurper.

  8. I knew there was a reason I have always considered him to be a good person. Much like John Wayne these guys may be the heroes on the screen but in many ways going against the grain in Hollywood makes them a real hero in my book.

  9. Steely eyed Clint Eastwood is a bad ass !!! I have always loved his movies . The fact that he will not go along with the Hollywood liberal Elite makes me like Mr. Eastwood even more !

  10. I can’t add too much to what has already been stated so far, except to say GOD bless Mr. Eastwood for standing up for what’s the right and Christian thing to do by not buckling under to these Hollywood Liberals!Not only is he a hero in my eyes, but his reward will be much greater from GOD……

  11. U go Clint I’m backing u 100%. Those stupid liberals what would they think if there parents did this acting like a bunch of spoiled little brats. And besides didn’t she have her children. Why didn’t she abort her own

  12. Yeah, Clint Eastwood! You normally played tough guys in your movies, but now you are being a one in real life. Thank-you for your stand against abortion. Murder Is Murder. GOD Bless you!

  13. Clint has been a guy that knows what he believes and isn’t going to be pushed around by some mindless hank of hair. Clint and Tom S and Sam E and John W are my favorite actors.

  14. God Bless you Clint Eastwood. You are a true American and always have been a favorite of mine. Thank you for your ethics, morals and common sense.

  15. God Bless you Clint Eastwood. You are a true American and always have been a favorite of mine. Thank you for your ethics, morals and common sense.

  16. Clint you are truly a cowboy… Way to go. You would have many more millions of fans if abortion had never been legalized decades ago by an insane Supreme Court. Bill Cummins the Humble Cowboy Headliner

  17. Thank you Mr Eastwood. Too many are bowing down to the PC police today and making America a weaker country.

  18. Yes I agree with Clint. It is refreshing to see who really has a pair in Hollywood. It looks like morality has left the left.

  19. Always loved this guy showing all those other would be so called artists he can think and do as he pleases with or without their approval. He is a hero in my book! Along with Gary Senise, Denzel Washington. Love you all. Congratulations on your choice.

  20. I totally agree with Clint and that is way I have always liked his movies. The liberals need to be send to Russia and left there along anyone else who likes them.

  21. Clint Eastwood is the man. I have loved his acting even back in the Rawhide days. Thanks for being a true patriotic American.

  22. Way too go Clint .. We need more Hollywood greats like him too stand up too the leftist elites and Hollywood morons that think every body should think the way they do .. If every thought and did every way they do we’re in a world of dung .

  23. Dear Clint Eastwood,
    My deepest respect for you, your greatest
    talent, your work, your amazing personality, your daring.
    Can not wait for your new movie with
    a wonderful actors. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do.
    Take care of yourself.
    Bravo, Georgia!

  24. Liberals dont want him or anyone to film in Ga, or Atlanta in particular? Well …..fiddle dee dee……..

  25. It will be great Clint if you will read these comments, and if so, please help Trump save this great country of ours from these radical leftists, communists liberals, who are just simply driven by bad spirits that knowingly do their deeds to destroy this nation.

  26. Have to admire the man, regardless of his political beliefs. He is his own Man. We need more like him, that know how to think for themselves and not go with the herd, just because they were told it’s the “in” thing to do.

  27. Hey Mr. Eastwood you just filled the empty chair on the Podem. It fits you well.Next comes the Congressional Medal Of Honor for your awesome talent and contribution to the US and the world.Stay healthy I want to see this.

  28. It is as though the whole modern globalist democrat party got together at one time, and drank from the cup of insanity. And, not one democrat missed that meeting. How the liberals can stay with these nuts is beyond me. If we do not help president TRUMP to win a second term, and give him more true republicans to help, I am afraid our once great nation will be toast. I am very worried for my kids and grandkids. Half of the people in our country have lost their minds. As Marco above said, I think it has to be bad spirits controlling a lot of the people because anyone who thinks for themselves would never vote for any of todays democrats. Thank You, Clint Eastwood.

  29. I actually got to hand it to every single person replying to great Mr. Eastwood, all of you are also heroes, you probably don’t know it but you are, this is America at its best, keep it up everybody, love you all

  30. Sadly Kathy Bates is a leftist but evidently her desire to play a lead role in an Eastwood film is stronger than her desire to boycott Georgia. Wonder how many others will cross that line to get parts over politics? Will be interesting to see. Thank you Clint Eastwood for having common sense and putting it above silly Hollywood antics.

  31. Please let’s not sit at home on election day, we all have to march to the voting booths to save this country, a lot has been done to fix the mess we had before and a lot more has to be done, but sometimes we forget when everything is going on OK and we sit back, NO, I implore everyone to not let the left prevail again and put our nation in jeopardy, this Country is a miracle and that is exactly why they are trying to destroy it, it is not supposed to exit to them, so please put in your hearts to go vote for Trump, I am sure this is something
    Clint would say to all of us.

  32. Clint tells it like it is. He has no use for the liberals and most stupid Democrats. I give him kudos for filming in Atlanta. Maybe all us fans should tell Netflix to shove it and cancel our subscriptions. ATTA BOY Clint— give them hell. You have made my day


  34. As a Vietnam veteran who proudly served only to be given peace time during the Xmas holydays by Bob Hope and all his troop…God bless Clint Eastwood and his fellow Hollywood veterans to have the courage to serve and honor this country that they love !!!

  35. Not to many Hollywood elites have the balls and stamina to stand up to the Dems, Thank you Clint Walker

  36. Way2go Clint way to think for yourself did not let the Hollywood liberals tell you how to think or what to do you’re awesome too bad there’s not more like you

  37. Clint Eastwood always “thought for himself”, rather than joining the STEPFORD WIVES! That’s what they are in Hollywood, a bunch of Programmed Stepford Wives!

  38. Mr Eastwood, You are a true American! Executing children what a progressive idea. Paying for Immigrant health care with middle class tax dollars an other progress idea. Thank you Clint for standing up to Conservative Values. You have “made my day”.
    Dieter Mews

  39. Clint Eastwood is to be honored as the man of the Century for standing strong for American values. His movies are to be admired for there strong messages and there important values that represent what this Country stands for. All his movies are classic and will be seen for centuries in the future. Clint’s status and memories will remain in the minds of millions of Americans for time immortalized.

  40. Thank you Rowdy, from your little brother Thurston Yates in Covington, LA . I’ve been a fan for a very long time. I ‘ve also been called Rowdy since you were on Rawhide. Carry on brother.

  41. Mr. Eastwood, I’m proud your an American, I believe your one of the greatest men that ever walked the face of this earth, thank you for your time and your service to this Country and every Country that watches your movies. Thank you.

  42. I had an old but highly usable desk chair that I set outside my front gate for anyone to take. Instead, it was the time of the “Eastwoody” and in the middle of the night some Obamanista slashed it to pieces. I am not FROM Arizona but I’ve been here since 1973. We are being infiltrated by California refugees and other Demoncraps who are trying to bring us down. To me, next to Donald Trump, Clint Eastwood is “Da Man”. I am 78 years old with cancer in remission. I hope I’m still around when Donald has to relinquish the Oval Office – or maybe not, depending on what the Sheeple learn by then

  43. Mr. Eastwood is his own man regardless of anyone’s opinion. Personally, I respect anybody who rejects hair brained notions conflicting with normal thoughts of life and how one should conduct their self reasonably. Too many people are simply goofy, not knowing what they want or believe, just as a very young small child – it’s sad juvenile, delinquent behavior desires to rule society.

  44. Thanks for being a real hero, Mr. Eastwood! You’ve always played a great part, and despite what anybody in Hollywierd thinks, you are how a real man should be! You stand your ground, and you speak up for what is right! We sure wish there were a lot more like you!

  45. Who is Alyssa Milano what movies has she been in?
    I’ve loved Clint Eastwood ever since I saw him on rawhide.
    Dirty Harry is my favorite. He’s a great patriot.

  46. Clint Eastwood is an amazing director and actor (must see Mule if you haven’t) and he’s a fine gentleman when I met him at his old bar the hogs breath inn in Monterey Commiefornia before he was mayor of Carmel. What a down to earth REAL man he is. Telling Hollyweird to shove it is now a revolutionary act.

  47. Clint Eastwood is a good man, abortion is murder and must be outlawed EVERYWHERE; if the slime are too stupid to use birth control and unable to keep their slimy thighs closed, neuter them

  48. I coouldn’t hold my nose and vote for Romney. There was an outside conservative on the ballot that I used. Unfortunately, LDS supported LDS so we’re stuck with Romney who’s owned by the rich in the state.

  49. May God Bless u Clint Eastwood for standing up to Hollywood and their evil ways. They hate it when anyone stands up to what is right and true. We loved all of your movies and I just watched Dirty Harry again last week. You are a light to those in Hollywood that live in darkness. They hate the light. We are all so proud of u. God hates abortion … we only pray more in Hollywood would see how very evil this is. God open their eyes. You made our day!!

  50. Under be;Plus Jon Voight.He took some criticism for defending President Trump.There are some decent human beings in Hollywood.Not many though.

  51. For those of you who took the time to read the Breitbart article, you might have discovered that, “he is probably Pro Choice.” His decision might have been based on the monetary incentives given to production companies by the state. You see a moral stance when there may not have been one. Fools look for any means to affirm their position. Calm down and don’t let this post get your “skivvies” in a bunch. A little calm reflection might be in order.

  52. Democrats will never understand that America is the land of the free. We can decide for ourselves what we want to say and do. We don’t need politics to decide what is right and wrong, where we want to go and why. Just because they are led by the nose rings to do something, doesn’t mean we should. It’s a choice. Ours to choose.

  53. Kudos to Clint Eastwood who has the guts to be his own man and make up his own mind on pertinent topics affecting our once great country. Every Conservative in this country should make a point of viewing any project he produces. Enough of the liberal mindset in this country that every body is entitled to something for nothing or even everything for nothing. Where do the liberals think all of this money is coming? Oh I forgot they do it the Obama way and just keep the printing presses going so our dollar is devalued. When I was in grade school we used to get IQ tests. Has anybody considered doing that with the Liberals who decide to run for office Hellbent on destroying this country?

  54. What do expect from the Outlaw Josie Wales, Dirty Harry Callahan, the High Plains Drifter, and the Pale Rider; Clint Eastwood is an American icon and his own man. He’s to be applauded.

  55. Clint,Ever since you did Rowdy Yates , you have continued to impress the world with your talent, character, and American spirit! Thank goodness there are people like you to lead.J

  56. Don one worse then Romney was the Obama/McCain vote and even holding my nose wasn’t nearly enough.

  57. Clint Eastwood is his own man. He don’t take orders from peon actors trying to control everyone. I would like to see all the conservative states put a ban on all of these idiot, self serving, trouble making actors such as milano. from making movies in their states. Now wouldn’t that start a firestorm! I would love it if the great state of Georgia banned milano and all of the other actors that have called for a boycott of Georgia from doing any kind of business in their state. Show them that they don’t control the United States of America.

  58. I heartily agree with MCK. We should give people intelligence tests prior to voting. It would eliminate most of the people who contribute inane comments. I don’t know answers, but when you stop asking questions and you opine as if you have the answers, it shows your lack of willingness to understand. You are too quick to jump to conclusions based on little too little no evidence . Just like adolescents, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. When you think you know, you cease to question. When you stop questioning, you stop learning.

  59. Phred: Maybe you should heed your own advice before making one of your inane comments.MCK stated the Liberals running for OFFICE should be subject to IQ tests.Not the voters…Yes indeed a little knowledge is a dangerous thing…

  60. Linda, I couldn’t agree more, you are truly the example of good understanding, you are very wise.

  61. Marco; Thank you again for your kind words.I have had other “discussions” on other blogs, with this Phred person before.She is very condescending and tries to project herself as better than anyone else.I hate she called all of us fools and adolescents because we were praising Mr. Eastwood, for choosing to film in Atlanta.He did that to make a statement. Not for economic reasons either.He will not bow down to the Liberals in Hollywood.She was just making HER assumptions on this one story. She should have done further research before attacking others on this blog..
    Thank you again Marco ,and be well….

  62. Well really she made a fool of herself, that is exactly how Clint Eastwood used to do that to people in his movies and thought us how to do so, just like you did. I praise God in heaven, but it is also fine to praise someone like Mr. Eastwood on earth, I mean, and many others like him.

  63. Do you really think you can make Clint Eastwood do anything he disapproves off? He really is a man’s man!

  64. Linda, like you say, “Voight” and also James Woods. Conservatives are in Hollyw, but not enough!

  65. I disagree with both you and Phred. Not IQ tests, but civics tests. AOC and her supporters are proof of this.

  66. This man has a brain. He thinks and does what he wants and to h… with anybody else. I have always loved his ability to be himself in such an environment that is full of people that think they are better than everyone else. I will go see his movie when it comes out. This man is bigger than all the actors in Hollyweird.

  67. I always did love Clint! The man has guts! He didn’t just play the part—He was the part. He is tough through and through! I think a lot of people are afraid of him! God bless Clint!

  68. Hollywood used to be filled with real men: Gary Cooper, Spencer Tracy, Humphrey Bogart, Gregory Peck, William Holden et al. Now it’s a home for the loony tune Left. That’s why I only purchase films from the 30s to 50s era.

  69. Congrats and thank you Mr. Eastwood for your decision. It’s a shame that the minority, mouthy, dipstick liberals are allowed to bully the nation with their ridiculous wacko ways… It’s time for the rejuvenation of COMMON SENSE!!

  70. Clint is all-American male. Honest, talented, patriotic, comfortable in his own skin – and has shown that one can be successful being yourself and doing your own thing… not letting others dissuade you – and not to be a “me, too” guy.

  71. Good for Clint Eastwood! It’s time someone in Hollywood stood up to those Canannites, judgment is approaching!

  72. I agree with Clint and I think he has lots of guts . Love his moves and he is a great actor too keep up the good work against those leberals lol

  73. Alyssa Milano and a handful of celebrities are threatening to boycott the state in retaliation for the law. Good Keep the FK out of Georgia. Hey Dirty Harry ‘Make their Day’.

  74. I work in Hollywood and feel the liberals have lost their minds. It is like they are living in an alternate reality. There are actually more conservatives in Hollywood than you think and we are pretty good at finding each other. I applaud Clint for not being bullied by the Left.

  75. Dear Mr. Eastwood, you’re an excellent example of what a fine actor and a great human being should be. the leftist traitors hate America. I’m glad you’re on our side.

  76. Why don’t we boycott all of the stars that support abortion and refuse to watch their movies or rate their movies or even rent their movies or but their songs and show them we don’t give a damn about how big of a star they think they are, they must learn that we the people made them and we the people can also break them. I will watch Clint Eastwood movies and even rate them because he’s the kind of people we need in this country.

  77. I totally agree with you. However, Hollywired has been a liberal, progressive and even communist hell hole since the 1920’s. All of the people involved in the entertainment business back then had very liberal communist tendencies because most came from Europe where that agenda was and is still very common. One would think that with all the catastrophic damage caused by the left wing politics of Europe they would have learned their lesson. But as is said “if people fail to learn from history they are doomed to repeat it”. I really wish the decent moral people of America could join together and put Hollywired out of business. There is a sickness there that can only destroy society which is the communist goal.

  78. Hollywood’s attack on Clint Eastwood is proof that the leftists in that crazy town needs to be exposed for their communist leanings. Clint is and will forever be remembered for his great classic films and his superb acting. His latest stand on politics will also remain a major tribute to his stand as a great American. God Bless his talent and his stand as a Great American hero who will be remembered for many Century’s into the future !!!

  79. Clint Eastwood is a remarkable, moral man. We need more people like this amazing man in Hollywood. I am sure God approves of him. He has made it without Hollyweird telling him how to live and what to believe. THANK YOU CLINT EASTWOOD.

  80. PEG
    Here’s a real Arizonan – an “old lady” one – who thinks Hollywood has become a sinkhole for mostly non-talented folks who spend more time politicking than entertaining (and aren’t too good at either). Clint Eastwood is about all that remains of the kind of actors like John Wayne (who made AZ a second home), Gary Cooper, William Holden, Humphrey Bogart, Jimmy Stewart, et al who made going to the movies a great pastime.I don’t find many I want to go to these days.

  81. Bravo Clint! Over the weekend I saw the new film on Charlton Heston. Another star like you and Jimmy Stewart and Ronald Reagan who ended up on the right side politically.


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