Church shooting hero just put Michael Bloomberg to shame with this simple message


Michael Bloomberg wants to take away your guns.

He’s poured millions and millions into anti-gun initiatives nationwide.

But one church shooting hero just put Bloomberg to shame with this simple message.

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he’s willing to spend $1 billion on his vain bid for president.

Based on his ceaseless ad campaign, Bloomberg is well on his way to spending nine figures.

And one of Bloomberg’s top priorities is gutting the Second Amendment.

Bloomberg is the ultimate nanny state politician, and he doesn’t believe you have the right to own a gun.

Recently, an evil shooter with a sawed-off shotgun killed two parishioners during a church service in Texas.  But he was stopped just six seconds after he began shooting by volunteer security guard Jack Wilson who was carrying a firearm.

Wilson heroically took down the shooter before he could kill anyone else.

In light of that heroic act, Bloomberg replied, “[I]t’s the job of law enforcement to have guns and decide when to shoot. We just do not want the average citizen carrying a gun in a crowded place.”

Bloomberg should ask the people in that church what they think of a “good guy with a gun.”

Wilson had the perfect response to Bloomberg’s absurd gun control views:

“Mr. Bloomberg, had we operated by his standards or his wishes, the carnage would have been significantly greater because the individual still had, after the shooting, still had seven live rounds in his gun and three more in his pocket.”

There’s no telling how many more would’ve died without Wilson’s heroics.

Wilson continued, “Even though the police department did arrive in roughly two minutes from the time the first call went in, by that time, you know, the carnage would have been much, much worse.”

The shooter killed two people in a matter of seconds.

Two minutes is an eternity when there’s an active shooter on the loose.

Wilson concluded, “If Mr. Bloomberg would have his security detail turn their arms in and not guard him, he would be in the same situation as many American citizens are every day.”

So Bloomberg wants private citizens defending him, but he doesn’t want private citizens to have the opportunity to defend themselves.

Bloomberg’s views on gun rights are completely un-American, and should concern everyone when they’re casting their vote.

What would Bloomberg think about his security detail being disarmed?

Let us know in the comments below.


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  2. Bloomberg is an idiot who has no concept of our founding fathers or why they gave us the second amendment. He is very dangerous, as are all dems. The goal of the dem party is total control of our government and they cannot do that without taking our guns

  3. Mr Bloomberg, as do all Liberal/Leftists says: “Do as I say; not as I do”! Laws are only for you and me; not for them! Hypocrisy – yes; American common sense – NO!

  4. If he had been in that church and gotten shot he wouldn’t be promoting taking guns away from people.
    He would have kissed that hero’s a$$ for saving his life.

  5. Bloomberg is a dictator. He wants to control everything and everyone. And the fools in NY keep voting for him. He is the perfect example of the kind of person that our founders warned us about. He and his kind are the reason we have the second amendment, and we all need to stand firm on that right. People like Bloomberg include Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini. We need to use extreme caution, and remember history, to protect this country from being taken over by these evil doers. Vote Trump 2020!!! Vote Republican!!!

  6. The only reason politicians want to take away our guns is because then we won’t be able to defend ourselves against the government. Remember the Nazis took away the people’s guns. How did that work for the millions who were searched down & put into work camps? Killed because they were “undesirables” or in today’s claims “deplorable’s”

  7. Cant we have this guy run for president instead of mi hael bloomberg? Really this guy sound like someone I want to be in charge for a while. Bloomberg just sounds like a dumb ass droid.

  8. It’s amazing to me that Bloomberg wants guns removed from everyone except his body guards!! Yup, that speaks volumes!
    He can spend 2 billion and he still won’t beat Trump!!

  9. Can’t have a gun or a large soda! I was thinking about having a large cheeseburger. I wonder what Mr Bloomberg thinks. (Like I care!)

  10. I think is Mr. Bloomberg would go unprotected that he’d not last very long. I think he should do it.

  11. Mr Wilson your assessment is totally correct and how Bloomberg should be treated for his remarks is also correct. Take away his body guards guns and let them defend Bloomberg with their fists and see how that goes. The problem with rich people is they have all the rights and poor everyday citizens will have no rights to defend themselves according to Bloomberg. He is one of the riches men in this country and has no worries, he eats the best food, lives in the best homes, wears the best cloths, has the best medical care, has everything and then says normal everyday people can’t survive in this world. He is saying to the American people we don’t deserve to live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is the worst kind of human being and belive me their are many of these people in our government right now. He is directing the people in his democratic party to do the same and because they don’t care about the regular citizens of this country. The democratic party has been influenced by this mans money and this is how he thinks about human souls. We don’t need people like this in our government or for that matter anywhere in this country. We want JUSTICE in this country and only men who are God fearing and have a heart for the true American citizen should be ruling our country. I have no doubt that Trump although rough around the edges has the heart and soul to be the President of this country. I believe that the impeachment is put in place to take this man down by people just like Bloomberg and all his cohorts in the democratic party. Lets give him another four years to clean our American world up and then see what happens. Love to all my dear American citizens and hope your life will be the best it can be in the future.

  12. I can find a better use of all his millions and billions. How about going to Philadelphia, the largest poorest city in the America, and help fund its failing school system, its rising crime rate, its failing infrastructure, poor roads, racial and economic poverty and corrupt political system. Remember Philadelphia is a Democratic town for close to 70 years and is known for its characteristic CRIME, CHAOS CORRUPTION. Mr. Bloomberg is a Democrat and can help Filthydelphia and all its problems. Put your mouth and money to better use.

  13. Michael Bloomberg needs to remember that overreaching politicians like him are the reason the second amendment exists in the first place.

  14. The Yellow Bellied C Ser would scream like a Banshee. He is of the same ilk as Schumer, Weinstein, Adler, et all. What is good for the Goose is not for them. Trd Kennedy was one of them.


  16. We know full well Gun Control has NOTHING to do with violence, mass shootings, or safety, it ONLY has to do with total confiscation and tyranny!

  17. The really sad and scary thing is that there are a lot of American citizens who would vote for him. They expect the government to take care of them anyway.

  18. Bloomberg would have lawful citizens sitting unarmed like sheep at a slaughter being massacred before police could arrive but Bloomberg doesn’t have to worry about the dead or their families. He should immediately have all of his security personnel disarmed and then face any consequences. Bloomberg evidently doesn’t care about the safety of New York citizens and that’s not surprising considering that New York has the highest murder rate of the nation. Imagine how sharply the death toll would rise with billions of unarmed Newyorkers at the mercy of armed criminals. Bloomberg in a sense is the one who is a wannabe Dictator. At least President Trump cares about the people of America.

  19. The government can not keep you safe. You have to defend yourself. These idiots wants to disarm the law abiding citizens with the criminals still having weapons because they don’t follow the law any way.
    I will not surrender any of mine to these communist idiots and I hope all Americans will stand and fight for our country. I guess I will be a criminal at the point these communist outlaw guns. You want be able to get to these terrorist dictators because they will be protected by armed guards.

  20. Hitler had everybody register their firearms and then every citizen had to turn them in. Anyone that didn’t was Jailed. Lucky the war was over in 5 years.

  21. It has been said by others here, but it can be said again in so many ways, “It is interesting that Mr. Bloomberg (& no doubt many of these other demo luminaries) feel entitled/justified as public personages, to have bodyguards (w/guns?), but rank & file citizens should be disallowed, according to them.” One wonders if that shooter who killed two, would have left his sawed off gun home, with or w/out the 2nd amendment? My suspicion is that he would not have cared. Period. It is too bad that either public luminaries or average citizens need protection, but it is not the “new heaven & earth” yet… SO, my vote is for the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution.

  22. Mr. Bloomberg is right when he says: “We just do not want the average citizen carrying a gun in a crowded place.” Fortunately Mr. Wilson is not an ‘Average Citizen” but a trained protector of his friends and family. I would suggest persons with ideas like Mr. Boomberg NOT be allowed to carry a weapon, he is right to think people who think like him are dangerous — just as members of the National People Workers Party were dangerous and should have never been given power in the 30’s in Germany.

  23. But power has already been given to the Republithugs/Fascists you old white men are the problem you have all the guns especially the Rural/Christian Fascists. Personally I think they should repeal the second amendment.
    I think I will go stock up so I can defend myself from all of you deplorables.

    Because I think most of you don’t want to see the democrat’s loose I believe if you people could you would be just as happy to kill anyone who does not bend a knee and worship your GOD/KING.

  24. We need to pass a law, anyone that wants to take away 2a rights or even diminish them should not be able to have personal security teams and should not be able to bear arms. I say you don’t want guns around..then YOU FIRST and that includes your armed and unarmed security teams.
    When you have done that then and ONLY THEN do you have the right to talk of disarming anyone else.
    Bloomberg- YOU FIRST, not security, no armed men, no arms yourself at all. Then talk to us after three or five years of that. That is right….just because you hang up your security for a day doesn’t mean anything at all. Live like the rest of society, get away from your rich as swipe friends and be a person first.

  25. Me Bloomberg needs to take a walk on the wild side of New York without his detachment of armed guards on Saturday night in his 1000.00 suite, it might make a difference in his outlook on carrying a weapon for self protection. !

  26. jack, I am neither a white male nor a fascist. I am a citizen of these United States and as such endowed by my Creator with inalienable rights as are you. As are all the people on this forum. Please be more considerate of others and stop the name calling. Your own bias and bigotry are showing. Perhaps you need to look in a mirror to find the person responsible for your problems. Once you have done that, then come here with an open mind, please.

  27. Bloomberg is the worst type of Political hypocrite. He wants to DISARM everyone EXCEPT those with enough wealth to hire a private army to protect themselves. Bloomberg FOOLISHLY criticized a good man who saved many lives because that man took on the RESPONSIBILITY to protect his fellow Church members. Bloomberg is EXACTLY the WRONG KIND OF MAN TO BE PRESIDENT.

  28. Bloomberg sure has a high opinion of himself. He starts his campaign with the objective of defeating a duly elected President of the United States. He sounds like a Democrat, that isn’t interested in what is good for America (you & me) but what is good for HIM and New York. The nurse tells us about the 700,000 people that got “coverage” WE PAID FOR IT. They call it WELL FAIR.

  29. Bloomberg is nothing but an arrogant egomaniac. He refers to Trump as thinking as himself as a Demigod. The only one here who thinks of himself as one is Bloomberg. He was a lifelong Democrat til he ran for mayor as a republican. For those who forgot when he was mayor of New York City from 2002 to 2013, he decided he should be mayor for a third term. It’s obvious he cares nothing for the people but has sided with the far left by supporting their agenda to take our rights away. His so-called campaign ads attack the president but have no substance beyond that. Maybe he wants to be a bigger douchebag than the other clowns.


  31. jackass, you make a fool of yourself every time you come here. You have no concept of the truth. You just spout your sick name calling, hate and lies. This is a conservative Christian site and it is obvious that you know nothing about either. You need Jesus, but you have rejected him and serve satan. You are a sad creature

  32. Han Solo, you are right on. Our founding fathers were very wise and knew just what they were doing when they gave us the second amendment

  33. A friend of mine, who happens to be a fellow Republican, we were discussing this very incident and how heroic Mr. Wilson was in his quick response to this situation. But then my friend asked me a question about how could these Liberals still be so blind to what their party truly stands for now. And how someone like Bloomberg is belittling this man instead of praising him. A show I watched about the Holocaust flashed in my mine. This movie dealt with, after the concentration camps were liberated, our allies brought the villagers that lived near these camps there to show them exactly what was happening . Even though some were sickened and appalled what they were shown, some were still in denial and refused to accept the PROOF that was before them. This is EXACTLY how the Liberals are acting. They flatly refuse to see the truth and will continue to follow their party blindly. The demon party will not stop at getting rid of the second amendment, if we allow it to happen. That is only the beginning of the demon parties plan to eliminate our great nation. Please vote wisely in 2020.

  34. Michael (Senile) Blomberg is really an old and Idiot suffering from TDS,
    Can Mr. Wilson make public to have Michael (Loco) Bloomberg (Bomb) be deprived of his Security detail.
    He is also a big COWARD (Mini Mike).

  35. I definitely think even if they could get 67 senators to vote to repeal the 2nd amendment, and 38 states to ratify it, it would actually cause a civil war.

  36. The police got there in two minutes. Does anyone know how long it takes to empty a handgun. I have 9 rounds in mine. In 4 seconds it would be time for a reload. 10 seconds or less later there would be another 8 rounds in the firearm. Those 8 would be gone in 4 seconds, Another 10 second reload and 8 more in the firearm with 4 seconds or less gone till that mag is empty. So in about 1/2 a minute there would be 25 rounds gone. Multiply that times 4 to get two minutes. So about 90-100 rounds fired which would equal out to between 30 and 50 dead. That is what the good guy with a gun can prevent in the time it takes for the cops to arrive.

  37. Come talk to us Mr. Bloomberg when you have security detail without guns. Also, how about instead of spending your billion dollars because of your TDS you spend it on helping mental health or homeless people.

  38. Come talk to us Mr. Bloomberg when you have security detail without guns. Also, how about instead of spending your billion dollars because of your TDS trying to beat President Trump you spend it instead helping mental health or homeless people.

  39. Bloomberg doesn’t only want to take your guns; he is the classic totalitarian. He wants to control every aspect of your life down ever to your soda and salt intake.

  40. Another progressive liberal with a limo, private plane and armed security to protect him. But he tells the common citizen they do not have the right to protect their life and property. He thinks his billions could buy the presidency. Not a chance.

  41. Like most leftists, Bloomberg believes he knows what’s best for the American people, and will if necessary forcefully impose his agenda on the rest of us. But let’s not stop there, if Bloomberg is, through some fluke of nature, elected president, he will seek to do what in his mind is best for you whether you like it or not.

  42. Bloomburg is a danger to the US. He and Soros are turning the US into a country they see as better purely through the use of their enormous fortunes. Soros is putting Attys Gen in office who refuse to prosecute “small crimes” – if you are the victim, very few crimes rate as “small”. Bloomburg used his billions to get anti-gun politicians elected in the last election in Va. – mostly by very liberals around the big cities near DC and Richmond, where we now have a complete dem political “leadership”. They are in the process of passing anti-gun laws much like those in Ca and NY – places with very high crime rates. When will these people see that a disarmed public is a victimized public? We are in for a rocky future and hope & pray the SCOTUS will overturn these anti citizen laws. But we MUST prevent bloomburg being elected (he has a very small chance anyway IMO).

  43. Old Bloomie is just another clown with a big mouth who thinks just because he’s rich, his childish opinions are beyond ridicule which is all they deserve. Bottom line is seconds matter when police are minutes away, stupid. Just as Mr. Wilson stated more would have died if we listened to this idiot. ALL he’s demonstrated is he really doesn’t give a damn about people like those int hat church.

  44. Bloomberg has gone back to throwing money at democrats and hating us “deplorable commoners” when he takes time to think about us at all. Good riddance. Now if we could take poor Biden to a soft room where he will be safe, put Nancy into rehab, Hilary and Obama in jail, and send Bernie off to his new home in Cuba, things could start fast forwarding to a cleaner America.

  45. Wonder if this ass hole faced a masked gun man with no bodyguards , he would beg for his life like the wussy he is. hope it does so he feels naked like the rest of us. One time about 3 years ago i had to draw my weapon at a gas pump some guy tried to attack me drunk out of his mind, Thank god he decided to go another direction. it was not fun and hope no one has to go though that i was scared…


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