Christians will boycott the next Spider-Man movie after they announced this disgusting twist


The Left is trying to force homosexuality into every crevice of mainstream culture in an effort to normalize their deviant lifestyles.

But their latest move is going to upset millions of people and it could backfire quickly.

That’s because Christians will boycott the next Spider-Man movie after they announced this disgusting twist.

The Marvel movies are making a big effort to appease the LGBT movement and social justice warriors.

So far, they’ve primarily done this by employing more female characters and giving them bigger roles.

Brie Larson, the woman who plays Captain Marvel, is an example of a B-list actress who was given a massive role in one of the world’s most successful film franchises so Marvel studios keep retain a “woke” status in Hollywood.

They are even giving the role of Thor (a superhero played by a man) to Natalie Portman.

But now, Marvel intends to incorporate more of the LGBT movement in their next movies.

Rumors have begun to circulate that Tom Holland’s portrayal of Spider-Man will make Peter Parker a bi-sexual.

The Christian Post reports Tom Holland (the Spider-Man actor) stating, “I can’t talk about the future of the character… But I do know a lot about the future of Marvel, and they are going to be representing lots of different people in the next few years…  The world isn’t as simple as a straight white guy. It doesn’t end there, and these films need to represent more than one type of person.”

Marvel has made it abundantly clear they are not interested in respecting either the comics or the fans of the series.

They are more interested in producing movies that incorporate their political agenda.

Franchises that have tried to appease social justice warriors and the LGBT movement have historically not performed well at the box office.

This could be a dangerous move for Marvel Studio’s bottom line.

Spider-Man never expressed being a bi-sexual in any of the comics ever written in his character’s history.

Marvel Studio’s is rewriting the background of these characters to fit their agenda and it will upset millions of fans.

What do you think?

Will Marvel lose fans and revenue by forcing the LGBT agenda into their films?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. I Corinthians 6:9-11 (KJV) says, “Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you.” Paul condemns fornication alongside homosexuality in the very same verse. Paul’s words in I Corinthians 6:9-11 indicate that coming to Christ means giving up fornication, too. I’ll take the conservative Christian opposition to LGBT rights seriously when they condemn fornication alongside homosexuality just as strongly.

  3. Should different be expected when money is end result? Biblical morality, right and wrong aren’t acceptable or important when man has made himself his god (small g on purpose because man is a false god). When everything is relative this the result that is received. Those who ignore the truth will die by their decision. The final Judge will hold all accountable for the choices mad now. I know many people won’t accept or believe that because it doesn’t fit their agenda, but I would bet my eternity on the truth of Scripture rather than the lies of man. Don’t fall for the lies and deception.

  4. Rick:,You speak the truth! I would like to add ( my opinion) that satan is truly the god of the demon party and they have invaded everything! Schools, churches, libraries, TV, movies, music and now even rewriting comic books! Confusing young people with their sick, corrupt and evil agendas ! Leading them away from the one true GOD. I fear we truly are in the end times…..

  5. satan has gained footholds everywhere but we should not fear him or any of his sick evil followers. They lose. God wins. All who follow Jesus will never have to deal with them again when He returns. They will follow their master satan to a place of eternal torture and they have brought it on themselves by rejecting the truth

  6. Tinsel town is totally in disarray. Big mistake. Will pay for it at the box office and in future films. Plain Stupid

  7. What is it with the adolescent mind of supposed adults? Comic book characters? Perversions mainstreamed to these immature people? To Hell with them. Male is male, female is female, perverted behavior is just THAT – unnatural and CANNOT be countenanced. Keep your perversions in YOUR closet and stop attempting to inculcate it into normal society.

  8. I have noticed shows on TV, commercials, and film, plus videos, having homosexuality in them…and also noticed them kissing and wonder how far their going to go? I do not watch any that have this filth [ sin ] in them. . Am I perfect…no, but I do try and obey God to the best of my ability. Does anyone realize that history repeats itself? Well, hello Sodom and Gomorrah. But, this time things are going to be more than it was in the past…God said it would be as it never was in the beginning. If sin keeps raising its head, we’re in big [ and I mean BIG ] time trouble, as its going to affect the good as well as the bad.


  10. Hollywierd panders to less then 2% of the population but gives the rest of us the middle finger, is that a successful move?

  11. I see all the far right so called Christians again getting their panties in a wad when movies start reflecting reality instead of their fantasy world. The only”agenda” the lbgt community has is to be treated equally under the law.

  12. They don’t care about the money, they have box cars full of it. It’s about changing the Western Culture into an easily controlled population. When there are no standards or appreciation of those and what they instituted before us the result will be chaos and destruction…the ultimate plan…AGAIN !

  13. Vasu, or should I say Lucifer? You need not recite the holy scriptures to anyone. God has repeated himself several times on the subject and in time, may just give them what they’re asking for! That of course will leave you nothing more to corrupt or play with. You may continue explaining God’s words with the explanation of Revelations, thank you, love, out

  14. Just exactly what I’ve always dreamed of knowing about; the sex life of my favorite comic characters! Will Veronica be a transgender? Richie Rich a drag Queen? Donald Duck and Mickie Mouse cohabiting and sharing a bed? The possibilities are endless???

  15. LGBT makes up about 10 to 15% of the people, But you see the other 85 to 90% of the people don’t want to see any LCBT I a movie. What makes Marvel think we want to se this? You will lose money.I wont go to any movie that shows that kind of stuff.

  16. Like I’ve said time and again….the normal people have waited too long to speak up. Now, WE’RE the fringe elements. They don’t CARE what we think.

  17. Donald: ‘Reality’ isn’t about the queers, at all…it’s about the overwhelming majority of people who find this conduct disgusting, but who are too intimidated to say so anymore. Queers are not numerous enough to accomplish anything on their own. It’s their normal counterparts who have made this happen, because of their abject cowardice. Most people perceive homosexuality as about the equivalent to road kill on an August afternoon…but they’re simply too afraid to say so. And it has nothing to do with religion….an atheist is just as liable to experience the brand of nausea to which I refer. IF he’s telling the truth, that is.

  18. Cowtowing to 6% of the population while 94% of movie goers say not on my watch is financially stupid.Nothing against the LGBT folks .They have to be the ones to explain why they felt God goofed in his plan for them. Good Luck with that. Say Goodnight Disney.

  19. I’m not surprised. This has been predicted and written in the bible for us. I choose to follow God. I fail every day, but God NEVER fails us..

  20. Marvel is fantasy, and that’s how it should be kept. We don’t need or want reality in comics. The Disney I grew up with would never allow that. Walt Disney had Christian values. I won’t be watching the new Spiderman. Hollywood will soon see their demise, by surcoming to the devil.

  21. Vasu Murti, what you don’t seem to pay any attention to is that there is a downward progression happening in our culture. Yes, fornication of all kinds is sin just as much as is LGBTQ behavior. And yes, contrary to what you seem to say, Christians do speak out against all of that. But the LGBTQ movement has taken us further down the path of perversion than what has previously happened in this country. So pay attention when Christians sound a greater alarm than before.

  22. I thought Christians were supposed to be more tolerant. Heck, why don’t you just kill them all? Isn’t that what the Bible teaches?

  23. God loves ALL.

    LGBT is a vociferous minority group who imposes its principles upon all — wrong. Each individual has the God-given right to choose, as long as no harm is done.

    Sexuality is private between two consenting adults. It should not become a political partisan agenda. Families are the basic building blocks for our nation. Parents are responsible for providing their children a safe secure environment and a healthy emotional upbringing.

    If, children later choose a different lifestyle from the traditional male/female relationship, then it is a choice made freely with consequences attendant thereto.

    Everyone should mind their own business. If a movie is unacceptable, then do not attend. The lack of revenue will speak louder than words.

    (P.S. Brandon Straka is an incredible leader for Republicans and heads the #walkawaycampaign. Also,
    Republican Scott Presler voluntarily cleans up cities. They are both gay and bless us all.)

  24. Am tired of them craming “lgbt” down are throats all the time. Parents be on guard what your children are getting exposed to not just in movie theaters or tv but in libraries and in public schools.

  25. “If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.”Leviticus Chapter 20 verse 13

    LGBTQ. 4.5% of the total U.S. population and they make 95.5% of the noise…and trouble

  26. You bet that it will cause Marvel to lose a lot of fans, because movies are meant to be about entertainment, life lessons, and things that are agreeable for everyone, and not forcing unbearable propagandas and agendas on fans who have not yet reached the legal age to where they can be part of major political matters. And if those who are trying to force that agenda and propaganda on us including the LGBT stuff cannot respect ✊ our opinions, then we will not respect theirs. So if I were someone in charge of Marvel Studios, I would want to make it very clear what I had already said in the beginning, that movies are meant to be about entertainment, life lessons, and things that are agreeable for everyone and not about forcing unbearable propagandas and agendas on on every fan. For if they do, they are not welcome in the entertainment industry! And if they cannot respect ✊ our opinions, then we will not respect theirs at all!!

  27. You bet that it will cause Marvel to lose a lot of fans, because movies are meant to be about entertainment, life lessons, and things that are agreeable for everyone, and not forcing unbearable propagandas and agendas on fans who have not yet reached the legal age to where they can be part of major political matters. And if those who are trying to force that agenda and propaganda on us including the LGBT stuff cannot respect ✊ our opinions, then we will not respect theirs. So if I were someone in charge of Marvel Studios, I would want to make it very clear what I had already said in the beginning.

  28. If Marvel Studios go down that path..think of the $$ …..Bub bye!!!!!!!
    Entertainment should be Entertainment…not a Politico sounding board for approval of the movie going patrons on their dollar
    Politics has infiltrated every venue that speaks And dances…That is ENOUGH we will not pay our hard earned dollar just to see something that is not really what entertainment should be …clear free from those abuses!

  29. Surly you jest

    First I had to get through the first 3 paragraphs disparaging women for being strong. How dare anyone portray a woman as self-sufficient, capable and Powerful…why having women being superheroes might give young girls the idea that they have value, their Existence in the universe is much more then waiting on a man hand and foot and delivering babies so men can strut around pretending they are powerful because the have 10 kids. Finally I get to the last paragraph and a half about spider-man and how he may or may not be bi-sexual. Really what is the surprise here, I mean have you seen his costume! It’s a skin tight, form fitting head to toe bright red leotard. I mean really how can you be surprised that he might be bi? And for those throwing out bible verse keep in mind Jesus said “those with out sin cast the first stone” Jesus himself did not ever address homosexuality. He did not pass judgment nor push a compendium of moral theology. Judge not lest ye be judge. For what judgement you judge you shall be judge and what measure you mete, shall be measure to you. Rarely did Christ address a particular moral issue but focused on love of good and of neighbor “ love they self as you love your neighbor.

  30. If they think this is what the American people wanted, then why did they wait until after Stan Lee passed away before suggesting it?

  31. Complicated issue.
    However we all have the right to live our lives as we choose, I do not attend church anymore due to the bigotry and righteousness that a lot of church goers seem to feel they have over others. I don’t judge others and as a Registered Nurse in Palliative Care, I have met Christian Jew, People of Islam, and many other cultures, I’ve come to understand Man and Woman of all walks of life and found them to be as true as I am as a Christian and as one Who’s Read the Bible, actually had it shoved down my throat, and T 17 decided I did not need to go to church to commune with our lord.
    We are all different and need to remind ourselves we are all individually flawed and have our own personal issues or hang ups, I learned to understand that I am loved by god and I don’t have the right to vilify anyone for how they live, love etc, I don’t care about not worry about my children being gay or them playing with my other children or worry about my child being abused in any format you the reader might think of.
    Life changes, evolves and as humans we adapt and accept change in our lives as humans to be a normal part of life.
    I only have issues with child abuse, violence of any kind and paedophila.
    Respect and Tolerance is what we should show to our fellow human.
    I have no concerns with marvel adaptations to their own movie, it’s either a hit or miss as I see it.
    Besides how do you normalise human behaviour, after all god allows the spirit to experience growth in human form, the soul can not experience growth without it. It’s only our beliefs we hold dear and in most cases unfortunately teach our children that causes confusion bigotry and hate. And god is a god of love, it’s man who buggers the bible in all its forms and religious human forms.
    Bless you ( the reader )

  32. Stan Lee will be spinning in his grave with enough rotational velocity to provide electricity for the entire eastern seaboard. I, personally, hope that any such modification of Spider Man’s character as is, by report, being contemplated, results in a massive revenue loss for Marvel Studios.

  33. Too Bad!!! Heroes are suppose to show good examples in trying to live a good, decent life as men and/or women. They may stumble in their trying to be good friends and be scare and confused in doing right, but they try. No where are they confused in their gender identity. They know who they are and try to be the very best person they can strive to be and draw on their hidden strengths. I will certainly advise all my family to not waste their money on watching more junk being pushed by the folks in Hollywood like the new Spiderman. Getting more and more difficult in finding anything decent at the movie theatre or on T.V. Can’t even trust Netflex or Disney cables to show good family movies. Have turned to Turner Classics now for wholesome entertainment and some of the old TV shows. So tired of all the nudity, foul mouth, Lesbian, bloody-gory, Homosexual, etc. etc. etc.

  34. Note: Comment – Jesus did say marriage is between one man and one woman. No where did he say it was between two women or two men. At His time in history – homosexual activity was common in the Roman, Greek groups. Nero was said to have a homosexual lover. Sex was a big deal with the pagans. Their gods encouraged sex of all kinds with anything, any age, or gender, rape was ok, etc…. Prostitution, baby sacrifice, slavery (all colors, genders, & ages), killings of children-families,… all were ok as the Ten Commandants were not part of the pagans life.

  35. Jesus also said “Love the sinner but not the sin!”
    He also said to Mary Magdalene “to go and sin no more!”
    Jesus was a tolerant man but… as he spoke harshly to the people and the Pharisees; he judged the Pharisees harshly but God will judge the wicked as in Noah’s days, worse!

  36. Vasu, you aren’t Jesus & we don’t have to appease you with any of our actions. We only have Jesus to answer to on Judgement Day, same as you & all of your gay & pro abortion friends. If I were you & your “I can do whatever makes me feel good,” friends, I would start re-reading the Bible with an open mind & an open heart instead of using it as a weapon against Christians.
    Religion isn’t necessarily a Godly endeavor. You can go to bed religiously at 10:00 pm every night or he can religiously lift weights every day. Religion is Man’s attempt to get close to God. But Christianity is God’s attempt to get close to Man. Vasu, take a chance, open your heart & let Jesus really touch you. I promise you that you will never be the same man again. You will actually have true love for others in your heart. It’s a tremendous feeling, a feeling that drugs could never come close to duplicating.

  37. I have very old comic books of spider-man, and they are worthless now.
    So I guess now when spidy bends over
    and looks behind to see who’s looking.
    And Jesus said to spread his word
    everywhere, and it’s up to people to except his word. Once the words of god has been said, it’s useless to keep repeating for they don’t listen.

  38. SLM, Christians are to be loving, merciful, and forgiving. But nowhere in scripture are we told to tolerate sin. Why should we tolerate something that is ruining lives and spreading its influence to ruin other lives? We are to speak the truth from God’s perspective as revealed in the Bible. The truth sets people free, if they really want freedom.


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