Christians may boycott Chick-fil-A after their betrayal just reached unbelievable heights


For years, Christians piled into Chick-fil-A to support a company unafraid to follow their deeply held beliefs.

But all of that came to a change when the company buckled to left-wing pressure to stop supporting Christian charities.

Now their betrayal just reached unbelievable heights and Christians may boycott them over it.

For decades Chick-fil-A refused to back down in the face of left-wing hate mobs who tried to shut them down for supporting Christian charities.

With the leadership of Godly men like Truett Cathy, who created the company with the mission statement, “To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us. To have a positive influence on all who come in contact with Chick-fil-A,” he was sure to ruffle some feathers.

But following his death in 2014, things began to change, and last year, the company announced they would stop supporting Christian charities with their foundation.

Since then, they have tried to walk back the statement slightly, even hosting a Christian-centered event with rap superstar Kanye West just this week.

But it wasn’t just that statement that infuriated Christians.

It also came to light that the company’s foundation had begun making donations to the anti-Christian hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

The SPLC is most known for creating lists of “hate groups,” which includes dozens upon dozens of Christian churches and organizations.

Their “hate list” was used by a radical anti-Christian extremist in 2012 to choose the target of a shooting at the Family Research Center.

A brave security guard stopped the madman before he could kill anybody.

The FBI later revealed the man had 15 Chick-fil-A sandwiches in his backpack, which he purportedly intended to shove in the mouths of his victims.

Despite this, the company’s foundation chose to pen multiple donations to the SPLC.

And now the SPLC is causing even more trouble for Christian groups, with a channel of the pro-family American Family Association (AFA) on the video-sharing website Vimeo being shut down because of the SPLC “hate group” designation.

“In recent weeks they’ve taken action against our account,” AFA president Walker Wildmon told OneNewsNow. “They’ve officially shut down American Family Association’s video account with no in-depth explanation and no recourse, no way to defend our credibility.”

Wildmon adds that the action was “based on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s reckless labeling of AFA.”

And certainly the donations from Chick-fil-A’s foundation helped them with this egregious attack on Christian speech.

Are you boycotting Chick-fil-A?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. AFA and all other Christian organizations will ultimate win. God is on their side. SPLC will lose. God forbids what they are doing to His people

  3. All they’re doing is mocking Christians because Christianity calls for a balanced conscience therefore any foe plays on the conscience with increments of “guilt trips” making people feel alone and helpless. Existential lefties by virtue of their philosophy of relativity of truth never feel obligated to explain inconsistency. It’s clear however even with the term racist cause Christians observe the E PLURIBUS UNUM to mean E PLURIBUS (parentibus) UNUM (genus – race). It’s a war of nerves not a race war and is being used to foster religious persecution and embezzlement.

  4. Not sure what made this fast food chain make the changes they did, but if they caved into the way the world want them to be in the end they will be like any other fast food place with nothing unique about them. The owners should look back why they stood out in the first place, it because of the Lord, he was looking for willing people to honor him and not give into the world demands and ways. Pray they don’t go to far .

  5. Hey BJ why don’t you take your God King’s advise and inject yourself with some disinfectant see how that advise of his works.

  6. Well if all of you damn Christians are going to stop eating there I think I will go have me a Chick-Fil-A burger and my money is going to help fund SPLC to keep an eye on you Fascists’ Christians.

  7. In the end people make their choices. I don’t support hate groups in any form. Won’t do it thru a businesses donations either. So more going there.

  8. Jack sorry I don’t support lickers, butt thumpers, Queers, and gobblers like yourself from your comments. See, one day we won’t ever have to hear from people like yourself while we’re at the marriage supper of the lamb and you and your type of scum are screaming, wailing and begging for the torture to stop. That day you can bet is coming unless you change on this side of the grave. When your dead IT”S OVER AND IT”S TOO LATE. Thank You God for that day. Amen

  9. I stopped going to Chik-Fil-A as soon as I heard that they had hired someone to be in charge of “corporate giving” and were making donations to SPLC. This came out months ago. SPLC is a hate group itself and Chik-Fil-A should be ashamed of themselves for betraying their customer base.

  10. Lesjrr and I don’t support religious fundamentalists either Christian, Muslim or Jews. Nor do I support the red people like you. So please go take a big snort of Covid on go on your way.

  11. Jack you just confirmed it by your comment. If you die your on your way to HELL. YOUR going to remember all you said and regret so much SO I guess it’s BURN BABY BURN

  12. Leave Jack alone!
    He might infect you!
    So, a warning is in order, as people like him who are “complaining about hate” because they are full of hate are the ones with the smallest minds – and, therefore, the most dangerous, if anyone listened to them.
    They are -oh look: here I was interrupted by a hacker! –
    They are the same ones who sit around in SPLC or LGBT offices spying day and night on all computers they can hack -see above- to find out non-believers of their “new gender religion” and false race and color preachings.
    We have been lucky to have escaped a Hillary Regime – which would just have been another Obama turn – but it sneezed those people so much up – because they think they are so adorable and irresistable that they can’t see how ugly they are in their intolerance and hate against anyone who is not them.
    You can’t ignore them! They are too dangerous.
    Do take them seriously – just like an Epidemic – one that would love to be a Pandemic.
    But make sure they’ll never become that!
    Because that would be like Germany in 1933 – when an mere Ideology became “Official Science”.

  13. jb007 I see more hate on here from you so called Christians than from anybody looks like you both sides hate each other equally. But I guess we will see in November. So tell me what are all of you CULT of DOTARD PERSONALITIY sycophant’s going to do if he looses. I think that is when you red people will get out your guns and decide to start your long awaited civil war against the blue folks.

  14. Lesjrr who knows I might see you there you there along with a bunch of you other hateful Christians from the posts I see on here.

  15. Funny, I quit supporting chik-fil-a when they decided to bite the hand that feeds them. BTW, stop giving the little faggot, Jack, the time of day. He’s just a pathetic, little troll.

  16. The wrong people are now running the company and they definitely do not need my business or the business of my family and friends.

  17. Repent!!! God hates sin, no matter what side it’s spewed from.The Kingdom of God is at hand. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of GOD.Only Gods son could be a propitiation for mans wrongs.Jesus loves you !

  18. I believe GOD blest them for being upright,moral & true to HIS WORD in a world of anti GOD and evil loving people.Now it seems they believe they are so big they can support GOD haters and continue to receive HIS BLESSING.We will see. I for one will not support their view by spending money to help them donate to GOD haters. I will continue to pray for them to wake up and change their minds.

  19. Religion is to preach FAITH not HATE. Those who use religion, to justify hate, are EVIL beings. We all belong to one race, the HUMAN race! LIVE BY THE, “GOLDEN RULE”.

  20. Whataburger of Texas sold out to a company in Illinois. Multi national and outright foreign companies continue to buy up companies ;ole Smithfield that they can manipulate and change their tenets. Seems these days that every time a company is bought, the quality goes down and the anti American/Anti Christian behavior goes up.

  21. Who will they donate to next? I guess they are hand in hand with convicted felon, George Soros. They sure don’t need my money to donate to hate groups like SPLC.

  22. So what’s your point Linda companies make decisions based on how it enriches their bottom line not based on religion especially if they are held by a publicly traded company. You should not mix religion and politics nor should you mix religion and business.

  23. Haven’t eaten at a Chicfil since that last ANTI-CHRISTIAN move they made….they deserve what ever happens to them for the CAVING on Anti Christian behavior….REAP WHAT YOU SOW….

  24. This is somewhat of an OLD STORY. Someone must be trying to hurt Chic-Fil-A even more, than what has already happened. If people actually knew the financial practices of other corporations, they might find themselves with NOWHERE left to turn, and patronize businesses. Leftists are trying every deception they can improvise, in order to hurt any Christian-minded business. “….Let him who is WITHOUT SIN cast the first stone.” (John 8:7) We should make choices which support the better-minded and better-practicing businesses, rather than to condemn them for a small amount of flaws. That is the way I choose for whom I shall vote, or otherwise support. Even then, we can continue to encourage improvement of behaviors, public and private. That is the example which Jesus showed, when He told the woman, “….Neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more.” (John 8:11)

  25. I’m a Back Slider for 47 years but when I read about Dumping The SALVATION Army and The CHRISTIAN Athletes… I couldnt believe it. Now….the “Son” has buckled and Gives Money To The Enemy… literally?! Honor Thy Father and Mother. Store Up Your Treasures In HEAVEN. Christians are being murdered FREQUENTLY or “CLEANSED” all around the world… and THIS…is Truett’s Choice?! Every person who calls their self a Christian, ACROSS THE SPECTRUM, Most Certainly Should save any Money they would have spent at that place and Give To Their Church INSTEAD

  26. Hey Marvin why don’t you make me tRUMP sycophant. Better why don’t I stick my pole in your brainwashed pie hole.

  27. GK why because I refuse to bow down to your GOD/KING tRUMP and you sound like one of the CULT of DOTARD PERSONALITY brainwashed sycophant.

  28. Dumb asshat Jack said he was getting a chick-fil-A burger they dont make or serve burgers
    Its chicken Duh!!!!!

  29. Satan is getting more control by being able to take jerks like Jack by his little string and make them jump. I got news for you Jack you and your kind of devil loving idiots lose in the end. Wish you were here, I would give you a real education. One we used to teach losers in the Nam. It would be my pleasure to teach you. Let me know how to get a hold of you we will set up a class.

  30. Having had Chic-Fil-A when I lived in AZ, I was so happy to see it come to neighborhood in NewJersey. It’s so sad that the company has had a change in attitude since its founder died. You can follow the word of God and forgive the sinner without supporting the sin. Donating money to the SPLC is supporting the sin. I’m just really sorry to see Chic-Fil-A go down this road and I would not want them giving any part of the small profit they might make on serving me an occasional meal to a organization that spews forth hatred toward Christians.

  31. jack, it is clearly YOU who is the hater. Read your own extremely sick posts. YES, you will go to Hell. You belong to satan. Jesus forbids your hatred. When Jesus returns we will never have to deal with you again

  32. jack, you are so ignorant. A Christian cannot go to Hell. They are saved by Jesus and will spend eternity in Heaven

  33. Tom, the difference is that CFA said they were a Christian organization and then betrayed us. I don’t know of any other restaurant that has done that

  34. terry, I agree. I will no longer give one penny of my money to CFA. I don’t want to give my money to those who hate God

  35. Les…yes, jack will definitely lose in the end. There is no question about that unless he comes to Jesus and confesses his sins, which he will not do. He is way too full of hatred to care about the great love that Jesus has for him. sad, but his choice to make to join satan

  36. I don’t think they caved in to outside pressure several months ago. If it were true, they would’ve done that YEARS ago.

  37. Left as a long time customer of Chick-Fil-A
    Do not want to be a part taker of the sins…
    Fence straddling is not acceptable



  40. Les the only looser from Viet Nam is you did your volunteering or you had a choice you were just to stupid to know. You see I missed the draft by 1 1/2 however my folks had already made plans to ship me to Canada and they are part of the greatest generation. Les what was it when you came back they called you BABY KILLER that’s right nd they we spit on you. So what did you want to teach me Jackbooted Baby Killer. Viet Nam was and always will be a fools errand and you are the fool.

  41. DIANE CHERECHSKY are you threatening the DOTARD I think I will call the Gestapo leave them a hotline tip you are threating tRUMP. They will check you out.

  42. Bj why wait go inject yourself with disinfectant tRUMP say’s it will clean out your insides also might send you on your way to see Jesus please do that for the country you claim to love so much.

  43. Les that meant to say volunteer or drafted either way you had a decision you obviously wanted to play Rambo. Where do you want to meet you JACKBOOTED FASCIST BABY KILLER.’

  44. jack you are extremely vile and will be satan’s right hand in Hell. You will be in torture for eternity and that is just what you deserve. And Pres. Trump was JOKING you idiot!!!!!! But you have no concept of the truth. You are also a TRAITOR to this great country. Go to some communist country and you won’t have any freedom to spew your sick hate. And it is very clear from your comments that YOU are the fool
    And I see you did not take that English course I told you to take. It is “lose” NOT “loose”. That is simple English that anyone should know. And your punctuation is horrible. You attack others, but fail to see your own stupidity. Your IQ must be around ten. Guess that explains your sick name-calling. You have no intelligence to know how to act.
    And, YES, Lesjrr, it will be a great day when we are rid of him and never have to deal with him again

  45. Will, actually CFA started giving to SPLC in 2016 or 2017. So those who have been going there were already unknowingly contributing to satan’s army. It was finally found out a few months ago and that is when I quit eating there

  46. jack, so glad to know that you don’t support us. We don’t want or need it. You support satan, the great loser. We support God, who will not only win, but all who belong to Him will be separated from you losers for eterntiy

  47. BJ you must be back from church please listen to your GOD/KING inject yourself with bleach and go see jesus. We will all be better off.

  48. Jack, please listen. There was a man named Saul filled with hatred for Christians. As I read your posts you remind me of him before the bright light changed him and he recognized the truth: Jesus Christ died on the cross for you and all of us. sinners.

    Please, turn to him before you are hit by the bus.

  49. Hey Jack I sent you a reply. I guess I didn’t follow the rules. They didn’t post it. Send your email. Tell were to find you I will meet you for class. That is if you have the guts. Oh buy the way I joined spent two years in the Nam. Love it, great combat time

  50. jack, you prove your vile hatred every time you post. It is very obvious that you belong to satan. God wins. You lose. You are nothing and Jesus will give you the eternity in Hell that you deserve unless you repent. You are a very sad and lost creature

  51. jack, we will all see Jesus, including you. The difference is that I will see Him as my Savior and join Him in Heaven. You will see Him as your final judge and join your master satan in Hell. Have fun

  52. Hey Jack I see you have not replied to meet for class. That fine I figured as much anyway. I have decided that aren’t worth the education I had planned for you. Instead I will send you an education by just simply praying for you everyday. I will pray the God touches your heart before you end up in hell. Cause at this point in you live of hate that maybe where you are headed. MAY GOD BLESS YOU!

  53. Hey Jack I see you have not replied to meet for class. That is fine. I figured as much anyway. I have decided that you aren’t worth the education I had planned for you. Instead I will send you an education by just simply praying for you everyday. I will pray that God touches your heart before you end up in hell. Cause at this point in your life of hate that maybe where you are headed. MAY GOD BLESS YOU!

  54. Wish Chik-Fil-A would open up on Sundays! Best chicken nuggets anywhere! Plus, gotta agree with Jack, lot of hate from so-called Christians around here! As Republicans like to pray, God is a good, God is Great, and We Thank Him for our Hate! Have A Lovely Day! And don’t forget, President Trump is God! And Got wants you’all to protect yourself and Ingest Away!

  55. Well, to find out who is on the side of lies, vile and disgusting thoughts, just look at the pathetic excuse for a human being on here named ‘Jack.’ It doesn’t shock anyone that he’s a liberal and that he was a coward and scoffed at all the brave souls who actually fought in Vietnam. They are a million times better than you, Jack, and I truly feel sorry for you because you are so twisted with hate that it’s obvious you must be so unhappy. Wow. Never thought I’d see such vile things written by a grown man on this site. Not surprised though from the left. They have vile minds and they hate God. I feel sorry for them because they’ll wake up one day when it’s too late. May God forgive you for the things you said on here.

  56. Les please don’t pray for me in my book you are a JACKBOOTED BABY KILLER.

    Remember the chant
    “Hey Het LBJ how many kids did you kill today”
    In 1969 when I was 12 Abbie Hoffman came to my small college town in the middle of flyover country for a protest I wanted to go but parents stopped me. I was pissed because even at 12 years old I knew that that was a worthless war.

    That is why I say Viet Nam was a fools errand you had a choice and you were the fool.

  57. Now ain’t that clever… a fool (IDIOT) trying to call someone else a fool. Seems more like a jackass talking out his butt about a true war vet hero who served his country under a democrat president who screwed things up

  58. Chic-fil-A lost me as a customer. I do not hate anyone but I darn sure do not support those who hate Christians like me.

  59. Les last thing I would do is post my email on here I can’t stand you red people nor Jackboots like yourself there would be to much hate mail from you so call Christians. Shows me just have truly christian most of you really are.

    That said I will meet you anywhere all I have to do is get on an airplane and go. So tell me did you get a hero’s welcome from the community or spit on.

  60. So Linda please tell me what a guy that was like a big brother to me he got his notice and answered his call to serve what a joke. He left and was back home within a year so go on tell me what he died for the american way of life because that is a joke, to liberate the Vietnamese from who themselves or was so the military industrial complex could make more money. Because the only thing I see we got out of the war was I can go to Target and buy a shirt Made in Viet Nam. So you tell me was it worth it.

  61. To here jack’s comments is interesting. Surely there no way Jack was born, he had to have come from a petri dish wiped with slim from a dead animal or something of pure stench. His brainless comments along with his vulgarity shows no bounds to any intellect as a human being

  62. Lesjrr that is the point pour gasoline on the fire if you want the Boogaloo to start. Now if you do not know what this means then you are a DF.

  63. Lesjrr that is what both sides want is a civil war am I not correct. You CHRISTIAN/FASCIST want to start the second coming only way is to let the united states fall so the whole world falls into anarchy so I just want to help you out. I look forward to watching the u.s. fall from within. Should be a great reality show and you know what you have a reality show star to lead your side. And if you do not think the extreme right doesn’t want a civil think again maybe jesus will come back and save you if you are lucky.

  64. Yet another company has lost their way. I thought they were a God fearing company but obviously their new management is not. Good bye Chick Fila.

  65. I had never been to a CFL before. A family member took me to one and the only reason I went was because it was a Christian backing restaurant. Honestly the food sucks. I didn’t like it at all. I had better in other fast food places. Now I would definitely not go even if the food was free. I can’t back an anti-christian establishment.

  66. jackass…start the second coming?????????????????????????????????????????? Your ignorance is as profound as your vile hatred. Only God can do that, and He will do it in His own time when HE is ready. YES, Jesus WILL come. That is a fact. He will save all who belong to Him and YOU and all others who belong to satan will be tossed into Hell where you belong. I can’t wait to be rid of you

  67. jackass, no need to feel sorry for me. I will be in Heaven for eternity. Jesus loves me and I belong to Him. He loves you, too, but you have denied Him and chose satan the big loser. That is your misfortune for eternity

  68. jackass, you prove your ignorance every time you comment. No luck about it. Either you are saved or you are not. When Jesus comes back it is too late. Try actually reading that Bible you claim to have. You have no clue at all who Jesus is. That is because you rejected him and belong to satan, the great hate-filled liar. You are just like him

  69. Lj, you have no concept at all of what a Christian or a conservative is. That is very obvious. But CFA may as well open on Sunday as they have thrown God out so why do they follow His second commandment

  70. Do you have any friends Jack? Why the potty mouth? I never looked at Christ as being a fascist. You do know that Jesus Christ is the integral part of Christianity. To denote Christians as fascist , seems to be a leap. Jack, do you believe in sin? Do you believe that all of us are sinners? When you sin do you look for forgiveness and if you do, who is it you turn to? Do you believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior? Well Jack, He will sort it all out in His own time.

  71. It is pitiful what has become of this once great food stop. The poor man must be spinning in his grave!

  72. Shame on you Chic-Fil-A giving into the Godless Radical Left!!! I’m done with you for good for doing that!!

  73. @Jack Shut up you sick anarchist scumbag!! You got brains on where you sit and got no respect for Jesus Christ and religion at all!! It’s clowns like you that make this World lousy!!!! Don’t you ever come to Philadephia, Ill make you sorry you did!!!

  74. Jack needs a good butt whooping and he gonna get one if he ever come to my town in Philly and says that dirty anti-Trump, anti-God crap to me. I know his kind, a big tough talking liberal troll behind his keyboard, but too chicken to say any of that crap to anyone’s face!! Yeah you Jack, you heard me you leftist cuck!!!!!!!

  75. Ladies and gentlemen, pay attention only to things that are important. Arguing with Jack or praying for him won’t solve the problem. Ignore him and his comments. Believe me when I tell you that he is a coward. He makes degrading remarks on media because he knows exactly what would happen if he spouted his remarks in public. Keep in mind Jack there are a lot of hackers around and someone will find you. I suggest you hire some really good security because I believe you will need it. In any event, no matter what you do, things will not end well for you.

  76. Yes, I will look at Chic-fil-a differently & will not be so quick to go to or suggest going there. Too bad, used to be a great company. No more.

  77. @lesjjr Thank you for you service Les, good job and well done. Don’t listen to THAT LIBTWERP Jack, he’s a draft dodger and a dirty filthy foulmouthed coward who was going to flee to Canada like a frightened rabbit ’cause he’s too yellow to serve our country as you did. You’re twice the man he is, in fact he’s not a man at all!! He is nothing but a yellow belly God hating, UN-American little cuck troll who talks tough behind his keyboard!!!!!

  78. I do not need to sign anything about ChickFilA, just do not enter their business anymore. Wendy’s chicken sandwich and side salad is better and one heck of a lot cheaper. CFA is a thing of the past with me.

  79. I will not support Chic Fil a..After reading “Jack” posts he is a total crazy person, please Christians do not respond to him, it just gives him fodder to spew is vile rhetoric, he is truly disgusting, and is mentally ill. You cannot make sense with a crazy person.

  80. SPLC is a group that supports civil rights and identifies hate groups that include so-called “Christian” groups that spread hate towards, among others, people of color and LGBTQ+ people by protesting peaceful gatherings, blocking Planned Parenthood healthcare centers, and interrupting military funerals. These hate groups are not only anti-American, but are anti-Christian Nazi-based cabals with whom no true follower of Jesus’ teachings should ever associate. That you defame the fine work of the SPLC tells me that you’re part of the cabal and not Christian in the least.

  81. Didn’t know all that! Will have to reject their position on suck evil groups that they are giving too and rejecting good Christian ones.

  82. If BJ and President Trump represent Christianity then Christianity is finished. President Trump has NEVER admitted to sinning or asking for forgiveness or ever saying he is sorry, for anything and BJ and his pals still support him as a CHRISTIAN. And President Trump has never said that he asked Jesus to come into his life ! Just remember my new motto for our President- LIVE BY THE GOLDEN RULE – NOT THE GOLDEN FOOL! PS. To BJ : I have asked Jesus to forgive me and to come into my heart as my Lord and Savior and when I bow before God to speak to him I will tell him how yes, I defended Jesus’ teachings, not evil men like President Trump! It’s not too late to change your Devil worshipping BJ, I am praying for you!

  83. This feed has become disgusting… The filth is beyond anything that should be allowed in this media. Please think before you post the continuing nasty remarks. We are to be in God’s image, not Satan’s.

  84. Stopped eating Chick-fil-A nearly 5 1/2 years ago
    Moved away from those corporations selling food
    Turned to the mom and pop places
    Maybe cost a bit more but at least we know where the money goes
    The backbone of the USA…America…that is where the country was build on
    The backs of the mom and pop’s places
    Support your Mom and Pop’s business includes the breweries
    Support our Country…we have enough to be self sufficient without those big corporations and their money bags

  85. I agree Beth! Culturewatch’news’ just panders to our worst fears! No better than Joseph Mccarthy! President Trump and Culturewatch are just dupes from Russia trying to make us doubt our neighbors! God Loves! People Hate! Good Luck Beth! Doubt this post will make it but if it does I will gain respect for this site…….let’s see!

  86. Do we not we read in the Scriptures that we are not to sit on the fence?
    yes, we love as we should but our hearts is where we will be judged
    We do have that choice in the forked road but rather not take the easy one
    Easy one is to give in?
    There is a two-edged Sword, Scripture to help us with choices
    Unpopular choice:
    How many sit down during the fork in the road day and open up the Scripture to seek for answers?
    It is things unseen like our breathing in life cycle, like faith, unseen does have power to show us correctly if we choose??
    Some call “karma”, unseen as well, isn’t that kind of faith viewed by others as choice?

  87. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction. Proverbs 1:7
    That pretty much sums it up!

  88. The only thing I have to say is that I will not buy anything from them again.And I Love my LORD.

  89. Jack-the draft was going on during the Vietnam War. I’m sure you have the term “draft-dodger”? If I remember my history correctly-who got us into that war? Yes it was a Democratic president. At least get your facts right before you start the rhetoric.

  90. HCB-don’t the unborn have rights? Babies didn’t do the sex dance-the guy and the gal did, Interesting how people always blame the baby for wrecking someone’s future or whatever. How hard is it to take birthcontrol or precautions if you want to have sex and not get pregnant? Actions have consequences-unfortunately the only one who loses their life in this process is the innocent baby. As for the LGBTQ community-your private life is your business, quit trying to force it on Churches to marry you. Find one that will. Quit trying to force businesses to back you lifestyle. If they choose not to-don’t do business with them. And yes I agree with gays having legal gay partnership rights, mainly because they buy a home together as a couple, share a life, and should be able to be there if one has medical issues. Should inherit property just like a married couple. They are each other’s mate so, yes I feel the laws should protect those rights. Course divorce laws apply here also. I do not have to agree with the lifestyle or bash it. I practice my Christian Faith. They don’t have to if they choose not to.

  91. BTW, the Southern Poverty Law Center is not your enemy. They try to help people who are in jail through some mistake of the system, or who were screwed by the system for the crime of being poor.


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