Christians just scored a game-changing win over the transgender lobby on a massive issue


In recent years, the transgender lobby has been wreaking havoc on those who believe in family values.

From inside our schools and libraries, they have been trying to influence the children of America to accept their demented lifestyle.

But in a surprising change of pace, Christians just scored a game-changing win over the transgender lobby on a massive issue.

The transgender lobby has been working for decades to normalize their lifestyle using their allies in Hollywood.

Perhaps the biggest example comes from RuPaul, a drag queen who has hosted the reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race since 2009.

The show glorifies the drag queen lifestyle, and reaches many millions every show.

But that isn’t his only show.

Last year, he launched a Netflix show featuring himself, as a drag star named “Ruby,” who travels the country with a recently orphaned 10-year-old named AJ (Izzy G.) after finding the child hiding in his RV.

This show plot is jarring considering reportedly high rates of child sex abuse within the drag queen community.

Recently, it was exposed that a 32-year-old man was reading to children while dressed as a women in a “drag queen story hour” being hosted in a library in Houston, TX was actually a convicted sex offender.

But after a year of the show, it was just announced that the show will not return for another season.

The cancellation isn’t over any moral reason, as that isn’t how Hollywood operates.

Instead, it was over viability, with The Hollywood Reporter stating that Netflix makes “renewal and cancellation decisions based on internal metrics, including completion rate weighed against the cost of a show, and then determines whether that money would be better spent on a new series or reinvested in the existing property.”

So it was all about the series not making money.

That is at least good news for children everyone, who won’t be subjected to such disgusting content.

But the fact that Netflix, which has over 167 million users, would host such a show should distress Christians everywhere.

This comes on the heels of former President Barack Obama, and his wife Michelle Obama hosting a number of shows on the platform through their production company Higher Ground Productions.

The decision to host the Obama family resulted in a boycott in 2018.

One thing is clear, although they cancelled this one show, it clearly was only over its horrible performance, and not the content.

Do you think Christians should boycott Netflix?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. There is no such thing as transgender. God created Adam & Eve, Male & female nothing else, no exceptions. These so-called creatures have no special rights and should never receive any. They have the same rights as NORMAL human beings. No exceptions for freaks.

  3. Not only should all Christians cancel their Netflix subscriptions, but they should also encourage all Christians they know to do the same. Everyone who agrees with this should link this article to your Facebook, etc. pages and encourage all of their friends to also cancel their Netflix subscriptions.
    Please have the courage to do this.

    Churches should be talking about this from the pulpit on Sunday mornings and all preachers should encourage their congregants to cancel their Netflix subscriptions. Money talks as the article says. Netflix does NOT CARE about the morality of this or most other issues Christians care about, so hit them where it hurts. Their profits.

  4. To hell with Netflix after reading this I deleted from my devices. All DRAG gueens should be dragged alright, straight to hell.

  5. You don’t even have to believe in God to oppose their agenda. They’re lying, and they want to compel the rest of us to join them in that lie. In the adult world, you don’t get to ‘select’ your gender, any more than you get to choose how smart, attractive, or athletic you are. Adults make the best of what IS. (SANE adults, that is.)

  6. NICE comments…….Adult Trivia is finally exposed, for what it is……Bravo…….MJB&theRKOP/TTOTT/aka/TheRealDeal

  7. It’s terrible the way LBGT’s ALL think THEIR way is THE right way when it isn’t. The straight & narrow NORMAL way is the correct way, as God intended us to go. Their ways are human dreamed up and vulgar. Also they are NOT to be forced on everyone else, especially since they are the WRONG IMMORAL ways!

  8. We need normal again and not the sick and perverted…they need help. The norm is loving and obeying God, having good morals, loving out neighbors, using common sense, being balanced in doing what is right, teaching our kids about God and so much more that will make us proud of ourselves and be happy.

  9. Transgender were once simply transvestites, many of whom were actually heterosexuals who married the opposite sex and fathered children, an example being Bruce Jenner. How these crossdressers became entwined with the homosexual deviants is confusing.

  10. If we want God to lift this Corona plague, then we need to stop the entire “LGBT” narrative being pushed down the throats of our children, as well as stopping abortion.


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