Christians just got great news out of New York that has liberals fuming with anger


No state is working to attack Christianity as fervently as New York. 

Rarely do Christians get any good news out of the left-wing stronghold. 

That’s why this great news out of New York for Christians has liberals fuming with anger. 

New York has been ground zero for anti-Christian attacks, particularly with the rise of coronavirus. 

Since the start of the lockdowns, Governor Andrew Cuomo has been targeting churches most harshly.

He has specifically called out Christian churches, along with synagogues, threatening to shut them down if they refuse to comply with his orders to a tee, while at the same time staying silent on mosques, despite numerous examples of them flouting his orders. 

During the height of his anti-Christian restrictions, churches were being fined for holding outdoor services.

But finally, all of this nonsense is coming to an end after a federal judge permanently blocked Cuomo’s restrictions on indoor worship services. 

Most recently, his orders allowed indoor service, but placed strict limitations, at times not allowing more than 10 people to attend a service. 

These restrictions have been contested by religious bodies, including the Agudath Israel of America and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn.

Their lawsuits argue that the rules violate their rights under the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment. 

In November of 2020, the Supreme Court temporarily blocked Cuomo’s orders, arguing that the rules were not “neutral” or “generally applicable” because “essential” businesses and some “non-essential” businesses were not subject to the same restrictions. 

With religious freedom being such a heavily protected right, precedent has time and time again agreed that any restrictions must satisfy “strict scrutiny.” 

U.S. District Judge Judge Kiyo Matsumoto placed the permanent injunction on the state, stating that the decision comes following a February 5 Supreme Court ruling that ordered California to allow indoor church services. 

This decision brings an end to a long-fought battle by houses of worship. 

Left-wing politicians like Andrew Cuomo have desperately tried to claim that church services aren’t “essential,” while keeping places such as liquor stores open. 

Thankfully, the Founding Fathers understood that religious freedom is among the most essential of rights that must be protected.

The First Amendment was written to stop tyrants like Governor Cuomo from trampling on our rights.