Christians are rejoicing after the Senate made an announcement the Left will hate


Since the election of President Donald Trump, pro-life Americans were given hope again.

He continues to follow through on his promises on the issue.

And now Christians are rejoicing after the Senate made an announcement the Left will hate.

Earlier this year, President Trump made history by being the first President to speak at the March for Life event in Washington, D.C.

During the event, which is the biggest pro-life event of the year, he promised to pass legislation that will protect unborn babies from being slaughtered.

And finally the Senate is following through on that promise.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell just initiated a vote on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would ban most late-term abortions past five months of pregnancy, along with the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act, which requires basic medical care for newborn babies born during failed abortions.

These should be common sense issues.

But to the Left, even the slightest restriction on abortion is too far.

So while this bill is unlikely to pass, it will finally put politicians on record where they stand.

McConnell made a motion to begin debate on the bills, which will mean that the first vote on the bills will be on ending debate.

With 60 votes required to end debate, it will force Senators to show where they stand on the issue.

This is important, because even if the bill doesn’t get an actual vote, that procedural vote will allow pro-life organizations to score the vote, so voters can know exactly where their Senators stand.

Senators who represent pro-life voters will have to choose whether to support their interests, or the interests of the Democrat Party, who take in boatloads of money from Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion organizations like EMILY’s List.

These votes don’t go nearly as far as pro-life Americans would want them to.

While late-term abortion is especially grizzly, those who believe that life begins at conception are demanding laws that go much farther.

But this is a positive step that shows that the Trump Administration is serious about this issue, and that Trump isn’t just going to talk about it to appease voters, like so many Republicans do.

And if he takes back the House, he will finally be able to take much bigger steps.

Do you think abortion is murder?

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  2. I just tried to leave my comment and it wasn’t posted. So I will try AGAIN. Abortion at ANY stage is murder!! There is no reason ,in this day and age, for any woman to become pregnant unless they want to!
    If this bill does not pass, which saddens me, we MUST continue to stand up and fight for these innocent souls being murdered and be their voice!!!

  3. You know after pondering on this story I find it so unbelievable that taking an innocent life( via abortions) that is paying the ultimate price by being murdered, because of two people’s selfish actions, that this has become a political bargaining tool. What has happened to people’s moral compass? I don’t care what political party you are affiliated with! But really astounds me is, the same people who that support abortions are the first to start complaining about people on death row facing death! Screaming about THEIR rights!!! Shameful!!!

  4. I agree totally. Women who don’t want a baby need to use birth control. If all women were responsible, this wouldn’t even be an issue. And, yes, this is murder but the left wants to pretend it isn’t. I so hope Republicans win back the House so some of these common sense bills can be passed.

  5. All women have dominion over their own bodies. If a woman wants a abortion she should have the right to get one, period. The problem is 20-30 million fanatical Christians think they can tell the rest of American women what to do and how to do it. It’s none of your damm business if a woman decides abortion is the right thing to do for her. All you pro-life people can shut the hell up!

  6. Abortion is not only murder, but also traumatizing. 95% of women who have an abortion will eventually regret it. In addition, even a legal abortion has harmful effects on on the mother(e.g. hemorrhage and infection). Some women having even died shortly after an abortion.

  7. Mark, besides being wrong on so many levels, and also preventable, I think it is every tax payers business since we are funding it.

  8. Linda M. & Rose, supposen she is raped? There is a way a woman can become pregnant without wanting to, so what is/are your opinion/s in that case?

  9. Abortion should generally be prohibited after a heartbeat can be detected. A heartbeat is a sign of a baby. A collection of developing cells doesn’t have a beating heart.

  10. Even if the senate got 60 votes with the help of some pro life democrats, like Klobuchar, we all know some activist judge will strike it down falsely accusing if of being unconstitutional, like they always do, legislating from the bench.

  11. abortion at any stage is murder.Period.Most of the abortion are people that are not married o become one flesh.which is sin,adultery . Any one that commits pregnancy with out it being his wife is adulteress,The /god will eventually stow his judgement upon us. Take a look at California, forest fires and floods like none has ever been and yet they do not comprehend the reason..The is no law and order there. I)t will get worse if things do not change,Remember if it is not your wife, leave her alone and do not have God judge all of u0s in accordance.

  12. mark: First of all, we pro-Lifers will not shut the hell up! Don’t give me that crap it’s a woman’s body she has a right to with it as she wants. If she’s old enough to pretend to be a responsible grown up and have sex, than take the proper precautions NOT TO BECOME PREGNANT!! PERIOD!! Just because we are Christians and have morals, we are sick of haters like you trying to silence and bully us! We speak for those that can not speak for themselves.
    And secondly, these women will not use my tax dollars for their murderous actions. Now go find another site to spew you hate…..

  13. Mark,
    You’re an idiot. This is not as much about religion as it is the sanctity of human life. Any 5th grade science teacher can prove, without question, that the human life cycle starts at conception, not birth. If a healthy baby was born today at 10:00 AM, what was it at 8:00 AM? A lifeless lump of tissue??? That’s the kind of nonsense you liberal fools try to force Americans to believe. When you deliberately interrupt the life cycle a human, at any stage of development, you are killing a human being! You can twist the facts any way you want, but murder is murder. Period! You keep demanding that women have a right to do what they want with their own bodies and you are correct, but that child is NOT her body! It is a completely separate human with it’s own eyes, ears, nose, arms, legs and DNA, and has the same right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as YOU! PERIOD!!!

  14. Kristin; In my opinion, if a woman has really been raped, that becomes not only a moral issue, but a legal one as well. I truly believe her decision is between her and God. But I have read several stories of women being raped and decided to continue with the pregnancy. And these women never regretted their decisions either. But what I have a issue is, that so many women are using abortions as a form of birth control.

  15. I agree with much of what you say here. Except in the case of rape. During rape, the woman’s “choice to have sex” is stolen by her attacker, and she should have the option of terminating the pregnancy. She should also have the option of cutting the attackers tool off and ramming it down his throat!!

  16. Since 99% of women who opt for an abortion would vote Democrat why fight them? Chances are they would raise any offspring to be Democrats too.
    If fact, let’s take things a step further and pass a law to make euthanasia mandatory at age 80. This is reasonable since old people no longer contribute to the good of society. The way it would work is that the day after your 80th birthday you report to an End of Life Center where you will be given a shot in your arm which will allow you to go into a peaceful forever sleep. Persons wishing to report to an EoLC before they reach age 80 would be welcome to do so. To assure compliance with the law there will be a penalty for persons not reporting to an EoLC within a week after they turn 80. If you fail to comply the authorities will find you, any living spouse, all children, and grandchildren and all will be executed in a less than pleasant manner.

  17. Mark – abortion is murder. Why do Liberals not acknowledge that? Protecting innocent lives from you hating Democrats is OUR BUSINESS!!! Get used to it. Just because you live in a world of sin where you allow your life to be ruled by your feelings does not make anything that you stand for moral or correct.

  18. mark, you are a sick fool!!! It is NOT her body!!!!! It is a baby with its OWN BODY and DNA. It is NOT part of the mother. Try reading a science book if you know how. And so it is fine with you to murder a baby????? Life begins at conception. It is a BABY in or out of the womb, just a different stage of development. Again, read that science book. NO ONE has the right to murder a baby. PERIOD. You are evil

  19. mark, when it is your turn to stand before Jesus to be judged it is really going to suck to be you. He forbids killing babies

  20. Democrats favor abortion because they believe in climate change which means they think there are already too many polluters, and mouths to feed.
    You can’t argue with these people because they don’t value human life the way a sane person does.
    Democrats don’t care about the individual but only the collective. They care about the group but the individual has no value other than to serve the group.
    Once you understand the basics you can figure them out pretty easily.

  21. Thankfully God is still in control. Even in the case of rape. It is really hard to believe God would do something like that, but he does. We don’t always know his ways or plans we just know he has our best interest. He is all powerful. All knowing. All compassionate. And when the devil tries to convince me to believe in something that is wrong it makes me more convinced then ever that I was right along. If you ask God will forgive. He will not if you ask not.

  22. Mark, women have a right to their “own”bodies BUT that baby in their belly is NOT her body. It is a body of its own! Shows you need to go back to school, you need a course in body structure! That baby has its own body. If the woman wants to do something to her OWN body then she could have a total hysterectomy and she wouldn’t have to worry about having to murder an innocent baby. It’s that simple! And the fathers are just as bad. Takes two to tangle!time the guys take the blame also!

  23. Henry I believe what you said about euthanasia at 80 was tongue in cheek wasn’t it? bj apparently thinks you were serious. I hope he’s wrong about that.

  24. Some day abortion will be mandatory for women that have more than one or two kids, whatever the government decides on the law. And of course it will be free. There might even be doctors, if you can call them that, where their only job is to abort babies. Call them fetus executioners. To maintain population control. It will be deemed necessary for the new world to combat climate change. Just like in China.
    Only one child per family unless one parent is an only child then you’re allowed to have two children.
    Any more than two and mandatory abortion will follow.

  25. Marilyn, I agree for the most part with what you are saying. But science has shown that the baby begins its formation at conception, therefore, that Zygot is not a mere mass of cells, but rather beginning baby. I agree with Linda M. above. My daughter was raped at 15 y. o. and as a result, became pregnant without informing us. California, having a no parent notification law ABORTED my daughter and now, because of a botched abortion, still 30 years later is unable to have her own children.

    Mark, above, in his emotional arrogance is defending the rapist AND California and taking my daughter’s rights given by God and the Constitution in favor of HIS OPINION and ONLY HIS OPINION!Mark has chosen a foolish point to stand on. ANY society sinks or swims based on replenishing it population. It is known that it takes at least 2.1 or more babies to replace only the existing population based on the Population Research Institute.

    Since the majority of liberals DEMAND abortion, the potential of losing the very benefits they strive so fervently FOR would no longer exist in an aborted society; less population, less money for “free” stuff, less workers, etc. History and common sense has proven populations DO NOT survive when they are not replenished.

  26. Linda M. I’ve said the same many times….even to a female coworker. It is childish irresponsibility not to use a preventative option.

  27. Mark : You said that “All women have dominion over their own bodies.” They also have responsibilities. Do you have the right to not be killed for a reason or excuse which is not your own fault ? NO !!! A baby did not cause it’s own conception, and is not at fault for existing. When I was drafted into the U.S. Army as a citizen here, it was my responsibility to go as ordered, and serve. It was my turn, as an American. Some guys cowardly ran away from their responsibilities, and went to Canada or other places, in order to escape. All humans are properly required to obey the laws of the realm in which we live. You, along with the rest of us, live in the universe which God created. When each of us reach the end of physical life, we shall face the judgment of God, for the record of his or her own life. Each will then be forcibly committed to a never ending place and conditions which we shall be unable to ever change – Heaven, or Hell. To believe anything otherwise is to be terminally naive. Murder of a baby, no matter at which stage of development, is as damning as any other reason. I would suggest that you start reading a Bible, while your opportunity exists.

  28. Mark: One other thing ; having sexual activities is a choice; either by the couple, or by the rapist. God designed sexual intercourse as the natural method to conceive, and thereby start, a new person, (the same as by other mammals.) It is a “law of nature.” People are always responsible to God, whether or not they know it yet !!! May you become more informed about the laws of God, while you are living, physically. Your spirit, your “soul,” will never stop existing !!!

  29. Abortion is the murder of an innocent child whose selfish mother has no respect for life. The child is an inconvenience. What if the mother gives birth and finds out a week later that the baby is an inconvenience, does she have the right to kill the week-old baby? How about a year later? If a baby is unwanted, not in the mother’s plans, if she has any respect for innocent life to which she contributed, any moral compass at all, she will give birth and put the baby up for adoption, or drop the baby off at a safe place (hospital, police station, fire station). In my opinion abortion is the most horrible crime imaginable.

  30. If a woman is raped what does an abortion do for her? It’s another assault on her body. Killing the baby doesn’t make the rape go away. No abortion clinic is going to provide counseling for her. Pregnancy centers will provide counseling. They will give her options that abortion clinics won’t. The only “choice” you get in an abortion clinic is when to have the abortion done. Also, if the mother’s life is at risk, according to most ob/gyns, this usually occurs in the third trimester, conditions such as eclampsia. A third trimester abortion is a two or three day procedure. If a woman has eclampsia, she will stroke out and die in matter of minutes, not days. The only cure for eclampsia is the delivery of the baby and the baby is usually old enough to survive outside the womb.

  31. Those that are all talk about it’s a woman’s body are all wrong. You might not know it but your body belongs to God and He is against murder. God made everyone and everything so it belongs to Him and if He wanted it you would be gone tonight. There is a story in Luke about a farmer thinking that all he had was his and he owed nothing to anyone well God called him a fool and He took his life that night. We have many blessings that God has given and if you don’t want a baby you have been blessed with then put it up for adoption. With so many going for abortion all that do that will meet God face to face and it will be too late at that time for you will answer for the murder you commit. But our God is a good God and He does stand ready to forgive everyone of their sins so if you have taken a life and yet turn to God He will forgive you if you are sincere. Don’t harden your heart anymore turn to Him and be forgiven,He loves you that is why He gave up His only Son so we that love Him can have eternal life.

  32. If those members of Congress, and others for abortion (even late term abortion, or after-birth abortion) were to be stabbed to death and cut up, would call that murder, instead of late-term abortion, how would they then feel about the murdering of the unborn, late term abortion, or killed after a botched abortion would call it murder if it were to happen to them. But as far as I am concerned, God Almighty/Hashem in Hebrew said “Thou shall not kill” which is short and to the point, for there were NO Attorneys present when God gave us the 10 Commandments through Moses on Mt. Sinai. Abortion and Murder are the same thing, in my personal opinion.

  33. The ability to comment should be at the top not the bottom.
    Abortion is murder. It is man saying to God that He does not know what He is doing so man needs to fix it.

  34. Anthony, why do you come here?? You have no clue of the truth. You are programmed by the left to believe what they tell you. You have no brain to think for yourself. You are extremely SICK!!!!! So murdering the most helpless innocent human beings is fine with you. It is a BABY, whether in or out of the womb, just a different stage of development. And this is a Christian site and you have no concept at all of who we are. God FORBIDS murdering babies. He also forbids what YOU stand for. Communism is EVIL. It is satanic. satan has you very brainwashed. satan will rule for a time and it will be terrible, not good as you think it is. Then Jesus will come and put an end to it. Jesus wins. satan loses. ALL who belong to Jesus will be free of all evil for eternity. Why not join the winning side? It costs nothing at all to be saved. Jesus paid it all on the cross

  35. Even though as a Liberal I tend to agree that the two proposals above are not unreasonable, however all other opinions based upon being a Christian ring hollow with me. To profess to be a Christian and then put your support behind this amoral, corrupt, adulterer, liar and bully, you surrender any right to that title. This unholy alliance is one of political convenience, and you will all be judged in the end. God represents LOVE, inclusion, understanding, grace, and treating others as ones self. You should ALL be ashamed!

  36. David: If ANYONE should be ashamed, it’s you for being a Liberal ! Look at who represents YOUR party both past and present, and you have the nerve to call our sitting president those vile and incorrect names!!! YOUR party has thrown out GOD entirely and has no morals what so ever. But yet you judge us and our president??
    I KNOW I will have no problem standing before GOD and being judged. Are you that confident?? I seriously doubt it.. You are just another brainwashed follower of the demon party and have no credit at all!! Go find another web site to spew your hate on fool!!!

  37. David, it is YOU who should be ashamed. You attack Pres. Trump, but extremely vile corrupt Hillary (and Bill) and muslim traitor Obama are just fine with you. God gave us Pres. Trump because He knows how evil Hillary is. Pres. Trump loves this country and has done a lot of good for us INCLUDING Christians. The goal of the dem party is TOTAL control over every aspect of your life. WAKE UP!!! Pres. Trump is very fortunate that Jesus will be his judge and not you. Jesus loves and forgives all who come to Him. Have you come to Jesus and been forgiven??

  38. “All women have dominion over their own bodies. If a woman wants a abortion she should have the right to get one, period. The problem is 20-30 million fanatical Christians think they can tell the rest of American women what to do and how to do it. It’s none of your damm business if a woman decides abortion is the right thing to do for her. All you pro-life people can shut the hell up!”

    It’s really a shame your mother didn’t feel that way so we wouldn’t have to listen to your stupidity. Hope you live a short and miserable life. (P.S. – you might try licking some door knobs or maybe a grocery cart)

  39. Heaven is Rejoicing!!! Any win against this evil baby sacrificing Baal Worship is 1 more valuable step towards ENDING this diabolical belief system!!! THANKYOU & GOD BLESS YOU Mr. President and Mitch and USA!!! AGAPE, Kathrine Peckham Marshall

  40. BobL-this is why in todays world no one takes responsibility for their actions. They always want someone else to pay the price-even the unborn.


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